A Drive Through The City

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Dawn sat back her the leather seat of the black limousine letting the cool fall air hit her skin. The champagne chilled nearby as Matt gave her the boyish smile that meant that he was up to something.

It has been more than a month since Dawn met her younger beau online and their romance had been whirlwind. She was nearly 30 years his senior, but her sex drive matched his virility step for step.

She stared at his chiseled face in amazement. His body was long, but hard like a 9-inch cock he sported in his pants.

“Do you like your surprise,” Matt said. “I know how much you like the city, so I thought a moonlit drive before we head to dinner might be appropriate.”

Matt pressed a button the moon roof above them buzzed open to reveal a full moon lighting the sky. The tall buildings of Chicago passed by as the limo sped to the destination. It had been years since Dawn had been in a limo and she wanted to make it night to remember.

Once again her eyes darted to the cock lying limp in his pants. An image of it standing tall with her lips wrapped around it filled her mind. She could feel her sex becoming hotter and the familiar ache to be filled consumed her.

“You have been so good to me,” Dawn said. The subtle lines that crossed her face only added to her allure. She had the body of a woman 20 year younger and she knew how to use it.

She inched her way towards him and placed a gentle kiss on his lips. His hand immediately pulled her closer and their tongues began to dance inside each other’s mouth. The smell of his cologne filled her nostrils as he kissed bahis firmaları her deeper.

Her pussy was so hot for him and she knew they had gone to far to stop know. His hand reached under her blouse and cupped her breasts. The nipples hardening as he masterfully massaged her tits. His touch was causing an explosion inside her.

His cock rises to attention as her hand massages the instrument inside his pants. Soon a moan of pleasure escapes her lips and he pulls the skirt from her. Matt hits the button to raise the bar between them and the driver and moves to pull down her skirt.

She knows her panties are soaked and the smell of her wantonness fills the cabin. Matt begins to forcefully lick the outside of her drenched underwear. He can feel the folds of her pussy underneath the thin fabric.

“Stand up,” he says. “Put your upper half of your body out of the roof.”

Dawn hair blows in the wind as she stares at all the people walking the Michigan Avenue. For a moment, the beauty of the city catches her breath.

Matt pulls down her underwear making Dawn naked from the waste down. He pulls her pussy lips apart and begins to lick the sweet nectar from inside her. His tongue darts between the lips and sensitive bundle of nerves that begins to protrude from the top.

“Ohhh,” Dawn moans caught off guard by the sudden tongue-lashing her pussy receives. Her hands grip the roof as he plays her pussy like a violin.

All around the people watch as the woman in the limousine writhe on the hood not knowing what is going on. The idea of being watched only intensifies kaçak iddaa the oncoming orgasm.

The car stops at a red light and everyone passing by and waiting at the light sees her explosion of pleasure. Matt tongue whips back and forth on her clit and soon her body explodes from the force.

“OHHHH God yeah. Fuck me.” Dawn screams as the light turns green and the limo juts forward leaving behind a group of shocked faces.

Dawn re-enters the cab of the limo not believing what she just did. She kisses Matt hard licking her juices from his face as prepares to return the favor.

She unzips and unleashes his 9-inch anaconda and puts gently begins to lick the tip. Her mouth engulfs his hard cock bringing a shudder to his body. Matt’s hand roams to her ass and he begins to play with her tender ass hole. The pleasure melts her as she attacks his cock.

She wants his cum so bad. She wants it to fill her mouth and stomach. Faster and faster her mouth rides his cock until she begins to feel the telltale tensing that precedes his orgasm.

“I’m so close, baby,” Matt says almost out of breath.

Suddenly Dawn’s mouth is filled with her hot cum and she drinks it all down. She loves the taste of his cum a mix of salty and sweet.

Dawn immediately climbs up his chest and kisses him on the lips. Their tongues intertwine mixing their juices. Dawn takes off her top and Matt’s mouth begins sucking on her pert nipples.

The sensation ripples through her body like an ocean wave as it crashes into the reef. His hand reaches between her legs and his fingers enter kaçak bahis easily. Dawn is conscious of her wetness as it makes its way down her leg. His fingers fuck her softly at first like a new lover, but soon his excitements builds and he becomes faster. Her body began to rock back and forth on his fingers wanting the explosion of pleasure to come faster.

“Don’t stop,” she begs. “Fuck me, fuck me hard.”

The ripple of pleasure erupts in her body as all of her muscles tense simultaneously. She tries to cry out, but the pleasure washes over body drowning out the sounds.

Dawn lies down on the seat spent from their foreplay, but Matt’s cock has other plans. Matt moves like a blur and is on top of her. Dawn didn’t know if she could take another round, but once his cockhead plunged into her pussy, she knew there was no going back.

Oh God, Dawn thought as Matt’s cock enveloped her pussy to the hilt. Her pussy throbbed with desire for him and it milked his cock as he thrust inside her.

There was no love; there was no reason only the raw animal passion as he pounded her pussy like a jackhammer.

Faster and faster, he went until once again the ripples began to encompass her body. Dawn knew Matt couldn’t keep going like this for long and soon he would shoot his load into her pussy.

The thought made her hotter and when he began to explode inside her she too felt the rush of pleasure as her pussy was filled with his cum.

He pulled out of her leaving a trail of cum and pussy juice on the leather seat. Sweat beaded on their naked bodies and they were unprepared when the car stopped.

“Where here, sir,” the driver said over the intercom.

They looked at their naked bodies and laughed.

“Can you gives us a couple more times around the block please,” Matt said.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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