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“Would you like me to demonstrate the new product on one of our staff or would you rather have a more personal demonstration?”

Feeling herself blush Joslyn made an unthinking response, “A more personal demonstration would answer several doubts I have.”

“If you will excuse me for a minute I will double check our private demonstration room. I want to be sure everything is neat and tidy.”

Not more than two minutes passed when there was the same voice was at her elbow. “Please step this way. Everything is in order.” Joslyn smiled as the voice took the lead. She led past many wall displays and several table displays. The voice continued on through a heavy tapestry. The sound level dropped sharply when the tapestry dropped back into place. Joslyn felt, rather than saw, the change in floor covering. It was almost as if the voice had read her mind because it was telling Joslyn about the flooring, the sound proof walls and even the ceilings. “These precautions were taken to ensure the privacy of personal demonstrations.” the voice continued.

Two doors could be seen at the end of the hallway. They were a different color than the others they had passed. The voice opened the door on the right and entered the room. Joslyn followed not knowing what to expect. She heard the door close behind her and the distinct click of something.

“Don’t be alarmed,” the voice said, “I have locked the door so no one could accidentally barge in during the demonstration. We prefer satisfied customers rather than irate customers. Please have a seat so we can take care of the formalities. Please have a seat so we can take care of the formalities. My name is Maybeth and I own this boutique. We, my staff and I, have survived for ten years because we ask our customers to sign an informed consent form.” Maybeth handed Joslyn a clipboard containing three sheets of paper. “Please read the papers carefully. Because you have chosen a personal demonstration the section on those will be of special interest. Going through this now has eliminated embarrassing situations later on.” Maybeth handed Joslyn a pen saying, “Please initial where indicated and sign your full name on the last page.”

Joslyn read through the sheets twice to make sure that she understood what was to be initialed and signed. Finally satisfied she initialed and signed. Joslyn handed Maybeth the clipboard saying, “With the nature of your products I can see the need for the paperwork I just read and signed.”

Maybeth smiled at Joslyn. “There is a changing room behind the tapestry on the far wall. Please remove any items you feel would hinder your participation in the demonstration.”

As Joslyn walked to the tapestry indicated she thought that Maybeth’s eyes twinkled with mischief. “More shall be revealed,” she said silently to herself.

Upon entering the changing room Joslyn slipped off her shoes. Next she reached behind her to undo the button at the waistband of her slacks and slide the zipper down its full length. Joslyn next pulled the tails of her blouse from inside the slacks. Crossing her arms in front of her Joslyn grasped the bottom of the blouse and in a single fluid motion raised it over her head and down in front of her. Turning the blouse right side out Joslyn hung it on a thoughtfully placed hanger. Now her hands rose to waist level. Her thumbs found a space between the waistband of her slacks and the smooth texture of her flesh. With a seesaw motion Joslyn worked her slacks over the swell of her hips. Finding release her slacks slid down the silky smooth legs to form a puddle of material around her ankles. Glancing behind her Joslyn noted a well-padded bench. As Joslyn bent over to sit on the bench her hands slid inside the waistband of the low-rise bikini panties she wore. As the silky material slid past her buttocks she sat down on the bench. Joslyn was pleasantly surprised to find warmth coming from the cushion. Leaning forward Joslyn removed her slacks and panties from around her ankles. At that moment she caught her scent coming from the crotch of her panties. Joslyn smiled as she brought her panties up to her nose. “Why shouldn’t I be excited,” she said to no one in particular, “not many of my friends would be doing what I’m doing right now?”

As Joslyn finished that comment her hand slid between her slightly parted legs. Her fingers slid, almost of their own accord, up between the lips of her pussy. Having gathered a sample of her juices Joslyn brought those same fingers up to her lips. Her tongue darted out of her mouth to taste the sample being offered. Licking her fingers clean Joslyn retrieved her slacks from the floor. After checking for a tell-tale stain, gratefully there was none, Joslyn hung the slacks on the hook provided.

Without a conscious thought on her part Joslyn’s hands sought out her breast. Palms supported the cups while finger tips tweaked her nipples. A low groan escaped from her mouth. With a new urgency Joslyn flicked the front clasp of her bra and pulled the bahis firmaları offending material away from her slightly swollen breast. No longer encased by material her nipples hardened in the cool air of the changing room.

There being only one thing to remove Joslyn’s hands went to the back of her head. Fingers untied the leather thong that held Joslyn’s tawny mane at bay. Joslyn pulled the thong away from her neck as she shook her head from side-to-side. Her hair arched away from her head and then settled back over her shoulders and down her back. Standing straight and proud Joslyn stepped to the tapestry and slid into the demonstration room.

Standing across the room was Maybeth, the same but vastly different. A simple white, mid-thigh caftan had replaced the peasant blouse and skirt. Even from across the room Joslyn could see that Maybeth had removed her bra. The hard nipples were impossible to miss. The material of the caftan flowed down the contours of Maybeth’s breasts making it hard to determine whether she had also removed any panties. As Maybeth stepped toward Joslyn any doubt was erased. The caftan flowed across her thighs telling Joslyn that only woman flesh was underneath the opaque material.

As if Maybeth could read Joslyn’s mind she said, “The outfit I’m wearing would be the same for either type of demonstration. It allows total freedom of movement.”

“Please have a seat over here,” Maybeth said pointing to a large comfortable next to a small table. Joslyn walked to the chair, turned around and sank onto the seat cushion. Her lips rose into a smile as she felt the same warmth that she experienced with the changing room cushion. “The cushions are heated,” Maybeth stated, “It helps the customer to relax and enjoy. I can see by your position that you are completely at home in your body. Did it take years of practice or did you come by it naturally?”

“It was natural,” replied Joslyn, “my parents, while not nudist, had a full measure of acceptance of the human body. They passed it along to their children.”

Maybeth approached Joslyn as she spoke, “I can see and smell your anticipation about the demonstration.”

“Saying no would make me a liar.” Joslyn said in response to the obvious.

“Let’s get started then shall we?”

“Lead on Maybeth,” replied Joslyn.

“I want you to lean back in the chair so I can make some adjustments.” Joslyn leaned back in the chair as she wiggled her buttocks into a more comfortable position. She let her arms fall naturally to her sides.

Maybeth stepped over to the chair and placed a well manicured foot on the foot petal that Joslyn had not noticed. “Relax,” Maybeth said as the chair back tipped slightly to the rear. At the same time Joslyn felt something brush up against her calves.

“The chair is designed to support your lower legs, thighs, buttocks and back.” By pressing another pedal a small support cradled Joslyn’s neck. “One more adjustment Joslyn and we can begin the demonstration.” Reaching down between Joslyn’s legs Maybeth grasped a loop of fabric giving it a gentle tug. When she stepped back Maybeth held a small section of the seat cushion in her hand.

“Feel anything different?” asked Maybeth.

“Yes, totally exposed,” Joslyn replied.

“Well,” Maybeth chuckled as she said, “we can’t get to the bottom of the problem when it’s hiding, can we?”

Joslyn was forced to laugh at the truth of Maybeth’s comment.

Maybeth slid the small table over to the side of Joslyn’s chair. She took the towel off the table to expose several items. Looking at Joslyn Maybeth smiled and said, “What is your pleasure?”

Joslyn looked at the items on the table. As her eyes scanned the items Joslyn felt her jaw go slack in surprise. The two items farthest from her were huge when compared with the others.

Maybeth saw the expression on Joslyn’s face. Touching Joslyn on the arm she said, “After your reluctance has been conquered and you are sufficiently aroused Joslyn you will be able to take these fellows with ease.”

“There is no way those would fit in my ass,” Joslyn said with more force than she thought possible.

Maybeth was smiling as she ran her hand slowly up and down Joslyn’s arm. “Have you ever run a finger in and out of the ass while taking a shower?” Maybeth asked.

“Well, of course I have. I wanted to be squeaky clean for my man!”

“Has your man ever stuck his finger up your ass while he is eating your pussy? Did his finger feel like a miniature cock as it continued to slide in and out of your ‘shitter’? Did your asshole try to prevent his finger from leaving? Did your pussy excrete more of your love juices as this was happening?”

Joslyn opened her mouth to say something but Maybeth held up a hand to forestall a reply. “Don’t try to answer with words. Instead, answer with your body. Your chest is in full bloom, your pussy is pouring out its oil and your scent is heady.”

“You cannot deny your level of arousal. Your senses kaçak iddaa tell the whole truth. Your mind is the worst enemy. Given the correct stimulus our mind can help us to achieve greater pleasure or in this case it will deny you your intimate and worthy success.”

Picking up the largest object on the table Maybeth held it in front of Joslyn. “This toy or tool is greater than its size. Your mind to telling you, no it is screaming at you… It won’t fit, it will hurt, and it will tear me apart. Don’t listen to your mind. Do listen to your body, it knows what it wants. Your ass wants to be invaded. It wants to feel the next level of orgasm.”

“Now I will hold this tool lightly against your asshole. I will make no attempt at insertion. Your body will make the decision for you. Just go with the flow of your body.”

Maybeth sat on the floor in front of Joslyn. Her back was straight and her legs were bent as though she was going to assume a lotus position. As Maybeth’s hand approached Joslyn’s ass Joslyn saw proof positive that Maybeth was nude under the caftan she wore.

Joslyn was entranced by the sight of beauty centered between Maybeth’s legs. Curly brown hair covered the apex of Maybeth’s legs. Nestled in this growth of hair was the prettiest flower Joslyn had ever seen. Deep red outer lips were moist with droplets of liquid. Further toward the center of this flower were two more lips. These were a deep crimson pink. The edges were fluted and covered in a clear liquid. The vision that came to mind was that of a flower picked right after a rain shower. The tube was so full of liquid that the flower had to bend over to relieve itself of the extra burden.

A feather light touch brought Joslyn back to the present. The large object in Maybeth’s hand had touched Joslyn’s asshole. No attempt at insertion was made. The picture that popped into Joslyn’s head was the tip of a tongue slowly circling her asshole. There was moisture present and the tip of the tongue was chasing it around in circles. ‘Of course there’s moisture’, Joslyn thought, ‘My pussy is dripping the same as Maybeth’s.’

Joslyn’s rosebud winked as she finished her thought. Another wink, then another. The tip of the object in Maybeth’s hand changed tactics. Now it was flicking back and forth across her asshole.

Joslyn felt the beginning of an itch. It wasn’t on the surface of her skin but deep inside. She felt it was centered between her belly button and the top of her pussy. It wasn’t a bad itch, rather it was pleasant. Her asshole winked again, then once more. Then the hole hiccupped. A mere moment in time between opening and closing. The tip darted forward and retreated. Then it went back to rimming Joslyn’s asshole.

Another itch was starting inside of Joslyn. Her body responded before Joslyn’s mind could interpret the action. Her hands had risen from their previous position at her sides to cupping her breasts. Fingers were gently squeezing the flesh while the hands stroked up from her tits base to the stiff nipples.

Joslyn’s asshole hiccupped twice. The itch between her belly button and the top of her pussy rose two notches. Her asshole hiccupped two more times. She knew the signs of orgasm but never so slowly or sensuously. Joslyn continued to massage her breasts feeling them swell to become firm. Her nipples became hard as pebbles. As she tweaked first one nipple and then the other delightful jolts of pleasure were sent to the growing itch between her belly button and the top of her pussy. Taking both nipples between her fingers Joslyn tweaked them while at the same time she pulled them away from her breasts. A deep satisfying moan escaped her lips while the itch blossomed into a shuttering orgasm.

A torrent of juices flowed from her pussy in response to her orgasm. ‘I haven’t even touched my pussy,’ she thought. Another wave of pleasure swept over Joslyn’s body as her asshole puckered in answer to her sexual release.

The tool that Maybeth was holding against Joslyn’s asshole sensed the change in body rhythm. It stopped rimming her hole and darted forward into Joslyn while it grew in diameter to the size of a thumb. Because Joslyn’s pussy had released a flood of liquid there was no pain or discomfort during the penetration. The tool began to glide forward and backward while it began a rotating motion.

“Oh Maybeth,” Joslyn said, “I’m making a mess on your floor with all my pussy juice.”

“Look down.” Maybeth replied, “Nothing is going to waste.” Joslyn leaned forward slightly and saw a deep bowl on the floor between her legs. At the bottom of the bowl were Joslyn’s juices. Maybeth added, “Maybe you will share after we are finished with the demonstration,” with a mischievous smile on her face.

As the thought registered in her brain Joslyn’s body convulsed in another orgasm. This one triggered by her mind as well as her willing body. “I see you like the idea,” chuckled Maybeth.

“Oh yes! It sounds delightfully sinful,” replied Joslyn. At that kaçak bahis moment her mind and body were reminded that her asshole had welcomed an intruder. “You haven’t put the tool into me have you?” asked Joslyn.

“No,” answered Maybeth, It is doing quite well on its own.”

The tool was doing what it was designed to do. With the continued flow of lubricant, supplied by Joslyn’s pussy, the intruder had advanced a full six inches into her rectum. Sensing her body’s willingness its diameter was now a full inch. The attack was varied. Some strokes were quick jabs together with a rotating sequence. Other strokes were slow and long. It was this type of stroke that provided the necessary lubricant to prevent damage and enhance pleasure.

Joslyn’s eyes were unfocused and as large around as they could get. The vice like grip of her fingers on her nipples relaxed as she started to use both hands on one breast and then to the other. Starting at the base of a breast Joslyn slowly compressed her hands together until they touched at the nipple. After several trips with both breasts Joslyn felt that the nipples were going to come off.

Meanwhile Joslyn’s pussy was so engorged with blood that she couldn’t have closed her legs even if she had wanted to. All this pleasure was coursing through her mind and body but no hand or finger had touched that most delicate part of her body. As pleasure continued to bombard Joslyn she almost fainted. Her pussy was madly pulsating, its juices continued to pour out in copious quantities.

The chair Joslyn sat on was tilted back at an angle sufficient so that he pussy juices flowed across her asshole before dropping into the bowl resting on the carpet. The position of the chair also gave Maybeth a wonderful view of Joslyn’s feminine assets.

It took all her considerable poise to not reach out and stroke the wondrous pussy inches from her fingers. She had given many demonstrations of the newly developed anal trainer but this woman was far and away the best yet. ‘I really need to figure out a way to film this.’ She thought to herself.

Although the caftan Maybeth wore was of the finest silk it rubbed across her swollen breasts and turgid nipples making it feel like she was wearing sack cloth. If Maybeth hadn’t taken the precaution of sitting on a super absorbent pad three inches thick she knew the carpet would need to be replaced.

Maybeth watched the performance in front of her. Joslyn’s chest was in full sexual bloom. Her breasts, with their bloated nipples, were attempting to leave her chest. Joslyn’s tummy was heaving in sexual excess. Her thighs shuddered with sensual abandon. What intrigued Maybeth the most was Joslyn’s pussy. It was giving off a scent that Maybeth was unable to describe. The outer lips were plumb and red. Joslyn’s inner fluted inner lips looked like a hairless Venus flytrap. They closed and opened with an irregular pattern. Plainly visible at the junction of her inner lips was her clitoris.

Being in the business Maybeth was in she had seen more than what could be considered normal. At the beginning of the session Joslyn’s clit was hidden even though she was plainly excited. Now full orgasmic mode Joslyn’s clit was fully an inch and a half long and a quarter inch in diameter. The pulsations were such a demand for attention that Maybeth scooped up some of Joslyn’s juices from the bowl in front of her and let it dribble over Joslyn’s clit.

Joslyn was only aware that her body was going from one fantastic orgasm to the next. Her mind had given permission to experience a unique event. The intruder had claimed her ass in a subtle manner. Suddenly there was an entirely new sensation assaulting her from a new direction. The liquid covering her clit was the final straw.

The shriek that escaped Joslyn’s lips came from the depths of her soul. “Oh my God!” she cried, “Oh my God!” As the final sound made its way into the air Joslyn fainted.

Maybeth sat there stunned. In all the years she had been sexually active, with numerous partners of both sexes, Maybeth had never come close of fainting. In the silence that followed Maybeth knew she had never given up control as fully as Joslyn had done.

After an eternity, or so she later thought, Joslyn struggled back into the world. Looking around to see where she was Joslyn saw Maybeth in the same position. Only this time her hands were laying palms ups on her knees. “What happened?” Joslyn asked.

“You fainted,” Maybeth replied.

“I hope that doesn’t happen every time I use my new friend?” Joslyn said.

Maybeth smiled and replied, “Oh, you are going to purchase the product?”

“Yes, definitely!” Joslyn answered.

Maybeth reached out towards Joslyn’s chair. Joslyn thought Maybeth was going to touch her. Instead Maybeth leaned back holding two small teacups in her hands. “Then I suggest a small toast to celebrate a successful conversion,” Maybeth said presenting one of the cups to Joslyn.

Joslyn took the offered in her hand but her eyes went to Maybeth as she asked, “What is it?”

Smiling Maybeth replied, “The essence of female direct from the source. I did mention that sharing was a possibility, didn’t I?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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