A Fortnight In Paradise Ch. 02

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Chapter 2: Bahamas, Day 1 – Saturday

The next morning, Jessica woke up with my arms wrapped around her, her ass pressing into my morning wood. She began to move her hips back and forth, causing my erection to stiffen even more. I was still sound asleep, but she knew how to wake me up. She rolled over and slid down the bed, slipping my cock into her mouth and using her honed skills to work my shaft with expertise. I started to breathe heavier and let out a little moan. I woke up, realize what was happening, and watch her as she parts her succulent lips with my cock. She moves up and down at just the right pace, at the same time squeezing my balls exactly the way I like it. In short order, I am releasing my pressure, filling her mouth with my seed.

“Good morning to you too, beautiful.’ I say to Jessica as she swallows my load. This makes her giggle and almost choke on my cum.

“Good morning, love.” She says, smiling. “Sleep well?”

“Indeed. Great start to the day, too. Are you ready for our adventure?”

“I can’t wait. I have always wanted to see the Bahamas. To swim in the ocean. Relax on the beach. Soak up the sun. this trip will be amazing.”

“Me either. But we must get going. Our flight leaves in three hours.”

For our 5th anniversary, I planned an all-inclusive vacation for the two of us to The Bahamas for two weeks. The trip will be the first real vacation either of us have had since we have been together, if not longer. We were both very much looking forward to this trip.

After breakfast, I loaded up our bags in the car and we set off to the airport, with little time to spare. We had an early morning flight to catch, with one layover in Miami, so we arrived in Nassau in the evening. Once at the airport, we found the bus that would take us to the hotel, hopped on, and motored down the road. We checked in at the front pendik escort desk and brought our luggage to the Oceanview suite.

“Let’s get unpacked, then maybe wander down to the beach,” I stated. “There is a bar right on the beach where we can get a tasty beverage, maybe some snack foods. Sitting on the beach and watching the sunset sounds like a great way to unwind from travelling all day. Sound good to you?”

“Sounds great, love,” Jessica replied. “I’m not very hungry anyways. We can go for a full dinner tomorrow.”

We finished unpacking our belongings, put on some warm-weather clothes (we were in the Bahamas, after all!), myself throwing on board shorts and a light tee shirt, Jessica putting on a bikini, some small khaki shorts and a small V-neck shirt, and proceeded to walk downstairs. On our way, we passed through the lobby, a cool-lit, modern-styled open design, and outside through the beautifully landscaped pool areas with palm trees 30 feet tall, and onto the sand. Sitting there at the beach entrance was the bar, a Caribbean-themed hut with bamboo support beams and a thatched roof. With enough seats at the bar for about 20 people, Jessica and I grabbed a seat and discussed what we should order.

“What are you thinking baby? What fills your desire right now?” I asked her.

Jessica gave me a tiny grin, realizing the flirty nature behind my questions. “Something that goes down smooth and has me begging for more,” she replied.

“A glass of wine for you, then, and I will have a bourbon. On the rocks.”

We ordered our drinks, the bartender handed us our beverages, and we wandered down to the rows of recliner chairs spread on the beach for hotel guests. We found two open seats in the front row, laid out the complimentary towels sitting on the chairs, and sat down. The sun would be setting in about an hour, so we sat back and relaxed, escort pendik soaking in the cool breeze blowing in from the south.

“Unbelievable. It was only 12 hours ago that we were needing rain jackets and warm socks just to walk to the grocery store. Now we are laying out in shorts and tee shirts.” Jessica said before taking a sip of wine. “Thank you for planning this trip, baby. This is exactly what we need.”

“Agreed. Much more relaxing than sitting at home. Or working. Or doing anything that requires work.” I took a swig of my drink and leaned back in my chair, enjoying the view.

We both sat in our lounge chairs for a few hours, chatting about everything and nothing, enjoying the beautiful sunset and each other’s company. We each finished off another two drinks and some light snacks, and, both being a little tipsy, decided to head back to our room.

Once we closed the door to our hotel room, Jessica immediately pushed me down on the bed and jumped on top of me, stripping her top off, leaning down and planting her lips directly onto mine. I was hoping tonight would lead to this, but I did not see such direct action happening.

“I need a good fucking! Take your clothes off!” Jessica voiced with serious enthusiasm.

“It is not my place to disappoint a lady,” I stated, standing up, pulling my shirt over my head and sliding off my board shorts, exposing my full nakedness for her eyes to gaze.

“Mmm… That’s what I’m talking about… Get over here my handsome stud.”

I proceeded to crawl on top of Jessica on the bed, sliding my hands up her smooth, athletic legs, reaching the waistband of her shorts, pulling them and her bikini bottoms down in one motion. Jessica parted her legs, exposing the area I sought to provide pleasure to. I began kissing her legs, trailing my tongue up her thighs, moving inwards to her slit. The thrill pendik escort bayan of going down on Jessica was an activity I enjoyed very much, as we have worked together to master my skills.

After a few minutes of performance, Jessica had peaked to orgasm, and I began working my way up her body, kissing her skin from her mound to her lips, paying special attention to her breasts, perking up her nipples. Once I passed over her beautiful bosom, we started making out with passion.

Our lips were locked with reckless abandon, demonstrating our passion and love for one another. We made out for several minutes, switching positions from me on top, to side by side, to her on top. Once she climbed onto my lap, she began pressing her hips harder down on me, using my dick to rub her clit to another orgasm. Once she came, she rotated her hips forward and, without using her hands, slid my cock into her with masterful skill.

“Oh fuck, baby. That is amazing!” I exclaimed. I began moving my hands over her ass, giving her a slap. She always loves it when I spank her.

“Yeah? You like that?” Jessica breathed, grinding her hips against mine, rolling her hips with a rhythm, burying my cock deep inside her.

“Oh yeah. Keep doing that.”

Jessica kept grinding into me, moving her hips around. After several minutes of this passionate lovemaking, she began to push her body up, revealing my cock, then moving back down, making it disappear again.

“Mmm… Ride me baby.” I told her, grabbing her beautiful tits in my hands and massaging them in slow circles, pressing my thumbs into her nipples.

“That’s it baby. Pinch my nipples.”

“Keep doing that baby. I’m going to cum soon.”

Jessica picked up the pace, working her rhythm until I was ready to explode. When I reached my peak, she jumped off me and began sucking me off. I came hard, unloading myself in her mouth.

Once our alcohol-fueled, passionate lovemaking was concluded, we both laid down on the bed, snuggled up to one another, and drifted off to sleep.

Up Next: Jason and Jessica meet Rey…

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