A New Life for Debbie Ch. 05

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Chapter 5: The Deflowering of Samantha and Joan

Now that Debbie and her daughters Janet, Joan and Samantha had settled in the Chinese whore house of Singapore, the main establishment of the Organization, the group that had kidnapped them in their home in South England, spirited them away to Morocco then sent them to Singapore; it was time to breed the two youngest girls who were still virgins. The politic of the Organization wanted that firstly all the whores of the house were to be bred each year to provide babies for adoption against a sizable fee and secondly that all the women from the same family should be bred at the same time or about. Having Debbie and her three daughters who really looked like copies of their mother display similar prominent bellies would surely entice men to book one of them. It was a combination of several classical fantasies for men : fucking the mother and her daughter, fucking two sisters or fucking pregnant women, an inebriating cocktail for most people.

As Joan and Samantha were virgins, their deflowering would be auctioned to the highest bidder. The organization tried always to make as much money as they could from their herd. The announcement of the auction in all the Organization had been done as soon as Abbie had reported their successful dispatch from England. When the medic in Morocco had decided they were in perfect health, the photographer had sent the photos of Joan and Samantha nude, face and profile and in various lewd positions, to all the possible bidders worldwide. All of them were certainly busy evaluating how much they would bid for one of these pretty packs of ultimately fresh meat. The knowledge that their asses had been already extensively used by more than eighty men in a given night was important : some men wanted girls completely untouched, virgin in any holes. They wouldn’t bid on Debbie’s daughters but to the better as most were perverts. On the opposite side, other men would know the girls had a very good vitality, ready to service them as long as they wanted, all night if necessary, and they would pay a lot for this possibility!

The auction would take place in Singapore but bids would be received worldwide through phone or internet. Some of the wealthiest men in the world wouldn’t bid in person with the possibility of being outbid to their shame. Moreover the public deflowering date itself had already been fixed : it would be a week later, on the day of the girls’ maximum fertility. The men who would take their cherries and fill their wombs with their seeds would know that they were also most likely impregnating them. They would be given the top priority for adoption of one or two of their litter as Joan and Samantha had both received the Indian medic fertility shots and would surely produce twins as both their ovaries were busy producing eggs for that impregnation. The limited number of places to watch the girls’ cherries being popped open had been outsold in two hours and could be found in the black market already at ten times the initial value.

With the very good reaction of the public, the direction had started to accept long term advance bookings to fuck the girls for the first time in its history. The first three months were over booked in less than a week! Neither Joan nor Samantha had been informed of these fabulous results : After all they were just property and who would bother informing even a prize whore that she would have to service fifty men every day for the next three months before having her first day off! At five hundred dollars for half an hour maximum, the girls would earn at the minimum twenty five thousand dollars a day, over two million dollars each for their three months probation period, a very good earning for newbies! Afterwards, the prices would be less interesting but the Organization hadn’t been too greedy : the frenzy was so high that they would have sold off at one thousand dollars.

The guys who had been disappointed not to have a date with one of the two new young whores had been proposed their eldest sister and their mother. The demand had been quite good. but good blood tells : the mother was from her file 44 but when you looked at her, at her big not sagging bouncers, her thin (for the time being at least) waist, her long slim legs and thighs, you would give her a dozen years less and with complete make up, she could have been the eldest sister of the team. She had a way of walking on tiptoes with her wobbling breasts and hips that was literally fantastic : cocks got quite erect and hard just watching her sinewy gait and she never tried to elude some breast or buttock caress, switching to purring with a broad smile instantly. She seemed to really love being a whore and so her daughters did!

The days before the auction were heavy duty for Joan and Samantha : many men wanted to assess their stamina, whether they would be up to the task expected from them : help a real man with a big cock and high hormones through the night and do it alone!

Before the real auction, Joan and Samantha would be paraded in the hall, first together, both of them in the same red dress than separately in the nude with their manacled bahis firmaları wrists. They would wear complete wedding day make up in order to bid up their prices as high as possible.

The dresses Joan and Samantha discovered on the fatidic day were simply indecent : made in a filmy gauze, almost see through, they were sleeveless and with very little material on the shoulders. The front was an invitation to rape : the low cut and oval neck line fell very, very low, displaying their navels in the center of a large expanse of naked tummy. It went down enough to show the red tattoo on their pussies. There was just a fine gold chain under their breasts to keep the dress closed. Otherwise their big young breasts would have jumped out of the skimpy dress!

On the back, it was maybe even worse. The wide lowcut neckline left almost all their pert buttocks without a stitch to protect them. There was also a fine gold chain at the level of their breasts to keep the dress in shape. It was not necessary to tell they weren’t wearing any undies at all! If they had gone in the street in such an outfit, they would have been arrested, raped or both before walking a hundred yards!

They had been given matching five inch transparent heels, stilettos of course red pumps with a leather strap looped around the ankle. They had had to walk with them for two hours after their current fifteen hours a day servicing men with their asses and mouths. Six or seven hours of sleep a day was strenuous but they were young and would cope : it was just for three months!

Joan just pointed out that the dress was very short and anyone could easily see under the hem their pussies especially if they were on a high stage above the assistance. The woman in charge of their preparation nodded :

– That’s the game, we’ll make you parade on the stage, sporting a big smile, trying to seduce men into bidding for you! Remember that you’ll earn ten percent of the final bid and your owners twenty per cent!

– I know that Al and Julien had found a gold mine with our asses. But so are Abbie and Tyrone with Mom and Sis! They don’t complain but they love their new job. They find it very exciting!

– And you don’t?

– Yes, it’s the same thing for us but our pussies are never touched or caressed, always locked under that damned chastity belt! God, the guys don’t even try to frig our clits. It’s so frustrating and we can’t even help ourselves! Most of the time, our hands are manacled to the bedposts or in our back. What for, good gracious?

– I’ve been told! It’s to give your customers the illusion you’re non willing reluctant captive whores. It fuels even more their dark desires. And just be patient : in a week, your cunts will take their fair share of heavy duty and it may be not so pleasant for you!

– Frankly, I doubt it. Mom and Sis always come back from their work day with a beaming smile even though they are completely exhausted.

– I would say fucked out in their case, Sis!

– Hush with this small talk! We have just a few minutes left now : here is what you need to know : you’ll be paraded around on the stage, the auctioneer will start the bidding. Someone will rip your dresses from you so that everyone would see you naked from Canada to Australia and even in South England. Yes! We have members even there, maybe some one you know personally, or who knows you, maybe the father of one or your friends at Uni or one of your cousins. Imagine how you would react if the winner of the auction would be a close parent!

– Oh! I would never agree! I would fight him!

– Remember you’re property now, I keep reminding this fact to you. Even if your father was the winner, you would have to open your legs for him and ask him how he wants you! Neither you, nor your sisters, nor your mother, have any more say about it. It’s only the master in front of you who decides as long as he is ready to pay for it. The only one allowed to have you or to give you for free is your owner and in your case it’s still provisional as the ownership ceremony hasn’t been performed. It will be scheduled on the next morning after your deflowering.

– At last! The ceremony was breathtaking for my mother and for Janet! It seemed to have formed a real bond between them since!

– As it should be! The owned girl doesn’t have any more self respect or shyness left. She should be totally pliant to her owner’s desires and if he wants her as a whore and a baby maker, it’ll be her total fulfillment for a slave whore to comply to her owner’s orders!

– OK, Mistress, we’ll try our best for the benefit of the Organization!

– And yours, remember it! You’ll get more in one day then you would have had in a month with a classical job and it’ll be certainly much more enjoyable! I want you very joyful on the stage, smile, be very competitive against one another and hold nothing back. Would you like to make a bet between you?

– What kind of a bet?

– For example that the girl who will be sold for the highest price will get her ass hole licked by the loser!

– That suits me!

– Me too! I would love having my ass hole licked by my sister after kaçak iddaa more than a dozen men have spewed their goo inside my tiny ass hole!

Joan and Samantha were led to the back stage, just separated by a thick drape from the stage where the auctioneer was beginning to warm up the assistance.

– Ladies and gents, Imagine it’ll be the first time in my life that I auction out a pair of superb TWIN bitches. I’ve watched the photos as I’m sure you have done, too and I can tell you that they have the most luscious bodies you can imagine, firm, fresh, nubile and still untouched there where it is most important! Imagine what it will be like, bursting through their hymen, plundering, savaging something from their body, something they will never get back, taking their most cherished treasure, the symbol of the purity of their youth.

He had tremolos in his voice. The two sisters looked one another. They had never attached so much importance to that membrane which barred the access to their cunt. In fact, they expected great pleasures as soon as that barrier would have fallen down. Their mother and sister had just warned them : if the winner of the auction for them had a really big cock, not a long one but one with a big girth, that could be rather painful the first time. The good point was that nine months later, if everything went well; they would give birth to two magnificent babies and be allowed to keep one if they cared for it!

The auctioneer announced Joan and Samantha giving their full name and the name of the small village where they lived. Now, sooner or later the news that they had become whores in some far away brothel would surely leak out to their families and friends. Oh, it was too late to regret it now but they could have offered their cherries to friends or cousins. They had a rather large family and some of their cousins were really cute. . . But afterwards, having it taken by total strangers could have its advantages.

Joan took her sister’s hand as they mounted on the stage. They were sporting big smiles and waved with their hands high above their heads. They were dead afraid but made any effort to look eager and petulant. Aids held their leashes to parade. Their dresses were short and slightly pushed up by the leashes attached to their clit rings, so that their cunts were completely on show. People hadn’t to watch under their dress : the dresses were lifted to show them off!

A spot was following each of them. When the parade was finished, the aid holdind Lisa grabbed the neckline of Samantha’s dress. When the auctioneer announced that the young woman would be sold the first, he pulled the tissue with all his strength. The chiffon dress was ripped into tatters and Samantha appeared in the glory of her youth. She was so pretty that the assistance gasped and applauded in delight.

The aid holding her leash whispered to Samantha :

– Take a sexy pose, damn!

Samantha hastily half turned to offer her profile to the assistance who became mesmerized by the fullness of her breasts and her flat tummy.

– Yes, Ladies and gents, she is quite a beautiful flower still in button. The man who will fuck her in a week will have the privilege of making her blossom, open her to the world and make her pregnant with twins. She has been treated to make both her ovaries to produce ovules. I may book her myself in seven or eight months when this smooth flat belly will be stretched out by the babies one of you will have sired into her womb. She is just twenty two, well educated as she was with her sister a professor at Guilford University in South England before being kidnapped. They were promised to a brilliant career and instead, will serve for all their lives for our perverted pleasures! Life is good for us!

– What am I offered for that fresh rose? We will start the biddings at two thousand dollars! It’s a real bargain! They would be worth much, much more! Yes, I got two thousand. . . Yes, Four thousand, here in front . . . Six thousand in the back,. . . ten thousand on the left!

The biddings soon limited to one man in the assistance, the man Debbie had begged to bid for her daughter or at least one of them and a man on Internet. At fifty thousand dollars, the man in the assistance bowed out, defeated.

– Who give me sixty thousand dollars for the privilege of deflowering that virginal beauty and mount her at will for a full night? No one? Yes, someone on the phone, sixty thousand, seventy,. . . eighty, ninety, ninety five, going for ninety five,. . . going once, . . . going, twice,. . . sold for ninety five thousand dollars to a gentleman on the phone. I’m sorry, lass, you’ll discover who will breed you just at the moment of your defloration. The suspense will be for you!

Then it was Joan’s turn. Her dress was ripped from her body, this time by both aids who caught both sides of the collar of her dress and pulled them apart. The dress was split in two neatly, revealing in a flash her cunt lips and the lowest part of her buttocks. The crowd cheered in approbation. Joan tried to smile and keep a sexy pose.

God! The tension that had existed for the sale of her sister had kaçak bahis completely vanished. The crowd was more interested by watching her cunt and nipples rather than bidding on her defloration! Joan felt humiliated. The worse would be she would have to lick her sister’s ass hole AFTER it had been well used by her customers, probably tomorrow!

She realized that she had been sold for sixty thousand dollars to the man her mother had begged to bid on them. Dee (they were beginning to use her nickname, especially in public instead of Mother or Mom as she was now their trade colleague) had described the man to them, telling them he was gentle and caring, he had a very long and very hard cock but not of so huge in girth as some of her mother’s customers. Her defloration would not be extremely painful. Her sister may not have had the same luck. Every thing considered, Samantha might be the loser in that deal!

Finally she felt quite proud coming back to her bedroom to take a shower richer by six thousand dollars on her account. She would also have the pleasure of telling Al she had earned for him twelve thousand dollars. He could soon buy himself that Porsche boxter car he had dreamed since they had met, a car she would have paid in totality with her ass literally! Damn, she should stop dreaming! They were still thirty men who were waiting their turn to fuck her ass and her mouth that evening. She would tell them that, in a week, her cunt would be available, too. She was the really good young whore, always eager to please men and earn a few bucks more! Inexorably, her mind was adopting the ways of thinking of a prostitute and she didn’t even realize it! She hurried toward her bath room. . .

The days passed then slowly, bringing them their daily group of a mixture of handsome and ugly, white, yellow, black or brown, young or old, beardy, well combed or bald men Joan and Samantha received as well as they could. They weren’t that interested in meeting new, sometimes very interesting people. They were somewhat bored, and above anything anxious about the way their defloration would take place, how much it would hurt and how much pleasure they would draw from being fucked in the conventional way and not taken doggie style from behind as usual!

The D-day had finally come (D for defloration of course) at last. The manager of the whore house had decided that Joan would play the role of the guest star as she won the lowest bid only

For the ceremony, she had been given a beautiful white silk wedding gown. On their wedding days, brides could choose all kind of dresses from the most demure to some rather sexy ones, with very low cut ones, offering their cleavage to the eyes of the assistance with frilly laces and filmy gauzes. This one was of the most wanton type, backless, strapless, with a slit in the front from the hem, brushing the floor up to her navel. When she was standing still, it fitted around her body, seeming quite shy but when she tried a little step forward, it opened completely and showed all the length of her stockinged legs to her red garter belt and the sumptuousness of her naked pussy. It had been deprived of her chastity belt, at last and it had been a real pleasure to get rid of it, just at the last moment before she was escorted to the stage.

The stage was covered with red satin drapes. Joan had entered the lavishly decorated room alone with the notes of a bridal music and waited now for the arrival of her suitor, standing at attention. He waited for the last notes to step in under a torrent of applauses. He wore a very elegant Gucci suit, had his hair perfectly groomed and was freshly shaven. He was quite handsome and was surrounded by a discreet cloud of expensive and very virile fragrances. Joan felt her heart beat faster at the perspective of having such a glorious looking man tear her cherry.

Joan advanced toward him, placed her hands on his muscular chest and offered him her lips. She was a slave and thus not allowed to initiate any sexual contact. She was to be ready for anything, to offer herself lewdly but not take any direct initiative. He pressed his lips on hers, pushing his tongue inside her mouth. Their tongues mingled as she held his face in her hands. At least, it was a move she was allowed to do as he had started the action.

– Please, master, I’m so hot for you. Take me as you want! Make me yours completely!

He didn’t need to be ushered. He had paid a huge sum for her, had dreamt of her for a full week. He wanted to fuck her today and do it several times that night. He kept kissing her lips. Then he whispered to her the order of helping him out of his clothes. Obediently, she took off his jacket and unbuttoned his shirt. He had no tie. She unhooked his belt and unbuttoned slowly his fly taking care not to touch his cock. It was a treat she would keep for later. Her hands caught the waist of his trousers and helped them down. She carefully folded it as his other clothes on the back of a chair. He was now only in his boxers and socks. She bent down to pull off his socks, turning toward the assistance. She knew that her wedding dress would open up to her navel, giving the people watching them more than a glimpse of her pussy which was becoming wetter and hotter by the minutes. She was quite ready to be plundered, be it by this quite handsome man or by whoever would be at hand!

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