A Son Only A Mother Could Love

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Every man has been walked in on while masturbating hasn’t he? By his mom…more than once? Was it an accident the first time? Was it coincidence all the other times? Did she like to see her baby boy stroke his big hard cock and listen to the sounds he made. Or did she do it for retribution of embarrassment from all the times I would hide in the bathroom waiting for her to step out of the shower and walk in on her while she was dressing. It was time to push the limits and find out.

Ever since that first night, I was sure that I had moved fast enough to roll over and cover up. I was in bed, the lights were off, she didn’t see anything…right?

“Sweetie, are you okay?”

“Yeah mom, I’m fine.”

“Can’t sleep?”

“I probably could if you shut the door and kept the light out.”

“Okay, well I’m off to bed…goodnight.”

And that’s when it started. She would always come check up on me before heading to bed, and wake me in the morning for work. It had seemed that she forgot the lost art of knocking, and more than once I’m sure she was surprised to find me in the morning with nothing on except a soiled cum filled sock covering my cock. But, I would always find myself waking up to a knock and her voice. Did she walk in, see me in my glory then walk out and knock? She never knocked!!

Did it turn her on to catch me, as much as it turned me on being caught? How far could I take this?

Many a morning I had tried desperately to wake up before she came to my room, just to see if she always did knock first. I wanted to stroke my cock to it’s full length and peer behind closed eyes to see if she would sneak in canlı bahis first. But, I was never a morning person and couldn’t get myself to wake-up.

I now knew I had to test her while I was awake and waiting for sleep. I always went to bed a couple hours before she did. So, I knew I could fake sleeping, and see what really went on in the mornings.

Would she buy it. Would she be able to see anything in the dark even with the hall light seeping in behind her.

Living in the desert, it’s not odd to forgo covers and pajamas. No one thinks twice about it. Nor would she that night she came to check up on me after hearing me moan and thrash in my “sleep”. There wasn’t a knock, but the light seeped in.

“Sweetie, are you okay?”

I could feel my cock hardening, knowing she was there.

“Are you sleeping, honey?” she said softly.

And as she turned towards the door to leave, I had to do something…I had to see if she was really concerned or just wanted a quick peek. So, I started to toss and turn and moan softly in my sleep. Did she buy it…did I get her attention. And as I peered through closed eyelids I caught her turning around for one last glance. And as she did that I noticed the beam of light from behind her lit up my throbbing cock, like the star of any show.

She just stood there silently, eyes not flinching, stunned not knowing what to do.

“Oh, that feels so good.” I mumbled in false slumber. “I love it when you fuck and suck my cock like that. It’s so hard.”

And she was gone. But, she didn’t retreat downstairs…she went across the hall to her room. And as I started to stroke my rock bahis siteleri hard erection, I heard it. The soft moans and an electric hum. Was she masturbating too? I knew it. Let the games begin.

The next morning I awoke on my own behalf. Which was very odd. I noticed the door was cracked and my cum sock was at the end of the bed. My mom already left for work and didn’t wake me to tell me she was leaving. But, why was the door cracked…did she come in, did she remove the sock, or did it come off during my restless night?

The dreams were amazing, but kept me tossing and turning. This time I had walked in on her while she was shoving anything and everything up her wet and wanting pussy. I startled her, but she couldn’t stop. She kept moaning and thrusting. Deeper and deeper, crying for it to be my cock inside of her. But, my feet were like cement, I was chained in my own dream. Was this an omen that even in my dream we could never be?

All day the events of the dream kept my cock hard and juices flowing, but I had too many things to do around the house. After lunch I decided to put in a movie, lay on the couch and give myself some much needed dessert. Just as the ropes of hot cum came crashing onto my stomach, I heard the distinctive sound of the key turning the lock 5 feet away from me.

“Fuck!!!” I whispered…my mom came home for lunch. Did she do it on purpose. There was nothing I could do about it, the cum was dripping all over me, the smell of sex was in the air. All I could do was pull on my boxers and pretend to be asleep. And as soon as she walked in, I noticed through closed eyes that my cock was hanging out bahis şirketleri of the hole, dripping a strand of cum onto the couch and the ropes of cum from my chest making it glisten and slick from trying to rub the evidence away.

She closed the door and made her way to the kitchen. She was in her usual façade. Heels, nylons and a short skirt. No, it was different…she wasn’t wearing nylons. They were stockings and garters. Was she wearing panties at all? And right at that moment my cock sprung back to life.

She was leaning over the kitchen sink getting some water, peering through raised eyebrows at my newly aroused state.

Shit, was I busted. Did she know I wasn’t sleeping. How else would my cock have become hard. I had to think quickly. And the quiet, sleepy moaning came from my mouth. Hell, it worked last night. But, would she buy it.

What was taking her so long getting water? Then I heard it…her first muffled moan. One arm hidden and one arm resting her head. The moans got louder and more frequent, the distinctive sloshing sound of fingers pounding a wet pussy. And it was over. As she left for work she came over, moved the hair out of my face steadied her hand on my chest and kissed my forehead and licked her hand clean of my cum. But what about the creamy fluid on my forehead, was it my sweat or did she share with me her juices also? With one swoop, I gathered the moisture…sniffed and tasted. It WAS her. And used the slick fluid to pound my meat into another heated orgasm.

This experiment was gonna be fun. But how far and how long would it go?

To be continued?

This chapter in my life goes on and on and only gets better. But, since this is my first time ever talking about it, I’ll have to cut it short for now. It will all depend on the responses and the curiosity of all those that wish to hear what happened next.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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