A Sexy Weekend In Spain

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Ian was really looking forward to this weekend away with Susie, his daughter. As they sat side by side on the plane heading for Spain, he closed his eyes and thought back to how it had all come about.

Susie was just nineteen, and liked to think that she was independent. She was just coming to the end of her first year at University. For the last couple of years, Susie had chosen not to go away on the annual family holiday with her younger brother and her parents. The previous summer, the rest of the family had gone to Spain, and had spent the day in Barcelona, a city Susie had always wanted to visit. When they got back, Susie was quite jealous of them for having been there, and on the spur of the moment, Ian had promised to take her there for a long weekend.

For various reasons, the long weekend had never happened – until now. About a month a go, the topic of the trip had come up again. Ian was due a few days off, and so – without telling Susie – he had stumbled about on the internet, and booked them some flights and two rooms at a decent looking hotel. Although he hated the internet (and computers in general!), it had all seemed to work out okay, and he was actually quite proud of himself for having booked the holiday that way.

He could barely contain himself when he surprised Susie with the tickets a few days later. The excitement had built over the next few weeks as they had both looked forward to the trip. The two of them had always got on well, and Susie actually got on better with her Dad than she did with her Mum, particularly in the last couple of years since she had got over those difficult, early teenage years.

They had caught the early flight to Barcelona on the Friday morning, and had until their flight back, late on Sunday afternoon, to enjoy themselves.

Ian smiled at Susie as he caught her looking across at him. They laughed, for no other reason than they were happy to be getting away for a few days, able to spend some time together.

Susie shut her eyes and relaxed, thinking about her Dad. He was okay, she thought to herself. Generous, a good laugh, kind. And not bad looking either, she concluded. Actually, she thought, he was very good looking, in a certain kind of way, and she knew that at least a few of her friends fancied him like mad. She laughed to herself at the thought, preferring men her own age, but understanding the attraction of someone older.

Ian looked at his daughter, as she sat, totally relaxed, her eyes closed. Susie was quite beautiful, just like her Mum at that age. She had had her red hair cut for their break, but it still hung around her shoulders, framing her face. She really was quite lovely, with her big brown eyes, full lips and pert nose.

Like many girls of her age, Susie was wearing a tight sleeveless top, with the narrowest of straps, which clung to her body, curving softly around her full breasts. Susie’s tanned midriff was bare, the gold cross in her pierced belly button glinting softly. Her skirt was – according to her Mum – too short. Looking across at her, Ian suddenly felt uncomfortable at how his eyes were drawn to her long, slender, tanned legs.

The flight wasn’t that long, and by the time they had been fed a typical airline breakfast, had a couple of cups of coffee, and bought Susie some duty free perfume, it was time to start descending towards Barcelona. As soon as the Captain announced their approach to the airport, Susie grabbed Ian’s arm, her excitement evident on her face, her breasts squashed against him as she lent over to try and see more out of the window next to him.

Once the plane landed, and came to a halt at the terminal, they were amongst the first to leave the plane. They dashed through the airport, hoping that their luggage would arrive quickly. They were in luck – it seemed that only minutes after they reached baggage reclaim, their cases were on the conveyor belt in front of them. Minutes later, they were in a taxi heading for the city centre.

The taxi driver picked up on their excitement straightaway, and was soon chatting away in his broken English, pointing out the various sights as he drove. He offered them a sight seeing “detour”, and as it wasn’t much more than the fare itself, they took him up on his offer.

He drove them up to the highest part of the city, and they gasped at the panoramic views in all directions, of the docks and the cruise ships lined up in one direction, and of the city in the other. He showed them the historical sights, where the famous football stadium was, where the Olympic village had been, and so much more. By the time they reached the hotel, they couldn’t wait to see more.

Ian paid off the driver, and then led the way through to the hotel reception, proud to have his beautiful young daughter on his arm, proud of the admiring looks she was getting. Susie clung to his arm as they waited in the short queue at reception, both of them chatting away happily.

When they reached the reception desk, Ian gave the receptionist their name, and then waited while she found their paperwork. canlı bahis As she looked through it, they both became aware of the looks the receptionist was giving them. Susie giggled.

“She thinks I’m your girlfriend,” she told Ian, hardly able to hold back her giggles.

The receptionist gave Ian the booking in form to sign with a frosty smile, and asked to see their passports. Ian handed over the passports, and then looked at the form the receptionist had asked him to sign.

“I’m sorry,” he told her a few minutes later, “there’s been a mistake. I booked two single rooms, not one twin room.”

As the receptionist took the form back, Ian rummaged through his bag and pulled out the e-mail confirmation he’d received. He also had the screen print from when he booked the hotel over the Internet.

“Look – there,” he pointed. Susie looked as well.

“Dad,” she cried. “It is wrong – look at the boxes you ticked. You’ve booked one, two bedded room, instead of two, one bedded rooms. She pointed at the e-mail.

Ian stared at the paper in front of him, it suddenly dawning on him what he had done.

“You can’t be trusted with computers, can you?” Susie told him, only half joking as she saw their weekend being spoilt in front of them.

Ian told her not to worry, that he would sort it out. But, as the receptionist explained, the hotel was fully booked. If they wanted two rooms, then they would have to look elsewhere. Ian looked helplessly at Susie.

“We’ll take it,” she announced firmly. “After all,” she told her Dad softly, trying to make him feel better, “There are two beds – and a bathroom to get changed in.”

They finished booking in, gave the still disbelieving receptionist Ian’s credit card details, and then followed the porter to the lifts, and the eighth floor. He opened the door to their room for them, and placed their cases just inside. As Ian tipped him, he gave a knowing wink. Susie squeezed her Dad’s arm, telling him to ignore the porter.

Ian followed Susie into the room. Like so many hotel rooms, there was a short corridor, with the bathroom off to one side. Susie popped her around the door to look inside. It was actually quite big, with a partially sunken bath as well as a separate shower cubicle.

When she came out, she saw that Ian had stopped. She walked up behind him, and took in the rest of the room. It was quite large, with sliding doors out to a balcony which overlooked the city, and a large double bed. She stopped, her eyes frozen on the bed.

Ian recovered first.

“Don’t worry,” he told her, “It’s probably just two beds pushed together – I’ll get the hotel to move them.”

“Look,” he added, as he flipped up the bed clothes to show her.

They both stared. There was only one set of legs. It was only one bed. They stared at each other. Ian eventually broke the silence.

“I’ll get us another room.”

“How?” Susie asked. “You heard what that receptionist said.” She stared at him for a moment longer. “We’ll just have to put pillows between us like when we were kids.”

Despite himself, Ian laughed at the memory of when they had all gone to Disneyland six or seven years before. The hotel room had two big beds, so Susie had shared with her brother. They had used pillows to split the bed into two, but by the time they had finished, the pillows had begun to look like a barricade.

“Are you sure?” he asked, totally fed up with himself for getting it all so wrong.

“Yes,” she told, squeezing his arm reassuringly.

“Now come on, I’m starved. Let’s get unpacked, and then get some lunch,” she added, more brightly than she felt, but wanting to cheer her Dad up.

An hour later, they were sat in the warm spring sunshine, outside a cosy café towards the top end of Las Ramblas, a wonderfully entertaining street in the centre of Barcelona, eating omelettes and sharing a bottle of red wine.

As they ate and drank, they felt more relaxed, the problems of the last few hours disappeared, and they started to plan their weekend. Ian was torn between sight seeing and going to the Nou Camp stadium to soak up the atmosphere and watch football, while Susie wanting nothing more than to visit all the shops she could find, looking at the sights as she went. In the end, they decided they would try and do everything.

“Okay, let’s go for it,” Susie told her Dad, before adding mischievously, “So long as we go shopping first!”

So they spent the afternoon shopping. Ian actually quite enjoyed it, glad to see Susie so happy as she led him from shop to shop, trying on dozens of items for every one she bought. They even went shopping for Ian, as he gave in at last to Susie’s pleas for him to “get with it!” They still hadn’t finished when the shops began to close.

“There’s always tomorrow,” Susie told Ian, skipping out of the way as he playfully swung a shopping bag at her.

They strolled the half a mile or so back to the hotel, their arms linked, enjoying each others company as they always did. Back at the hotel, Ian had a quick shower bahis siteleri and then left the bathroom free for Susie. When he heard her in the shower, he quickly dressed, putting on the new clothes that Susie had left out for him. When Susie re-appeared, she was dressed and ready to go out.

“What do you think?” she asked, spinning around to show off her new outfit.

While his wolf whistle was meant to be playful, he couldn’t help thinking how good she looked. She had put on a tiny amount of make up, just enough to highlight her features. She was wearing a short, flared skirt and high heels, both of which helped to show off her legs to perfection. The skirt fitted just tightly enough around her ass to show just how sexy it was.

She wore a vest top with very thin straps, with a shirt over the top of it. She had left the shirt unbuttoned, and Ian couldn’t help but notice how the vest clung to the shape of his daughter’s pert breasts.

“You look beautiful, sweet heart,” he told her, “You make me so proud.”

She hugged him, telling him he “didn’t look so bad himself”. As they stood close together, Ian suddenly realised just how good it felt to have his daughter in his arms like this, just how sexy she felt against him. He let go of her as if he’d been burnt, mumbling something about them “needing to go out” as Susie looked at him quizzically.

They ate in the hotel restaurant. They took their time, and even Ian felt relaxed as they looked forward to the next few days. After dinner, they went for a walk around the Place de Catalunya, strolling slowly amongst the fountains and statues, enjoying the atmosphere. By the time they got back to the hotel, it was quite late.

As they went into their room, there was – just for a moment – an uncertain silence between them, as if they didn’t quite know what to do. But then Ian went into the bathroom for a quick wash. When he came out, Susie was sat on the edge of the bed. She glanced across at him as he came back into the room bare chested. She stood up, her pyjamas in her hand, and went to take her turn in the bathroom, smiling at Ian as she brushed past him.

Ian sat on the edge of the bed, suddenly unsure about sharing a room, let alone a bed, with his daughter. He glanced at himself in the mirror, and quickly decided to get changed. He grabbed the pyjama’s he’d bought earlier and quickly unwrapped them. He didn’t normally wear pyjama’s, preferring to sleep in the nude or in an old tee shirt if it was cold. But while there were out shopping he had bought some just for the weekend.

He stood up and quickly pulled his trousers and underwear off. As he stood naked, reaching out for his pyjamas, he caught sight of himself in the mirror.

“Not bad,” he thought, smiling to himself.

At forty four, he did still look okay. He always kept his tan, and had managed to avoid putting on too much weight over the years. While his muscular legs and chest may have softened slightly with the passing of time, he knew that he could still draw the odd admiring look when he was on the beach.

As he stood naked, his pyjama’s still in his hand, the bathroom door burst open. He sat down abruptly on the edge of the bed, holding his pyjama’s in a ball in his lap, covering his cock and balls, his face bright red.

Susie stopped dead, looking at him, feeling very embarrassed both for her and her Dad. Ian looked at her, his throat and mouth suddenly very dry. She was wearing her favourite Winnie the Pooh pyjamas. She had had them for years, so they were now a bit too small, but she still loved to wear them.

The short sleeved top, which had once been baggy on her, now fitted snugly over her breasts, her nipples clearly visible. Ian stared at her, at the picture of the bear on the front, at the way the picture moved with her, with her body, with her breasts, as she breathed.

Her pyjama bottoms were shorts, and while they had once reached her knees, they were now half way up her tanned thighs. Behind her, in the other wall mirror, he could see just how tight they were over her firm ass, how they clung to her soft curves.

Susie recovered first.

“Come on Dad, get a move on,” she told him as she crossed to the other side of the room, doing her best not to look in his direction as she started to put her clothes away in the wardrobe.

“Susie, I’m trying to get changed,” he told her, saying the first thing that came into his head. He felt angry with himself for getting them into this mess, and with Susie for being so sexy, so beautiful. And with himself for the way his cock was reacting under his balled up pyjamas.

“Oh come on, Dad, I won’t look.”

“Well you better not,” he told her, not daring to look in her direction, his voice unexpectedly gruff.

“And if I do?” she teased him.

“I’ll have to spank you,” he retorted, automatically using their standard joke.

Ian glanced in the mirror and saw that Susie was looking away. He carefully shook his pyjamas to unfold them, before standing up to step into them. He glanced up again. bahis şirketleri This time he saw Susie in the mirror, looking in his direction. She could obviously see his ass, but that wasn’t were she was looking. She was looking in the mirror as well, at his reflection, at his semi hard cock swaying in front of him, at his heavy balls hanging beneath.

Ian dragged his pyjamas up his legs and sat down heavily, his mind in turmoil. She had been looking at him so openly. Or had he imagined it?


Her voice was small, so quiet he could hardly hear her, even though she was now stood next to him. He felt angry again, at her, at himself. He reached out and grabbed his daughters arm, dragging her to him and throwing her over his knee.

“I told you what would happen,” he almost shouted, as his hand crashed down onto her perfect little ass, barely hidden by the thin material stretched tightly over her hot body.

She screamed and wriggling, kicking her legs as his hand crashed down again. He felt the heat of her ass against his hand as he smacked her for a third time. He stopped, breathing heavily, his hand resting on her ass, her heat radiating through to him.

He was suddenly aware of her breasts and belly against his leg, of her pussy. Her pyjama top had ridden up and he looked down at her back, at her smooth skin, at her beautiful sun tan, at the small tattoo at the base of her spine, at the way her narrow waist flared out to meet the soft curves of her hips and ass.

A groan escaped from deep within him as he ran his hand softly over her ass, and up onto her back, feeling the shape of her sexy body. He slipped his hand into the back of her shorts, pulling them down as he ran the tip of his middle finger down between her cheeks, knowing it was wrong but totally unable to stop himself.

Susie gasped, trying to take in what was happening, trying to understand why the pain she had felt was now being overwhelmed by the pleasure shooting through her.

“Daddy,” she cried, wriggling harder as she felt his finger scratching lightly over her puckered bum, as waves of pleasure washed through her.

“Daddy, stop,” she moaned, as she felt his hard cock against her belly, as her pussy flooded, as she pressed herself down against him.

Ian sensed the change in her, but couldn’t work out what it was, his mind still a blur. She was still wriggling, but her movements were now more deliberate, more controlled. His already hard cock stiffened even more as he realised that she was actually rubbing her pussy against him, against the hardness of his knee.

Susie thought she was going to faint. Her pussy, her whole body, ached with the pleasure surging through her. Her nipples felt like they were ready to burst they felt so hard. And beneath her, she could feel the hardness, the heat, of her Dad. She couldn’t stop herself. It was as if a floodgate had suddenly opened. She pressed her whole body down against him, wanting him.

With a groan, Ian felt Susie press down against him. He pushed his hand further into her pyjamas, reaching down between her legs to find her hot pussy. She cried out as she felt his fingers on her, suddenly scared, very scared, by the depths of her feelings, of her need, of her desire for her own Father, of her need for release.

She scrambled away from him, falling onto the floor before quickly standing up. Her chest was heaving, her nipples rock hard against the thin material of her top. There was a dark patch on her shorts were she had been rubbing against Ian.

He looked his daughter up and down, drinking in her sexiness, his heart thumping. He saw her eyes looking down at him. Glancing down, he realised for the first time that his cock had escaped through the open fly of his pyjamas, and was now stood erect, all eight inches of it, thick and hard, the head red and engorged, and already wet with pre cum. He felt his cock jerk.

Susie’s eyes widened as she watched her Dad’s cock swaying. She didn’t resist, didn’t want to resist, when her grabbed her, pulling her to him, his mind blanked by lust.

Her shorts were half ripped away from her body as Ian grabbed them and pulled her towards him. He caught a fleeting glimpse of her red hair, but then she was straddling her, neither of them sure of what was happening, neither of them wanting to stop, but both of them knowing that they had to.

“Daddy,” Susie almost sobbed as she knelt over his lap, her knees on the bed each side of his thighs.

She didn’t feel in control of her body any more. She could feel his hands on her hips, the unbearable heat of his cock against her tight pussy. She groaned.

“Daddy, I’ve never ……..”

And then she felt her Dad’s hands pulling her down onto him. Her knees collapsed under her, and she felt the searing heat of his rigid cock driving upwards into her body.

“….. done this before …” she finished, his cock already deep inside her like a rod of steel.

Susie screamed with pain, with desire, as Ian’s cock tore into her body. She automatically straightened her legs, lifting herself away from him. She sobbed, tears welling up in her eyes. She looked at Ian, at the awful confused, pained expression on his face, at the horror at what had happened, what he’d done, in his eyes.

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