A Paradise Found

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As Kim lay along her sleeping lover she thinks of the warm amorous feelings that they just shared. We had been driving in the country to get away from the stress of work and the city, when we had gotten into a tiff. It really was nothing worth fighting over but James had said something to anger me. I tell him to stop the car I wants out. As he pulls over I bail out and starts walking to cool down. I see an open meadow along the road and I slip into it. Suddenly I am not quite as angry as I was. I am surrounded by wild flowers and it is a beautiful day to be out. I roam further into the meadow and starts to hear the birds and nature at it finest. I sit down among the flowers and long grass that has grown and not been bothered by man. I can see off at the edge of the grassland is a small creek and a couple of deer are standing there. I notice how the male deer watches around in protection of his mate as she drinks. As I am watching all this I doesn’t hear James come up behind me.

He reaches out and softly touches my shoulder and says ” I’m sorry for making you mad, can you forgive me?”

He has such a soft voice when he is like this that is one thing that has always made forgiving him easier. My hand reaches out and touches his as he joins me in the long grass. He sits beside me and puts his arm around my shoulders. Feeling him pull me into his side as we just stare at the peaceful things going on around us. He starts to talk about the argument and I shush him telling him “we can talk later, just enjoy this time.” The warm breeze blowing out of the south bringing in the scent of the water from the creek, along with all the different plants. He leans over and softly kisses my neck and nuzzles it. It makes me giggle as he playfully starts to tickle my side as he cuddles. I try to pull back from the tickling and I fall back into the grass and am followed by James as he continues to tickle me playfully. Laughter has always been the best way to get over anything. And he knows that laughter and tickling also causes me to get aroused. Something about the closeness of our bodies as he tickles me, feeling his hands and body rubbing against mine as he does.

As he tickles me, I reach out and tickle him just under his chin right at the hollow of his throat. My finger tips lightly touching him causing him to giggle like a little boy. He has a giggle that makes him sounds so cute, which he is cute by the way. Let me tell you a little about James real quick. He has dark hair that falls over his shoulders when he lets it down. He has bright green eyes you can get lost in, and is about 6 foot tall. He doesn’t have the chiseled body of a body builder but his little paunch belly is cute. Oh.. and his chest a fine nest of hair to run my fingers thru. And his ass …well enough about him, back to my story.

We are laying back and laughing as we end up in an embrace to which he slowly pulls me into him and he expertly touches his lips to mine. That causes the laughter and the giggling to stop. I can feel the fire slowly starting to burn as he nips at my lips teasing me trying to get me to nip back. He sucks my lower lip in-between his lightly biting it. really just grazing it with his front teeth. But enough to bring a moan from within me. My hands running up and down his back caressing him as we kiss. His broad shoulders, the muscles within them tightening a little as he gently holds me. His tongue now exploring along my lips trying to get in and find its playmate. With that I part my lips and he invades my mouth with a passion I have learned to love. His tongue feeling its way along my teeth and dropping down to find my tongue. I tease him and pull my tongue back and make him come further in to touch it. As he does I bite down on his tongue making it my prisoner to tease and keep till done with it. My tongue then circles his feeling it tremble as I lick over it. All around it just like I do his cock when I have it in my mouth. Sucking softly on it as casino şirketleri our lips are pushed together hard and he can go nowhere. As I release it he draws it out slowly and then playfully licks me across the tip of my nose and laughing at my shock.

His fingers are opening my blouse as we stare into each others eyes. I feel them but am totally lost in the brightness of his eyes. They shine in the sunlight sparkling like emeralds. I hear a low growl come from his mouth as he lowers his head to my throat. His tongue flicking out to taste my flesh as he now has my blouse open and I feel the breeze blowing across my bare breast causing the nipples to stiffen. It has been along time since I have made love outside. And then it was on a patio, not the wild grasses of the great outdoors. The feeling of total freedom not a soul around but us and nature. It was bringing the wilder side of me out as I tell him what I want. Telling him I want to feel his mouth over my breast kissing and biting at them. I am normally quiet and reserved because we live in an apartment complex.

Out here though no one can hear but the animals and god. For his hand has truly touched this beautiful place. And now James’s fingers are touching my breast as he cups them in his hands. They are not small but not real big either. I say C cup, he says small D cup. Anyway he has them now and his tongue is tasting its way around them. His tongue leaving a slight moisture trail to go along with the light sheen of sweat that is building from the sunshine directly above us. He starts to close in on my nipple finally after what seems like forever he was teasing. His teeth scrape across the tip of my nipple sending shivers down thru me. My nipples always have had a direct nerve leading to my clit I swear. His mouth closes over one nipple as his thumb rubs the other one. Both are stiff and hard from the attention they are receiving now.

My hand is running thru his hair pulling him in tighter to my breast. and my other hand is trying to undo his shirt.With my impatience I rip the buttons off so that I can get to his chest. Opening his shirt to run my fingers thru the hairs on his chest. He kisses across my cleavage to the other side and consumes as much as he can in his mouth. Causing me to arch my back and push more out for him to take. His one hand now down on my thigh. His fingers dancing lightly along the inside of it. My legs spread slightly to allow him access. His tongue licking all of my nipple at once as he sucks harder on my tit. I hear an animalistic sound and realize it is coming from me as he reaches up my shorts leg and touches me thru my panties. My god it feels great to be able to cut loose out here. He pushes my panties in with his fingers as he tries to get to my clit. My torso thrusting up at his hand wanting to feel those fingers on me. My fingers playing with his nipple as he sucks on mine and is trying so hard to get inside my panties. He finally pulls back and unbuttons my shorts and in one fluid motion he removes them and my panties as I raise my hips for him. My lips are swollen from desire as he closes his hand across them. His mouth going back to my breast. Hungrily he devours my nipple in his mouth and between his teeth biting down on it. “Oh God Baby” I hear myself say, as he finally slips a finger into my pussy.

“My goodness Darlin you are wet already” I hear him say. Little does he know just how hot I am right now. My mind is ablaze with thoughts of things I want him to do and things I want to do to him. He must sense something cause he slips two more fingers into me and slowly slides them deep. My pussy is so wet that they slip easily into me. He knows how to use that tongue to make me cum no matter where he is licking. He starts to trail down my tummy as I am pushing back at his fingers. His tongue feeling like a fire brand as it glides across my skin. Till he is between my legs licking on my mound. Pulling the little patch of hair I casino firmaları have there up with his lips. Then licking as he releases them.

I hear my voice as it says “my God baby I am close, make me cum.”

To which he responds by licking right down thru my lips onto my clit causing me to squirm more as he wiggles his tongue to cover more of it. His fingers now moving quickly stroking long and hard into me. My body starting to take over as I hear my screams of ecstasy as I peak in my orgasm. It takes over my body and I feel myself shaking and hear myself making noises i am not sure are from me. My mind is numbed by the intensity of this first orgasm. As he continues to probe me with his fingers and his tongue lapping feverishly over my throbbing clit. My very being centered around these feeling and where they are coming from. A warmth radiates out from my tummy as my orgasm slowly subsides. My body slightly more content then it was earlier. I feel him slide up my body till he is at my face and he kisses me softly and asks “do you forgive me Darlin?”

Of course my response is “yes” and let make up some more. To which I start to slowly kiss down his chin tasting myself as I do. My fingers preceding my tongue down along his chest. As I drop to his throat I hear him growl and feel the vibrations as he does on my tongue. Only spurning my desire on more. My lips and tongue continue their journey down to his chest. Teasing the hairs as I go. His little nipples standing stiff and proud. I giggle for a moment thinking about his shirt and the buttons I have to replace. Then right back to the reality of his body before me. His nipple is then under my tongue as I suck it into my mouth making him groan as I bite it. His fingers run through my hair as I kiss and lick him all over his chest. My hand moving down to rub over the crotch of his jeans. I can feel the hardness of his cock as it is expanding. He rolls his hips trying to get me to play more with it as I lick slowly down his stomach.

Stopping to lick small circles around his bellybutton. I can feel his stomach muscles quiver as I lick softly there. I move down biting all along where his cock is. Biting thru his jeans again making him growl with pleasure and frustration. I go to the top of his jeans and bite the fabric as I pull down with my teeth, teasing him taking my time. Then I undo them and slowly pull them open to expose his cock as it pops up above his body. I reach in and pull his balls out so that I can massage them too. With his jeans laying open I nibble around his cock kissing and nipping at the base first. I nip at the large vein the runs up the bottom of his shaft. Going to the tip just under the head and swiping my tongue across it, making it bounce as his muscles contract. It bounces down and smacks his stomach and back up to my waiting mouth as I grab the tip in my mouth.sucking lightly on it and swirling my tongue around it. His fingers still in my hair gently trying to get me to take more of it. He is never forceful but I have fun teasing him.

I hear him say “please baby I need to feel it in your mouth, please that tongue is so good.”

With that little bit of begging I can’t refuse so I swallow as much as I can in one mouthful and slowly pull back till just the tip remains in my lips. I turn and twist my head rolling it around as the head of his cock is twisted too. My hand covering his balls and gently massaging them. His free hand has reached around to my ass as I am kneeling beside him. He starts to probe with his fingertips looking for my pussy and then he finds it. Hmmmmmmmmm it feels good as he sinks three fingers into me as I suck his cock. I start to suck faster moving all over his cock with my mouth. As I do this his fingers move harder into me, my ass pushing back to meet them. I can feel his balls drawing up, so I know he is getting closer to cumming himself. I feel him slow down with his hand and wonder what he is up to. Well I don’t have güvenilir casino to wait long as I feel one finger playing around my ass as the other two are stroking slowly again. My ass stuck out there just inviting him to play. I know some don’t like it but I find small things there thrill me sometimes.

And this is one of those times. So I push back to make it slip in a little bit. Feeling it slip in makes me suck all the way down to the base of his cock taking it all in. The head brushing against my throat. I am thrusting back hard against his hand now as I feel another orgasm cumming on. My mouth sucking him hard now and I feel the head start to swell as his body starts that familiar shake that he gets right before he cumms. suddenly his thumb scrapes across my clit and I feel my orgasm crash over me. I squeeze his balls milking them for their fluid as I cumm I want his too. I hear my screams muffled by his cock in my mouth and his screams echoing thru my brain as we both cum. His cock expanding and shooting its creamy sauce into my mouth as my pussy floods around his hand and flows down his arm. My god I am wet. I can feel his balls drawing up and then releasing as he is lost in his own orgasm. His body and mine shaking worse then I can ever remember.

As he finally finishes cumming and I pull off him he immediately raises to his knees and pushes his jeans down. He moves to position himself behind me. His cock still wet from the cum and saliva. He hits the hole the first shot in and his head sinks into me.

“Yes baby fuck me fuck me hard.” I can’t believe I just said that. I just want to feel the animalism come out in us both. With that he slams into me with all he has. Shoving me forward till I am on my elbows with my ass in the air for him to take me. The grass and flowers feel good under me as they tickle my breast as he thrusts deeply into me rocking my body. I feel his thumb slide down my ass crack as he is giving me all of his thick cock. causing it to stretch me with each inward stroke. His thumb then slips slightly into my ass as he pulls outward on a stroke. Then when he shoves it back into my pussy his thumb goes in further I can feel the two of them rubbing along the thin skin that separates the two. His thumb going in as his cock comes out rocking in opposite directions.

The sensations running thru me at this point are driving me crazy. I feel myself slipping into a major orgasm one that takes me away from everything around me and I float away. My mind is starting to slip away as he drives hard into me. His one hand on my hip pulling me back at him as he thrusts forward and his thumb,( that glorious little thumb) he is holding his thumb inside me now rubbing against his cock as it goes in and out. He is not used to fucking this hard and fast so quickly. We never say “fuck” but this time the animal in both of us is out. He starts to yell as I feel his cock explode inside me showering my pussy walls with his cum. His cock expanding inside me throws me into my orgasm as I feel myself slip away in a fog. The world around me closing off as my mind fades away into bright lights then darkness closes over me.

He is laying beside me when I awaken. Holding me in his arms lightly stroking my hair and smiling at me. He is staring into my eyes watching for my reaction. and to make sure I am alright. He takes me out sometimes but this time it feels different it was so intense. I try to focus on what has just happened to me but my mind is still confused from the pure pleasure it has just felt. I try to talk but the words won’t form. I can hear them in my mind but can’t translate to my mouth.

My lover with his arms around me holding and cuddling to make sure I am alright. He has the touch to soothe me as I am still lost in the orgasm somewhat. My legs are still shaking and I try to put them together it shoots sparks thru me again as my thighs rub down on my pussy lips which rub my clit again and I shudder as the feeling shoot thru me. I open my legs and look into his eyes and see the most loving man I know. And behind him I see the deer from the creek standing not far from us as I drift off to sleep to enjoy these feelings that my body has come to love.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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