A Friend’s Son – A Short Story

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The food was wonderful and the wines outstanding. Jan and I were celebrating birthdays over dinner with a few friends. We had both just turned 42, and had known each other since grade school, but had not seen each other for almost 3 years.

“As Jan and Laine turn 42, I’d drop my pants and f— both of you”, and other such silly toasts carried throughout the evening. I also noticed that Jan continued drinking rather heavily as the evening wore on.

Finally, concerned for her, I called for my car, my beloved 1965 Mustang, at the valet parking desk. The valet helped me get Jan settled into the car, then opening my door, helped me into the drivers seat. There is no way to get into one of these cars wearing a short, slit skirt, without it riding up to your hips, and the young man smiled approvingly. I tipped him nicely — heck, it’s not every day a 20-something smiles when he looks up a 42 year-old’s skirt!

Jan was able to give me her home address, which I plugged into the navigator. The 20-minute drive to her home went quickly, and as we pulled into the drive I was stunned — the house was a mansion, or at least to me. Jan had been divorced a few years ago, and apparently she had gotten the house, or at least that’s what I think she said.

A young man opened the front door and walked to the car. Opening the passenger door, he introduced himself, “Hello, I’m Danny, her son. Has she been drinking too much again?

“Hello Danny, I’m your Mom’s friend Laine. Yes, I’m afraid she may have had a little too much wine at dinner, so I thought it best I drive her home. Let’s get her inside.”

We got Jan to her bedroom and I helped her out of her dress clothes and into bed. I think she was asleep before her head hit the pillow.

“Danny, your Mom’s car is still at the restaurant — do you want to go there and pick it up? I kinda hate to leave it there overnight.”

So, twenty minutes back to the restaurant. Danny hopped in the car, turned the key, and nothing. Apparently Jan had left an interior light on and the battery was dead. “Let’s just have a tow truck come bahis firmaları over in the morning and get it started. Come on, I’ll buy you a coffee on the way back to the house.” So I found myself sitting in an all-night coffee shop at midnight with this quite handsome and polite 22-year old young man.

Finally leaving, we headed back to his house to drop him off. He had me pull to the end of the driveway — his room was actually a small guest cottage. Getting out of the car, he walked around to the driver side, opened the door and took my hand – “come on, it’s your birthday” is all he said.

Opening the door, I stood in the dark for a moment until he flipped on the light switch. Turning on a jazz station, he took me by the hand again and led me into his bedroom, lit a fireplace and smiled slightly as he pulled his shirt over his head. Wow — I work hard to keep myself in good physical condition, but his abs were like rocks. Stepping back, he simply said “your turn”. Much to my surprise I started unbuttoning my blouse, tossing it on a chair. Even more to my surprise, I unhooked my balconet bra, also tossing it on the chair.

Slipping off his shoes, socks and pants, he stood there in his boxer shorts. To be honest, I was a little breathless, he looked so good. Grinning he again said, “your turn.” I unzipped my skirt, letting it drop to the floor, and without thinking stepped out of my panties too. “Please leave your heels and stockings on” – OK?”

Not one to hold back, I walked to him, got on my knees and pulled his shorts off, and exclaimed “oh my god” – his cock was beautiful. And not yet fully erect, it was still, well, sizable to say the least. I took him in my hands and guided him into my mouth, licking him from the base to the tip, concentrating on the large vein underneath, flicking the tip with my tongue, and within moments he had reached full length — or so I thought.

Looking up into his eyes, I sense change had come over him. Taking my head in his hands he became more forceful, going deeper with every stroke until he reached the back of my mouth and kaçak iddaa hit my throat. Adjusting the angle of my head, knowing that he was going to go deeper I was becoming more excited by the moment, when suddenly he pulled out.

Picking me up, he carried me to a sofa, leaning me over the back of it. Spreading my legs, Danny grabbed my hips and slammed his full length up into me, as I screamed “oh my God!” Had I not already been soaking wet I fear that he would have torn me apart. He continued pulling out to the tip, then slamming all the way into me, causing a scream to escape my throat each time. “Now Laine, come now!” he said, and it felt like he became even larger inside me. Losing control I began bucking back against him, moaning loudly as I shook, until we came together, my pussy grabbing his pulsating cock as he released into me, seemingly forever.

Danny laid over my back, both of us trying to catch our breath. Finally pulling out of me, he went to the kitchen – “I’ll be back in a moment, just going to grab us a couple bottles of water.”

Still unable to believe what had just happened, I picked up my blouse and slid it on, buttoning it up. I was slipping my panties back on when he came back into the room. “Where do you think you’re going? I’m not nearly done with you yet” he said, setting the bottles of water on a table, then grabbing my blouse and ripping it off, and doing the same with my panties. He picked me up and set me on the edge of the bed, while we drank a bottle of water.

Stepping in front of me he guided his already growing cock to my lips. I knew that with my lips and tongue I would be able to get him hard again very quickly, and took pleasure hearing him moan as I circled him tightly with my lips and sucked.

Sliding me back on the bed, he roughly kissed me then positioned himself just above me, ready to plunge into me again, pausing while he smiled at me. Raising my hips, I surprised him as I slammed up into him, taking him into me to the hilt. Then he took over again, pulling me to the end of the bed and standing as he grabbed my ankles kaçak bahis and began pounding me into the bed. We quickly reached a rhythm, the only sounds my ragged breathing and his balls slapping against me. He had full control, and brought me to orgasm after orgasm — I lost count. I remember a combination of his yelling and my screaming as he came again, flooding me.

Again he went to get us some water, as I lay on my back on the bed. He lay down on his side next to me as we caught our breath again. Looking down, I was amazed at that beautiful cock as it lay over my thigh. As he started to harden again, I was so thankful for the stamina of youth….

Sitting up, I took him in my mouth again, working my lips and tongue over him until he was again ready. Rolling him to his back, I straddled him and grabbed his cock with my hand, rubbing it on my slit. Before I knew what happened, he picked me up and slammed me down on him, catching me by surprise and causing a gasp. This seemed to be the perfect position for us, as I rode him every way I could — forward, reverse and even sideways. And he continued slamming up into me over and over. Finally he sat up and I wrapped my legs around him, leaning all the way back, while he came again — filling me one more time.

Resting again, I sort of half-dozed while he was out of the room. Then sensing him over me, he grabbed my wrists and held them together while tying them to the head rail of the bed. Too exhausted to struggle, he put a pillow under my butt then tied my legs to the corner bedposts. As he roughly entered me once again, I lost track of the rest of the night. Unable to move, I was there for him to use, and use me he did, over and over that night. I was aware of multiple orgasms, sometimes passing out for a few moments, as he continued to pound me.

Waking that morning, he was standing at the bedroom door in jeans, a tight black t-shirt and a chef’s apron, holding a spatula. “The shower’s ready for you, and breakfast will be ready in 20 minutes”.

Sitting down at the kitchen table while he put our breakfast on the table, he looked at me and said “Look, about last night. I felt like I owed you something for bringing Mom home safely. I trust you enjoyed it.”

Looking at him I smiled and said “And thank your for the birthday present.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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