A State of Grace Pt. 07

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Alexa Pearl

Welcome back for the next installment of “A State of Grace,” this being the 7th part. As I warned in the Author’s Notes of Part 6, this is going to be dark! This chapter will have instances of non-consent, reluctance, pain, mind-control, and other things that many people will think of as unsavory. That fits, of course, because the people doing these things are also unsavory. For those of you concerned, fear not, because all fictional characters in this chapter that participate in fictional sex acts are at least 18 fictional years of age. For the hall monitors in the audience, please note that this story was submitted in the incest section solely because some of the participants are blood-relatives. If any of the above is something that disturbs you, please do us all a favor and give this story a pass. Why torture yourself? For the rest of you, enjoy!

– CM


After arriving at Fleur and Elizabeth’s house, we all arranged ourselves in the living room. It was a little surreal, sitting here because even though it was the same exact room as it was when we had lived here, our cousin and her wife-to-be had completely redecorated and made space their own.

I sat on their couch, with Kevin to my left and Aunt Lily to my right. Liza sat in Fleur’s lap on the loveseat. Jack sat in an old wing chair across from us with Crystal sitting on his lap, her head resting comfortably in the crook of his neck. Rounding out the impromptu gathering was Special Agent Paulson, who stood in the archway to the kitchen. He’d propped himself up against the archway, the eagerness to hear Jack’s story was plain for anyone to see.

I sensed Carmen Oreza stir behind me, and I looked back over my shoulder at her, giving her a questioning look. She saw my expression and shrugged. Then she bent down so she could whisper directly into my ear.

“I can’t help it, Gracie. I know he’s a Fed, and that we should be able to trust him. Despite that, there’s just something about him I don’t like. It’s not logical, it’s just a feeling,” she said.

Oddly enough, I understood exactly what she meant. I’d never warmed to the man myself. There was something indefinable, some kind of aura about him that was off-putting.

Jack sighed, then, and all the attention in the room focused on him.

“There’s no way to ease into this, so I guess I’ll just start talking. If anyone needs clarification, just ask and I’ll do what I can,” he said, prefacing his remarks.

Jack’s Story (Jack narrating)

“This isn’t going to be easy for you to hear, my dear sister — or for you, Mom!” I said. “What happened that night, what Dad did, what he made ME do…I’ve never told another soul!”

I turned to face Crystal.

“I’m afraid when you hear this, you’ll not want to have anything else to do with me, and I couldn’t bear that! I just found you, I don’t want to lose you!”

“You won’t lose me, baby!” Crystal said, snuggling close to me. “I’m yours for as long as you want me! As long as you continue to treat my daughter and me with the love and respect that you have up to now! I’m falling for you, big time, John Collins!”

Crystal grinned down at me, then she pretended to swoon. She sighed dramatically, and said in a stage whisper, “I’ll never let go, Jack! I’ll never let go!”

In spite of my grim mood, I surprised myself by laughing quietly. “Titanic” was the first movie Crystal and I had watched together, and she’d fallen into the habit of quoting lines from the movie at times she deemed apropos. It was one of her many endearing habits. I gently kissed her again, before turning to face the rest of my impromptu audience.

“Alright then, if you’re all certain you truly want to hear this, then sit right back and you’ll hear a tale, a tale of a fateful trip…”

June 28th, 2003

I was 21 years old — and you were just 18, Elizabeth. I had my whole life in front of me. I had just finished making love to my soon-to-be-ex-girlfriend, Holly Kowalski. It turned out that tonight had been breakup sex. She’d decided to leave town to attend graduate school instead of staying here at Community College. She didn’t want to try a long-distance relationship. I could understand that, but I couldn’t deny that it hurt some.

Oh, don’t get me wrong: I had known that our relationship — while loving and tender — was not a love for the ages. It was fun, energetic, and very sexually satisfying. But, we both knew there weren’t any wedding bells in our future. Having said that, I was going to miss her terribly, and it did hurt a little that I’d had so little warning of her departure!

Added to that, I’d just lost my job at the film production plant. It hadn’t been the best job in the world, but it paid enough for me to be independent. I had even managed to put a little cash away in the bank! But now, I was sleeping in the spare room at Mom and Dad’s place. I hated that for so many reasons, not the least of which was that Dad and I weren’t getting along at all. casino oyna

I guess those thoughts were what distracted me, preventing me from seeing the signs that something wasn’t right, as I approached the house on foot. Holly’s house was just a little over a mile from mine, and I was in great shape, so I preferred to walk. After all, gas was expensive, even then!

The first clue I picked up on was a large number of cars parked in our driveway, and along the curb in front of the house. Mom and Dad frequently had friends over, but I couldn’t remember seeing these many cars at once! Besides, it was a little late to entertain, considering it was a weeknight. I also noted that many of the cars were of a far more expensive variety than one typically saw in this part of town.

Figuring that Dad, at least, would insist on entertaining in the front room, I decided to enter through the back door. It opened into the kitchen, and from there, I could sneak off down the hall to my bedroom without having to deal with my Dad or his snobby friends.

Of course, you know what they say about the best-laid plans of mice and men, right? And so it was with me that night. I stepped into the kitchen and locked the back door behind me. I noticed that all the lights in the kitchen were on. Then I heard the moaning, the grunting, and the muffled screaming coming from other rooms of the house! I looked around the kitchen, and instantly spotted the couple fucking on the kitchen table. It was absolutely disgusting! The man was older and disgustingly obese! When viewed from behind, his ass reminded me of two rounds of dried out cheese that had been left out of the fridge for too long! His back was hairy as a gorilla’s!

He was plowing away at a stunningly attractive blonde woman, who looked vaguely familiar. His hideous ass flexed as he pumped away at her.

“Aww, shit, baby girl, Daddy’s gonna cum soon!” he cried.

“Oh, Daddy, don’t cum in me!” the girl mumbled. “Please, Daddy, please pull out!”

“Okay,” the man replied. There was something in his tone of voice that I didn’t trust. Moments later, he did withdraw from the woman’s pussy. But instead of blasting his load all over her belly like I expected, he thrust forward again. This time, though, he aimed just a bit lower than before.

“Aaaaahhhhh!” the woman cried out painfully, as he took her ass. “Oh God, it hurts, Daddy! Please don’t fuck my bottom! Please, not that! It hurts so bad! AAAAHHH!” she wailed.

Fast as a striking snake, the hideous-looking troll of a man lashed out, slapping the young woman violently across her face.

“Shut up and take it like a good little whore!” he hissed. “Shit! I’m cumming!!”

Wordlessly, the young woman nodded her head yes, and laid still and quiet while he slammed his cock as hard as he could, spilling his seed into her tender asshole. There was no love, no gentleness — not even any friendly affection in his manner. It was clear to me that in his opinion, the lovely young blonde was nothing more than a set of conveniently placed holes to fuck at his leisure.

This treatment enraged me. I’m not perfect by any means, but I couldn’t stand by and watch someone gets ass-raped! With more emotions than conscious thought, I surged towards the fat man. I grabbed him by the sparse, thinning hair of his head, and pulled him violently back away from her. A second later, I heard a soft popping sound as his cock was pulled from her anus. I couldn’t help looking, and so I was further enraged to see his dick was streaked with blood, and the poor girl’s anus was raw, red, and painful-looking. I was further disgusted at the flow of tainted-looking cum that dripped from her.

I easily ducked the troll’s clumsy swing and drove my right elbow into his substantial gut.

“OOOoofff!” he huffed, losing his wind before dropping to the floor like a stone.

I was shocked when I got a good look at his face. It was old man Nelson! He was a judge! He’d been friends with my father for nearly 20 years! And the woman, now that I could see her clearly, was his daughter Wendy! She was my sister’s age, and the two of them were friends.

“You sick fuck!” I whispered, horrified. “You’re ass-raping your own child! You’re going to burn for this shit!”

Judge Nelson gave me an evil look that promised real violence…but since it was being directed up at me from the floor by a man I had just dropped with a single elbow strike, I was less than intimidated. I turned back to Wendy, who still lay on her back on our table. She was panting and moaning very softly. She had one hand between her thighs, cupped over her wrecked little anus. The other was moving from one breast to the other, tenderly rubbing them. It was then that I noticed the red, raw bite marks on the pale silky skin of her bosom.

I approached her slowly, keeping my hands where she could see them and hoped she wouldn’t see me as a threat.

“Wendy?” I said softly. “Remember me? slot oyna I’m Jack Collins, I’m Elizabeth’s older brother. Honey, I’m going to call you an ambulance, and the police, okay? He isn’t going to get away with this shit!”

I waited for a few minutes, but she didn’t say a word. Instead, she moaned again and urgently shook her head no.

“Wendy, why are you shaking your head like that?” I asked her.

“She won’t answer you,” Judge Nelson wheezed. “She can’t.”

I turned to face him and saw him slowly lever his heavy ass up off of the floor by bracing himself on one of the kitchen chairs.

“And why is that?” I demanded, not bothering to hide my contempt for him.

“Because I hold total control over her, and I told her to shut up!” he said. “She won’t speak again until I give her permission. That’s how it works, you Jackass!”

Almost of its own accord, my left foot snapped out at him. The steel toe of my work boot slammed into the side of his head, and he went down again. This time, he was still and quiet. More out of a sense of civic duty than anything else, I made sure he was still breathing before returning to Wendy’s side.

“Wendy, please tell me: is Elizabeth here? Is she safe?” I demanded. As tempted as I was, I made no attempt to touch her. In fact, I didn’t even move any closer to her.

I figured she probably wouldn’t say anything, but as it turned out, she didn’t need to.

“Well, look what the cat dragged in!” came the sound of my father’s voice from the doorway to the living room. “Welcome home, son! I planned tonight’s little party just for you! Too bad you had to sneak in through the back door. But hey, you aren’t the only one here tonight that prefers going in the back door!”

Then, father took note of Judge Nelson collapsed on the floor like a half-empty sack of flour. He also noticed the wicked bruise forming on the side of his head.

“I assume you did that?” father asked, his tone making it a question.

“Yes,” I said tightly.

“He still alive?” dad rasped, though it was hard to tell whether he truly cared or not.

“I’m no doctor, but I’m pretty sure that all I did was to put out his lights. He’s still breathing, at any rate,” I replied nonchalantly.

“No big deal either way,” dad said, entering the room to face me. “Tonight isn’t about him, it’s about you. Tonight, I’m bringing you into the family business. I’m also going to break in your little sister. Want to help out? It’s always fun!”

“What the Fuck?! ‘Break in my sister?’ Just what is that supposed to mean?” I asked, recognizing the danger in my own tone of voice. I’d always known that I had a serious temper, and keeping a leash on it always required an effort.

My father, however, either didn’t realize he was provoking my own personal demon-beast, or he wasn’t particularly concerned about doing it. He stepped closer and put one arm casually around my shoulders. He steered me through the archway and into the living room. I saw that it was the scene of a massive orgy! Every piece of furniture, as well as a great deal of the available floor space, was occupied by couples having sex! I was both shocked and a little sickened to see that I knew most of the participants, including my own mother! She was on the recliner with her knees pulled up to her breasts, letting Mrs. Kowalski lick her pussy! Behind her, Mr. Kowalski was driving himself into his wife’s pussy to her apparent pleasure.

“Tonight, son,” my father began, gesturing at the occupants of the room, “I’m going to introduce you to the family business! It’s long past time you learned the ropes!”

“Okay, first off,” I began, “I have no interest in joining your detective agency. And second, What in the hell does all of this have to do with your business?”

Dad laughed and slapped my back as if I had just told him a hilarious joke. “Detective Agency? Oh come on, son, I raised you with better instincts than that! Or have you truly not discovered that the agency is nothing more than a front? If that’s the case, then I must admit to being a little disappointed in you!”

“No, my son, the family business is something far more interesting and rewarding!” father exclaimed. “Our business is one that Machiavelli himself could only envy! I acquire power! I have learned how to control people — mostly women, but not exclusively — and through those, I control directly, I can gain indirect control of almost anyone! Just think about it, son! Almost unlimited power! Do you want luxury? Wealth? Political clout? Do you need to make irksome legal problems disappear? All of that and more can be accomplished! All you need are the proper drugs in the proper dosages, a little time, and a few psychology skills including hypnosis!”

He beamed at me, the pride in his ‘accomplishments’ clear to see. “Tonight, I plan to indoctrinate you in the ways of control, and who better to start with, than your little sister? She loves and trusts you more than canlı casino siteleri she does her own mother, so it’s only fitting that you should be the one to break her! Prove to me that you’re worthy to rule at my side! I’ve started here in this little city, but I have much bigger plans! I’ve already attracted some international interest.”

I looked at the orgy going on in front of me and felt sick to my stomach. It was all I could do to keep myself from becoming ill all over the floor right there and then.

“Billy!” my father called out to Mr. Kowaski. “Are you done with her? If so, grab the laptop and bring it over here! It’s time for Jack to face the Dragon!”

Mr. Kowalski stood up and grabbed a laptop computer from the floor next to the where he’d been recovering from his recent sexual release. He was my father’s oldest and closest friend. I had known him and his family for most of my life. Until this very night, I’d been dating his only child. Yet he didn’t even spare me a nod as he opened the laptop and set it on the coffee table.

The laptop booted up after several minutes, then my father opened a video chat window. There was a strange warbling tone, and after a moment, a man’s face appeared on the screen. He was white, with grey hair and a wicked scar running diagonally from his left eye to his chin. He looked to be in his late fifties or early sixties. When he spoke, he had a thick accent that made it hard for me to understand him.

“Ah, Trent! So, this is your son, eh? You expect him to be your — how do you say — your new apprentice?” he said.

“Dragon,” my father said respectfully. “This is indeed my oldest son. Jack, I’d like you to meet Dragon Stankovich.”


Grace resumes the tale:

Special Agent Paulson suddenly snapped fully upright in his seat, startling Jack. Crystal gave a frightened squeal and jumped off of Jack’s lap. Mr. Andrews literally jumped over the chair Jack was sitting in and landed at her side. His weapon came out from under his suit jacket as he scanned the room for threats.

After a few moments, Crystal calmed herself. She looked at Jack, her breasts still heaving as she tried to get her breathing under control.

“Jack, honey, listen carefully and tell me if this is the name you remember: Dragan Stankanovic?” she said, pronouncing the name carefully and deliberately.

Jack stared at her in surprise. He thought for a few minutes, then he replied, “Yes, baby, that sounds exactly like the way father said it. Why? Do you know the name?”

“Yes!” Paulson said, earning himself a quelling look from Crystal.

“Yes, only too well, I’m afraid,” Crystal said. “He’s a Serbian national, but his last known place of residence was in Macedonia. He is wanted in several countries, including the US, for human trafficking, international drug trafficking, illegal weapons trafficking, and various other less serious crimes. Interpol has been trying to get their collective hands on him for over a decade!”

Crystal paused for a moment, looking down at the floor. After several moments, she looked up again, facing Jack and looking into his eyes. “He’s also the one that took me from my family. And, I strongly suspect he is Kayla’s biological father.”

“My God!” Kevin said quietly.

“Dragan worked for the StB — the Committee for State Security — in Czechoslovakia in the 1970s. That’s where he received his initial training as a counter-intelligence specialist. He was in charge of interrogating suspected western spies. In 1983, he was seconded to the Soviet Union, where he was employed with the Komitet Gosuderstevennoy Bezopasnosti — the KGB — Which is Russian for Committee for State Security, of course. The KGB sent him to the Bekaa Valley in Lebanon. There, he helped train terrorists. He taught them what he knew, and they taught him what they knew. It was a match made in hell!”

“He returned to the Soviet Union sometime around 1985 or so. At that point, he was trained in advanced interrogation techniques, as well as some unspecified experimental projects. I can’t track his movements after 1990 or so. The breakup of the Soviet Union, and much of the rest of the Eastern Block, for that matter, means that records are fragmentary at best. In fact, he didn’t appear on the radar screen again until he bought an old and very expensive mansion in northern Macedonia in 2002. At the time, he wasn’t known to be an international crime lord, so neither the Macedonian or Serbian governments had any reason to raise any red flags.”

Crystal was quiet for a long moment. When she finally spoke again, her voice was colder than the depths of interstellar space. “He ‘turned me out,’ took my virginity, and made me into a drug-addicted whore! I would love nothing more than to stand over him and cut the beating heart out of his chest and grill it in front of his dying eyes!”

Jack stood and slowly approached Crystal. When he reached her side, he tenderly wrapped his arms around her and held her close. He kissed her face and stroked the tears off her face with gentle hands.

“Anything I can do to help you, just tell me,” he said softly. “Your friends are mine, and so are your enemies! I love you, Crystal!”

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