A Quickie Installation

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She had patiently waited for months. Finally the day had arrived. The glass guys were at her door ready to install the ceiling to floor mirrors on her walls!

Amanda greeted Gunther and Todd with a smile. This was not their first encounter. The guys had been to her place the previous week, taking measurements of the walls she wanted mirrored.

The guy’s boss had offered Amanda such a great deal on the mirrors she decided to go ahead with mirroring the wall above the stairwell as well so Gunther and Todd had to return again for a more precise measurement! Todd wished the measuring would have been on Amanda! He had never met a published author before and not just any author but one that wrote erotica. She was a little shorty at only five feet tall but there was something about her that just made a guy’s thoughts race!

She was so impressed with Gunther and Todd’s kindness during their first visit she gave them each an autographed copy of her erotic storybook to share with their respective wife and girlfriend.

The guys had returned with smiles on their faces and questions in their minds about her book, but remained perfect gentleman! And that was a difficult task…

Amanda was not shy when it came to sexually expressing herself and their afternoon was filled with sexual humor and wit, which included an up to the minute description of the sunbathing neighbor across the street.

It was late afternoon and Marilyn was bikini clad, lying on a towel on her balcony catching the final rays of the day. The guys didn’t know she was the neighborhood exhibitionist!

“What’s she doing now?” Todd asked as he lay on the floor holding the bottom of the mirror while Gunther positioned it on the wall.

“One leg is cocked up now!” Amanda announced with a grin as she glanced out the upstairs window.

Todd shot off the bedroom floor like a bolt of lightning, peering out the other window.

“Damn, she looks hot in that fluorescent bikini!” He drooled.

“Put yer tongue back in yer mouth and get yer ass back over here Todd!” Gunther scolded jokingly.

Amanda could tell the guys were long time friends. They got along so well.

Gunther was the more centered of the two, happily married with a terrific wife and mother to their four beautiful children. It was obvious he and the wife didn’t lack in the ‘love making’ department. He didn’t show much interest in the neighbor’s little display.

Amanda was pleased in Gunther’s refrain and self control and knew his wife would have been pleased as well.

“Yeah, yeah.” Todd answered reluctantly turning his attentions back to Gunther and the job.

The guys hadn’t noticed but Amanda had slipped out of the room during their little spat. She slipped downstairs giving Marilyn, the sunbathing neighbor a telephone call. She knew Marilyn would jump up to answer the phone! (Anything to improve the show!)

“She’s getting up Todd!” Amanda called out as the telephone connected and began to ring.

Amanda casino şirketleri could hear foot steps above her and knew Todd would soon be at the window glaring out.

Marilyn heard the telephone ringing and popped up running into the house.

“Oh my God! Look at that great ass!” Todd yelped uncontrollably.

Todd was verbal. Amanda liked that! No doubt having children at home taught Gunther to contain his sexual expression.

“Hello.” Marilyn answered.

“Hi neighbor.” Amanda greeted her.

Recognizing Amanda’s accent Marilyn responded. “Hi Mandy. I see you got a couple of cuties over there. Need any help?” She teased.

“Yes, if you’d like to come over.” Amanda answered.

“Did you say cum?” Marilyn gasped. “You know I’m overdue.” She giggled adding. “I was just getting some sun.”

Amanda was laughing. Marilyn always took her words literally.

“Yes I know. Todd has been keeping a watchful eye on you.” Amanda whispered so the guys up stairs would not hear.

“Oh is that right? Well maybe I should just give him a little show then.” She laughed.

“If you want to… go right ahead!” Amanda goaded her. “But come on over afterwards, I really would like you to see the walls they are mirroring for me.”

“Do I get to cum?” She teased again.

“Marilyn you are incorrigible!” Amanda scolded.

“Hey a girl’s gotta try! I’m going back out on the balcony. Make sure Todd is at the window.” She added before hanging up.

Amanda was mounting the stairs when she heard Todd gasp.

“Holy shit!” He yelped. “Look at those hooters!”

Oh my god, Marilyn didn’t go out topless, did she, Amanda wondered?

When Amanda walked back into her bedroom the guys were both glued to the window. Well not literally!

“See anything interesting guys?” Amanda asked startling them both.

“Damn she’s a hottie,” Todd groaned.

Gunther turned away from the window with a silent grin on his handsome face before returning to the hallway mirror. Someone had to finish.

Marilyn was putting on a show all right. She was a true exhibitionist at heart. Just ask her ex-boyfriend, Matt! He wasn’t very happy when his girl unknowingly flashed his father! That ended that relationship!

Marilyn was lying onto her back with her knees bent, feet flat on the concrete, thighs waving open and closed cupping her ample nude breasts in both hands. Sensually she mulled her beautiful full globes with the open palms of her hands… Soon her fore fingers and thumbs were rolling her erect buds, squeezing them tighter and tighter as her other fingers fluttered in the air. Her face was grimacing as the sweet sensations obviously shot down to her undulating groin.

She was driving Todd nuts and she knew it, looking up to the window out the corner of her eye!

A groan escaped Todd’s mouth as he bit down on his lower lip.

“Does Marilyn excite you Todd?” Amanda asked in a whisper.

“Oh my god yeah… Is casino firmaları that her name?” He stuttered without looking away from the window.

“Yes it is and she just loves big guys. You’re in luck.” Amanda announced.

Todd was excited all right. The tent in his shorts gave his excitement away.

Just when Todd thought the show was about over Marilyn rolled onto her side. Her breasts flowed to one side as she released them trailing her hands down her niching stomach as she slipped her fingers inside her bikini bottom. Her thong pushed lower as her curly auburn pubes began peeking out around her burrowing digits.

Todd gasped again, thankful for the laser surgery he had had last year! The clear view was spectacular!

“Are you going to help me here Todd?” Gunther yelled out from the hallway.

“Yeah, sure buddy.” Todd answered, reluctantly turning from the window.

Amanda slowly closed and opened the blinds signaling to Marilyn her show was over.

The guys stayed focused on their task at hand and by the looks of the erection Todd sported it must have been hard work!

All finished Gunther was loading the ladders onto the truck. Todd was helping obviously disappointed that the sunlight had dwindled and Marilyn had gone inside.

The two were collecting the last of their tools when Marilyn showed up at Amanda’s front door.

“Hi neighbor.” She greeted her nonchalantly. “I noticed you have glass guys working. Do you think one of them could come over to my place and help me with a window pane?”

Amanda couldn’t help but notice the emphasis on the word ‘come’ in Marilyn’s request and she was certain Todd overheard it as well.

“They’re finished here so they could probably give you a hand.” Amanda answered with a wink.

By the expression on Marilyn’s face she was obviously thinking of a little more than just a hand!

“Sure can!” Todd answered coming down the stairs.

“Todd, this is Marilyn my neighbor.”

“Hi Todd. Nice to meet you.” Marilyn spoke first, extending her hand.

Todd held his hand out but his eyes were glued to her heaving cleavage!

“Nice to meet you too, Marilyn. Need some help with a window?” He asked with a grin.

“Sure do. Can I borrow you for a few minutes?” She asked politely.

Todd turned and looked up at Gunther sitting on the stairs doing the paperwork for Amanda’s job.

“Can ya spare me Gunther?” Todd asked with a wide grin.

“Yeah, go ahead. I’ll be here about ten more minutes.” Gunther answered with a grin. “Hi Marilyn. Nice to meet you,” He added politely.

“Nice to meet you too Gunther.”

Amanda stood in her open doorway smiling as Todd followed Marilyn across the pavement like an obedient puppy.

Todd managed to look back at Amanda with a grin and a wink as he teasingly cupped his hands behind Marilyn’s beautiful swinging ass as if ready to grab her swaying globes.

She looked so hot the way the material of her thong güvenilir casino parted her tan cheeks!

With a giggle Amanda shook her head and turned going back inside her place.

Todd followed closely behind Marilyn as she mounted the steps to her condo. He could detect her aroused scent with each step as the wind swept between her scissoring legs.

When they were safely inside Marilyn suddenly turned to Todd and planted an unexpected kiss right on his opening mouth.

It was a welcome surprise to him. He had recently broken up with his psycho girlfriend and was in need of some unencumbered attention!

He kissed her passionately wrapping his strong arms around her waist pulling her to the floor while her fingers fumbled, unfastening the button on his shorts before tugging and pulling at his zipper. Marilyn was like a wild, crazed animal in heat and Todd was loving it!

As Todd struggled to gently position her wriggling flesh on the floor beneath him she wrapped her legs around the backs of his thighs drawing him tightly to her. She wasn’t fragile at all.

“Oh yeah Baby. Fuck me. Fuck me hard.” She moaned and writhed.

Todd’s stiff rod was twitching and jumping as she released his cock from his shorts. Hearing her crude orders just excited him all the more.

“Oh Baby!” He groaned as his shaft pierced inside her meaty pussy lips.

He was pumping and thrusting slamming in and out of her with all his might feeling her walls collapsing and tightening around his growing girth. With her feet planted on the floor her hips were rocking forward and back meeting his rhythmic grind.

“Oh yes yes yes…” She screamed out as his perpetual motion found her elusive pleasure zone.

Marilyn lifted her hips higher off the tile meeting his penetrating thrusts. Todd felt her heated flesh quivering all around him.

“Argghhhhhh!” He screamed out exploding inside her spasming loins.

“Oh baby…” She moaned as her body tensed while her orgasm consumed her.

They were locked together like two dogs in heat as their bodies quivered in unison on the cooling entryway.

Honk… Honk… Honk…

Todd pushed himself up onto his hands hovering over her beautiful glistening body beneath him.

“Thanks baby. That was wonderful but my buddy’s calling me. I gotta go. Can I see you again?” He asked, carefully crawling off of her.

“Yeah, I’d like that a lot.” She whispered still trying to catch her breath. “I’ll get your number from Mandy.”

Honk… Honk… Honk…

Todd was zipping up his shorts as he hopped out Marilyn’s front door yelling, “Okay, I’m coming. I’m coming.”

As Todd slid onto the passenger seat of the company truck Gunther couldn’t help but comment.

“Yeah, I can tell you already came!” He laughed seeing the wet spot in the crotch of his buddy’s shorts. “Fix her pane did ya?” Gunther teased.

“Something like that.” Todd grinned with a blush.

They both waved goodbye to Amanda, standing on her balcony with an approving grin on her face as they drove out of the parking lot.

“Thanks again, guys!” She called out to them as they turned the corner.

It was definitely an ‘installation’ Todd would never forget!

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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