A Girl Chooses a Coach Ch. 03: Finale

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It was a few months before Aruna visited her Daddy-Uncle again. She was a different woman. And how.

It had all started years ago with her being playful with her Uncle, unmindful of sexuality. She grew into a young woman but continued to sit on his lap, hug him and touch and feel him in embarrassing ways.

At first Sudhir took it in his stride. But slowly, over a period of time, the feel of her growing breasts, the grind of her bare pussy and feel of her firm thighs on him – all took a different meaning, for him alone.

She seemed to understand nothing. Till her wedding was fixed and she got married. Suddenly it dawned on her that the man with whom she playfully attached herself must have known all along. He must have felt her breasts, her thighs, her pussy and lips and kept quiet.

And then playfulness turned saucy-naughty when she visited him first. She teased him and fucked him. On a following visit, she taught him a few more things that she and her young husband experimented with.

All of this they did in the hall where Sudhir’s work desk and easy chair lay, hidden but not entirely from the kitchen where Sudhir’s wife and her sister, Aruna’s mother worked.

They heard the sounds, the crashing of things, the moans and muffled screams and uncle and niece had to explain them away as best as they could. The last time, Sudhir remembered he had wanted to ask about making her pregnant – but the impending climax was upon him and the urgency to finish was intense. He came in torrents, her body pinned by his strong body and arms. Older as he was, he was strong.

The strength of his body was felt by her supple young body and she luxuriated in the steely feeling – she missed this manliness and strength in her Gopi. She took it. The animalness of his release was a joy for her. Pummeling his ass with her heels and not bothering to give him a proper reply she had filled herself with his seed.

This! This was a real man!

And now she walked up the steps to her Daddy-Uncle’s house. Gopi had been posted overseas on a new assignment and they would be gone in a few days. She needed to meet him before she left. Aruna’s arrival at her uncle’s house was for once schemed and planned.

She went around the back, knowing that the back door was usually left open for the maid. She crept in quietly knowing she would find him in his lair. Indeed, there he was at his desk. She came up behind him and threw her arms around and whispered, “Daddy-Uncle!”

In one instant he jumped in a start and at the same time smelt her and knew his niece.

“Hey! Aren’t you supposed to be out shopping with your mom and aunt?” asked Sudhir, surprised. She slid around to his side. Her blouse hung open and he looked down at the mounds of flesh hanging. His throat felt dry. HE had played with them, sucked on them, mauled them the last time she rode him. Now they seemed fuller, unless his eyes were playing tricks.

“You think I am with them. They think I am with Gopi,” she said sliding forward, allowing her breasts to hover over his face. The pallo of her saree slid off and the blouse, encasing her breasts, low cut, was in his face. The intoxicating aroma of her body filled his nostrils. Sudhir felt his cock swell and rise.

“And I am with you,” she whispered, looking down at him, noticing that his eyes were riveted on her breasts.

She stepped back. She unwound the garment and stood in front of him in blouse and petticoat. She was more rounded for sure. She looked luscious with wider hips. As she swayed he felt that her ass was also rounder than ever. Gone was the thin, boyish look she sported a year or so ago, when she was newly married; when for the first time he had held her buttocks in his hand and guided her to pound him and pounded her himself.

“Are you?” he asked, sudden realization dawning on him.

“Am I what?” she asked him saucily stepping forward. She raised a leg and placed it on her chest. It was her classic move – raising her leg over him. She had done it before, letting him see that she was wearing no panties.

This time, try as he did surreptitiously, he could not make out if she was wearing anything or not. The last time she was wearing a shorter skirt. This time it was a long petticoat and dark underneath. Even though they had fucked like animals, each time he could not escape the idea that she was after all his niece and all of this was completely bahis firmaları illicit – and this made him less adventurous than he wanted to be.

Till she crossed the Rubicon, till she became demanding, till his own lust conquered his restraint. After that he pleasured her and took his own pleasure all the time wondering in bewilderment at their sizzling chemistry. It was illicit yet beautiful. It was furtive yet complete. It left something incomplete yet satiated.

As if on cue to his thoughts, she said, “I will tell you what I am. But not here. Not like this. Today is special.”

She took his hand and led him upstairs to his bedroom. As he walked up behind her, he saw her full ass swaying. She was definitely fuller. Suddenly he felt like taking her from behind, mounting her. There was lust raging in him and he allowed it to burn on, having no doubts about her intentions.

She took him into his bedroom. She drew the curtains making the room as dark as it could get, given that it was midday. She stood in front of him and took his hands. “Daddy-Uncle,” she whispered her usually mischievous voice thick with desire. “Today, nothing hurried. Nothing urgent. And nothing limited. And I want it all!”

She pushed him back on to the bed. Sudhir willingly fell back. She leaned forward. Those luscious breasts which had gone from being pert to full and loaded hung over him again. His hands automatically reached for her breasts. He weighed them, more gently than he would have liked, for starters.

“I think I am pregnant,” she said, nuzzling him.

He froze. Should he be here with her like this if she was pregnant? She reached lower and found his hard on waning a bit.

“Hey!” she said looking into his eyes. “I only think I am,” she breathed into him. “I am here to make sure I am! Can you do that for me?” Her hand had expertly found his cock and slowly she slid her small hand up and down the shaft. Soon it had assumed its full proportions. Aruna sighed contentedly – he was so large, full and manly.

“Can it not be your?” he asked, gasping as she reached for his cockhead and stroked him.

“Either of you is good. But when it comes to manliness its only you that I can be sure of,” she said. She nuzzled his neck and worked her way down his chest. Kissing him as she went she quickly reached his cock. She kissed his cock with little pecks and it jumped in response.

She hoisted herself over him, spreading her legs as wide as they would go. She lifted her petticoat and poised herself. Fearful of the thick cock that awaited her and yet excited for what it would do to her.

She winced as usual. Her husband’s cock left her unprepared for Daddy-Uncle. She gasped as she had on that first day as her cunt struggled to take in that cockhead. She wiggled, eyes closed, biting her lower lip as she concentrated on absorbing the thick cock.

His hands unhooked her blouse and he sobbed in pleasure as she took him in. his pleasure caused him to pull the bra aside roughly and he reached for her soft breasts.

Unmindful and seeking pleasure he thrust up into her as he held her up by her breasts

“Daddy Uncle!” she screamed. “Oh fuckkkkk! I want you so much. Just take me. Take me hard!” she wept.

The two instantly went into a bout of marauding fucks as they played catch up with pent up need. She grabbed his hand and put it on her ass. She wanted to feel his large rough hands on her now-plump ass.

He grabbed her hard and held her firmly as he pounded up into her. Pleasure rippled through their beings. He felt his seed boil up and controlled her next thrust downward.

“No! No! No!” he begged her. “Stop! I don’t want this to end,” he pleaded.

“Neither do I,” she gasped, twisting and turning, unable to take the pause in fucking. Despite her efforts to thrust down the strength of her uncle’s powerful hands held her in place. It was this strength that was overpowering in its sexual appeal.

“In fact,” she said in a trembling voice, “this is not how I want you to come. I need to be under.”

She reached for his hand and held it to her lower stomach. In there, his cock jerked and ached to spew and fill her. “You fill me here. I need you to release into me. Flood me.”

He started to move and this time she stopped him. “And, and, and …” she said looking into his eyes. “I need to keep every bit you give me so that I carry you with me when we relocate.”

He kaçak iddaa thought he saw a moistness in the eyes of this now-woman but he could never be sure with Aruna. She was so wanton, mischievous and lustful. And now this? Perhaps he was mistaken.

She clung on to his shoulders and asked him to swivel over and come on top. Sudhir did that effortlessly and she marveled ever more at this strong man. She had tried something similar with her husband and he had struggled. But Daddy-Uncle, he held her as he climbed on to his haunches. She slid off a bit in the process but Sudhir was in control.

As he laid her back his cockhead came to the mouth of her cunt. Then as he laid her back he pushed in, gently. HE filled her womb again and this time he laid his palm on her stomach. “Here?” he nodded, asking her.

“Yes,” she nodded back.

And then he pulled back and thrust in. she gasped and shuddered. “Fuck me!” she begged without really needing to. Sudhir set in place a powerful rhythm – in and out with a beat – and he watched as slowly his cock become creamed with their combined juices.

She seethed in pleasure her lips wide and teeth clenched. He was reaming her and she luxuriated in his attentions and his power to pleasure her. She was going to miss this.

“Give it to me!” she gasped. He thrust hard and held himself in. She wiggled her hips. He pulled back and thrust back still harder. And held himself there. Her body heaved with the momentum of his thrust.

“Fill me!” she asked. Sudhir concentrated on fucking her hard as well as in rhythm. Aruna screamed his name over and over again. Sometimes she called him Sudhir, surprising him. At other times she called him Daddy-Uncle. He fucked her and sweat dripped from his brow on to her prone body below.

He masturbated so often, almost all the time fantasizing about his niece that he was by habit able to come only a bit late. In the meantime, his thickness ravaged the girl who had cum uncounted number of times.

“I am tiring!” she moaned. “Fill me.” Her mind was a haze of pleasure and of exhaustion from Sudhir’s incessant pounding.

“Are you done, darling?” she asked. And then commanding resources from her orgasm-wracked body she fucked him back. She twisted, turned, bucked and thrust.

“Give it to me, Daddy-Uncle,” she screamed out, pinching his nipples.

Sudhir gasped as he felt his orgasm coming on. He closed his eyes and thrust in rhythm, waiting for the plunge over the cliff.

It came. Not because he was concentrating but because of what Aruna did next – she lifted her hips and plastered herself to his pelvis. It took him that extra bit deeper. She was now on her shoulders her hips thrust fully up.

He grabbed her ass and lifted her legs wide and apart. Splayed open he thrust in harder and harder till he burst into her.

“Yes, yes, yes!” she hollered. “Fill me, complete me!” She thrust and twisted and milked his cock. She lifted herself up to hug him fully. They clung to each other as the waves crashed over them. He clutched her buttocks in his hands and held her as she came in waves, her body slowly falling limp.

She was conquered, sated, ravaged and incapable of more. Most importantly, she was surely impregnated.

She passed out and he collapsed on top of her. It was a while before they awoke, sticky in the aftermath of their efforts.

She reached under and felt for his cock. She knew this was going to be the last encounter between them as far as she could see.

It was limp and in repose.

“Daddy Uncle. I will be gone in a week,” she said. “When we meet again, all this will be history. I am going to be a mother you know.”

Sudhir nodded, understanding but not wanting to.

“I am sore from that pounding,” she said, smiling. “But today, that doesn’t matter.”

She slid down and took him in her mouth. She made an “O” of her lips and proceeded to make a silky wet receptacle for his jut of flesh. With her fucking him with her mouth, he swelled up to his full proportions. His eyes were closed but every time he looked down he saw his cock emerge from her lips coated with her saliva and their caked juices.

Before it was her cunt. Now her mouth. God! How he wanted this girl – no, woman! And here she was telling him it was time to part ways.

He felt sadness well up and then her head bobbed and he felt pleasure return. This was kaçak bahis Aruna’s strategy for breaking the news. It was going to be layered over with a heap of sex so that he had no time to regret. Men – they got sentimental. She knew sex could be a solution. When he missed her sexually, she would be long gone. And he would masturbate. She was sure.

As she took on a rhythm, his hand moved to her head and he guided her back and forth. When he was fully erect and ready to fuck she rose. She removed her blouse, petticoat and bra – and presented her body glistening with sweat to her lover, her Daddy-Uncle and probable father of her baby.

She straddled him and waddled up. When her cunt was over his cock she swiveled around so she had her back to him. And carefully she descended on his cock. Taking him in was never easy and this was the same. She had to spread herself as she went. She had to take him in stages. And when he entered her depths an orgasm was immediate and predicated, just from the stretch.

She looked over her shoulder and whispered hoarsely, “Move as I move and make sure you do not leave me.”

Slowly, she leaned forward and Sudhir following her instructions sat up. She was now spread-eagled on his lap, legs behind.

“You wanted to take me from behind, isn’t it?” she asked. “Take me!” she implored.

Sudhir got on his knees holding her up by her inner thigh. He fucked her and Aruna felt ravaged and plundered. Today she was going to be in tatters and that was what she wanted.

He let her legs drop. Aruna got on all fours. She felt she was his bitch and she told him as much. “Take me like a bitch. I am all yours. Forever,” she said, that last word underscoring the transient nature of their relationship. After all, if it was forever it did not need saying.

He caressed and ran his nails on her ass as he fucked her cunt from behind doggy style. He reached under to get her breasts but they were not quite within reach.

“Daddy, daddy, daddy,” she called out to him urgently.

“What?” he asked. The mouth of her cunt seemed to catch the knob of his cockhead and he felt that he might cum any moment, which was incredible within such a short time.

“Do you want to take me anally?” she offered herself.

“No, no, no!” he shook his head, giving in to the effect of her cunt on his cockhead. He exploded into her and his head flailed as he came uncontrollably.

They collapsed in a heap. Their arms and legs were intertwined.

“Thank you!” she said looking into his eyes as she held his face. “You made a woman of me.”

“And then there is this,” she said guiding his hand to her stomach. She was full of him.

“You know we will meet. We are family. But I don’t think any of this will be possible again,” she said to him. And before he could reply her lips covered his lips and they kissed, tongues searching, as if they were to embark on another round of lovemaking.

She let him watch her fully, as she methodically and deliberately put on her clothes. Her saree though, was downstairs. They walked down to where it lay.

She bent down to pick up the garment when Sudhir made his final move. He held her down. He raised her petticoat and bared her ass. Suddenly he felt she was being cold about going. He reached under her and felt in her cunt, finding the soppy mess within.

He whipped his dhoti off. Smearing his cock with her juices he fisted himself to an erection. HE was not his thickest self but that was fine considering what he was going to do.

Aruna, the kind of woman she was, spread her legs to steady herself and held on to Sudhir’s desk.

He took her up on her offer, shocking her when he invaded her anally. She gasped in pain screaming, “slowly uncle! I never have before!”

He rammed her. His hand reached under to play her clit. He wedged himself tightly into his niece’s ass, stretching her. He moved minimally, giving them both intense pleasure. His fingers worked her clit.

She moaned as pleasure coursed through her being. In that moment she did not want to go through with her intention of never having sex with him again. She moaned that out aloud. “I cannot not fuck you, Daddy-Uncle!” she wailed. Sore as she was she wanted the fucking and the pleasure.

“Yes!” he hissed. This is what he wanted her to acknowledge.

“Fuck me you bastard,” she sobbed.

And he came again. This time he lost his erection rapidly slipping out.

As her petticoat dropped the education between uncle and niece came to an end. As Aruna weakly staggered to the door to leave, they both knew they had turned the page on this one.

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