A Quicky to Make Your Hand Sticky

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Big Dick

The last time I had GOOD Sex was totally by accident! I was at the strip club that I frequent on occasion. My best friend came along with me to help me celebrate St Pats Day. We had been drinking all day, and wanted to see some pussy to end our night.

We walked in and walked straight to the bar to order a drink. I ordered two, and he excused himself to the bathroom. NO SOONER than he made it into the bathroom, two strippers approached me and asked who the guy was that was with me. They liked his bondage pants, and wanted to talk to him.

This, as you can imagine, pissed me off a little bit because he was getting the attention and not me, but I kept my cool, and told them to come over and see us once we sat down.

Sure enough, these two tramps scampered up to us a mere three seconds after we sat down, and proceeded to drain every red cent out of our pockets, and when we didn’t budge, they left us to Finally enjoy the show…

As the night went on, we watched more and more girls get up onto the stage and lose the cute outfits onto the stage, and rub their wet, dry, hairy, shaved, and trimmed pussies all over the gold poles that were placed all around the stage. I could only imagine how hard my friend’s cock casino şirketleri was in his pants, but mine wasn’t really stirring at all… That is until SHE came out!

Standing at a towering (too tall for my tastes, but I digress) 5’10” tall with her 6″ heels on (yeah a short girl like I like!) and the nicest set of tits I’d seen on anyone in ages, I think my cock stirred a little in my pants. Her red hair was out and splayed over her shoulders (and all real… no store bought dye could give you real red hair like she had, because as I found out later, the carpet matched the curtains!) and her tiny tits bounced as she walked, and the outfit she had on could have made a 85yo catch an instant erection!

She introduced herself as Darcy and I gave my name, and the conversation was endless for what seemed like forever, and the burning in my pants was starting to turn into desire! I took her upstairs into the “Champagne Room Area” and the lap dance she thought she was giving turned into me spending a little over $200 for a half hour room.

With the lights out, and my newly acclimated friend standing over me completely naked, I proceeded to let her make her money. Her breath smelled of cherries and the casino firmaları sweetest perfume pervaded off of her freckled skin.

She performed a routine dance to strip out of her clothes, and dimmed the lights from a warm glow to almost nothing. I could still make out the beautiful curves of her tiny thick body though. Hot pink nipples, nice round tits, a chubby but strangely flat stomach, (love handles but no muffin top) a pierced navel, a pierced clitty, a small tuft of fiery red hair above her nether lips, and a glistening pussy. Someone was a little wet for me!

She started kissing me, first my neck, then my eyes, all over my face, and then to my lips. She moved me center on the couch and straddled my body and asked me to close my eyes. I felt her hands all over my body. My neck, my shoulders, my stomach, unbuttoning my pants, then back up my sides and to either side of my face to plant a kiss on me that made my eyes roll back into my head behind closed eye lids.

The next thing I knew, my cock was being fished out of my pants and a warm mouth engulfed my body in flames. I didn’t know what to do. My head was spinning, and the sensation was more than I could bare!

This continued for another güvenilir casino five minutes or so and then I couldn’t take anymore. If her mouth felt like this, her pussy had to be good! AND it was! This chubby little mama sat down on my cock and I felt like I was being lifted off into space. She contracted her muscles over and over again around my cock and rode me for all it was worth. I tried to open my mouth to say something, and she leaned over onto me and stuck a pierced tongue into my mouth and swirled it around mine as if we were sword fighting.

The tension was building inside of me, and soon the champagne bottle was going to pop, and I didn’t have a condom on! Harder and faster the amusement park ride went and just as I was about to cum, she slammed down onto me with her full weight and tightened her pussy walls. I came so hard I blacked out!

~ ~ ~

The after glow was beautiful. After she stood over the garbage can and milked my cum back out of her sweet pussy, and wiped with a wet-nap that she pulled from her purse, she laid down beside me and I stoked her hair. I also took my finger tips and drew on her face, arms, neck and more, and goose pimples rose over her body and disappeared over and over again.

I never saw this stripper again, even though she placed her phone number in my phone… I called and sent text messages but to no avail. I guess that was just a one time thing, but it was one of the hottest sex-capades that I have ever experienced!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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