A Strong Relationship

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It was a chance meeting, one that might never have happened. Both hands met in the Supermarket as they reached for a jar of Salad Dressing.

He looked over at the owner of the hand that was on top of his own and felt the breath leave his body. He was looking at the most beautiful face he had ever seen in his life.

“Excuse me” the woman’s voice said in an icy tone, barely disguising contempt, “You’re staring at me.”

Flustered she had caught him, Neal blinked back to reality. “Oh, I’m sorry!” he said to her. “It’s just that you have the most beautiful … “

“Here it comes …. ” she thought to herself ” … wait for it!”

“You have the most beautiful eyes I have ever seen in my life!”

A big smile came over her sensual face, it lit up and she was even more beautiful, it that were possible. “Thank you” she now said in a soft tone, extending her hand. “I’m Mason Evans. What a lovely thing to say.”

He took her hand in his and shook it. She had a strong handshake for a woman, which he liked. Neal was not fond of wimpy girls. “Neal Gordon. You can have the Salad Dressing, Mason.”

It gave her a perfect opening and Mason jumped on it. “Neal Gordon, would you like to have dinner with me tonight?”

Mason ran home, not believing her own impulsiveness, yet delighting in it at the same time. How long had it been, she thought, since a man looked at her face and not her tits or body? True, her workout outfit concealed some of her ample curves, but you could still tell Mason was built. The baggy clothing didn’t hide her ample cleavage or ass.

Neal hadn’t been looking at that. He’d looked at her eyes, he’d seen her face. It made her feel so good, she just had to know this man better. She’d given him her address and told him to be there for seven, so she had about 4 hours to prepare.

“Michy?! You home?”

Michelle Wylde came out of her bedroom, looking spectacular as always. Her stunning Thai roommate was even more lovely than Mason. It had been Michelle, in fact, who was responsible for Mason’s transformation.

She gave Mason a hug and asked her “What’s up baby? You seem so excited.”

“I am, and it’s not because you’re naked!” Mason said, winking at her roomie. Michelle tended not to wear a lot of clothing around the house and didn’t need to. Her body was a work of art, which she herself had sculpted.

At 5’10” tall, 2 inches taller than Mason’s own 5’8″, Michelle’s body was a stunning 34 / 22 / 34. There wasn’t an ounce of flab on her anywhere, Michelle would have freaked. She was a serious bodybuilder and took her figure very seriously.

When they had moved in together 3 years earlier, the young women had barely known each other, but had become fast friends. Michy’s habit of being naked all the time at first unnerved Mason, but as her roommate was so lovely, she quickly became accustomed to it and sometimes joined her. One day, she asked her friend how she got such a beautiful figure.

“I work hard for it, I train in the gym about 4 times a week. I lift serious weights. You’d look great if you worked out, all those curves would be so ripped and your tits would be so firm.” She reached out and hefted one of Mason’s breasts, which caused Mason to gasp.

Michelle giggled. “Oh, don’t worry about me. I’m just playing.”

Mason laughed and shook her long, curly brown hair back. “It’s okay. Do you really think I could be as sexy as you?”

The pretty Thai girl looked at her roommate with a quizzical eye. “Do you really think I’m sexy?”

Caught by her friend, Mason nodded. “I think you’re one of the most beautiful women I’ve ever seen Michy. I’ve seen the way men – and some women – look at you. I’d love to be admired like that. Most men just look at my boobs.”

Mason was very lovely and more voluptuous than Michelle, her breasts being 38’s. Michelle had looked at her roommate and thought if she worked at it, her friend would have a body that would have them lining up. But Mason wasn’t as active as she needed to be. She knew Mason had been an awkward teen, with full, wide lips and a dark, caramel complexion. She hadn’t had many dates until she began sprouting tits at 15 and then, the boys were only after one thing.

Michelle smiled that winning smile of hers again and hugged her roomie close. “If you worked out as serious as I do, in a year or so, you’d be beating them off with a stick. Not that you look too bad now.” She smiled at Mason, this time with a gleam in her eye.

Mason reached out her hand, a little scared at the new feelings she was having. Michelle’s hand met her own and they stood, a silent agreement reached. The pair went to Michelle’s bedroom and Michelle took Mason as her lover that night.

Fit and supple, Michelle had been the best lover that Mason had ever known and she felt no regrets about sharing her bed with another woman. Her hands, strong and sensual, wrung orgasm after orgasm out of the young woman. Her tongue, licking between Mason’s thighs and suckling at her breasts, made Mason cum like no man ever had. She got out çağlayan escort her vibe and fucked Mason’s pussy powerfully, like a man would and Mason saw stars when she did so.

Mason feasted on her friend’s golden body until the wee hours of the morning and the two fell asleep, sated. Upon awaking, they were at each other’s flesh again, cravings returned, ravishing each other until exhaustion and hunger were upon them. They ate together, laughing and happy, knowing this would be something they’d do again, their was a bond between them.

Mason was inspired by Michy from that moment on and joined her girlfriend’s Gym on the Monday following. She took her weight training seriously, transforming her body into a lean, sculpted form like her friend / lover’s. Michelle was correct, she got stares and admirers, of both sexes. Sometimes, she indulged, but most of these playmates where only after her body. A bright, friendly, articulate young woman, Mason wanted a lover who saw her the way she saw herself.

“Okay baby, you gonna tell me what’s going on?” her friend asked.

“I met a guy Michy. A really, really nice guy. We talked for a few minutes, but he didn’t notice my body. He saw my face, he saw me. Oh Michy, I liked him, I liked him a lot.”

Michelle smiled, giving Mason a big bear hug. “You going out with him tonight baby?”

Mason shook her head, her brown curls moving from side-to-side. “Nope, I invited him here. I’m going to cook. I hate to ask, but can you clear out for tonight?

Michelle pouted with a mock pout. “Oh, poo. I was planning to ravish you myself tonight, you mean I don’t get to have fun with my baby?”

Mason pulled her lover close and kissed her softly on the lips, parting them with her tongue. “I have a bit of time baby. And I do have to take a shower.” she said to Michelle, in a voice husky with desire.

“Save water, shower with a friend!” Michelle cooed as they walked towards the bathroom.

Neal was humming as he approached the stylish brownstone address Mason had given him. She and her roommate worked at a Fitness Club, Mason had told him, and made good money. He walked up the stairs, bottle of wine in hand.

He rang the bell and the door opened. For the second time today, Neal got the wind knocked out of him.

Mason was a vision in front of him. Brown curly hair cascaded down to her shoulders. She wore a nearly sheer, cream-colored blouse, unbuttoned strategically to show a generous amount of cleavage. She must have been over 5’11 in the heels she wore, sexy on her bare feet. She was slightly taller than his own 5’9″ now, but it didn’t bother him at all. The leather pants clung to her like a second skin. He had a date with a goddess, Neal reckoned.

She welcomed him with a big hug and he was taken aback at how strong she was, he knew she worked out, but wow! She gave him that dazzling smile again and his mind just drifted to her beauty again.

“Come on in, it’s chilly out there!” she smiled, inviting him in. “He looks good!” Mason said, taking him in. In a tan sports jacked and slacks, his own sandy hair styled, he was unknowingly hunky. There was a small part of Mason that wanted to take him right there, but she’d sated her passions with Michy – for now anyway.

Neal looked around the tastefully furnished condo, a Nagel print on the wall, warm inviting furniture of good quality leather. A small fire blazed in the fireplace and Mason had laid out appetizers of Crackers and a nice cheese dip. He made himself comfortable and she went to get a corkscrew to open the wine. He watched her gorgeous ass as she walked away, he hadn’t realized at the Supermarket how truly stunning she was.

She came back in the room, sat across from him and smiled that smile again. Her beautiful brown eyes were full of life, sparkling and alive. She poured two glasses of the Cabernet and handed one to him, their hands brushed gently. He felt the spark immediately, Neal wondered if she had as well?

The conversation was easy and flowed well. Neal told her of his own career as a writer, he loved writing and was articulate and funny. He’d had a few articles published and was a contributor to a magazine called COMICS INC. Mason found it amusing that he was still a comicbook fan at nearly 30.

“I grew up with them and I still like the good-guys-win idea.” Neal smiled warmly, drinking his wine. “You’re built a bit like a superheroine yourself Mason, you’re truly beautiful.”

She blushed a bit and said “Thank You.”

They continued to talk, Mason told him of her own aspirations. She liked working at the Fitness Club with her roommate – Michelle – but she was an artist and she loved to draw, sketch and paint. Having artistic friends himself, Neal was knowledgeable and was able to contribute easily to the conversation. He was impressed that she’d had a few shows at local Galleries and liked her more with each passing minute.

They went to the table and had dinner, a lovely Quiche and light salad – “with the dressing çapa escort you gave up”, Mason giggled – and drank more wine and talked. Neal found himself completely captivated with the lovely young woman, he was having the nicest evening he’d ever had.

Mason’s heart was thumping. He noticed her beauty, he’d complimented her on it, but he took time to engage her mind. He shared his ideas with her, he listened to her, he found her mind sexy as well. This was the kind of man Mason had been looking for.

They adjourned back to the living room, having Bumbleberry Pie and Ice Cream for dessert. Both had hearty appetites and even enjoyed seconds. “One of the benefits of working out” Mason told him as she grinned.

He nodded back. “I run 4 miles every day and I use my bike as often as I can, instead of the car. I’m not a jock, but I didn’t want to get flabby either.”

She smiled again and Neal found his head swimming again. “I don’t detect any flab Neal” she said, squeezing his hand.

“More wine?” he asked and Mason nodded. She was getting pleasantly tipsy, but she didn’t care. She was enjoying herself, it had been far too long.

The evening went on. They listened to some nice music, found they both liked Tony Bennett and talked more. It was so easy with him, Mason thought, he just seemed so uncomplicated.

It was nearing midnight, Neal turned to her and said “It’s getting late, I should probably go. You need your sleep.”

She leaned in to him and kissed him softly. “No, I don’t.”

Neal smiled again and returned her kiss. “I don’t think ….”

Mason cut him off. “Don’t think. Just be. Tell me what you want Neal, what’s on your mind?”

“I think you’re the sexiest, smartest, most incredible woman I have ever met. That a woman like you could have any man she wanted. That …. “

Mason cut him off again with a kiss, agile tongue gliding along his own lips. “If I can have any man I want, I know the one I chose.” She purred throatily. “I want you Neal. I want you very, very much.”

He could barely breathe. “Oh, God.”

She took his hands in hers and squeezed. “I want to do something fun? You game?”

Neal didn’t trust himself to speak. Despite the wine, his throat felt dry. “Uh-huh” was all he managed to say.

She stood up, he followed. Then, she reached over and picked him up, his laughter filled the room. “Your little `superheroine’ would like to ravish you, stud. Think you can keep up with me?”

He smiled and said “I will do my best.”

Mason grinned. “You’d better, or Mama spank!”

Mason carried her prize into the bedroom. She was glad Michy was gone for the night, she didn’t want any interruptions. “What next?” Neal asked her with a sly grin.

“Strip, stud!” she said as she looked over at this handsome man.

“Yes, sure!” Neal replied. He made a clumsy attempt at stripping, it was touchingly funny. He wiggled and gyrated his hips at her as he unbuttoned his shirt and removed his pants. He hung them over the chair, a neat freak, like Michy. He stood before her, in his boxers and socks, lean and attractive.

“Please – I want to see you.” Neal said to Mason in a soft tone. She found that very appealing and smiled, almost shyly.

Mason took off her shoes first, reducing them to around the same height. She tossed her hair and took off the cream-colored blouse, revealing a powder blue bra that looked so sexy against her dark skin. That came next, her magnificent breasts spilled out. Round and firm, they rode high on her chest and Neal could now see just how toned she was.

“You like?” Mason asked and Neal was speechless. Like? Migod, she was the most delectable sight he’d ever seen. His cock was already straining his boxers. He nodded and Mason continued.

She practically slithered out of the tight, black leather slacks, now she was only wearing the briefest blue thong. There wasn’t an ounce of fat on her anywhere, her legs beautiful and tapered, sleek and well-defined. Neal ached to run his hands over her body, to caress all of her, but he had the good sense to let Mason run the show.

“You’re overdressed Neal” Mason purred to him. He removed his boxers and stood before her. While not a musclebound stud like the men at her Gym, Neal had nothing to be ashamed of. He was lean and trim and Mason wanted to take him in her body and fuck his brains out.

It was taking every bit of his self control not to walk over and take Mason in his arms and possess her, but he held off. Instead, he let her come to him and she stood before him, strong and magnificent, sheer perfection.

She reached out and ran her hand over his skin gently. “Nice” Mason purred. “I am glad you’re here Neal, with me. We’re going to have a memorable night.”

Neal didn’t doubt it. He let Mason lead him to the bed and she pushed him down. Mason looked down at her new lover and grinned again. “I want to make love to you Neal. I want to be in charge, do you have any trouble with that?” He shook his head.

Mason cennet mahallesi escort knew he wouldn’t and she joined him on the bed. Her coppery skin shone in the the room’s lighting and she knelt over him, breasts dangling. He felt one, they were firm and beautiful. “You’re so beautiful Mason, so very beautiful.” Her dark eyes met his blue eyes.

Slowly, teasingly, she took the head of his cock into her mouth and began to lick at it. He surged at the first flick of her tongue on his nob and she went all the way down, slithering her tongue all over his veiny shaft. She traced every inch of it as she fellated him, never letting her eyes leave his as she sucked. It had been a long while since Mason had enjoyed a cock, she hadn’t realized how much she had missed it.

Little groans were coming from Neal as she blew him. Up and down, she worked her mouth lavishly over his prick. Her hands gripped his balls, she took extra care not to grip them too hard, instead, she used a gentle fondling motion as she kept sucking cock. Side to side, up and down, she gave him a blowjob that nearly had him cumming in her mouth. He looked at the stunning goddess he was in bed with and his mind was blown with the awareness of his good fortune. Talented lips sucked, soft and full around his shaft.

Whenever he could, Neal ran his hands over her rock-hard form, caressing her skin, marveling at the smoothness of it, how silky she felt. Her head was bobbing up and down, she was the best lover he’d ever known.

“May I pleasure you Mason?” he asked and she looked at him, taking her mouth off his cock momentarily. She smiled.

“Think you can handle it sexy?” Mason said, grinning.

“I had better, right?” She laughed and nodded. Mason swung her torso over and her pussy was above his face, the thong still covering it. Neal pulled it to the side and found her pussy shaved and clean. He knew a lot of bodybuilders shaved their body hair, he found her bald cunt very sexy. Neal buried his face in her wetness and began eating her in earnest. From her sudden change in movement, he knew he was getting to her.

Neal concentrated all of his efforts on pleasing Mason. He moved his head up and down, then side to side, licking her, using his tongue like his cock, stabbing it into her heated pussy. Juice coated her tongue, sweeter than any he’d ever tasted. She was like honey and he devoured her, pulling at her pussy lips as her mouth continued to blow him.

Her body was quivering as Neal ate her, Mason was really pleased. He was almost as good as Michelle, but he was more aggressive. His tongue flicked over her clit, which was large and throbbing. She knew she was likely flooding Neal’s face, but she didn’t hear any objections.

She continued to deep throat her new lover, he was certainly nicely endowed. His thick cock filled her throat, she was impressed by his self-control. Many men would have cum by now, but Neal was holding off.

She had no plans of doing the same. “FUCCKKKKK, NEALLLLLL!!” Mason screamed, as she coated his mouth with the first of her orgasms. She moved off of him and grinned down at her smiling lover.

“You’re good lover!” she said, running her hands over his chest.

“We aim to please, ma’am!” Neal said in mock seriousness.

“You succeed!” Mason replied.

Mason was breathing hard, she’d had workouts that hadn’t made her pant like this. Neal thought he’d never seen anything so lovely, she was awe-inspiring even now.

She ran her strong hands along his thighs again, leaning over and kissing him on the lips. Mason’s mouth was made for kissing, Neal thought, lips full and pouty. Was there anything about her that wasn’t breathtaking?

“Ready for the next act?” Mason said as she climbed onto his body.

“Oh, yeahhhhh!” Neal groaned as Mason lowered her taut body on top of his cock, facing away from him. She moved slowly at first, adjusting to the thickness in her cunt at first, rippling her pussy muscles around his dick. Neal groaned and moved upward, arching his cock into her body. She let out a low hum of approval as he came up from behind her and cupped her tits.

“I want to play with your beautiful, big tits Mason, please?” Mason nodded her head as she moved up and down on his prick. It was so cute how gentle he was, but she suspected there were untold depths to her newest lover.

She was right. As he fondled her big breasts, his hands were strong and skilled, he played her body like a musician. He pinched her nipples as he fondled her breasts, squeezing them hard enough to make her moan in pleasure. Her cunt rippled around his cock, squeezing it again as she took him in.

Her body moved around and around, his cock rubbing against her hard clit. She felt his hands move all over her flesh, caressing her toned body, her flat stomach and he pulled at her navel ring. She laughed as his knowledgeable hands massaged her supple flesh, her inner fires were building and she moved a bit faster as his dick throbbed inside of her.

Every once in a while, Neal would arch his body up and thrust within her. He was letting her run the show, which turned her on immensely, but Neal was by no means an inactive participant. He ran his hands all over her silky thighs and she felt his fingers strum her clit as his cock moved within her and she squealed uncharacteristically. “Fucking hell Neal, that’s good!” she moaned.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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