A Penzance Quickie

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The shoot was in Penzance and so we stayed overnight. I was one of two photographers there, not the client favourite, so I didn’t have much to do all day. I spent my time taking some shots of the scenery (in fact, a couple earned me more than the job had in total!) and it gave me a chance to chat with Belinda, who was production co-ordinator. She was bubbly, blonde, a good laugh and she had a good body. She was also well up for it.

We spent the day flirting, carried on over dinner and then to drinks, so when it came time to call it a night, we were half cut, randy as fuck and all alone.

“Come up to my room,” she said and I followed her upstairs. She was wearing knee-high boots, very tight jeans and a little vest top. I traced my fingers up her legs, then ran them up and down the length of her arse. She wiggled it, to tempt me on, the fucking minx!

Once we got in her room, she didn’t mess about. I’d already said I liked to photograph casino şirketleri my partners and she was ready and willing, so I got a couple of shots and then she stripped off, moving her body to music only she could hear, but getting me even hornier in the process.

She laid down on the bed, her juicy arse exposed and when I took a shot, I saw a glisten of pussy juice too. I got her to try out a couple of poses, getting closer and closer to her cunt all the time. The last picture, I licked a finger and slid it into her and she moaned at the intrusion. My finger squelched into her cunt and she began to move her hips, trying to get me further in.

In a fairly fluid movement, she rolled over, keeping my finger in her and sat up, pulling at my jeans. They came undone easily and then her hands were in my boxers, rooting for my stiff cock. She grabbed it, smiling and wanked it slowly. I pulled my T-shirt off, shook off my jeans and boxers and stood casino firmaları before her, naked and hard and ready.

“Fuck me,” she said and pulled me down onto the bed, pouncing on me immediately and taking my cock deep into her mouth. I let her do it for a minute or so, then tapped her on the arse and she moved around, finally climbing over me so that we were in a 69. I slid a thumb deep into her cunt, flicked her clit with a finger and tongued anywhere my finger wasn’t. That set her off even more and I would swear that she actually deep-throated me a couple of times. She let her hands wander, into the crease of my thighs and stroking my balls. It was all getting too much, so I slapped her arse again and she sat up – almost smothering me and that was beautiful, inhaling her scent and licking all the time.


“You’re too fucking horny, I’m too fucking horny.”

“Do it, Morg, fuck me and fill my cunt.”

I grabbed a condom güvenilir casino out of my wallet and slid it on, as she got onto her hands and knees. She dropped her head, pushing her arse up and wiggled it again. “Come on, Morg, do it fucking deep.”

I positioned myself behind her, lined myself up and stabbed her cunt first time. She gasped and lurched forward, then braced her hands on the bed and pushed back at me. I started to fuck her, thrusting in and out, leaning forward to kiss her neck and run my fingers over her arse and then reaching forward, to stroke and pull at her swinging tits.

“Uh,” she gasped, “I’m coming.”

“Yes,” I said, “yes, yes.”

She dropped her shoulder and reached between her legs, her fingers caressing my balls and arse. It was almost too much to take and I managed to grab the camera quickly until it was too much and I exploded inside her.

Groaning, I kept thrusting until it was just impossible to do so and then I slid out of her, pulling the condom off. She laid beside me, her head on my arm and I stroked her breast gently.

We worked together again, on several occasions – I might tell you about them in the future!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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