A Surprising Seduction Ch. 2

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The night before had been so amazing that I slept late into the next day. I guess I was just drained by everything that happened. The first thing I noticed when I woke up was that I was naked. I never sleep naked. I must have left my boxers in Mom’s room. I wondered if she was up yet. She shouldn’t remember what had happened the night before and I am sure she would have found it perplexing to find my boxers in her room in the morning. I pulled on another pair of boxers and went down to my parents’ room.

Mom was already up and the room was empty. I found last night’s boxers half under the bed and wondered if Mom had seen them. I rushed them back down to my room.

I didn’t find Mom anywhere until I looked out back. She was laying on one of the loungers with sunglasses on and I couldn’t tell if her eyes were open or not. The bathing suit she had on was not one of her regular two-pieces, but a string bikini and she had the strings untied so the materiel just barely clung to her breasts. There was an open paperback by the side of the lounge, another romance novel, but she wasn’t reading it. There was a radio plugged in and blaring and Mom didn’t hear my approach.

“Hey, Mom,” I said, standing right next to her. Mom jumped when she heard my voice and the top of her bikini came right off, exposing those luscious breasts to me again. God I loved my mom’s tits. Mom covered herself up, but took her time about it.

“Sorry, sweetie. You startled me. I am trying to work on my tan, but I don’t want any lines to show with that dress I bought.”

“Hey, no problems here. I think you look great.”

Mom smiled and even blushed a little. “Well, thanks. That’s nice coming from a young man like yourself. Maybe I’ve still got it.”

“I think you know you’ve got it, Mom.” I couldn’t believe it, my mother was actually flirting with me!

“So, want to go for a swim?” Mom asked.

“Uh, sure, but I need to go upstairs and change.”

“Come on, Tommy, you mean to tell me you’ve never skinny-dipped in this pool?”

Mom didn’t know that she’d told me just last night that she’d caught me skinny-dipping. “Well, yeah, I have a couple times. But I’m not going to do it in front of my mother.”

“You don’t have anything I haven’t already seen, sweetie, although I’m sure you’ve grown up a bit since the last time I saw it.”

I decided to call her bluff. “Well, if I do it, are you going to?”

“Skinny dip? I don’t know. You probably haven’t seen me like that since you were a baby. It won’t be weird for you?” Mom said, seeming a little unsure suddenly.

“If you’re game, so am I. I bet you won’t do it.” I said, gaining confidence. Mom was under no special instructions anymore so whatever she did was because she wanted to do it.

“I think the neighbors would think it odd for mother and son to be frolicking in their pool together naked. And what do you mean bet? Like an actual bet?” I could see a gleam in Mom’s eye now.

“Well, we’re fenced in, so the neighbors won’t know what’s going on. And sure, I bet you won’t do it. If you do, I’ll do whatever you say. If you don’t, you do whatever I say. Ready?” I said, and with a flourish I whipped off my boxers and dove into the pool as quickly as I could. I didn’t want her seeing just how hard this whole exchange had made me.

I hit the water with a huge splash and dove under, shaking the water out of my eyes as I came up. I looked up and Mom was still standing there in her sexy bikini, considering her options. “Guess you’re going to have to learn sometime that your mom’s not so uptight,” she said, reaching back to untie her bikini top. You’re not a kid anymore, after all.” Mom let her bikini top fall to the ground and stood straight, giving me a perfect view of those amazing tits. Her nipples were dark and stood out hard and straight. Next Mom swished her hips as she shimmied out of her bottoms. One thing I noticed that was different from the night before was that Mom had shaved off about all of her pussy hair, leaving just a little peach fuzz. I wondered if that was for my benefit. Mom did not jump right in like I did, but walked to the edge of the pool slowly. “Tada!” Mom announced, then dove in.

Mom burst up from the water and smoothed her hair back on her head. The water level was just above her nipples. “Lord, it’s cold in here,” she said, giggling. “Hope you’re not too shocked by your mother.” Then she yelped and leapt onto me, trying to tickle the daylights out of me. I twisted and turned and because of the water I was a little too slick for her to get a hold of. As I squirmed in her arms, I could feel Mom’s tits crushed against me and that just made my hard-on ache more. The water may have been cold, but I was not experiencing any shrinkage.

Mom reached around to try and get a hold of me and she nearly grabbed my cock. She yanked her hand away, which loosened her hold, and I was able to go on the offensive. I spun around and wrapped my arms around güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri Mom, pinning hers to her sides. She fought hard, whipping me in the face with her hair, but I was able to cling to her. My cock was trapped between her thighs, it’s length rubbing her slit and the more Mom wiggled the more it felt like she was jerking me off with her thighs. There was no way she didn’t feel my hard-on against her. Mom kept moving until she finally realized she wasn’t getting away and said, “Mercy,” but I still didn’t let go.

“Are you going to let me go?” Mom asked. Her eyes were locked onto mine and I could feel her squeezing my cock with her thighs. God, I was really getting close to cumming right there in the pool.

“Maybe,” I croaked out.

“I know your arms will get tired before I will.” She said. “And I won the bet, so now you have to do anything I say. Maybe this way I will finally get you to clean your room, young man,” Mom smiled. She was still working my cock, but didn’t acknowledge it at all. “But that’s something too easy. I think I’ll make you my cabana boy for the afternoon. You can wait on me while I sun myself. Deal?”

Oh God. I was going to blow my load. I could tell by how puffy Mom’s pussylips were that she was pretty turned on too, but she wasn’t saying anything at all. “Yess…” I said, moaning my answer. I had to let her go, that or spunk in the pool. Mom splashed me and swam away, laughing. I watched her round ass as she stepped out of the pool and went back to the lounger. She did pull her swimsuit on, which kind of disappointed me. Mom watched me, waiting for me to get out of the pool, but there was no way that was happening.

“I need to run upstairs, I’ll be right back. I expect a tall glass of lemonade by the time I come back out.” Mom said. With her gone I got out of the pool and retreated to my room without running into her. And there it took about two seconds to get myself off.

I came back outside to bring Mom her lemonade and she was back on her lounger, her bikini top pulled down so far that it barely covered her fat nipples. I openly stared at her breasts as I handed Mom her drink. Afterward, I lay down on the lounger next to her.

After forty-five minutes or so Mom turned over and order me to oil her back. I hopped off my lounger and knelt next to her. I squirted a good bit of tanning oil onto my mother’s back and then started rubbing it in. Mom moaned under my hands and told me how good they felt. It was turning into a massage and so I took my time rubbing the oil into her shoulders and neck. Mom reached back and untied the string across her back, leaving me a landscape of bare flesh. I made the most of it, my hands straying everywhere. When my hands strayed to the sides of Mom’s tits she moved a little so I could cop a better feel.

How many mothers out there would aid their sons in giving them an erotic massage? Even with the drugs I think I had underestimated my mother. I skipped over her ass since it was covered, but I went right on massaging her legs, working my way up from Mom’s sexy feet. The backs of her knees were ticklish and she giggled and told me to watch it when I touched her there. When I moved higher, though, she had no objections at all. Actually, as I massage the oil into the backs of her thighs I could feel Mom parting her legs just a little bit. I let some oil run down between them and pushed my hand down there. My fingers brushed Mom’s pussy through her bikini and I felt her shiver. Instead of pulling my hand away I wedged it farther down and pressed tighter into her. An involuntary moan escaped my mother’s lips and I know I felt her push against my hand. I rubbed her cunt in little circles and Mom kept moaning.

I was so turned on. After all these years of just thinking about it I was actually touching my mother’s cunt! A lot of boys had fantasized about something like this, but how many ever got to actually touch their mother there? I wanted to flip her over on the lounge and thrust my cock right into her, but I knew if anything was going to happen with my mother, it had to be from her. I knew a woman like her would think incest was very wrong, but I also now knew that she was a very sexual woman who had trouble resisting her desires. I could feel her wetness through her bikini and kept up my motion, hoping I could make her cum. But before things got that far Mom said, rather breathlessly, “That’s enough, sweetie, you did a good job.”

“Sure, anything you want, Mom,” I said.

When she went inside, Mom told me, “You did such a good job today, I’m going to make you a special dinner. Go get a shower and relax, I’ll call you when it’s ready.”

I actually nodded off and I heard Mom calling me downstairs a little after seven. I pulled on a pair of jeans and a Tommy Hilfiger shirt and headed downstairs. It was dark in the living room and I found the dining room to be completely lit by candles. Wow, Mom had really gone güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri all out. I could hear her in the kitchen and I called out to ask if she needed help, but she told me to just sit.

Mom came from the kitchen carrying two glasses of ice water and the way she was looking I certainly needed something to cool me down. She was wearing a very tight silk tank top and a short, wrap skirt and I could see her black bra straps peeking out from under the straps of her top. Her tanned legs didn’t need stockings and she was barefoot. When she leaned over to put my glass in front of me I was able to peek down Mom’s top and see her black lacy bra. She took him time and I knew that it was intentional.

Dinner was great, Mom had made my favourite, steak and red potatoes made on the grill, with a large green salad and some chocolate pudding for dessert. But Mom looked so beautiful in the candlelight I was having trouble keeping my mind on my meal. It seemed like she didn’t miss an opportunity to get up and go to the kitchen, showing off her body to me. We decided to have dessert in the living room, but Mom still wouldn’t let me help her.

“Everything was just great, I can’t believe you went to all this trouble.” I said.

“I think a mother should take time to let her son know how special he is.”

Mom sat very close to me on the couch and I shifted, not to hide the bulge in my jeans, but to make sure Mom could see it. It was still pretty dark in there, the only lighting being candles. Let’s just say there were too many odds against me and I ended up with chocolate pudding down the front of me. I cursed as I saw it run down my new Hilfiger shirt and onto my jeans. I put my bowl on the coffee table and started blotting at it, hoping it wouldn’t stain. Mom put her stuff down and took the napkin from my hand and started patting at the pudding for me. “It’s really not that bad, honey, if we get that in the wash I am sure the stain will come out.” Mom said.

I pulled my shirt off and Mom continued by wiping up the pudding my jeans, putting her hand in my lap and rubbing right on top of my throbbing hard-on. Mom really put on the pressure and rubbed slowly. “Is that better, sweetie?” Mom asked innocently.

“It’s getting there.” I said.

“Good. And don’t worry about your shirt. If it doesn’t come out we can always get you another one. Everyone has their clumsy moments.” Mom smiled sweetly at me. Her hand in my lap felt great. She was tracing the contours of my cock now, barely keeping up pretence.

“I don’t think I’ve ever seen you be clumsy, Mom.” I wasn’t sure if that was true or not, but it sounded good at the time.

Unfortunately, that comment made Mom take her hand from my lap. “Here, does this make you feel any better?” She asked, taking a spoonful of pudding and dripping it down the front of her top. Yeah, that made me feel better, but I am not sure if it was in the way she intended. She even added a second spoonful, and then broke out laughing. “The things I do for you,” she said.

“Yeah, thanks, I do feel better,” I said, laughing along with her. “But wait, do I get to clean you up now?”

Mom fixed my eyes with hers and said, “Sure, fair is fair.”

I took Mom’s clean napkin from the coffee table and lightly dabbed at her shirt. It’s weird that after everything I was acting kind of shy now. Mom told me, “You’re not going to get anything out doing it like that,” and took my hand in hers, pressing it tighter to her chest. With her hand guiding mine, I quickly moved from dabbing the pudding to rubbing all over her chest. I could see my mother’s nipples getting hard as I rubbed those great tits. I let the napkin drop and opened my hand to cup my mother’s tit, feeling it’s solid warmth filling my hand. God it felt good to be touching her like that. I was staring at my hand on her chest and I heard Mom gasp when I pinched her nipple through her top.

“Should I be doing this?” I asked Mom.

“You only have to stop if you want to, sweetie,” Mom told me. This was it. She was fully awake, fully in control of herself, it was only my suggestion for her to let her inhibitions down that was making the difference. I was touching my mother sexually and she wanted me to.

I had both hands on Mom’s chest, massaging her tits and I could feel her push against me. “That feels really nice, sweetie,” Mom told me. She dropped her hand back to my lap and touched me through my jeans, making my cock throb even harder if that was possible. I wanted to lift Mom’s top off more than anything, so I figured, why not? Although, I didn’t want her taking her hand from my lap, so instead of lifting it I pulled the straps off her shoulders and peeled it down, exposing that sexy, lacy black bra she had on. Now I could really tease Mom’s nipples and she moaned appreciatively. I was being careful and Mom cooed to me, “You don’t have to be quite so gentle, Tommy, I won’t break.” I pinched güvenilir bahis şirketleri and pull on Mom’s nipples and she moaned, “That’s more like it.” I tried to lean forward to kiss her breasts, but Mom pushed me back. I wondered why, but then Mom let me know as she worked open my jeans.

With my cock free and in my mother’s hand I trembled, trying as hard as I could to keep from cumming. It was not a quick touch like last night, Mom was actually trying to jerk me off. “M…Mmmommmm…bb…be…ccc…careful, I’m…gggonnaaa…” But I never got to finish my sentence. Mom had barely stroked me, but I erupted, letting jets of gooey cum shoot up into the air. Mom did not back off when I came, but instead she pumped me in her tight fist, milking all the cum from my shaft. Cum landed on my chest, in my lap, and even on her bare leg, but Mom did not mind at all. When I’d finished she said, “Now that must feel so much better. That had to be killing you, all that pent up inside you.”

“You have no idea,” I panted. Mom still stroked my cock, which was completely deflated.

“And be embarrassed by letting go so fast. It happens to a lot of boys your age. I would have been surprised if you’d held out the first time.” I watched with wide eyes as my mother used a finger to wipe up the cum that had landed on her bare thigh and then suck it off that finger. I started to think that I’d created a monster. “Mmm, you know the first time I ever tasted cum it was your father’s, Tommy? I’d thought it would be icky up until then, but he showed me otherwise. He’s got a hair trigger too sometimes.” It felt weird for my mother to compare my cock to my father’s, but then I guess she would know. I could see her looking at the cum on my chest and in my lap and Mom said, “Looks like I’m going to have to clean you up again.” But this time she leaned forward and with slow flicks of her tongue Mom licked the cum off my chest, then worked her way down.

I knew I would enjoy being with my mother and in my fantasies she wanted me just as much as I wanted her, but it was still so strange for my own mother to be acting so wantonly toward me. She was still touching my cock as she bent forward and kissed the cum from my thighs. My cock was as stiff as it had been before. Mom’s mouth moved from my thighs to my balls, sucking each one between those seductive lips. I couldn’t see anything because of her mass of hair and that was good because I am sure the sight would have made me cum again immediately. I did move a hand to Mom’s head through and stroked her blonde hair as she kissed and licked her way up my shaft. With one hand on the back of her head I pushed the other one beneath her and cupped her breast again, pulling at her nipple. Mom’s hot breath on my shaft made me shiver as my actions made her gasp.

Mom worked her way to the tip of my cock and as she did she laid out across the couch. Stretching her body out like that gave me much better access to it. Her skirt had worked up and open and I saw the V between her legs, just barely covered by the black lace of her tiny panties. My hand shot right to that target and I could feel the moist heat radiating from her pussy. With just a little rubbing Mom soaked through her panties and spread her legs to give me easier access.

It was my turn to gasp because Mom capped my prick with her mouth and started sucking me in. She’d take a downstroke, then lock her lips around my shaft and pull back while she sucked. She kept working her way down in that manner until she had a little over half my cock in her mouth. She didn’t go down any further, but just kept giving me an amazing blowjob. What she couldn’t swallow she worked slowly in her fist, making sure my whole cock got attention. No girl my age had ever given me a blowjob quite like my mother was. It felt so amazing I envied my father for having her mouth to himself for so long. I returned the pleasure my mother was giving me by rubbing her pussy nonstop. She was moving her hips in little patterns to match my movements. I pushed her panties out of the way and slipped a finger into her soupy cunt. Mom moaned into my cock and thrust her cunt onto my finger. I added a second one for a nice tight fit and started fingering my mother in a rhythm to match her cocksucking.

“Mmmmooommmm…” I moaned as she kept working up and down my cock. When I got close to cumming, she would slip me out of her mouth lick my shaft again, keeping it slick for her hand and giving me a moment to calm down. She would suck my balls again, and then pop me back into her hungry mouth. In the meantime she was breathing heavier and moaning around my cock more and more and I knew she was getting close to cumming.

“Mmmm, sweetie, your fingers feel so good, you’re going to make your mother cum,” she told me while she licked the head of my cock. “Do you want me to cum?”

“Oh yeah, I really want to make you cum…” I gasped, her tongue getting to me.

“Good, I want you to cum too, I want you to cum with me,” Mom said, putting my cock back in her mouth. She’d figured out that I was fingering her at the same tempo she sucked me so Mom started going down on me as quickly as she could. I pounded my fingers into her cunt and the vibrations of her increased moaning around my cock brought me that much closer.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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