A Responsive Mum Ch. 01

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It was Jack’s last day at University, he knew that he would miss it, the friendship, the camaraderie, the exchange of information. Several of his friends were meeting at four for a drink. It was now one, Jack had three hours to kill, he went to a cafe for some lunch. After he had eaten, he sat over a coffee reflecting on his life so far. Uncle Tom, had died six months ago, he was his mother’s father’s brother, he had played a major part in Jack’s life so far, he had a great life, he was ninety-five when he died.

He had always been there for Jack. He was a Professor of Mathematics, when Jack was six, a game that they played was counting the numbers on car registration plates. This had great consequences in Jack’s life, he was excellent at mental arithmetic. Uncle Tom gave Jack a laptop for his tenth birth, that’s when Jack’s interest in computers and computer programming began.

Uncle Tom was a very wealthy man, he had written over thirty books. He had an amazing Town House in a square close to the University. It was the only one that was still in its original condition, the rest had all been converted into flats. The stables at the rear of the house were still stables and could be converted into five Mews apartments. He had also a Penthouse in a block of luxury apartments with magnificent sea views on the coast. Uncle Tom and Jack spent every summer there, they both loved each other’s company.

Jack had decided to take a University course on Computer Programming, Uncle Tom had told him that he had a natural talent for it. When Jack was nineteen, he wrote a gaming programme, he tried to get it listed on a Gaming Website, it was so frustrating, they were charging top dollar for every aspect of the listing, including a sizable percentage of the sales, Uncle Tom said, “Jack, you have a wonderful game, all these companies are exploiting you. It would be better if you set up your own website then you listed your games and also listed other programmers games at a reasonable price.”

That was the start of Jack’s business. Uncle Tom set up a company in Grand Cayman, the website was hosted there. Uncle Tom and Jack flew there to arrange everything. Uncle Tom had many contacts there as he had had offshore companies all his life. Six months later it was operational, Jack’s program was a success, he was also being paid for hosting other programmers games. Jack, still a student, was making a lot of money. Jack couldn’t have done it without Uncle Tom. His business ran from Uncle Tom’s Penthouse, every weekend Jack was there working as he had peace and quiet with nothing to disturb him.

During the week he stayed at home with his mum and dad. He loved his mum’s cooking but his own cooking had improved considerably as he was cooking a lot for Uncle Tom. Jack then thought back to two months before Uncle Tom died, Jack felt that he was going to die soon. Uncle Tom said, “Jack, I am leaving you the Penthouse in my will, I want you to have it, it’s a beautiful place to live and work in. I’m leaving my house in the City to your mum, she should sell it to a developer, the house and gardens are in excellent condition but it’s to big for one person or even a family to live in.”

“Your bahis firmaları mum doesn’t get on with your father, they haven’t got on for years. You’re the reason that she has stayed there but I think she would move if you are no longer in the house. Whatever you do in life, make sure that you always look after your mother.”

Jack then realised he hadn’t told his mum that he was going for a drink with some of his friends from University, he sent her a message, “Hi mum, I’m out for a few drinks with friends tonight, it could be the last time that I see some of them for a while. I’ll get the eight-forty train so I’ll be home around nine. I will get something to eat at the pup. See you later, Jack.”

A couple of minutes later mum replied, “Jack, thanks for letting me know. I’ll make myself a nice omelette tonight, I’ve got some ironing to do as Mrs Simpson’s eldest daughter had a beautiful baby son yesterday and she didn’t manage to come in yesterday or today. If I don’t do it then there will be to much for her to do next week. Have a nice evening and I will see you later, Love mum.”

Jack smiled then thought of Mrs Simpson’s younger daughter Kate, Jack was friends with her. He had driven her home one night from the local disco, she had given him his first blow job years ago, she was very good at it. He had never dated her but she was a phone call away from him and they both gave each other sexual relief. Kate was like her mum, they both had curvy bodies.

Jack had an excellent night, he only drank one and controlled his drinking, the others were all drunk. A couple of the people there were also renting space on his website, it was a good night. Jack got home just before nine, mum was in the kitchen doing the ironing, mum said, “I thought that you might be a little drunk but you’re quite sober.”

“Mum, I only drank wine, all the others are all drunk, some of them are now going to a disco but that wasn’t for me. I left some wine in the fridge so I’ll have a glass now, would you like a glass with me?”

“Jack, I would love that, I have one more of your shirts to do then I’m finished then we can go into the lounge, you can pour the wine now if you want.”

Jack then realised that this was the first time he had ever had a drink with his mum. Jack enjoyed wine but he only drank occasionally, mum had a glass or two of wine every day. Jack got the wine glasses from a kitchen cupboard then had to squeeze past mum to get to the fridge. There wasn’t much room between the kitchen table, the ironing board and the fridge, Jack said, ” Breathe in mum, it’s quite tight.”

Mum laughed then said, “There’s plenty of room, I hope that you’re not saying that I’m fat.”

Mum was standing upright, she was a tall woman with a voluptuous body, Jack was trying to squeeze past her back and more importantly her beautiful tight butt, Jack put his hands on mum’s hips and slowly tried to slip past her, he said, “You are not fat at all mum, it’s a tight space and I’m a big guy and you are not small.”

Jack was now directly behind his mum, her butt was hard against his groin, it felt good but he hoped he wouldn’t get a hard on, mum said, “Do you want me to move? I feel kaçak iddaa comfortable with you squeezing past me.”

Mum had the hot ironing her hand, she put it on it’s stand to fold a shirt, Jack squeezed her waist firmly, it felt good, she had no fat then squeezed past her, he said, “I have done it mum, was it as good for you as it was for me?”

Mum laughed then said, “That’s the closest any man has been to me in years, yes, it felt great for me too.”

Jack got the wine from the fridge, mum moved out of the way then put the ironing board away as Jack opened the wine. Jack poured two glasses then got a wine cooler and put the wine bottle in it. The wine was a Chablis, after mum tasted it she said, “Jack, you’re spoiling me, that’s so much better than the cheap wine that I normally drink.”

As mum said that, Jack thought, mum is such a gorgeous looking woman, it felt so good when he squeezed her waist, Jack realised that he must now be careful as he was attracted to his mum, he loved her but he knew now that when he looked at her voluptuous body, it aroused him, he didn’t want this to happen but it was happening.

They went into the lounge and sat on the sofa, then mum said, “Jack, I’m happy that you’ve now finished at University, Uncle Tom would have been so proud of you, what are you going to do now? Will you live in Uncle Tom’s apartment or will you still stay here with me?”

“Mum, I must spend some time at the apartment, that’s where the most powerful Computer is, also there’s a glass-fibre Internet connection there which is much faster than the connection here, why do you ask?”

Mum thought for a minute, she topped up both of their glasses then said, “Jack, you know that I don’t get on with your dad, we’ve had separate bedrooms for years. I’ve stayed with him only because of you. I’m going to divorce him now that you’ve graduated. You are now secure thanks to Uncle Tom. I am also secure with the house that Uncle Tom left me. I’m taking my time with the sale of it as I want the best deal from it. Once I have more information then can we spend time discussing the pros and cons as I would welcome your advice?”

Jack replied, “No problem, I’ll gladly help you, with Uncle Tom’s house, what will happen with this house?”

Mum answered as Jack topped up their glasses, “My father bought this house, I own it, your father has his own house where he entertains his lady friends. I’ve asked him to clear his belongings from here on Wednesday at two in the afternoon, Jack, can you be here with me when he does that? I’m also going to sell this house as it’s far to big for me.”

Jack replied, “I’ll be there on Wednesday for you, I would also change the locks on the doors so you are the only one that has access, you’ve an awful lot of furniture between here and Uncle Tom’s, what will you do with it as there’s a lot of money in that furniture as it’s mostly antiques?”

“Jack, that’s a problem for me, I want to sell it but I don’t want to give it away.”

“Mum, you have the stable block at Uncle Tom’s, there’s massive storage there, let me do the deal with whoever buys the house so we can have access to the stable until we decide to sell kaçak bahis it. I will set up a website for you then we can start to sell things online that way we’re not rushing into anything. Mum you can stay with me so you’re not under any pressure to buy a house. You don’t need to worry about money as I’m making a good living from my website. Did you want to leave dad before now?”

“Jack, what a great idea, that’s the logical way to go about things. In all of the dealings with Uncle Tom’s house, I want you involved in them. I have changed the locks apart from the side door you use, I’ll change the barrel in the lock now and give you a key, that way your father has no way of entering the house. I would love to come and stay with you, it’s so nice on the balcony there, I could be your housekeeper, would you like that?”

“I’d love it mum, would I call you Mrs Simpson?”

Mum laughed and blushed which surprised Jack then mum said, “Babs Simpson is an excellent housekeeper,over the last years I couldn’t have managed without her, she was always there when I needed her. Let’s go and change the barrel on the lock then we can have another glass of wine. I will feel so secure after we change it, then you and I are the only people that can get into the house.”

They went to the kitchen where mum got a screwdriver, Jack was amazed how skilful mum was, she changed the barrel in just over a minute then handed Jack his key and said, “That’s the first time I’ve ever done that but I was watching carefully every time the man changed a barrel on the other doors.”

Jack got another bottle of wine when he came back into the lounge mum had changed into her butterfly pyjamas, Jack took this as a subtle hint that it was late and mum wanted to go to bed, Jack said, “One glass mum then I’ll go to bed, I will stay here tomorrow night too, is there anything that you would like me to do tomorrow?”

Mum smiled then said, “Jack, there’s no rush, I’m enjoying chatting and having a glass of wine with you. I changed into my pyjamas because the bra I was wearing was cutting into me, I had to take it off, I never wear a bra when I wear my pyjamas.”

Jack smiled then said, “I’m enjoying it too, let’s finish this bottle then we can call it a day. Mum, let’s go out for dinner tomorrow night, we have never done that, I’ll take you anywhere that you want to go?”

Mum replied, “I’d love that, we can go to the Italian restaurant, it’s only a two minute walk from here.”

They agreed to go to the Italian restaurant, they finished the wine then took the empty bottles and glasses into the kitchen. Mum put the glasses and some plates and cutlery she had been using into the dishwasher, as she bent down Jack noticed her massive tits sway, they looked beautiful. Mum stood in front of Jack, looking into his eyes, mum said, “I feel good that we have had our chat, I know that you will help me get through this nightmare, I’m also looking forward to dinner tomorrow night.”

She moved her head towards Jack’s head, he leaned down then their lips met, mum’s tongue went deep inside Jack’s mouth. She was pulling Jack towards her as Jack was pulling her towards him. The kisses were long and passionate, mum was squeezing Jack’s chest, Jack was cupping mum’s left breast, it was a handful, her nipples were hard. The stopped kissing, they looked into each other’s eyes, Jack said, “I’m looking forward to dinner tomorrow night.”

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