A Slippery Lesson

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The hottest experience I’ve ever had was the time I learned how to squirt while orgasming.

A friend of mine, with whom I’d shared previous sexual encounters, bet me that he could teach me how to do it. I had always been curious as to whether I was capable of squirting cum, and I was super turned on seeing women in porn movies do it, so I decided to give it a try. I had never had anyone better in bed than Jarrod, so I saw no harm in trying. Even if I did have my doubts…

Jarrod cooked me dinner in his apartment that night, and we polished off a bottle of wine between the two of us. We were drunk and horny enough that the dirty dishes stayed right where they were as we stumbled into his bedroom. We stripped each other naked and fell onto his bed. I climbed on top of him, working my way up to his head to cover his face with my slick pussy. He was always begging me to ride his face, so I knew this would be a treat for both of us.

I squished my puffy pussy lips up and down against his smooth face, feeling just a hint of stubble here and there. He eagerly used his tongue and lips to lick and suck on my clit, pausing occasionally to cover my entire pussy with his mouth and suck hard, pulling blood flow down. It was knowledge like this that had me wanting to believe Jarrod might actually be able to make me squirt.

I sat straight up as I continued riding Jarrod’s face, listening to the sloshes and slurps as I flicked and twisted my own nipples. I moved my hips in circles as he applied light suction to my pussy lips while licking my clit.

“I’m getting close,” I whispered. Or, tried to whisper.

Jarrod didn’t stop, or slow down. Instead, he wrapped his arms around my hips, pulling me even farther down onto his face. He had me pulled so tightly against him, I was afraid he might suffocate. I decided he would let me know if he was uncomfortable, so I put it out of my mind and kept going to town.

As I came, I felt Jarrod’s tongue slide inside my pussy and all around my lips as he worked to taste and swallow every ounce of my juices. He loved the taste of pussy as much as I loved feeling his mouth on me. As I climbed off of his face, I could see my pussy juice glistening on his lips, nose and cheeks, and running down his chin. When I kissed him, I could taste my own musk, which did nothing but make me horny all over again.

Jarrod allowed me a moment to catch my breath before keeling next to my head, holding his thick, rock hard cock near my mouth.

“If you really want to try ejaculating,” he explained, “You have to suck me off before we fuck, so I have some stamina.”

“As you wish,” I flirted.

I loved the feel of Jarrod’s cock in my mouth. bursa escort I loved the challenge of fitting his impressive girth and length as far in as possible, and hearing his rewarding groans. The skin on his shaft was smoother than anywhere else on his body, and he always shaved his balls and pubic area.

We had fooled around enough times that I knew the best ways to get him off. I knew to start slow, licking his head with the lightest touch possible, letting my saliva run down his shaft. Then, I sucked hard on the head of his dick, tasting the first drops of his precum as I worked. I paused to lick him from base to head, all the way around his dick and licked my lips before thrusting his entire length in my mouth. I forced myself not to gag as the tip of his cock slammed against the back of my throat. I learned the trick early on about holding your breath so you don’t gag as easily. When I sensed he was close to coming, I focused my sucking hard and fast on the head of his cock, while I used a free hand to stroke his shaft in unison with the movement of my mouth. He bucked and grunted as I swallowed every last drop of cum.

Jarrod repositioned himself between my legs and inserted a finger gently inside my pussy. I was so wet at this point, I could feel my own juices pooling beneath my ass on the bed. Once inside me, he began curling his finger against my g-spot and releasing it, over and over. I felt myself close to coming again right before he removed his finger. He took my hand and positioned it near my entrance.

“I want you to feel this,” he said, “I want you to know how to do this to yourself. It’s the only way you’ll ever be able to show anyone else how to do it for you.”

I inserted a single finger inside my pussy and asked, “What exactly am I supposed to be feeling?”

When my finger was inserted about an inch and a half, he stopped me. He told me to curl my finger inward and asked if I felt a spongy, bumpy area.

“Yeah, I think so,” I replied.

“Good, now push on it,” he said.

I did as I was told and he asked how it felt.

“Kinda made me feel like I need to pee,” I said, “But it felt good.”

“Excellent,” he smiled. “Now start fucking yourself with your finger while I lick your clit again.”

I did as I was told, and the pleasure was so intense it almost hurt. He sucked much harder on my clit this time, and used his tongue in a stiffer, rougher way. I had a hard time keeping my hips still underneath him, so he held them in place. I pushed his head hard into my cunt as I came, this time unable to be as quiet.

“Ahhhh, FUCK!!!!” I screamed, “Fuuuuuuck, I’m coming!”

“Did I… Did I squirt?” I asked.

Jarrod bursa escort bayan laughed, “No hun, you’ll know when you do,”

“Damnit!” I said, pissed off that an orgasm that intense didn’t produce any splashy results, “Guess I’m just not made for it.”

Jarrod laughed again, “Babe, I didn’t try to make you squirt that time. I just had to get you warmed up.”

Warmed up!?!?!? What the fuck? I thought, if he thinks I’m going to be able to come again, he’s crazy. I have great orgasms but it’s rare that I even do it two times in a row, let alone three.

“Jarrod…” I began, “There’s no way I’m going to be able to come a third time.”

“Oh yes you will,” he assured me, almost threateningly, “And probably a fourth, too.”

“WHAT?!” I screeched, “My pussy is already throbbing and on fire!”

“Do you want to squirt or not?” he asked frankly.

I really did want to see if I was capable of it, but I was starting to have my doubts. I was convinced that if we fooled around any more, I would be too sensitive to enjoy it.

“Yes, I do,” I said.

“Then you’re going to have to trust me,” he replied, “It’s probably going to hurt a little at first because you’re so sensitive, but you have to push yourself to the limits to make this happen. Especially the first time.”

I hesitantly agreed and back to work we went.

Jarrod inserted a curled finger into my swollen, overworked cunt once again and began fucking me furiously with it, in and out, in and out.

“Play with your nipples,” he told me.

I reached up and flicked my hard nipples.

“It hurts!” I cried, “It hurts, stop, stop!”

“You don’t want me to stop,” Jarrod said, “It’s going to start feeling good. Just relax.”

I tried my best to relax and eventually, the pleasure combined with the pain to produce a naughty, raw sexual euphoria. My clit and pussy lips were literally stinging with fiery pain and pulsating with each powerful thrust.

“I feel like I’m on fire!” I screamed.

“Go with it,” Jarrod urged me, “Take your other hand and rub on your clit.”

I kept working one nipple as I reached a hand down to my pussy to rub my engorged clit. The blazing sensations turned white hot as I feared I would lose control and pee all over Jarrod and his bed.

“J-Jarrod,” I squeaked out between full body spasms, “I feel like I’m gonna… p-pee,”

“You’re not gonna pee,” he said firmly, “You’re gonna fucking squirt all over this bed. It’s so fucking hot.”

“Unnnnnghhhhhh!!!!!!” I grunted as I struggled to keep control of my hands.

“Push down on your muscles like you’re trying to pee,” Jarrod directed.

He probably sensed that escort bursa I was still afraid of actually peeing everywhere.

“DO IT!” He barked, “Push down and keep rubbing your clit while I fuck you with my finger.”

I struggled to keep my eyes open as I looked down at my crotch just in time to see a small amount of clear liquid come gushing out of my pussy.

“OOH! Oh, oh, OOOOOOOH!” I screamed.

Jarrod kept fucking me with his finger, “Quick, push down harder”

I pushed down as hard as I could, channeling my girl-cum into a nice thin stream that shot almost off the side of Jarrod’s bed. I had a hard time making sense of my moans, screams, facial expressions and jerky movements. I was covered in a thin film of sweat and I was soaked from my belly button down to my thighs in the sexiest warm, slick liquid I’ve ever felt.

“O-oh my G-God…” I panted, “I did it!”

Completely unaware of anyone or anything else around me, I fell back onto the soaking wet bed, arms and legs splayed, ready to slip into a post-pleasure coma.

Jarrod, who was still anticipating a sprightly fuck, had other ideas. He flipped me over onto my stomach and ordered me onto my knees. With every ounce of remaining energy I could muster, I obliged.

Jarrod positioned his cock at my entrance, from behind. He thrust inside me and I felt tighter than I had in years, swollen and engorged from all the orgasms I’d just had.

Jarrod used one hand to hold my hip close to his crotch, and reached the other around to fondle my breast and nipple as he fucked me. I heard his tight stomach and legs smack against my wet ass cheeks.

“Reach down and play with yourself again,” Jarrod directed.

This time, I did as I was told with no argument. I moved my whole hand flat against my clit as he rammed the head of his cock lightning fast against the very spot that caused the delightful mess on the bed. I was pleased and terrified at the same time as I felt hot pressure building up, wondering if it were possible to squirt two times in a row.

Jarrod obviously knew this was more than possible, as he told me to let him know when I was close. It didn’t take me long at all to be ready to squirt my cum a second time. I knew he was waiting for me. This time, I had a great view (if upside-down) of all the wet, slippery action.

“FUCK, I’m ready to come again!!” I cried, “Ah, Ah, AH, AHHHHHHH!!!!”

Jarrod rammed his cock up to my cervix, pressing his length against my G-spot as I watched the clear goo spray and splash from between my cunt lips. We both fell onto the bed, twitching and panting, beyond satisfied with our successful adventure.

Jarrod and I parted ways shortly after he taught me to squirt. It’s a skill I’ve retained, and dazzled several other lovers with. But to this day, the heights of pleasure and excitement I reached the first time I ever sprayed a man with my cum have yet to be surpassed.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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