A Patient’s Fantasy

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Jake lays in bed, completely quiet and eyes closed. Pretending to be asleep so his annoying little brother would leave. It was bad enough he was stuck in the damn hospital. He had nearly crushed every bone in his foot in an accident at work. He has been a construction worker for about 2 years now, his body well built n tan to prove it.

He glances around the room at the sound of a closing door. Thank god the brat left. Now that he’s alone, he begins to think of Heather, his favorite nurse. She was coming on duty soon if the clock was correct. Just the thought of her made his thick cock swell, his large hand begins to fist it till he’s completely hard and oozing precum.

He throws his sheet to the side impatiently. His hand is squeezing and pumping furiously on his now throbbing cock, when Heather walks in. She freezes mid step, her eyes glued to his hard cock.

“Oh my god, I’m sorry, Heather!” his voice cracking, trying desperately to cover his massive erection.

She slowly looks into his eyes and licks her lips, “Oh honey, your cock is fantastic. Don’t stop on account of me.” Her eyes never leaving the area of his 9 inch cock.

He laughs nervously. Pulling his cock back casino şirketleri out and slowly pumping it, “Um, Are you sure, Heather? I just got to damn excited and had to cum so bad, I couldn’t help it.”

Her warm hand reaches out to fondle his balls, “Hmm, maybe I can help.”

He jumps and his hips thrust up as she touches him. His hand starts pumping his rigid cock faster and harder.

“Ah fuck! I need to touch you, Heather!” reaching for her plump ass cheek and squeezing. Her answering moan drives him further. His big hand pulls her white skirt up, revealing thick thighs ending at a smooth plump pussy.

“Oh god, I love your thick body, baby!” his voice rough with desire, he gently cups her cunt and glides a finger up n down her wet slit.

“Fuck! Yes that’s it, Jake!” she cries out. Suddenly her mouth is wrapped around his cock head, her tongue swirling all over the tip. She takes all 9 inches into her mouth slowly, enjoying his grunts and moans immensely.

“Ohhhh fuck!” he manages to growl out. His fingers now pumping into her tight wet snatch hard and fast, making her moan and wiggle. Her mouth grips him tighter, bringing him to the edge of ecstasy. He casino firmaları yells out a warning that he’s about to explode. She only moans and mouth fucks him even harder as he cums down her throat, his free hand tangled into her auburn hair.

She hungrily drinks it all down, moving her pussy on my fingers like they are a cock. “Get up here and sit on my face!” Jake growls.

She quickly climbs up and grinds her soaked cunt right on his open mouth. “Lick this pussy good, baby!” her husky voice making his cock thicken again.

His mouth latches onto her thick pussy lips, sucking and nibbling. His hands spreads her chubby ass and slides a finger into her asshole. Her hips start bucking wildly, filling his mouth with sweet pussy.

He starts to rub his tongue on her clit hard as he pumps her ass with 2 fingers. She grinds down on him, her screams filling the room.

“Oh fuck, Jake! I’m gonna cum baby!” her sweet juice flooding his mouth and running down his chin. He slurps and sucks eagerly. His dick now hard as hell again and throbbing.

She quickly turns and straddles his hips, leaning over to whisper in his ear, “Do you want your dick in this hot cunt, Jake? güvenilir casino Want me to ride your fucking dick until you fill me with your hot cum?” Her eyes filled with lust.

“Oh fuck, yes baby! I need to feel you now!” he urges.

She grins and slowly sits down on his cock, taking only a couple of inches at first. Her pussy stretching to fit his swollen head. He grabs her big tits through her top and teases her swollen nipples. He quickly thrusts up into her, making her cry out in pain and pleasure. She tears her top open for him and starts to bounce on his cock faster. He grunts loudly with each bounce, his fingers pinching and pulling on her pink nipples.

“Oh my god! Your cock was made for my pussy! Your so big!” her eyes clenched close, her milky skin flushed pink.

His heart beats hard and fast, “Its all yours anytime! Oh fuck, Heather, I’m gonna cum soon baby!”

She goes wild and bounces hard as they both climax together. His cum shooting deep into her wanton cunt, hers gushing out over his balls.

After they finally stop grinding and pumping, she climbs off and scoops some cum from her dripping pussy and sucks it off.

“Oh god, Heather. That’s so fucking hot. Your amazing. I already want you again so badly. What do you want, baby?” he softly groans.

She lays down next to him, putting her head on his chest. His arms wrap around her soft body, holding her close. “I want you, Jake Matthews.” she replies.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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