A Gift from Kitten

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Big Tits

*All characters are unrelated and over 18*

Slowly stretching and getting out of bed, my nose caught the scent of bacon and waffles. It seemed my little kitten was cooking breakfast today. I sat up and put on a robe, deciding that I didn’t really feel like putting on clothes. Walking down the stairs I saw my kitten diligently watching her bacon as she cooked it to perfection and put it in a bowl lined with paper towels to drain the oil. She saw me and covered her work.

“Nooooo~” She whined in her usual cute voice. “It’s not done yet.”

“It smells good baby.” I said while walking over.

She sighed and continued cooking. ” Go away so I can finish.”

“Okay, okay” I said not wanting to upset her. “I’ll be in the living room then.”

“Thank you daddy!~” She said as I walked to the couch and put on a show.

After around 10 minutes she came over with bacon, eggs and waffles. The bacon and eggs made a smiling face while the waffles had whipped cream and sprinkles.

“Happy birthday daddy!~” My little kitten yelled as she kissed my cheek. In all honesty, I forgot it was my birthday today.

“Thank you very much kitten.” I said pulling her and her cute little butt into my lap. “Would you like to eat with Daddy?”

“Mhm” She said as I cut our food and fed her, changing my show to a cartoon on disney junior.

“I have to go to class still…”She said in a defeated tone. “But…I still have presents for you. You get to open them tonight.”

“Presents?” I asked, curious what she could have planned.

“Yes, but that’s for later.” She stated while taking a bite.

We at breakfast before getting ready to go to work and classes. She gave a quick kiss on the cheek before grabbing her bag and going to the college down the street. I smiled and made my way to work. I didn’t remember that it was my birthday, but I was still curious about what she got.

I came home around 5 o’clock, I yelled that I was home and saw some bubble wrap on the floor.

“A package came in?” I asked only to receive a very fake response.

“Uh…No?” pendik escort My kitten said, coming from upstairs.

I made my way up the stairs only to have my short little kitten block me, her face flushed red. “No peeking!”

“What could that be…?” I asked leaning to look down the hall.

“Nothing!” She yelled, blushing hard. “Now go watch TV downstairs!”

I took her face in my hand and squeezed her cheeks together. “Don’t yell at daddy baby…”

“Sowwy…”She shrunk almost immediately, melting into my hand.”But it’s a surprise…”

She was practically tearing up at this point, I kissed her forehead and let go. “Call me when it’s time.”

She kissed me gently and ran back to our room. I walked down the stairs and sat at the couch, waiting until she came down. I heard a soft moan, but controlled myself.

I wonder what kind of gift this naughty kitten had planned…

Around 15 minutes later, she yelled out. “Daddy!~”

I walked up the stairs to see my little one tied up, wearing a blind fold along with a tail and kitten ears. She was on her knees, her breasts displayed with her harness. I looked at my excited little, seeing she was already dripping onto the floor.

“Daddy…?” She called out, completely deprived of movement and sight.

She heard as I unzipped my pants, quickly straightening up and opening her mouth wide. She was already drooling, probably thinking of tonight all day. I slid my cock down her throat. She sucked on me desperately. I groaned feeling her hum around my cock, the vibrations making the experience so much better. I gripped her hair, give her a scratch behind the ear that made her moan onto my cock. I slowly worked my cock in and out of her willing throat, pulling out before pushing her all the way down to the base.

I didn’t want to finish inside her mouth so quickly so I pulled out. She pouted as I pulled her onto her feet and guided her to lay on her stomach on the bed, ass in the air for daddy. I rubbed her ass before giving it a quick smack, maltepe escort earning a moan from my kitten. I noticed…the tail wasn’t a clip on.

“Baby…is this a tail plug?” I asked slowly pulling at it.

She moaned and writhed as I pulled before answering. “Yes…I’ve been training my butt.”

“Is this my present…?” I asked as I nearly pulled her tail out.

“Ah…Yes…” She gasped as I slowly pulled the plug out of her ass. “Daddy owns all of my holes…”

Save it to say, I was excited. I’d always wanted to try training her perfect ass, but it never came up, and it seemed my little one caught on.

“Where’s the lube baby…?” I asked as I spread her ass.

“Mm…the dresser…” She moaned as I spanked her.

I grabbed the lube off the dresser, applying some to my thumb which I slowly inserted in her ass. She moaned as I fingered her slowly, before applying a generous amount of lube both to my cock and her waiting behind. I pulled my thumb out and spread her ass again, before slowly sinking my cock into her ass. It was such a different feel to a pussy, both had their advantages…but her ass was smooth and tight. She arched her back as I worked my cock inch my inch, moaning into our sheets.

“Are you enjoying my cock in your ass naughty kitten…?” I asked while caressing her slightly pinked cheeks.

She murmured a yes into the sheets, enjoying being owned in the naughtiest of holes.

I started pounding slowly, enjoying her tight little ass as it pulsed around my cock. I reached underneath her, playing with her clit as I worked her. She came hard squirting onto my hand, she must have been on edge for so long to be so sensitive. I pulled my hand away and to her lips as I pounded, she sucked her juices from my finger desperately before screaming out as I picked up the pace. I groaned, her ass was so tight and desperate for cock.

“Daddy~! please fill your slut’s ass!” She moaned out desperately. “Fill me with you baby batter all night long!”

I spanked her over and over, massaging kartal escort her ass as she came again. The feeling of her tightening ass a second time did it for me. Stream after stream of hot come emptied into her ass, her panting as I slowed my pounding. I pulled out slowly and pushed her tail plug back in. Her ass filled with my come.

“Mm…can I see now…?” She asked as I pulled her blindfold off. “Thankies”

“Ready for your pussy to be used…?”

She nodded and arched her back again, how quickly she was ready to be used always impressed me.

I slipped my still hard cock into her desperate pussy, she had already come twice; making a huge mess of the bed. I massaged around her clit as I pounded roughly into her. She moaned and gripped my cock with her sex as I abused her willing hole. I grabbed a handful of her perfect breasts from behind as I bit her neck.

“This is a great present kitten…” I growled into her neck, she whimpered but her pussy pulsed betraying her feigned fear.

I turned her face with my hand as I roughly kissed her moaning into her mouth as she did the same to me. She grinded into my cock, moaning loudly as we brought her to another orgasm. I sucked on her tongue as she pulled away.

“I’m glad you liked my present daddy…” She said before she kissed me again, barely giving me time to breath as we came together.

I pulled out slowly, before undoing her ties and letting her go. She collapsed onto the bed before whimpering out a weak I love you.

“I love you too little one…” I said as I laid next to her pulling her to my chest.

She wiggled down my chest and started on cleaning my cock. Lovingly licking up every drop of come, before kissing nup to my chest and then me.

“Mm…we taste great…” I said as I tasted us on her tongue.

“Yes we do…” She wrapped her arms around my neck.

“Want to take a nap on daddys cock…?” I asked seeing her sleepy face.

“Yes please…” She said as I guided my cock back into her hole. I moaned softly, with her moaning into my chest.

“Thank you for a great birthday little one…” I said as I stroked her hair. She was already out like a light, with the biggest smile on her face.

“Sweet dreams little one…” I kissed her forehead and closed my eyes, drifting to sleep.

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