A Privileged Life Pt. 02

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(It is essential you read part one to fully understand part two)


“Henry… do you think that Billy seems to act a bit peculiar when he and Cassie came home tonight, or should I say this morning?”

“Peculiar? I’m not sure I understand what you mean by peculiar, Bella.”

“Well… When I asked Billy if everything went as expected at the Homecoming Dance, he just pulled at his tie, mumbled his goodnights, and quickly rushed to his room.”

“It could be like Cassie said, he is worn out from a bustling night and needs his rest. Why don’t you wait until Billy gets up later in the day and address the situation then? There’s no need to jump to any conclusions.”

“I’m not jumping to conclusions. I made a simple observation and wondered if you were picking up on the same vibes I was, that’s all?”

“Let’s talk later, Bella. I need to get going to the country club. I have an eight o’clock tee-off time.”

“Oh… I didn’t know you planned to play golf today.”

“Yeah… I promised Peter Wittington, Beverly’s husband, and Dwayne Gilmore, Helen’s husband, that I would meet them at the country club and play eighteen holes today. I had to back out the last time we had around scheduled because of emergency surgery.”

“I’ll be out at the club myself later this morning. I have an appointment with the new Tennis Pro. I’ve heard a lot of good things about this new Pro, and I wanted to check and see if he is as promising as Helen Gilmore says.”

“Look, Bella… If you are still at the club around lunchtime, maybe we can grab a bite together in the club lounge. You can tell me all about this new Tennis Pro then, Okay?”

“I’d like that, Henry.”

“Why don’t we plan to meet around noon-ish. If you get there before me, go ahead and order me one of those fruit drinks you and Beverly Wittington drink all the time.”


Bella arrives early for her ten o’clock appointment with the Tennis Pro and finds the door to his office closed. She is just before knocking when she hears what sounds like moaning from within. Her first impulse is to come back later. Her second is to place her ear to the door and discover the reason for the moaning. When she hears him says, “Oh… fuck, I’m gonna cum, Jenny!” There is no doubt about what and who is causing him to moan.

Bella turns and walks away from his office. After traveling approximately ten feet, she stops, counts to ten, and returns to his door. Bella takes a deep breath of air and raps lightly on the door. She can hear hurried shuffling and whispering. Tom hurriedly makes himself presentable for his ten o’clock appointment. Jenny straightens her hair.

When Tom opens the door, he smiles and says, “Come in, Mrs. Davis.”

Jenny Thomas is standing to the right of Tom’s desk, reapplying her lipstick with the help of a small compact mirror. “Oh… hi, Bella. I was just leaving. Tom was kind enough to give me a few suggestions on how to improve my game.”

Tom blushes. Bella fumes. Jenny giggles when she intentionally brushes her tit against Bella’s shoulder on the way out. Tom directs Bella to a chair in front of his desk and then takes his seat behind the cluttered desk. Bella sneaks a subtle glance at Tom’s crotch and recalls Helen’s comment, “The younger the man, the harder the cock.”

“How may I help you, Mrs. Davis?”

“First of all, you can call me Bella. Mrs. Davis sounds much too formal and makes me feel uncomfortably older than I am.”

“Okay… Bella. How may I help you today,” Tom smiles?

“I want you to check out my form and tell me what you think.”

Tom’s eyes involuntarily dart to Bella’s breast. He blushes, and Bella quickly amends her comment and says, “I mean… I was hoping you could observe my tennis form, my backhand, my serve, and tell me what I need to do to improve my game. My tennis games.”

Bella realizes she is flustered and is beginning to stammer and stumble over her words. She wonders if Tom noticed her checking out his crotch. She feels her nipples getting hard and blushes again. Tom catches the sudden nipple tents on Bella’s Polo Shirt and develops a slight erection. Bella sees him glance at her tits again and feel a bit of moisture in her panties. It takes a moment for the two of them to recompose themselves.

“I think I can get a better feel of what you are capable of once I can see you in action, Bella.”

Bella’s facial expression after Tom’s comment is a mixture of surprise and amusement. Everything he says seems to turn into a double entendre, causing further embarrassment between the two. Everything they say is now beginning to sound lewd or suggestive. Tom finally gives up and says, “Why don’t we go out to the tennis court and see how you handle balls, Bella.”

Bella can’t keep from blushing again as she visualizes herself fondling the young Tennis Pro’s balls. Tom gives up and walks over and places his hand on the doorknob.

“Shall we,” Tom says as he bahis firmaları opens the door?

Bella leaps to her feet and walks toward the door. Tom trails behind her as they make their way down the narrow path to the tennis courts. Bella is wearing a very short white tennis skirt that barely covers her white satin panties. The outfit favorably accents her long muscular tan legs. Tom adjusts himself twice as he admires the firmness of her sphere-shaped bubble butt. Bella knows Tom is eyeballing at her ass, and it excites her. Bella’s strawberry blond hair is pulled back into a ponytail that swings back and forth with each step. She is used to men, and sometimes women, staring at her body. She knows what men think when they stare at her figure.

Tom sets up the tennis ball launcher and has Bella return a few balls. She promptly returns several balls. He sees nothing wrong with her form and becomes a bit suspicious of her reason for being there. Her backhand and forehand are good, but it’s his professional opinion that she needs to put more spin on the ball. Tom moves behind Bella and wraps his left arm around her waist and places his right hand on her right hand. She winces at his sudden closeness. Tom guides her through several swings as the balls travel over the net from the tennis ball launcher. When Bella realizes he is merely coaching her, she relaxes, and her movements are much smoother and more fluid.

They return several balls, and then she feels Tom’s hard cock press into her firm round butt. She gasps and stiffens but says nothing. Tom feels he has read her signals correctly and proceeds with his coaching. He has a unique coaching method he uses with flirty, receptive women. Heat rises from around Bella’s neck and face. Then visions of her Cousin Tommy flood her mind, and the first time she swallowed his cock. She remembers the way her Cousin’s cock felt in her mouth. The way it tasted. The way his cum flooded her mouth and the way it slid down her throat with such ease. She feels a kaleidoscopic range of emotions. Suddenly the images change to her son Billy pressing his hard cock against her butt. She visualizes herself slipping Billy’s gym shorts down to his knees. She needs cum in her mouth, and she needed it right now. Tom notices Bella is standing still; she has stopped following his coaching instructions.

“Is something wrong, Bella? You are no longer trying to return the balls as they clear the net.”

Bella glances over her shoulder at Tom and then wiggles free of his grasps and starts back toward his office. Tom thinks she is angry with him and wonders if she will report his actions to the club manager. He stands frozen in his tracks until Bella turns and smiles and then motions with her head for him to follow. Tom is baffled at her behavior. He is not sure what to expect when they reach his office. Bella sits down in the chair in front of Tom’s desk while he shuts the door. Bella doesn’t say anything to indicate what she has in mind.

Tom warily sits on the edge of his desk in front of Bella. He doesn’t know what to say if anything. Bella’s eyes focus on the slight bulge in Tom’s tennis shorts. She discovers a smudge of lipstick on the seam covering his zipper. It is the same color of lipstick that Bella saw Jenny Thomas reapplying when she first arrived. In a flash, everything is suddenly clear to Bella. She knows what she wants to do. Bella slips off her chair to kneel between Tom’s legs. Quickly undoing his belt and then unzipping his tennis shorts, she releases his raging hard-on with a downward jerk of his tennis shorts and boxers. Tom is stunned and can only gasp.

“Ooh, I’m pleased to see that I turn you on, Tom, and extremely delighted with what I see. Here’s the first installment for my tennis lessons.”

Bella swallows the young Tennis Pro’s erection and eagerly proceeds to suck him off. Blissful heaven encases Tom’s dick as Bella swallows his cock so fast, he forgets to breathe and finds himself gasping for air. Her mouth feels like a vise, gripping his shaft during her plunge and extraction. He cannot believe the force she is applying with her lips only. Bella’s mouth is clasping his cock much tighter than Jenny’s mouth ever did. With the amount of energy mixed with the speed in which Bella moves her tongue and the hot, wet sensation of her mouth, Tom knows he isn’t going to last long. Already his balls are tightening as she works her magic. Tom gazes down at Bella’s face staring up at him. That is when he notices her expression and the look in her exotic eyes. He had never seen anything sexier in his entire life. She is not only sucking him fast and tight but is adding visual perfection to her work.

“I’ve got…to see your magnificent tits, Mrs. Davis… I mean, Bella,” Tom manages to croak as Bella continues her wonderful oral ministrations. “Can I see them… please?”

Tom is almost begging like a small child. With a naughty smile on her lip, Bella replies seductively, “Oooh, Tom, I thought you’d never ask…!”

Bella then teasingly lifts her Polo Shirt by the kaçak iddaa hem, shrugging it off over her head to let it slip to the floor. Then, reaching behind her back, Bella unhooks her bra, which releases a chest full of middle-aged jiggling tit-flesh when detached. Each orb displays a dark pink half-dollar-size areola from which a stiff stub of nipple projects. Tom’s hands shoot out to firmly grip and squeeze Bella’s rounded boobs, causing her to shriek in surprise. She resumes her sucking, and Tom transfers to a place he had never gone to during any blowjob.

Tom has never witnessed nor felt a blowjob like this before. It is certainly different from anything other women had ever given him. He is convinced that middle-aged women are masters in the art of sucking cock. He finds himself lustfully mesmerized by Bella’s face, let alone the pleasure coursing through his cock as she bobs up and down rapidly. Her mature blowjob is so stimulating, so intense he never knew what hit him.

“I’m going to cum… shit, yeah…cumming soon…don’t stop… don’t you dare stop…oh, fuck…I’m cumming, Bella! Oh fuck… Bella! Bella! arrrggghhh!”

Soon Tom is spewing ropes of semen down Bella’s gulping throat. His orgasm is so sudden it pretty much catches even him off guard. One second, he is enjoying the intense sensations, and the next second he is cumming forcefully into this magnificent woman’s mouth. It is so abrupt he can’t believe it is over. Even Bella, who he forewarned, gags from surprise and the shooting ropes of cum, can’t conceive he climaxed so soon.

Bella is eventually compelled to remove her mouth from his delightful tasting cock but swishes the blasts of cum that had flooded her throat around in her mouth. She savors the taste, letting some of it seep out and fall to her breasts before swallowing the rest. Bella is glad she had removed her Polo Shirt before beginning the blowjob. She has several healthy drops of cum on her breasts, and there is a big glob seeping down the valley between her tits. Tom’s warm sperm feels good against her skin as it makes its way toward her belly button.

Tom collapses into the chair Bella had previously occupied. He sits there, stunned, and sexually exhausted. A blissful, euphoric after-climax spreads through Tom’s body, releasing the endorphins that make men sleepy after sex. Bella instinctively takes his shrinking shaft in her hands and cleans him off with her tongue. It is almost involuntary and natural, not thinking about it until looking up into his glazed eyes. Bella sees her son Billy gazing down at her. She lets go of his cock and sits back on her heels, slightly embarrassed that she seriously wants to suck her son’s cock.

“Holy fucking shit!” Tom exclaims.

Bella can’t help but beam at his satisfaction. She’s always taken great pride in her ability to suck cock. The only thing she finds more rewarding is the taste of cum and how it feels slipping down her throat.

“Are you fucking kidding me?! Did that amazing blowjob just happen? I’ve never had a blowjob that was so… so intense.” Tom says, looking down at his shrinking dick in disbelief.

Bella snatches up her shirt and bra before jumping to her feet and strutting around the room covered in Tom’s cum. She asks where she can clean up, and Tom points to his private bathroom. Bella’s cum covered torso is quite a sight. Tom purrs contently, “Well, that was unexpected but very welcomed. I don’t know about you, but I needed that. Only a good fuck might come close to beating it… hmmm, what do you think, Bella? Maybe next time?”

Bella doesn’t answer and disappears into Tom’s private bathroom to clean herself up. Tom rearranges his clothes and then falls into the chair behind his desk. He can’t believe one of the most beautiful MILFs he had ever seen just gave him the most fantastic blowjob without him even asking. When the door to Tom’s private bathroom opens, Bella emerges, looking just as fresh as when she had arrived. Bella winks at him and opens the door to leave.

“Next time can we maybe… maybe… you know…? Tom stumbles over his words, but Bella knows exactly what he is trying to say.

“Next time? What makes you think there will be a next time?”

“You said it was the first installment of your tennis lessons!”

“I did… didn’t I. Well, I’ll have to give that some thought, Tom. Right now, I must get up to the club lounge. I’m meeting my husband for lunch.”


Billy awakens to the shower’s sound running in the Jack and Jill bathroom connecting his bedroom with Cassie’s bedroom. He glances at the clock and sees it is two-thirty in the afternoon. He needs to pee badly but has always respected his Sister’s privacy. Besides, she usually locks the door between their rooms when she is using their shared bathroom. Billy climbs out of bed and starts for the entrance to the hallway. He pauses long enough to check the door to the connecting bathroom. It’s unlocked.

Considering the very intimate evening, they shared last night, Billy decides to enter and relieve kaçak bahis his bladder. He can see Cassie moving behind the frosted glass. She appears to be washing her hair, and she is unaware of his presence. He stands for a moment and admires a side view of his Sister’s left tit. He recalls sucking on those beautiful tits for the first time just hours ago. The curve of her firm round bubble butt causes his morning woody to come alive and throb even more. It’s hard for Billy to piss with a hard dick choking off the flow. The noise of the shower keeps Cassie from hearing her Brother relieve himself. She is not aware of his presence until he flushes the toilet.

“Is that you, Billy?”

“Yeah… I’m sorry for intruding on you like this, Sis, but my full bladder was about to burst. I guess I had too much to drink last night.”

“I’m almost through in here, Billy. As soon as I rinse the shampoo out of my hair, I will be out of your way. Then the bathroom will be all yours.”

Billy doesn’t answer his little Sister. He slips his boxer shorts off, opens the shower door, and joins her before she has a chance to object. He wraps his arms around Cassie’s torso, pressing his hard cock against her firm butt, and cups a breast in each hand. Her nipples are rock hard. Cassie gasps and struggles to get out of his arms.

“Billy…! What the hell are you doing? Mom or Dad could walk in on us at any moment!”

“Calm down, Cassie. Today is Saturday. Remember? The Homecoming dance was last night. Mom and Dad always spend the entire day at the country club on Saturday. Dad plays 18 holes of golf in the morning and plays poker in the afternoon. Mom usually meets Mrs. Wittington and Mrs. Gilmore at the club, and they do girl things all day.”

Billy feels Cassie relax in his arms. She turns around and gives him a kiss that tops any of the kisses she had given him the night before. Billy pulls away from her kiss and sucks one of her nipples into his mouth. Cassie pushes his mouth off her sore nipple.

“No, Billy. My tits are almost raw from last night. No one had ever spent that much time sucking, licking, and pinching my tits. To tell you the truth, Big Brother, I had only let a few boys play with my tits at all, and that was usually through my clothes. The things you and I did last night weren’t things I allowed regularly.”

“I guess I should feel honored.”

“Yes, you should. You… you big stupid. I shouldn’t tell you this, but I had planned all along that you would be my first. I have a strong suspicion you had no idea until it finally happened.”

“Cassie, I never knew you even thought of me in that way. I was shocked when you told me last night that you used to lay in bed, fingering yourself and wanting to sneak into my bedroom to straddle my cock. I would have never guessed in a million years you wanted to fuck me.”

“I know, Billy. Guys are so stupid when it comes to knowing what a girl is thinking. You never seem to pick up on any of the signals I was sending. I finally realized that the only way I was going to get you to think of me sexually was to run for Homecoming Queen.”

“That’s why you ran for Homecoming Queen?” The surprise in his voice amuses Cassie.

“Well… duh! And that almost didn’t work. Instead of you thinking about getting me into the sack, you went crazy worrying about some boy violating me and stealing my virginity. I was getting angry with you. I was beginning to think you hated me.”

“How was I supposed to know you wanted to have sex with me, Cassie? I’m your brother, for God’s sake, and brothers are not supposed to look at their sisters that way. It’s called incest. What made you think about having sex with me, anyway?”

“I saw the way you were looking at Mom, and I wanted you to look at me that way.”

“What…?! The way I was looking at Mom? Just how was I supposedly looking at Mom?”

“I think you thought no one noticed you drooling over Mom. You are always checking out Mom’s tits and ass. A blind person can see you wanted to fuck her brains out!”

“I do not!”

“Yes… you do, Billy!”

“I don’t!”

“Just shut the fuck up, Billy, and kiss me again. I’m not going to waste time arguing with you.”

“Can we move this to the bedroom, Cassie?”

“Yours or mine?”

“Yours always smells better than mine, Sis, but if you prefer the smell of a boy’s locker room over the smell of a flower garden… then.”

Cassie is quick to cut him off. “No! No, thank you, Big Brother! My room, please.”

Billy grins and playfully slaps his sister on her butt as she steps from the shower. She likes the sting of his palm on her butt.


Cassie places both palms of her hands on her Brother’s face and guides his lips to hers. There is a spark of static electricity as their lips touch. Cassie jerks away momentarily, stares into her Brother’s eyes, and then leans back in for another, longer kiss. Billy parts his lips this time, and Cassie’s tongue darts inside… to wrestle with her Brother’s tongue. Billy’s eager right hand impulsively drifts down to her pussy and gently caresses it. Cassie coos and presses her sore pussy against Billy’s palm. Billy takes it as a hint she wants more and inserts a finger. Cassie cries out in agony.

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