A Drinker’s Better Moments Ch. 03

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Golden Graduation Goodbyes

Four years felt like forty, but I had finally earned the credits to receive my Bachelors. It was a warm Saturday morning; I woke up early knowing it was going to be a long day. I should have been excited and moving quickly — my roommates were — anticipating leaving college campus and heading off into the real world with a job and a future. But I had a heavy heart this morning. Leaving is always bittersweet. College is sometimes referred to as the best time of your life and I knew I was leaving that behind. I had enjoyed my classes, enjoyed the close friendships I had made. I looked out my second-floor bedroom window, surveying the backyard, taking in the memories of barbeques and horseplay and drunken debauchery, taking mental snapshots as if to fill up a photo album to refer back to these ‘best years’ in case life ever got a little rough and needed a bit of nostalgia. I moved to the next window, continuing my panoramic scan from left to right, mentally recording memories of each item I saw. Then my gaze reached the neighbors backyard, back porch then facade.

I would miss Kris most of all. All good things must come to an end I suppose; you move on from relationships and find new ones that are equally or more fulfilling. I am normally optimistic, but it was hard to see a replacement for Kris. Kris and I got one another. Thinking back on it, there was always mutual respect and even admiration between us from the beginning, which made our first sexual encounter rather natural. Some encounters may be a one time thing, but ever since we met again at the campgrounds, I have had a spare key to her house. Most nights, I would discreetly enter her house through the backdoor and explore Kris’ body. We understood each other. And each others sexual desires. I don’t think I will ever find that again.

I continued to move slowly, taking a long half-hour shower…my previous mental pictures of Kris filling my head.

Green eyes. Brown hair. Beautiful smile. Wet lips. Smooth skin. Long legs. Birthmark on her left hip. Newly-grown finely-trimmed pubic hair. Moist lips. Spread wide with small hands. A penetrating smirk. Release. A warm stream. Splashing. Wandering hands. Massaging. Skin absorbing. Body writhing. Breasts fondled. Nipples erect. Muscles tensing. Heavy breathing. Spasm. Climax. Slower rubbing. Complete satisfaction. Warm glow. Beautiful smile.

I soaped and rubbed my penis and balls during this mental playback, but not close to the point of complete satisfaction. I was saving myself, if you will, for tonight. Kris and I did not verbalize it, but we both knew — tonight was our last night together, and we were going to enjoy it.

It took another hour, but I finally got out of the shower, into my black graduation gown, got out of the house and hustled over to the main quad. I saw the huge crowd and began to look for my marching location in alphabetical order. Once I knew my spot, I went to say goodbye to friends. When you close a chapter of your life, there are always some people you are glad you will never see again. Others you will miss. Some I would stay in touch with, others I would have tearful goodbyes with. Others I would say, “No this isn’t goodbye, we’ll stay in touch, and I’ll definitely see you this summer.” Many of those, it would not be true (some a known lie at the time it was said, others a surprise and am sad to this day that there was never a proper goodbye).

I wandered through the sea of black, some with different chords and regalia for clubs, organizations and Greek life. About 50 yards separated our student group from the faculty group. They had much more color to their gowns. I scanned the crowd — the caps making it difficult to recognize faces of some individuals. I saw a couple of my drama Profs and waved, then my gaze fell on Kris. We locked eyes for a moment and we smiled at each other, then my scan continued on. I was hanging out with Dave when we got the order from the organizers to take our final spots – we were going to proceed with the processional shortly. The students and faculty alike maneuvered like livestock, random movements until order was found. The crowd bubbled and students and faculty intertwined. I was almost to my final spot when I felt someone approaching from my right. I didn’t have time çeşme escort to turn my head when I heard the whisper in my ear, “I’m naked under this gown.” My head followed the voice and saw the back of Kris walking away. I couldn’t see it, but I imagined her smirking as she walked away.

I probably thought she was lying, but the seed of doubt, the slight chance of fact, made my hormones run wild. The graduation gowns flatter no one, but I had her body memorized, and throughout the ceremony I looked at her on the stage, from the audience, picturing her with my X-ray vision. Smooth flat stomach. Perky breasts. The velvet from the gown teasing her nipples causing them to extend and harden. My vision was so powerful through that gown; I was telepathically pleading her to uncross her legs so that I could get a glimpse of that wonderful pussy. She had achieved her goal. I had lost it. I was sitting with an erection, eyeing her, occasionally making eye contact for more smirks. The University President said something. Then a celebrity was awarded a fake degree and told us about our futures and dreams and youth or something. Didn’t matter. The first few rows stood up and began walking across stage, receiving their diplomas from the Deans. I think one person caused a spectacle, jumping off stage to a roar of cheers, but nothing took my eyes of that peach-colored flesh. I imagined that Kris had the same x-ray vision and could see my arousal under my gown as I walked across stage. I had the mental capacity to shake hands, grab the diploma and smile for the camera and return to my seat.

The ceremony ended, and there was lunch in the quad for family and friends. I took more (real) pictures with friends and enjoyed the moment with family. The crowd began to dwindle, so I approached one of the food tables for one last visit. I saw my mark at the end of table grabbing a finger sandwich and sidled up. I whispered, “My bladder is so full, if only there was some way to get relief,” then walked off. This time Kris got to see me walk away.

Crowds moved off to local restaurants, more goodbyes were said and more pictures taken. The sun had just set when I said my last goodbyes to family and friends and headed back down the main campus road towards home. I went into my apartment, quickly changed, looked around my empty room, grabbed my last bag, headed out to my car and dropped it in the back seat. I took out my keys, walked around back and entered Kris’ place.

I removed my flip-flops at the door and entered the kitchen. I heard music from the living room. As I approached, I saw a leg dangled over the sofa. I walked around and Kris had her eyes closed, body lying across the sofa. There was an empty bottle of wine and a second freshly-opened one, with a glass half-full. A second glass remained empty, presumably waiting for me. There was a smile on her face. She had on a yellow sundress, with the hem just at the thighs, slightly revealing more on the leg that was hanging over the sofa edge. I took another mental picture of the sleeping beauty then bent over and put my lips on hers and gave her a long kiss. I parted her lips with my tongue and slowly let it explore then brought it back out and gave her another soft kiss and leaned back.

Her eyes were now open. “Congratulations, Kev. My graduate.”

“Thank you” I replied. “Any graduation gift?”

She reached under the coffee table and held up car keys.

“A new car! Gee, you’re the best ever!” I exclaimed mockingly at the fake gift, tossing her keys onto the table.

“I know. I also know that you’ve already had the keys to what you’ve always wanted for quite some time now.”

She lifted her head a bit to give me a kiss this time. Longer and more sensual. Tongues exploring, and lips locked in a hug as if many parts of us would not want to say goodbye tonight. We broke the kiss and she looked into my eyes. Deep into my soul. Her hands explored my back; my hands slide down her sides, down along her legs.

I removed my gaze from her eyes and looked at her laid out in front of me, admiring her beauty in the sundress. She was right.

I broke the silence. “I’m guessing this is what you had under your gown. Naked, my ass.”

“I think asses are naked by definition,” she replied.

My hands continued escort çeşme down to her feet and back up her legs, inside thighs, my thumb catching the hem of the dress and lifting it up to see the white cotton panties she was wearing underneath. I stared at the mesmerizing v-pattern from her waist to where her legs met. I again used my powerful x-ray vision to see the patch of pubic hair covering her wet pussy. My hand ran over her undies and cupped her mound, using my middle finger to slide through her crease; the moistness hit the underwear causing it to hold its position creating a nice little camel toe.

I kissed her again. I used my other hand to coddle her head, running my thumb across her smooth cheek.

“You don’t need to be naked to be beautiful,” I whispered in her ear.

“If we pretend this sundress is my gown, I’m naked underneath, so technically I’m not lying,” she replied.

I gave her a look of disbelief and lightly slapped her mound with my left hand again to remind her she was wearing underwear.

“Well, I’m braless,” she back-tracked.

I let out a laugh. I moved my right hand from her face to her left breast and took it in my hands with a squeeze. “Well I didn’t lie to you earlier.”

She protested, “Well your statement was an easy one. I could say that too. But guess what?”


“I know the answer…” she answered.

I gave a look of confusion. A moment passed, then I felt the wetness on my left hand. I removed it and stared at her panties. Her white panties darkened, starting at her slit and spreading across her whole front. I put my hand back on her crotch and began to rub it harder than I had before. I heard the underwear squish. Kris licked her lips and bit her tongue. I lifted her butt and slid her sundress half way up her back and lifted the front of her dress up over her breasts. I slid both hands over her pussy, one hand going underneath the underwear to enjoy the full wetness, then I slid my hands up her waist across her belly and over her tits. Once I reached her breasts and kneaded them forward, I would go back to re-wet my hands in her panties and repeat the process. Each successive trip to her breasts would cause her nipples to grow and stick out like pencil erasers and the areolas became more and more swollen. I felt my own penis grow.

I sat Kris up on the couch and pulled the dress completely over her head and buried my head in her lap. My mouth started lapping over her mound, sucking through the panties, absorbing her juices – a mix of her arousal and piss. My hands continued to spread the moisture as my tongue ran along the ridges of her opening. My mouth left her pussy to return to her mouth for another kiss. She attacked my tongue, getting a taste for herself.

Kris sucked on my tongue while she worked my shirt up. We broke the kiss so she could remove it completely. We both stood up, her on the couch and me on the ground. I stood with my bare chest before her. She reached for my pants, undid the button and pulled down the zipper and began to wiggle the jeans off of my hips. They fell to the ground. I was not wearing underwear. My penis was now free from its constraints, so slowly began to dance erect, moving from its position against my thigh up into the air, leaving a trail connecting the tip of my cock to my thigh, a long thread of pre-cum.

Kris took my dick in her hand and spread the cum over my shaft and brought it to her face to suck off her fingers. I stepped out of my jeans, completely naked and stared at this woman in her wet panties before me. She was a golden goddess: great legs, a wet pussy, a glimmering waist and breasts, erect nipples and a flushed face wet with my cum and her urine and a mouth begging for more.

I grabbed the bottle of wine and the empty glass. I picked her up and took her to the bedroom and laid her across the bed, putting the wine and glass on the nightstand. I planted more kisses on her face and made a trail to her breasts. My tongue did laps around her nipples and I sucked in all the way up to her puffed-up areolas. I suckled so hard I almost expected milk to come out. I gave each nipple a nibble and then straddled her hips, my erect penis hovering over her waist. We locked eyes and shared a smirk.

I let my bladder release and let go çeşme escort bayan a yellow stream. I was not lying earlier in the day. The first drops landed on her chin. She opened her mouth, letting my golden shower enter her throat. I continued gushing, soaking her hair and the bedspread underneath her. I pointed my penis and continued to rain down on her breasts, across her belly, filling her belly button. Then I pointed my cock straight down, power washing at her panties, hitting her clit, swirling my stream around trying to arouse her clit as much as possible.

A moan escaped from Kris’ mouth. I continued to pee on her crotch while Kris let a hand travel under her panties and began rubbing furiously at her clit. Her other hand began to tug at my cock as the last drops ran dry. Kris brought herself to an orgasm as she gave me a hand job. Once her orgasm hit, she yanked at my cock, trying to slide me up her body where she took my dick in her mouth. She lapped at my soaked dick and I enjoyed rocking over her, spreading the wetness all over her body. My dick was masterfully worked by her tongue. I was now extremely hard and I needed her tight pussy on it, as I was ready to cum.

I turned over and Kris began to straddle me on top. I settled into the wet sheets and Kris spread her white panties to one side allowing my penis to hit the entrance of her vagina. She spread her lips and guided my cock in and she sank down on my pole. She began to ride my cock, slow at first then increasing the speed. She was so damn hot, tits bouncing, hips writhing. She reached over and grabbed the wine bottle, took a couple of swigs and then began to suck the phallus erotically. She took another swig of wine, stopped humping, leaned over and locked lips and expelled the wine into my mouth. I drank every drop and we kissed. Kris locked her hips and began to squeeze her pussy muscles, the walls of her vagina began to milk my cock as we kissed.

I was ready to cum, and broke the kiss to let my own moans escape me as I squirted bursts after bursts of hot cum into her hot wet pussy. Kris continued to squeeze my cock and began riding up and down the shaft again bringing her to another orgasm. I reached up and pulled at her nipples as she climaxed. It caused a toll and she collapsed next to me. This allowed me to take charge again. I pulled off her panties and put them to her mouth. I kept her knees on the bed and lifted her butt in the air leaving her head to rest on the pillow, sucking at her own undies. I approached from the rear, spread her butt cheeks and let my tongue lap at her pussy. I could taste my own jizz and swirled it around all the other flavors at her crotch. Every part of our bodies was now soaking, and the smell of sex filled the room.

I took my semi-hard dick and slapped it against her asshole a few times then slid it across underneath to her slit. I let it enter her pussy. I grabbed her hips with my hands and began thrusting powerfully, pulling her ass back onto me with each push. I pounded at her pussy, flesh hitting flesh, my balls slapping her clit. Kris reached a hand back to rub my balls as she continued to suckle at her panties. I slid a hand around and cupped a breast and pulled at the nipple. Kris screamed and worked her way through another orgasm. I wanted to jizz, but also had to pee. I wasn’t sure which was going to win out. Then I felt it and let it go. The wine had won, and I began to go, with my penis buried inside Kris. I filled her pussy and could feel the liquid passing by, coating my cock, leaking out, soaking my pubes and balls, sliding down her and my legs and covering the bed. I continued to go until I emptied my bladder. I slowly pulled my penis out and grabbed the empty glass and put it underneath her pussy, collecting my piss as it flowed out of her. A quarter of the glass was filled; I was collecting drop after drop when suddenly, it started to fill up rapidly. Kris was peeing again and she was aiming it at the glass. I let it fill up. I gave her ass a smack to indicate we were done as if that would stop the stream. It kept coming and I let the piss run down our bodies as I rubbed her pussy, spraying the shower in all directions.

Kris sat back up and we embraced, kissed, shared a toast from a common glass and kissed again. Kris and I enjoyed a wonderfully wet couple of hours together. It was a nice goodbye; we savored the moment, as we anticipated never seeing each other again. College is the best time of your life for some. But it turns out the best times of my life were still ahead of me, and, to my surprise, Kris played a part in those moments too.

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