A New Leaf in the Garden

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Big Dick

Editor’s note: this story contains scenes of non-consensual or reluctant sex.


You just HAD to go exploring. You HAD to be curious… Cassie thought to herself as she ran through the jungle of a garden. She had always been curious about the estate rumored to be run by a sorceress, but she had never believed them. The woman who came and went from the place seemed like an ordinary noble surrounded by sycophants and servants, but nothing magical. Cassie had banished that misconception the moment the trees started moving.

Seeing a root-like tentacle try to wrap around her ankle had sent her into a run, and she rushed through what felt like a veritable jungle. She ran at a breakneck pace until she spotted what looked like a fountain on the far side of some vines. Blinded by the possibility of escape she rushed into the vines, holding up her arms to push them aside as she passed through, only to find that suddenly they snapped into motion the moment she was among them. Each no larger than a finger, the faintly slime slicked things whirled into motion, grabbing her wrists, her ankles, her waist, her neck; everywhere. They were around her in moments, coiling until she was held tightly.

Cassie struggled with everything she could muster, but the slime-slicked tendrils continued to curl and curl around her, inexorably wrapping tighter. In her desperation she jerked her shoulders, but try as she might nothing she did freed her arms from her sides. She tried pulling them free, tried sliding them, to no avail. More tendrils slithered from the ground, winding around her feet and squeezing her legs closer together, so tight it was on the verge of being painful. In moments her legs up to the thigh had completely disappeared beneath the tendrils, with only a bit of her left visible.

As the tendrils wound about her shoulders and ribs her chest began to feel tight. A tendril wound around between her breasts, then another, while others tightened beneath them. Looking down she wondered for a brief, fleeting moment why they were leaving her breasts and belly bare while completely mummifying the rest of her from thighs down.

A tendril began to curl around her neck and she instinctively tilted her head back and away, but it encircled her nonetheless.

“Let…me…” her chest felt tight, her breath ragged, and she felt like she had to force the words out, “Go!”

The tendril wrapped around her neck again and again while others joined it. They did not squeeze but were constricting enough for her mind to immediately run to a fear of choking. One brushed her chin as it moved upwards, and then another, and another. She felt them sliding around her head, across her cheek. She struggled all the more, but by now her muscles ached and every time she moved it felt like the tendrils merely tightened their grip. She tried to squeeze her fingers into fists, but the tendrils had invaded her so thoroughly they intertwined between each and forced them apart.

“Please…” she begged, watery eyes fixed on Ariadne, “Don’t, kill me…” her voice a sputtering whimper.

“Why would I kill such a lovely creature?” Ariadne asked, her voice practically a purr, “But you may wish I had soon…”

Cassie only had a moment wonder in terror before the root tendrils wrapped around her face up to her cheeks.

“NO PLEASE LET ME G-!” she shrieked in panic. In that moment a tendril suddenly pressed its way into her mouth, sliding effortlessly past her parted lips. She immediately tried to close her mouth but found the tendril in her way. She tried to bite through, but her mouth was forced open so far that her teeth found no grip, and the tendril’s thin coating of some kind of slime allowed it to pass further and further. Cassie tried to push at it with her tongue, but her tongue was forced against the floor of her mouth. Looking down she could see it moving further and further despite her efforts.

The invader pushed into her throat and she tried to cough and gag it out, but the muscles found themselves unable to due to the obstruction. She could feel her stomach trying to wretch but anything it brought up was blocked by the tendril. She tried to breath and felt panic as her nose did nothing, the tendril blocking her lungs. Her lungs began to burn, chest feeling strained. Once again, she began to struggle against her bindings, not remembering in that moment that remaining still would conserve precious oxygen. She could feel the thick member taking up her entire throat, so thick it pressed it outwards.

Cassie looked up and saw Ariadne smirk while she jerked and spasmed in desperate need for air. Tears rolled down her cheeks as her instincts took over and her body did everything it could think of to survive.

Suddenly Cassie felt a burning in her throat near the top of her bursa escort lungs; a sensation identical to the times when she had swallowed wrong and gotten some kind of fluid in her lungs. Unable to stop herself she tried to cough, her body trying desperately to force the tendril out.

The burning feeling spread, growing worse with each moment as something seeped into her lungs. Moments felt like eternities as her body began to run out of air. Cassie’s struggles tapered off to the occasional twinge. Darkness crept around her vision, her mind slowing moment by moment. Her eyes drooped, and she had to fight to keep them open, but they drifted closed despite her as consciousness began to slip away. All the while the tendril had pressed deeper and deeper into her, and by now she could vaguely feel it swirling around her stomach.

Then suddenly awareness returned, and the burning began to disappear. Her eyes opened. She still couldn’t seem to draw breath through her nose, and yet she didn’t seem to need to. She felt as if she was breathing even though it was clear her lungs were not moving, her chest not rising or falling.

Ariadne stepped over to her captive, stood up on her toes and leaned in to whisper to Cassie, “It will breath for you now…you’re part of it…” the smirk on her lips grew, “It is in control of that part of you now…and soon the rest.” Then she took a step away.

Cassie’s eyes widened in terror as the tendrils around her face suddenly began to curl a little more, and she felt a faint tickling at her eye as, on either side, thin tendrils began to slip inside her ear, and then up her nose. She tugged at her bindings, but her muscles had given everything they could already and tingled fruitlessly at her call. Once more she felt briefly overwhelmed by a burning sensation as her body tried to reject the intruder but could do nothing. She felt like she had to sneeze to get the tendrils out of her nose but wherever her body tried to act the tendrils already seemed to be, and stronger.

She glanced down at herself, and for a moment wondered if her skin had taken on a faintly green tint, or maybe it was just a trick of the light, a reflection off all the greenery around her.

Cassie felt something press into her stomach; some kind of thick fluid coming out of the tendril in her belly. It pumped whatever stuff it was into her, making her feel full. Yet it did not stop there, and soon enough she could feel whatever it was roiling up all the way to her lips and into her lungs, making them burn once more in reaction. This time it did not seem to interfere with her breathing, but it made her chest feel full like she’d drawn a breath.

As the fluid was busy filling her Cassie became acutely aware that the tendrils hadn’t simply wrapped her legs together, but had found ways to wrap between them, encircling her ankles, calves, and thighs. She could feel the ones around her thighs winding higher, ever closer to her cunt. Finally, one pressed up against her lower lips, sending a chill up her spin as the faintly cool slime covering it coated her. Meanwhile a second found her other hole and began to press into it.

“Nnnng! NNNNG!” she tried to make sounds of protest towards Ariadne, who simply watched with that cursed, smug smirk on her lips, but nothing of any coherence came out.

Obscenely the tendrils began to press inside at once, pushing their way into her. She could feel as the front tendril parted her lips, pressed beyond inside the inner folds and into her depths. The thing was huge, the stretch of it forcing its way into her made her feel like she was going to split in half.

She groaned into her tendril gag, and yet was surprised to realize that her own groan wasn’t purely of agony, but of a hint of pleasure. In the first moment the intrusion had felt agonizing but each heartbeat that followed it began to take a turn for the pleasurable. Soon enough it began to feel genuinely good.

The same was true for the other tendril, which pressed its way into her ass and inexorably inward. She could feel it rooting around, moving through her and she was genuinely sure it was headed for her stomach.

She felt a confusing jolt of pain and pleasure as the tendril in her vagina found her cervix and pressed up against it. The pressure built; the tendril uncaring as it forced its way in. When finally the sphincter gave in she felt yet another, stronger jolt and the tendril slid inside. Eyes wide, she tried to squeeze her hands into fists but couldn’t even do so much as that thanks to the invasive vines. Tears streaked down her face, pooling on the tendrils wrapped around her cheeks and mouth.

Let me go! she wanted to scream, but formless sound is all she could muster. She felt every inch of the two tendrils entering her, smooth surfaces, the occasional bursa escort bayan vein or bump. The one that forced its way into her womb finally seemed to stop. Inside she began to feel the strangest sensation of tingling. She hardly had a moment to process the feeling though before the tendril began to retract. She felt an odd sensation as it left her, the sensation of its textures remarkably pleasurable as it left her. She was inwardly ashamed that she was fairly sure it had even somehow managed to get her wet. Except then she began to feel a pulling sensation, like it was pulling something out of her.

What the!? she thought in panic, the pressure on her cervix, now reversed, was growing. She never had children, but suddenly began to wonder if this is what it felt like. Out of the corner of her eye she caught a glance of her cheek and realized her skin definitely had taken on a faintly green hue. Whatever the tendril down her throat was doing it seemed to be altering her.

She finally managed to look down and realized that her belly had swollen substantially; it looked like she was in her third trimester. To make matters worse, she suddenly felt something moving through the tendril in her pussy. Whatever it was, it was vaguely spherical and easily the size of a fist and stretched the tendril as it moved in pulsing jumps. In it went, forcing her opening even further, so wide she thought she would tear.

In the thing went, and before long she felt a sudden warm sensation inside of her that seemed to spread all around, and for a brief moment the pressure on her womb relaxed. The warmth turned to a tingling, and before her very eyes her skin seemed to flush greener. At this point she was just a few shades lighter than the tendrils themselves.

“What has it done to you?” Ariadne spoke up, answering the question Cassie wished she could ask. “It’s integrating you into itself.”

Suddenly the cervical pressure began again and grew sharp and strong. It was not painful necessarily but felt wrong. No, not wrong. It felt good but her mind didn’t want it to feel that way. The sensation was like her insides were being pulled right out. She found herself moaning of all things, deep rumbling moans of bliss right into the tendril in her mouth.

She felt a distinct popping sensation as something came loose, and it was like floodgates of pleasure had been let loose. A wave of unspeakable, unexpected bliss flew out from her sex, flushing through her body out to her fingertips. Her eyes lulled, body tingling all over as the pleasure faded and was replaced by teasing cool feeling.

She looked down, having to strain her neck to even get the faintest glimpse. Her belly was still swollen and green, with root-like veins faintly visible under the surface of her skin. As her eyes traveled down, they caught sight of something, and she was sent into a whole new spiral of terror. She could see her cunt clearly between tendrils, but something hung out of it; a long dark green tube oozing with a glistening honey. The horror came when she realized it was her own uterus and womb, prolapsed out of her. Not only that, but it had grown, and hung down to her knees.

What did you DO!? She wanted to scream, her eyes lifting to Ariadne, who stepped closer once more. In her terror she hardly noticed that her breasts also seemed to be growing.

“You’re a plant now. The vines have repurposed your little cunt for their purposes. Specifically…” she reached down and picked up the prolapsed womb. Given Cassie’s past experience with lovers touching that she expected pain, but even the silken touch of Aria’s fingers on the flesh felt divine, sending up a tingling wave of pleasure that left her softly moaning, “…this is now going to deposit your fruit bearing seeds. In fact, the first should come soon.” Aria drew a finger over the cervix, collecting some of the fluid oozing from it. That single gesture sent another quiver through Cassie’s body. Aria brought the delicate finger to her lips, licked them clean, and smiled, “Delicious. Sweet as honey.”

Aria’s soft fingers drew up and down the length of Cassie’s new seed ovipositor as it dangled limply down, each brush sending waves of indescribable pleasure so strong they made her whole-body quiver and quake with delight. Suddenly she began to feel a pressure inside of her, like something was pressing outward from belly, from her womb. The pressure built with each passing moment, starting with a dull tingle and soon growing to feel like what she imagined childbirth felt like. She remembered watching her mother give birth to her sisters.

Soon enough that pressure became almost painful, and just as she felt like she was about to burst she felt something inside of her give way, and with it came a rush of orgasmic bliss so strong she visibly escort bursa shook. Her eyes rolled back; lips parted with her tongue hanging down like a bitch in heat as nothing but pleasure coursed through her. Sure, she had orgasmed before, but nothing she could recall compared.

And it did not end there. She could still feel something inside her new…ovipositor? Stamen? Something altogether different. She felt it falling, crawling its way down her prolapsed womb towards the ground. Each inch felt like an eternity of utter bliss. Through glassy, orgasm addled eyes she looked down and could see her womb bulging out an inch on each side as her “fruit” slid down and down. Were she more aware she would have been alarmed at how her women hung almost two feet down from her cunt, but at the moment she hardly cared about anything but the growing fear that the pleasure would end when the fruit left her.

Everything, from the tip of her toes to the top of her head, tingled in the most delightful way, and even the slightest beat of a butterfly’s wing would have been felt tenfold on her sweat slickened skin. Except as she licked her lips, the sweat tasted sweet, like some kind of sap or honey. She tried to watch, but her breasts had swelled to the size of melons, hiding her view. Her puffy, now emerald green nipples glistened with an amber sweet sap that appeared to match what Aria had drawn from Cassie’s cunt.

“That’s a good girl, and that will be your reward until the very end. Every day you’ll bear fruit multiple times.” Aria whispered in her ear, “The creatures of my garden will come to dine, and they’ll lick, stroke, and suckle you until you give them all they want, and when they’re done you’ll be so immersed in bliss you’ll want nothing more.”

Cassie could feel it falling down those last moments, leaving her a prisoner of pleasure offered only by the pull of gravity. She quaked in delight she felt it beginning to press against her cervix, the weight of her “fruit” inexorably pulling it down. Those moments, with it dilating her like some kind of flora child were the most pleasurable, and she was overcome with the strongest orgasm yet. All she could do is sing out her pleasure into the tendril that had long since settled within her. The pleasure had been so great she had almost forgot it was there. As she felt the waves of pleasure electrifying her body, she could feel them trailing down her womb, forcing it to tingle and spasm just slightly, and just enough to coax the fruit free with a wet sucking sound. Her cervix parted the last moments, carried on a tide of orgasmic fluid, and it fell, plopping to the ground.

Aria knelt down and picked the fruit up, holding it in Cassie’s view where she beheld a round fruit about the size of a large apple or orange. Its skin was a myriad of colors like some kind of pastel pink sunset. She pulled it apart with her thumbs, revealing a faintly pink, partially translucent flesh, the sticky sweet juices practically gushing out onto Aria’s hands. She held one half up and took a dainty bite, smiling as she licked her lips, “Delicious, and a potent aphrodisiac, if you were curious. The first time is always fast, they’ll slowdown from there.” Satisfied, she slipped it into a sleeve pocket and cleaned off her hands with her tongue and a small cloth.

“Enjoy yourself my dear.”

Cassie struggled to breath, her body feeling exhausted, and yet the tendril maintained its control over her. She noticed that her skin had taken on even more of a green hue, looking practically azure now.

Suddenly Cassie felt herself being lifted again. She could barely move her head, the tendril held her still, but she saw herself being lifted against one of the massive leaves of the plant creature. The bottom of the leaf writhed with the tendrils and was covered in a sticky looking sap. As she looked around, she noticed that the other leaves of this massive plant all had humanoid forms embedded into them, and they all had been modified like her. She could barely tell those that were once male from female; both had swollen chests and puffy nipples sparkling with sap, and where the women had prolapsed uteri, the men’s cocks had taken on that role; growing in width and length to perform the same task.

She watched as one of the leaves that was once a man quivered, his hips jerking as a bulge appeared at the base of his elongated cock and began to slide down. Tendrils wrapped around her again, holding her close as the sap on the leaf adhered to her back, her ass, her calves, biceps, and everything. She was joining with it, the two becoming one. She felt small tendrils worming into her ears and nose, root-like appendages incorporating her into her new body. Her thoughts became distant, like a voice echoing from afar. As the tiny tendrils slipped into her ears she could ‘feel’ the plant around her, even the other people. In a distant feeling she could feel the pleasure of the man bearing a fruit across the way.

And then she began to feel that pressure in her womb building once again…

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