A Naughty Girlfriend

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Allison met Joe six months ago over summer break through a friend of hers. She had just finished her freshman year at a local college when her friend Angela told her about a guy she thought was perfect for her. He also went to a local college and was a year older than Allison. They shared a lot of similar interests so Angela insisted Ally, as she’s known to her friends, go out with Joe. She agreed and instantly there was a connection between the two.

Over the course of the next few months, it was becoming clear to Ally that she was in love with Joe. Everything about him was perfect. He was handsome, sensitive, caring, funny, and a good listener, which Ally really loved. He did a lot of little things that always brought a smile to her face. He would leave little surprises on her car while she was at school ranging from flowers, to cards, and small gifts. Joe lived alone in an apartment so from time to time, he would surprise Ally with a bubble bath followed by a full body massage. Ally absolutely loved his massages because they always put her in the mood to fool around.

A few days ago, she received perhaps the best massage from Joe. Unfortunately, they weren’t spending Christmas together because his family planned to spend the holiday out of town. Joe invited her to go but she felt she should spend Christmas with her family. He understood so on December 23rd, the day before he was leaving, Joe decided to give Ally a going away present. They exchanged their gifts for each other that night also but he wanted to give her something in addition to those.

When Ally arrived at Joe’s, he kissed her hello and grabbed her by the hand. He led her to the bathroom, which was filled with candles and a tub filled with bubbles. He began to remove her jacket as Ally questioned what the occasion was. He said it was going to be a special night. Joe lifted her sweater over her head and unhooked her bra. Her 34 B cup tits fell out from the bra. Ally has a nice body. She’s 5’4″, 130 pounds, brown hair that reaches to her shoulders, and brown eyes. Ally removed her sneakers and socks before Joe continued undressing her by unbuttoning and unzipping her jeans. He slid them down her legs along with her thong. He helped her into the tub and when she was in, he explained tonight was going to be special. She had a feeling he had something different planned but she wasn’t sure what. He tells her they’ll exchange gifts after her bath.

Joe leaves a robe for Ally on the bathroom door and gives her some privacy to relax. She has a million things running through her mind. What is he up to? She tries to relax but the anticipation is driving her crazy. She already feels a tingle between her legs and notices her nipples begin to harden as they are just sticking out above the water. After about thirty minutes, Joe returns and asks if Ally is ready to get out. She was ready twenty minutes ago because the anticipation has made her really horny. He hands her a towel to dry off and then her robe. They go into the living room to exchange their gifts. This was another one of Joe’s good traits. He’s really good at buying gifts. Sitting in front of Ally are two larger boxes and one tiny box, most likely containing a piece of jewelry.

Ally and Joe begin opening their presents. Ally starts with the bigger boxes. When she gets the first one open, she sees it’s a nice red top and black skirt. It’s perfect to wear for Christmas when she goes to her aunt’s house for dinner. The other box has a nice pair of black boots to match the outfit. She’s really excited to wear it. The only gift left is the tiny box. She opens the lid and inside are a pair of beautiful earrings. She can also wear these with the outfit for Christmas. Ally loves everything Joe gave her but he’s not finished yet. They walk to his bedroom so he can give her a massage.

The oils and lotions are sitting on the night table. Joe unties the belt around Ally’s waist and removes the robe. It falls bahis firmaları to the floor and she lays down on the bed. He begins by adding lotion to her shoulders and back. He rubs it into her skin, getting progressively firmer as he goes. She could fall asleep from being so relaxed. Everything about it feels amazing. He moves his way down her body, massaging her thighs, calves, and feet. Once everything is done, he massages both of her hands before completing the final phase of the going away present. Usually following a bath and massage, Joe fingers Ally as he kisses her but tonight he has something different planned. Ally has never been eaten out before so he decides it’s a perfect time to see if she likes it.

Joe instructs her to roll over and Ally assumes he’s going to finger her, which can’t happen soon enough because her clit is throbbing now. She has her eyes closed and her legs spread. She’s waiting to feel Joe’s lips pressed against hers but that’s not exactly what happens. Suddenly, she feels a strong tingle in her pussy. She doesn’t even bother to ask Joe what he’s doing. As long as he doesn’t stop, she doesn’t care. His tongue is licking all around her slit. Her pussy is really wet and her clit is now rock hard. He slides his tongue inside her, feeling the warmth around his lips. She loves every minute of it. He decides to move up to her clit and gives it a quick flick with his tongue. Ally releases a soft moan and begs Joe not to stop. He has no intention of stopping until she cums hard.

As he’s licking all around her pussy, he notices Ally has started playing with her tits. She’s squeezing them with her hands and occasionally pinching her nipples with her fingertips. He knows that always makes her really horny so she must be enjoying herself. She’s glad she shaved that morning because everything is smooth except for a small strip rising up from her clit, only adding to the sensation. Her legs are spread wide on the bed only making it easier for Joe to slip his tongue inside her pussy. Suddenly, Joe begins sucking on her clit and Ally thinks she’s going to pass out. He has her button between his lips. She’s moaning exceedingly at this point, begging Joe to “suck on it. Yeah baby.” He goes back and forth between licking her clit and sucking on it. She’s ready to cum and Joe sucks on her clit as Ally’s body squirms on the bed. She releases a loud moan and her orgasm begins to run throughout her body. Joe continues licking her clit for a few seconds after she finishes before she finally begins to settle down.

When she regains her senses, she’s speechless. She’s not sure how to describe how amazing it was. Her body is still tingling minutes after her orgasm. She tells Joe it was probably the best orgasm she’s ever had. She can’t thank him enough for the whole night. He climbs into bed with her and holds her until she falls asleep.

When they wake up, Ally gathers her clothes and begins to get dressed. She realizes she forgot to give Joe a batch of holiday cookies she made for him to take on his trip. She had placed the container on the counter as soon as she got to Joe’s apartment and forgot all about it. As they exchange their goodbyes, they reassure each other that they’ll see one another again in a week. Joe tastes one of the cookies and Ally tells him that she needs to make more tomorrow so she can bring them to her aunt’s on Christmas day. Joe packs her presents into a shopping bag for her to take home and they have one more kiss goodbye.

As Ally drives home, she’s sad she won’t get to spend Christmas with Joe but still on her mind is the orgasm she had earlier. She can’t stop thinking about it the whole way back to her house. When she parks her car, she sends Joe a quick text message telling him she’s home. She picks up the shopping bag and goes inside. She’s surprised her mom is still awake watching TV in the living room. Ally shows her what Joe gave her for Christmas before heading up to kaçak iddaa her room.

Ally removes her sweater and bra as she gets ready for bed. She walks to her dresser to get out a nightie to sleep in. She slides her jeans and thong off and drops the nightie over her body. This particular nightie is skimpy, not really covering much of her tits. But she still feels a little sexy from before so she doesn’t mind. She quickly falls asleep after getting into bed and when she wakes up in the morning, there’s a text from Joe telling her he loves her.

She needs to get her day started because she needs to bake and have the kitchen cleaned before her mom starts cooking dinner for the family members coming over later. She removes her nightie and throws on a pair of sweatpants with no underwear and a cami without a bra. Her top is a little tight and she admires how her tits look in it. She hopes to stay busy to keep her mind off of Joe.

She goes downstairs and begins preparing what she needs to make holiday cookies. All the ingredients and cookie sheets are gathered. She spends the better part of the morning baking when she decides she has enough cookies for that night and Christmas day. She cleans the kitchen just in time for her mom to say she needs help making dinner. Normally Ally would argue about having to also help cook but she doesn’t want Joe on her mind so she agrees to assist her mom.

When everything is prepared and cooking, Ally heads upstairs to shower and get dressed for dinner. She looks out her window and notices a few snowflakes falling from the sky. It’s not supposed to accumulate but it’s enough to make her wish she was with Joe for Christmas, drinking hot chocolate in front of the fire place in Ally’s house. She heads to the bathroom to shower.

As the hot water cascades down her body, she wipes away the tiredness from her eyes. She wishes Joe would miraculously appear in the shower with her so he could eat her out again. She can’t stop thinking about it. But she brushes it away and finishes her shower. She steps out and puts her robe on before going back to her room. She has a little while before the company arrives so she lies on her bed in her robe and watches TV. The Food Network is airing a lot of programs about the holidays so she watches that.

After a while, Ally’s mom calls up to her wanting to know if she can help her in the kitchen. She says she’ll be down in a few minutes so Ally gets clothes out to wear. She decides on a pair of capris and a sweater. She grabs a bra and thong from her drawer and gets dressed in time to head downstairs to help her mom.

Everyone enjoys dinner and Ally’s cookies. She’s starting to really miss Joe. Luckily, she knows they plan to talk on the phone that night so she’s looking forward to that. She spends time with her family before they head home. She goes upstairs and plans to call Joe before going to bed. They talk for a while about how much they miss each other and wish they were together. Ally can’t help herself so she asks if Joe will eat her out again when he gets home. Of course, he agrees to and she immediately feels a little horny thinking about it. They are both tired so they say goodnight and go to sleep.

Christmas morning in Ally’s house is very festive. The family eats breakfast before opening presents. She wakes up to the sound of Christmas music playing downstairs. She can smell coffee, eggs, and cinnamon buns baking in the oven. She drags herself out of bed and before heading downstairs in pajama pants and a tee shirt; she sends a “Merry Christmas” text message to Joe.

The family eats breakfast and exchanges gifts with each other. It helps to take her mind off of Joe. After opening presents, Ally makes up a dish of cookies using a Christmas platter with snowmen on it to bring to her aunt’s house for dinner. She wraps it nicely with ribbon to keep the air out. She helps clean up the kitchen and living room after breakfast kaçak bahis before heading upstairs to shower.

While in the shower, once again she gets kind of horny thinking about Joe sucking on her clit. She doesn’t know if she’ll be able to wait until Joe gets home to pleasure her. She finishes her shower and goes to her room to get dressed. She lays Joe’s gifts out on her bed before getting dressed. She’s certain everything will fit so she cuts the tags off. Walking to her dresser, she considers going commando. The skirt is long enough and she is feeling somewhat naughty. She opens her drawer and pulls out a red bra to match the top and decides on not wearing underwear.

As she’s getting dressed, she can feel her clit starting to throb with the idea of going commando in a skirt. She knows it will be very naughty and it only adds to the excitement. She hooks her bra and begins to slide her skirt on. With that on, she puts the top on before looking at herself in the mirror. She looks really sexy and she’s extremely horny. She puts her boots on and knows Joe would love her in this outfit. She takes one last look in the mirror before going downstairs.

Everyone is ready to go when she gets downstairs so they head over to Ally’s aunt’s house, which is only ten minutes away. When Ally and her family arrive, she immediately realizes she forgot the cookies. Her mother tells her it’s not a big deal and she can get them after dinner.

The families exchange presents before dinner and Ally is surprised by her aunt and uncles generosity. They bought her a new digital camera, which she needs because hers is getting fairly old. Ally doesn’t know how to thank them for such a great gift. Her aunt tells Ally they already charged the battery so it can be used.

During dinner, Ally is thinking about Joe’s tongue on her pussy and the fact that she’s not wearing any underwear. Suddenly, an idea comes to mind. What if while she’s getting the cookies from home, she puts her new camera to use? Maybe she can have a nice surprise for Joe when he gets home. She’s starting to get wet thinking about it.

Dinner ends and Ally is committed to making a video of her masturbating for Joe when she goes home to get the cookies. Her mother tells her if she wants to go get the cookies she can. Ally leaves the table to get her coat and before heading out, she grabs her new camera. On the ride home, she has to resist the temptation to slide her hand under skirt. She really wants to because she’s horny and aching to play with her clit. Ally knows Joe loves when she masturbates so adding a video should only make it hotter.

When she gets home, she can’t get in the house fast enough. She heads upstairs to her room and immediately finds a place to put the camera. She hits record and makes sure Joe can see everything. Ally walks in front of the camera and says “hey baby. I just got this camera for Christmas and decided to give you a little surprise. I’m really horny and feeling naughty. I can’t wait for you to eat me out again. I hope you enjoy this. Mwah.”

Ally gets on her bed and instantly opens her legs to show Joe she’s not wearing any underwear. She removes her top and pulls her skirt up to her waist. Ally starts playing with her clit, which is hard. She slides her index finger into her pussy and it’s warm. It’s soaking wet and she loves the feeling of knowing Joe will see this. She stops so she can remove her bra. She throws it to the floor and goes back to her pussy. She feels naughty having her skirt and boots on. Her legs are spread wide on her bed. She can feel how hard her clit is from being in front of the camera. She alternates between being inside and fingering her clit.

After a few minutes, she feels her orgasm building. She starts saying “suck on it. Suck on it.” She arches her back and rapidly fingers her clit until she cums. The house is empty so she doesn’t try to conceal her satisfaction. She releases a loud moan as her back drops down on the bed. She continues playing with her clit as her entire body tingles. She relaxes before walking to the camera and saying “I hope you like this babe. It felt amazing. I love you. Merry Christmas.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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