A Hard Working Man

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One of my first jobs after finishing college thirty years ago was to work at the home of a couple whose fortune was made in the real-estate boom in Texas. I was 25 then, they were in their early forties. I had a lanky athletic build, being 5′ 10″, 175 lbs., and loved cycling, using every opportunity to bicycle, even to work.

The couple I worked for was normal in every respect except for one detail I hadn’t noticed at first. They didn’t sleep together. For whatever reason unknown to me at the time, they slept in separate bedrooms. While I worked hard week by week to maintain their home, clean their cars and water the plants in their sprawling multi-floored residence, their twenty-one year old maid took care of the laundry and cooking. As time went on, I became more familiar with the wife, who was actually my boss more than the husband. She was extraordinarily beautiful and elegant, intelligent and witty. I began to have sexual fantasies about her and couldn’t help but integrate her into my daily masturbation sessions, which were sometimes conducted on their pool-house toilet.

I was a typical horny male who hadn’t had much sexual experience except for a lot of masturbation when young conducted while looking at my father’s porn magazines. I had a girlfriend that I loved but had never sex with. Her older sister attempted to seduce me, but I stopped her advances before they progressed to intercourse because I cared so much for her sister. I had a normal youth’s fantasies that focused especially on performing cunnilingus.

As time went on, I became familiar with the interior of the couple’s home, and I eventually found a drawer full of Mrs. B.’s used pantyhose–they were clean but she had worn them at least once. I would stare at them in the drawer–different colors, all sheer and seamless, and I knew that the crotch fabric had touched her pussy and asshole. I was especially drawn to the white ones since I had seen her wear them and I liked the way white showed off her sexy legs. I took a pair, stuffed them in my pocket, and took them to the pool-house where I used them in my masturbation sessions, sniffing and licking the fabric and rubbing my erect penis against the crotch before I ejaculated into them. I dabbed up the semen and let them dry, slipping them back into her drawer. The stain was barely visible on the white fabric, but it excited me knowing that her pussy would contact my semen.

I occasionally wore a pair under my jeans, and was especially excited when I wore them in her presence. Their tightness, since my hips were broader than hers, stimulated my penis and scrotum. I would fantasize what she would say if I suddenly pulled off my jeans in front of her, projecting and lunging my hips and my erect cock towards her, and telling her that the pantyhose I was wearing were hers. Once, I wore a pair for several hours, went up to her bedroom, slipped them off, placed them in her drawer, and put on my own underwear and jeans.

As I gained experience working at their house, Mrs. B. became more familiar with me, and I often met with her in the morning to discuss the plans for my work day. She often was still in bed wearing her negligee or in her bathroom preparing to shower or dress. I once saw her in lingerie walking up the stairs to her bedroom, with her hand covering her private area under her panties and garter and her arm blocking my view of her breasts in her lift-up bra as we passed on the stairs.

I came upstairs to her bedroom once to talk to her and I saw her from behind sitting on her bathroom stool wearing only pantyhose, her full backside exposed to me while she talked on the phone. I stood staring at her for nearly a minute and she never glanced back at me, even though she must have known I was there.

Other instances included when she asked me to hold a ladder while she climbed up to retrieve some shoes from the top of her closet. She was dressed in a very tight skirt and nude pantyhose, and my eyes were fixed on her backside. I couldn’t help but look at her sexy legs and gaze up her skirt as she stood near the top of the ladder. I could look right between her legs at where her vulva and anus were through the thin fabric. I thought that she must have known what she was revealing to me, even playfully warning me not to look up her skirt.

Then there were the times she would talk to me from the stairs while she’d sit at face level and slightly spread apart her legs as we talked so I could look up her skirt. Once, after I purchased her a workout bike, she asked me how to adjust the seat. Then she went into her bathroom to change and emerged wearing a thong leotard cut high on the hips. Her protruding, round buttocks were quite visible through the thin, sheer fabric. She even noticed me ogling her backside as she sat astride the bicycle seat but didn’t say anything. I also saw her dressed in a slit skirt, with no discernible underwear, a see-through bra walking around the house displaying her full breasts and nipples, and a very skimpy thong bikini down at the pool. One time she wore a one-piece, see-through bikini and went swimming while I worked down at the pool-house. bahis firmaları When she came out of the water, her tits, nipples, and pussy we’re completely visible. Putting all these incidents together made me think that exposing herself to me in these ways could only mean that she was trying to seduce me.

She began to share personal details of her sex life, mentioning her husband’s infidelities as the reason for their estrangement and her lack of an intimate partner. She was upset that he “would rather screw some young girl instead of me” and that she had to masturbate as a result. She asked me what I thought of masturbation and when I told her I practiced in it regularly, she admitted she also engaged in masturbation almost daily, adding that she preferred a dildo to her fingers or hand but was too embarrassed to purchase one in a porn shop. When I offered to get her one, she told me to get her one that looked and felt realistic, was flexible, soft and not too large and she would repay me. I told her I didn’t know what too large meant, and she said to use my own penis as a gauge.

When I presented it to her I told her I forgot to get her lubricant for vaginal insertion but she told me she already had some. She reported back a few days later that she really appreciated my getting it for her and it was a real help to her falling asleep. I asked her how insertion of the dildo felt and how long she needed to masturbate each night and she said having a dildo inside her vagina felt almost as good as a real penis and it took her about twenty minutes of pumping inside her pussy to reach orgasm.

She said, “how about you?” How long do you jack off before you cum? And do you ejaculate each time?”

I said, “usually, about the same length of time, ” depending on what I was thinking about when I’m doing it. And yes, I usually ejaculate each time I masturbate. Of course, there are times when I don’t feel well and I just can’t reach a climax.”

“I know what you mean. So what do you think about when you masturbate?”

“Do you really want me to tell you?”

“Yes, don’t be shy. I’m a mature woman and I know everything there is to know about sex.”

“You do? Ok, I’ll tell you. I like to think about licking a woman’s pussy, especially if I know her. Sometimes when I’m standing next to a woman, I will fantasize about licking her pussy. That’s what I think of mostly when I’m masturbating.”

“Mmm, I also like to masturbate while thinking about having my pussy licked, especially by a younger man.”

“Great. So we masturbate thinking about the same thing.”

“Except I’m receiving it and you’re giving it.”

“Yes, I really hope that soon I’ll find a woman who will let me put my face between her legs so I can lick her vulva, her most sensitive area.”

“I expect that sooner or later, some woman will offer to let you perform this service on her, probably someone you already know. Tell me, have you ever fantasized about licking my pussy?”

“Oh, Mrs. B., I was hoping you wouldn’t ask. Yes, I have, frequently. I dream about you forcing me to lie between your legs and beneath your buttocks to lick your cunt and asshole.”

“I thought as much. And what about intercourse; have you had your penis inside a girl’s vagina yet?”

“No on that score, either.”

“Wow, that’s tough, to be horny and not to be able to have sex. Well, hopefully while in my employ, you will begin to have a regular, healthy sex life.”

I was getting horny during this conversation, and I was at that moment thinking of Mrs. B’s cunt, and what it would feel and taste like to be kissing and licking it.

There was a time when she seemed very lonely and asked me to come upstairs to talk to her. She had on a tight-fitting short skirt. I started feeling horny as I she spoke to me in a hushed voice. She had a couch near her bed and asked me to sit in it as we talked. She sat very close to me and at one point pressed her pantyhose-clad thigh against mine. Her blouse was slightly open and I could clearly see the mounds of the top of her breasts as I peered over. She told me that she was very lonely and asked me to take her to see a movie. I told her I didn’t think it was appropriate as she was a mature, married woman. She said not to worry about it, as her husband would not mind of he found out, but probably would never know.

So, we ended up going to see La Bonne, a French erotic movie with sub-titles at a small theatre. She had dressed in an elegant low-cut dress showing ample cleavage. I knew I would be staring at her breasts in that dress all night.

The plot line was strangely coincidental, with the neglected wife of a wealthy investor become sexually involved with her maid, and the two of them performing mutual masturbation and cunnilingus. I asked Mrs. B. If she liked the subject of the movie and she said it was something that she fantasied about. I asked her if she meant having oral sex with Annabelle and she said, “yes, but she is resistant.” During the movie she asked me why I had not yet performed cunnilingus on a woman.

“I just haven’t had the proper relationship kaçak iddaa with a woman to perform it.”

“Then you’ve desired to lick a woman’s pussy all these years?”

“Yes, although I have earnestly desired to perform the act on a woman in my fantasies, I have not had an opportunity.”

“Would you like to lick a woman’s pussy now?” she asked.

“Yes, I have, very much so.”

“Would you like to lick the pussy of a woman who’s older than you?”

“Yes, I think I would like that fine.”

“Good, because I’m looking for a younger man to regularly perform cunnilingus on me. Would you be interested in doing so on me?”

“I think if you presented your pussy to me right now, I’d be inclined to perform it on you. Yes, I would definitely like to have my face between your legs and my lips glued to your vagina, Mrs. B.”

“Well, I’ll think of a scenario where we can indulge your sexual fantasies upon me.”

“Oh, Mrs. B., I would really love to lick your pussy in a proper way. Will you show me how to do it? Will you be my teacher?”

“Yes, I will lie so on the bed that you can lie with your face between my legs or I shall sit upon your face.”

“Aren’t you worried that Mr. B. will find out?”

“Mr. B. is screwing young girls instead of me. He isn’t going to care if I ask you for sexual favors. Besides, it’s not intercourse.”

I told her I was hard now because of the movie and thinking about licking her pussy. She asked me “not to masturbate too much thinking about it.” I told her I wouldn’t be able to help it. She told me not to worry, that soon enough I would taste her vaginal fluids as she moaned in sexual pleasure.

Shortly afterwards, Mrs. B. was ill and asked Annabelle, the young maid, to help her insert a suppository up her rectum. Annabelle was a short brunette who often wore a white skirt without a slip so you could clearly see her panties through her skirt. Having told Mrs. B. that she didn’t feel comfortable touching her in such an intimate way, Anabelle proposed that I come up and perform this service for her since she couldn’t reach behind her own buttocks to insert the pill. Annabelle came downstairs and told me I was needed immediately upstairs by Mrs. B. but didn’t tell me why. When I arrived, she was sitting on the bed in a short nightgown.

She explained that she wasn’t feeling well and thought a suppository would help. I assumed she wanted a vaginal suppository and that she needed me to go to the store and buy one, but she said, no, she was constipated and already had the pill but she needed help inserting it into her rectum and, unfortunately, couldn’t do it herself. I was shocked but told her I would try to help. She unwrapped it and handed it to me, and told me to sit on a stool at the edge of the bed.

She got on the bed on all fours facing away from me and told Annabelle to lift up her nightgown over her hips and spread apart her buttocks and that I didn’t have to look if I didn’t want to. I told her it wouldn’t bother me to look, but it was strange staring at her crotch–her spread open ass cheeks, hairy pussy and anus–with Annabelle standing next to me spreading open the flesh around Mrs. B.’s anus. She told me to lubricate my index finger with KY jelly, press the pill firmly against her anus, push it in, and hold it inside her rectum for a minute or so until it dissolved. She said she had rinsed herself on her bidet so she should be reasonably clean. She said she hoped she didn’t embarrass us showing us her hairy genital area, but I said it was okay, and that her labia were beautiful.

As I inserted the pill inside her, she winced and cried out but as my finger went in, she said it felt good. My penis was becoming engorged as I felt the pressure of her anal sphincter as it gripped my finger. I commented that her anus was very tight around my finger. She acknowledged that her husband had also said that her anus was tight. I stared at her clitoris and labia, and she probably assumed I was enthralled by the sight of the pussy I had wanted to lick, but she never asked about it. After a few minutes I withdrew my finger and she said that, hopefully, she would be able to defecate soon. She thanked me and Annabelle and told me to wash my hands in her bathroom.

She requested that I remain while she tried to have a bowel movement. She had me sit on a chair across from her while she lifted up her nightgown and sat on her toilet. I could see her facial expression go from pain as she strained to push out her stool to one of relief as I heard the stool drop into the bowl. She wiped and stood up in front of me nude. I stared at her hairy bush as my cock grew harder.

“Is your asshole sore now from pushing so hard? I bet that feels better now.”

“Yes, although it’s sore from so much straining. Could I ask you to once more put your finger in my ass and spread some mentholated lubricant inside?”

“Sure, no problem, I don’t mind.”

She got on the edge of the bed and once more bent over with her head on the bed, lifting her skirt over her buttocks, and with both her hands, spread her ass cheeks wide open. I could kaçak bahis see her hairy vulva and her anal sphincter again.

I spread some lubricant on my finger and plunged my middle finger into her while she moaned. Clearly she was experiencing sexual pleasure from this. I pumped my finger in and out and in slow circles. I also caressed her labia and gently rubbed her clitoris.

“Are you hard, Daniel?”

“You know it. I feel like I’m very close to coming.”

“You can jack off if you want to. Slip off your jeans.”

I withdrew my finger and I removed my jeans and underwear. I grabbed by erection and starting stroking it as I stared at her behind. As she peered at me from between her legs, she reached behind her great buttocks and spread apart her crack even more so I could get a good look at both of her openings. My stroking became furious as I approached my climax.

“Cum onto these pantyhose that I just wore so I can lick up your semen,” she said as I shot my load into the crotch of her worn pantyhose. She took the hose from my hand and smelled the emission before sucking it into her mouth. She swallowed while I watched.

“That was so intense. I really liked staring at your crotch like that. I kept thinking how you would smell and taste in there. Thank you for helping me to ejaculate.” She thanked me as I washed and I left.

Annabelle later asked me if I felt horny looking at her bare crotch and to have my finger up inside her anus. I told her that my penis had become hard while I was looking at her pussy. She thought it strange that she would tell us about her husband finding her anus tight. I told her that she probably wanted us both to see her sex organs close-up since she fantasized about both young men and women performing cunnilingus on her. Her husband had probably performed anal sex on her, and that I would undoubtedly think of the images of her pussy and asshole the next time I masturbated. Annabelle asked how often I masturbated, and I told her once a day, usually in the pool-house around noon.

“Really,” she gasped, “I had no idea you were so horny. Would you mind if I tagged along with you to the pool-house some time when it’s time for you to do your thing?”

I asked why, and she said she thought it might be exciting to sit outside the bathroom and talk to me while I was in a “state of total horniness” and she would like to listen to any sounds I’d make. I said maybe she could masturbate with me, and she said it was possible. I asked her if she masturbated much and she said, “About once a day, when I go to bed at night.” I told her thought it was cool that we could discuss masturbation together.

Not long after the suppository incident, as I masturbated, I had a strong fantasy that I wanted to confess to Mrs. B. that since I had seen her genital area, I had the need to masturbate in the pool-house once a day, around lunch time, and if she needed me, that’s where I’d be. She told me she understood that the sight of her pussy had been exciting to me, and that it was okay, as long as I cleaned up the semen afterwards. Sometimes around 12:00 noon she’d ask me if I was getting ready to go down to jack off. I told her I was. She offered me one of her women’s lingerie catalogs to help me with my sexual fantasies as I stroked.

“I know the girls in these catalogs aren’t nude, but try looking at the pictures while you are masturbating and let me know if they help you. I have a lot of lingerie catalogs and you can take them down with you to the pool-house and store them in a cabinet, out of view. If these don’t work, I’ll have to get you something stronger.”

“You mean porn?”

“Yes, or I’ll give you pictures to look at.”

“Do you have some pictures of nude women?”

“No, but we can take some.”

“Do you mean we could take pictures of you?”

“Yes, but first try these catalogs and see if they don’t help.”

I thanked her and stuffed several of them under my arm. After several masturbation sessions I told her they were helpful, especially the taller women in sheer pantyhose, but I needed to look at a picture of a woman’s pussy when I masturbate. She told me to come into her bedroom and she would let me take some Polaroid pictures of her pussy. She lifted up her skirt and showed me her thong panties. I asked her if I could get a few pictures of her in her panties. She lay on the bed and opened her legs, pulling the fabric of her panties up so that the crotch was pulled up between her labia.

“That’s good stroking material,” I said.

“I’ll give you a lot more.”

Then she stripped the panties off and opened her legs. Her hand dipped into her hairy muff and spread open her labia. I leaned forward and took close-up pictures of her wide open cunt. I had her lie back farther and tilt her hips back so I could frame her pussy and asshole in the same picture. Then I had her turn around and bend over with her hands reaching around her buttocks to spread apart her ass cheeks for full exposure of her deep crack, pussy, and asshole. She even drew her new dildo out from the nightstand, lubricated it, and fully inserted it into her pussy for some pictures. I took ten pictures in all. She told me to hide the pictures and not let anyone else see them. These were the pictures that I was usually stroking to when I was about to ejaculate.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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