A Holiday in Kerala Ch. 2

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It had rained the whole night. It was still drizzling when I woke up in the morning. It was cloudy and cold. Since there was no fieldwork that day, Naani came to do the housework after the rain stopped. She pretended as though nothing happened. I noticed that the top button of her blouse was undone and as she bent down sweeping the floor, her big boobs were literally jumping out of her blouse. As she came near me, I caught her breasts and gently squeezed them, another first for me. She did not resist but in mock anger said, “Shhh…. Granny is here…. You come to the pump house to day at 6.00 in the evening and wait for me. When I give you the signal come out and join me…” she instructed me as she continued sweeping.

At that moment Granny came and sat beside me and we started chatting about various things. After some time I went to my room to read. I looked about for Naani but she was nowhere in sight. I was thinking about the evening all the time. Some how the afternoon went by. Not wanting to arouse Granny’s suspicion, I told her I was going for a walk, and left the house at 5.30 in the evening. Going out by the front gate I detoured back to the pump house, opened it, entered and waited for Naani.

Around 6.00 she came. To my utter disappointment, there was another girl, may be a couple of years younger to her, with her. To day they did not bring any clothes to wash. They were chatting loudly and laughing. They left their fresh clothes on the dry upper steps and stood at the water’s edge still talking, but now softly. Naani unhooked her blouse and started removing her bra. The other girl also followed suit. They were both topless now. Although her friend was slimmer, her breasts were nevertheless moderately large and stood out prominently. Then both of them started removing their mundus and became as naked as the day they were born.

Naani sat on the washing stone and said loudly, “Bring the oil container, Devi.”

Devi, (that was her friend’s name then) took a small oil container and sat behind the naked Naani. She started applying oil to Naani’s hair and then her shoulders and all the way down to her back. Naani stood up. Devi continued to apply oil to her thighs and legs. Devi then stood up, turned Naani to face her and started to anoint her neck and then her breasts, over which she lingered for some time, and abdomen. She then kneeled in front of Naani, dipped her hand into the oil container and applied it to Naani’s thick bush. Naani was now getting hot. She held on to Devi’s head and spread her legs. Devi began to rub Naani’s mould in a circular manner. Then she rubbed along the slit. Then she inserted two fingers into Naani’s cunt and started fucking it in a slow and deep motion.

This was more than a routine bath. These two must be more than friends. They were lesbians, country lesbians, and in live action before me. My prick was engorged to the maximum. I dared not touch it, for fear of instant bahis firmaları discharge. I continued to watch then. In the still silent evening, these two were lost in a world of their own.

Naani had one leg over Devi’s shoulder and Devi was now licking the bushy cunt before her. I could not see her tongue, but her face was buried deep in Naani’s bush. Jus as suddenly, Naani stopped Devi, and picking up the oil container began to anoint Devi. She made Devi stand up with her back to the steps. As she was giving her a rub down, she signaled me in the pump house, asking me to cone down. As I silently made my way to the women, I saw Naani hugging Devi and implanting kisses on her cheeks, while massaging her buttocks. As I neared them I removed my shirt and lungi and became nude. I slid behind Devi and sandwiched her between Naani, my erect prick poking her buttock cleft. This must have shocked her, for Devi let out a sharp scream and jumped. Naani covered her mouth and asked her to stop screaming. Turning round and finding me there all totally naked, she made a dash for her clothes and made a futile attempt to cover her nudity.

Naani introduced me to her. “This is the Mohan ettan I told you about. Don’t worry, don’t be shy.” So saying she took my prick in her hand and showed it to her. “Here see this! It is already more than three months since either of us tasted one of this. I can’t wait to taste it! Come girl, come and enjoy it. Mohan ettan is a good man, no one will know of it.” She was stroking it gently. My prick was jumping in her hand. I could not wait any longer. I embraced Naani and began to squeeze her breasts.

“Come girl, Devi,” Naani invited her again.

Devi slowly came near us. I stretched my arm and drew her near as Naani slid down and took my throbbing prick in her mouth and started sucking it. Seeing this Devi began to loosen up. I took her in my arms and kissed her. She had such a sweet scented breath. She began to respond to my oral probing. Our tongues met and teased each other. Her breath quickened. I bent down and took her breast in my mouth and began teasing her nipple. I massaged the other breast. Soon they were firm and bouncy, their nipples protruding. My fantasies while watching blue films were becoming a reality. Theory was put into practice here. Devi was concentrating on Naani now. While watching what was going on, she began to rub her pubis on my thigh. I was on the verge of spurting my juice.

I told Naani so and she stopped her sucking and turned her attention to Devi. She began kissing her thighs and slowly moved towards her mould. I moved aside and watched them. Devi spread her legs allowing Naani access to her cunt. I moved in closer. I could see Naani’s tongue flicking Devi’s clit. Devi further spread her cunt lips wider with her two hands and invited Naani to taste them. Obligingly Naani inserted her tongue into her cunt and began licking it with relish. With Naani on all kaçak iddaa fours licking Devi’s cunt, I began to fondle her huge breasts. Though not as firm as Devi’s, they were nevertheless a pleasure to play with. I stroked her back and felt her firm buttocks at the same time. I rubbed the cleft between her two moulds of sexy flesh and reached her arse hole. I could feel it puckering as I stroked it. I went further and reached her cunt. It was very wet and slippery. I stroked her cunt lips and inserted two fingers into it. I felt a kind of warmth within which I have never felt anywhere. Naani began rocking her hips urging me to move my hand. I obliged. I moved my fingers in and out of her cunt slowly while she continued to lick Devi. I could hear both the ladies grunting and shaking. Finally Devi caught Naani’s head and pressed it firmly to her cunt, letting out a sharp scream like Naani had done yesterday. At the same time Naani clamped her thighs together and trapped my hand inside her cunt. I continued moving my fingers inside her cunt for some more time till with an animal grunt, she released my hand and lied down flat on the wide steps of the pond. Devi also sank down beside her.

I sat besides them and heard their story. While Naani was from my village, Devi was from a different village and she had married a local man. That was why she did not recognize me. They were neighbours, their husband being good friends from childhood. Since the income from working the fields was not sustained and sufficient, both of them had gone to Chennai to work in a factory. They usually came back once in three months staying for about three or four days. That was all the leave they could get. They had to satisfy their sexual desires during that time. They usually did day and night. Then they went dry for another three months. It was during these times they kept each other company, having heard from other women about it.

While listening to their story my prick became erect again. Devi noticing it said, “Now it is my turn!” and grabbing it by both her hands she began to stroke it. Naani laughed. “So this was the shy woman a few minutes ago” she teased. Paying no attention to her Devi bent low and took my turgid penis into her mouth.

“Let me lick your cunt Naani” I begged. She immediately stood astride me and offered her cunt. I inhaled the musky aroma of a female cunt for the first time in my life. I parted her hairy bush and was in for a surprise. Naani had a long clit, a good two inches and thick too. It was standing erect.

“It is nice isn’t it? My husband likes it so much. He never gets tired of playing with it” a proud Naani said. “Devi also loves it.”

Devi bobbled her head in agreement as she was giving a wonderful suction treatment for my swollen penis. She held my penis in her mouth and was sucking it without moving her head but using her cheeks only. It was a wonderful feeling. After some time she started teasing kaçak bahis the opening at the tip with her tongue. Then she wet the head with a blob of spit and started moving my foreskin up and down firmly gripping the shaft.

I tickled Naani’s clitoris with the tip of my tongue and stimulated it. It was already stiff so I took it in my mouth and began to suck it. It was like sucking a child’s penis. Naani was in a great state of excitement. I then licked between her cunt lips. It tasted sour-ish with a tinge of salt. I instantly loved it. I flicked my tongue deep into her crevice. She apparently liked it very much, for she arched her hip more as if trying to make my tongue go deeper inside. She shuddered, uttered a cry and sank down besides me.

Meanwhile Devi was fast at work on my prick. Her head was moving fast up and down, up and down. She was sucking my prick as though she was going to swallow it. I knew I could not take it any longer and was on the verge of spewing my juice. I tried to warn her, but before she could do anything I shot a load into her mouth, then on her face and on her breast. She swallowed my first load and licked her lips and stared at me in mock anger. We all burst out laughing.

The women then went to wash themselves in the pond. Seeing their rounded buttocks quivering made my penis stiff again. By the time they returned I was ready and rubbing my rod. Seeing my state of excitement Naani wasted no time. She made me stand and bending forwards and showing her fat backside to me, asked me to enter from behind. I was fumbling in the excitement when Devi came to my rescue. She held my prick in one hand, spread Naani’s cunt with the other and guided me to the target. I felt moist warmth engulfing my rod. I remained motionless for some time relishing it. Naani urged me on. She was hot. We began a slow rhythmic dance. Devi was close at hand watching my prick poking Naani’s cunt. It was also a first for her, for she had never watched another couple having sex. She stimulated me by massaging my buttocks and my balls.

Soon she could not take it any more. She went down on all fours besides Naani saying, “I want some, I want some.”

I obliged. I pulled out my prick from Naani’s cunt and inserted it into Devi’s waiting hole. I thrust deep and slow into her moist cunt. Her hole was tighter. As the head of my prick knocker the innermost region of her tight hole, she moaned. As I fucked her, I noticed Naani watching us and rubbing her swollen clit. What a sight it was! Two beautiful arses side by side for me to fuck! I withdrew from Devi and inserted into Naani and continued fucking her. The tempo increased, both of them demanding an equal share of my prick. Finally I burst on both their backsides. My cock spurted strings of curdy white semen covering them both.

We rested. It was already getting dark. I remembered Granny. After catching our breath, we all entered the water. I cleaned myself of the oil with their soap and quickly dressed and went home. As I was bidding them goodbye, I saw them soaping and hugging each other. They seemed to have forgotten about me. I was lucky to meet such horny village women.

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