A Night I Will Remember

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I am 19 and I am home from University on holidays. My brother Brad who is 25 and I were sitting and talking about different things, that we could do while I was home.

Then Mum came in and said, “What are you two talking about?”

Brad said, “Just talking about what Tina and I could do while she is home.”

Then Mum said, “Well you could have a party.”

I said, “Can we? When.”

Mum replied, “This weekend because your father and I won’t be here.”

Brad said, “Ok, thanks Mum.”

She replied, “There is one condition and that is that you clean up when it is finished.”

We both said, “Ok.”

Then Brad and I just looked at each other and smiled. While we were thinking of who and how many we would invite.

Well the day of the party was here and we were having breakfast together before Mum and Dad left.

Dad said, “Well this party your having tonight.”

I said, “Yes.” Thinking it’s going to be great.

He replied, “How many people are coming?”

“About 20.” replied Brad.

Mum said, “That’s ok, as long as you clean up when it is finished.”

Brad said, “It will be fine Mum.”

Well the time came for Mum and Dad to leave so we said, “good bye” to them. Then we set out to get things ready and to set up ready for our guest to arrive.

Brad asked me “Who have you invited again?”I turned and looked at him and said, “I told you before Lucy,Karen,Amy and a few more.”

Then I asked him, “Who have you invited?”He said, “Gary,Pete and Mike you know the guys I hang out with.”

We were so busy getting things ready that bahis firmaları the time was just flying by.

“I’m going to get ready.” I said to Brad.

“Ok.” He replied.

While getting ready I was thinking of all the people we had invited and how much fun it was going to be.

I tried a few things on not sure what to wear. After a while I decied to wear my purple dress because it fits like a glove so I will have to wear my Black G-string so there will be no pantie lines showing.

Brad calls out, “Are you ready yet?”

I came down the stairs and said, “Yes, how do I look?”

“You look good and I mean really good.”

“Thanks” I replied

Well our guest were starting to arrive and everyone seem happy to be here.

Then Brad said, “Let this party begin.”

Everyone was up dancing and getting to know each other. When I noticed Brad’s friend Pete was trying to get my attention so I went over to see if all was ok.

“Hi everything ok?

“Yes, great thanks.” Pete said

“That’s good.” I replied

Then Pete said, “Your Brad’s sister?”

“Yes.” I said while thinking to myself this guy is good looking.

We started talking and laughing about different things and then we got up to have a dance.

While we were dancing I could see Brad was watching us. I thought gee his watching me to make sure I’m ok, because Brad and his friends were a few years older then myself and my friends. I gave a little wave to Brad as to say everything is fine.

After I had finished dancing with Pete I looked at the clock and couldn’t believe how the kaçak iddaa time had just gone so quick. Then Pete comes over to me and puts his arms around my waist and gives me a kiss on my cheeck.

I said, “Thanks, what’s that for?”

He said, “I just felt like doing it.”

Then Brad comes over “What’s going on here?” He asked

“Nothing.” I replied

Then someone came to say they were going, and as in most parties once one person leaves it’s not long before they all start to leave.

After saying “bye” to people there was only Pete left. Brad poured another drink for Pete and they sat down and started talk to each other. While I started to clean up.

Brad got up to go to the bathroom and Pete came over to me and put his arms around me again.

I said, “Yes.”

Then he kissed me on the lips. I pulled away because I didn’t know if it was him or the drink making him kiss me.

He pulls me back and gives me a full kiss. Brad comes back into the room and said, “What are you doing with my sister?”

Pete said, “I felt like kissing her.”

“I think you better stay the night mate.” Brad said

Brad took Pete to the spare room and put him to bed. I finished most of the cleaning so I said, “Good night” to Brad and went to my room to go to bed.

I was just getting into bed when my door opened and it was Pete. “Pete. Your in the wrong room.” I said to him.

He comes over and grabs me. Then he gives me another kiss but this time I resist. He pushes me onto my bed and lays on me to try and stop me from moving while he is still kissing me.

Then he starts kaçak bahis to play with my tits and even though I didn’t like the way he forced me to kiss him. I was starting to like the feeling I was getting. I sat up to remove my singlet he starts to suck my nipples… “MMMMM… your nipples are so hard.”

I laid back down and he started moving his kissing down my body until he got to my G-string.

“What do we have here?” He said

Then he moved it to one side and started licking my pussy. “MMMM…Your so wet down here.”

I loved the feeling the that was coming over me. Then my door opened and it was Brad, he saw what Pete was doing and said, “I knew there was something going on with you two.”

Pete stops what his doing and said, “I can’t help it, she turns me on.” Brad gets undressed and said, “Move.”

Pete moved and Brad got on top of me, “What are you doing?” I said.

Brad placed his hand on my pussy.

The he said, “Your all wet down there.” Then he place’s his hard cock near my pussy.

“BRAD NO.” I shout.

He said, “If anyone is going to take your virginity it’s going to be me.” He pushed his cock into my pussy. I could feel him going it in and out.

I was getting that feeling again. Then Brad said, “OHHH YEA.” as he was going faster and faster.

I could feel that I was going to cum so I said, “Fuck Me Brad Fuck Me. I’m going to cum.”

“Cum for me” he said. As he was going in and out of my pussy.

Brad said, “Here I cum.” and as he was pumping his cum into me, I shouted, “YES YES YES.”

Then after we had finished he said, “I have been waiting for this moment for ages.”

I said, “What do you mean?”

“Since you turned 18 I have been horny thinking about you.” He replied.

Then both of them left my room.

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