A Night Out

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I had a fantasy that we went out to dinner to a very nice restaurant. We sat in a corner booth side by side. We were both nicely dressed, me in a suit and tie and you in a black sleeveless dress that ended just above your knee.

The restaurant was dimly lit with mood lighting. Votive candles lit the table and accented the long red tablecloth that extended all the way to the ground.

The waitress came by took our drink orders, She was a young redhead with very pretty features.

As soon as the waitress leaves, you lean in close and whisper in my ear “I saw your eyes wander over that girl”. As you say this, your left hand slowly begins stroke my cock through my slacks. “Don’t worry, I’m not mad. You can look as long as I am the only you touch and I am the only one who touches you.” You’re hand steadily strokes me back and forth up and down my length which has quickly grown to full length.

The waitress returns with our drink orders and asks if we are ready to order. With your hand still stroking my hardness, I find it hard to concentrate and dryly answer “no, sorry, we haven’t even looked over the menu yet.” She gives me a strange look, knowing that something isn’t quite right, but not sure what it is. An evil grin crosses your face as you reply “please just give us a few more minutes”. Your smile seems to put the waitress at ease as she tells us to take our time and she will be back in a bit for our orders. She then turns and walks to another nearby table.

As she approaches the table, she leans over to take their orders. I hadn’t noticed before, but while the waitress was talking to us you had undone my belt and unzipped my fly.

Again, you lean in close and whisper in my ear, “look at that pert little ass, it looks perfect enough to kiss.” And for the first time I feel the flesh of your hand touch my hardened flesh. The jolt of energy that rush through me nearly makes me cum right there on the spot, but I somehow manage to hold back.

You hear my breath catch, bahis firmaları which causes you to slightly giggle and say “oh, you like that, do you?”

“Yes”, I dryly answer.

“Which is it you like, her pert ass, or my hand stroking your rock hard cock?”

“Both”, I reply.

“Then you’re going to LOVE this, Call the waitress over and order the lobster with white sauce. You should order the ravioli in black sauce, it’s simply delicious, but not as delicious as what I am about to have.” With that you throw your fork under the table and you quickly disappear under the long table cloth.

I can feel as you slowly graze a fingernail up the sensitive underside of my dick.

I call the waitress over. She quickly comes over and asks how she may help me.

As soon as you hear her voice, you quickly take my whole cock into your warm wet mouth.

I let out a soft moan. The waitress looks at me with a sly grin as she asks, “where is the lovely woman that was with you?”

I feel as your tongue slowly licks up my length and dances with the head of my cock.

“She had something she felt a dire need to attend to”, I reply with a low and nervous sounding voice.

The waitress suddenly gets a small glimmer in her eye and I feel as if she has caught on to our little adventure. She straightens up and purses her lips into a pouty little smile.

I tell her that “I think we are ready to order. The lovely lady stated that she wanted the lobster in white sauce, and I shall have the ravioli in black sauce.”

“Nice choice, Maybe I should tell you about our specials, I think you will find them quite enticing.”

With that, she leans over the table towards me and presses her arms together which caused her tits to enlarge and show more of her soft white milky cleavage.

The visual of those beautiful orbs staring me in the face and the mental image of your lovely mouth wrapped around my manhood, along with the sensation of the actual feeling, kaçak iddaa nearly pushes me over the edge. You sense how close I am and suddenly stop.

I quickly try and compose myself, but the cool air along my exposed hardness mixes with the wet saliva left behind from your mouth and it begins to lightly ache in a good way.

The waitress senses something has changed, and begins to play with her hair in that sexy way that women do.

“Our first special of the night, and one I think you might be familiar with, is smoked sausage. Our next special special is an Italian sausage in THICK …. WHITE …. CREAMY …. SAUCE” with a slow seductive emphasis on the last four words.

Under the table, you slowly begin stroking my cock in a slow rhythmic motion, as you also allow your tongue to dance lightly over my cock head.

“I’m sure the beautiful woman with you would love that white creamy sauce. You should give it to her.” Her nipples were now clearly visible through her blouse and nicely accented the full round cleavage of her tits.

You begin stroking me even harder and faster, knowing that I can’t hold out much longer. You’ve heard everything the waitress has said thus far, but now she moves in closer so that only I can hear her.

She slowly whispers in my ear, ‘I know exactly where that lovely woman is, she’s under that table smoking a sausage, and hoping to get the white creamy sauce that goes with it. I bet her lovely red painted lips are formed in a perfect O and slowly building speed as they slide up and down that hard cock of yours.”

I grip the edge of the table as her words hit me. From what I can feel on my over sensitive cock, I think she hit the nail on the head.

“You’re so close to cumming, aren’t you?” I slowly nod while trying to concentrate on anything else so as not to let this sensation end. But those nipples are staring me straight in the face. The waitress catches where my gaze as fallen.

“Oh, you like my perky little tits, don’t kaçak bahis you? Don’t deny it. Here, let me show you a little more of what you want to see” she says in a hushed voice so no one else can hear. She then proceeds to unbutton another button followed by her taking her thumb and forefinger to her nipples and tweaking them so they become even more pronounced.

She then takes her right arm and steadies herself on the table. She takes her left arm and places it under her beautiful round orbs and pushes her tits up even more, slightly exposing the top of both areolas.

“Ohhh, you’re so close, I can see it in your face. Reach under the table and push her down on that cock.”

I quickly obey, my hands slightly trembling as I reach under the table and find the back of your head. I grab the end of your long hair and wrap my hand around it and begin to push your head up and down. You’re slick lips easily gliding over my length.

“That’s it” the young waitress whispers in my ear. “Force feed it to her. and push those ruby red lips of her’s all the way down to the base.”

“Oh, you know you don’t want to explode just yet, but you can’t hold out much longer. Just watching you struggle to not cum is making me wet as can be. I’d show you my slick little pussy, and how inflamed my lips are and how sorely they want to be touched, but I don’t think that would be prudent given our current location.”

With those final words, I let out a low animal grunt and explode in your mouth. I feel your lips tighten around the edge of the head of my cock as you suck so hard that you create a vacuum around it. No drop will be wasted, as I feel you swallow around the head of my now slowly deflating dick. It’s so sensitive now that every movement you make around it sends a jolt through my body, and you know it as my body lightly jerks to your every touch of it. As a “get even’ gesture for pulling your hair, you take and slowly rake your teeth over my extremely sensitive part of my head.

The waitress senses that I came, but doesn’t know what happened afterwards. She winks at me and says you’re quite welcome, and thanks for the show. With that, she buttons up her blouse adjusts her top and slowly saunters away.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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