A Deck Renovation Evolves Ch. 03

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Sunday morning Mr. Wilbur was right on schedule, sitting in their driveway at 7:30. Adam informed Roslyn, saying, “Your favorite voyeur is out in his car. You gonna spice up his morning before we eat breakfast?”

“Go tell him to come in. There’s no need for him to sit outside alone, wise ass,” Roslyn responded sarcastically, with an undertone of nervousness evident in her voice. She was wearing a very thin pair of white bikini panties and her near sheer robe that Adam had suggested she wear. She didn’t change clothes this time. She did however, brush her hair to get the messy pillow-look out of it.

Mr. Wilbur entered the house, smelled the fresh coffee, and sat at the kitchen table, exactly where he had sat yesterday morning. Adam was getting coffee cups for all three of them when Roslyn walked out of the bathroom and into the kitchen, her light robe flowing as she walked. Her firm round tits bounced in unison with every step with her pink areolae clearly visible through the almost sheer robe. It was open midway above her knee, exposing a large portion of her healthy, toned legs while she walked.

Mr. Wilbur took one look, and whispered loud enough for everyone to hear, “Oh . . . sweet Jesus,” then took a very loud deep breath. He couldn’t take his eyes off of her. He didn’t know exactly what part of her body he wanted to concentrate on.

Adam brought the cups to the table and sat next to Mr. Wilbur. He looked at him; his mouth still wide open. Adam smiled with a slightly open mouth, his tongue rolling around his inner cheek, looking entertained at Mr. Wilbur’s reaction to all of this. He leaned over and whispered, “Are you going to be able to get any work done today?”

Mr. Wilbur shook his head without taking his eyes off Roslyn, and said, “I’m not sure I want to.” He then turned to Adam and asked in a whisper, “Doesn’t it bother you having your beautiful young wife walking around dressed like that in front of me?”

Adam said, matter-of-factly, “She’s a big girl, I don’t tell her how to dress, nor could I if I tried. Would you rather she’d changed clothes for breakfast?”

“If you can’t tell her how to dress, I’m certainly not going to try. Not that I want to,” responded Mr. Wilbur.

“Just enjoy it. It may not happen again,” cautioned Adam.

Roslyn knew the two of them were talking, but couldn’t hear what was being said. She was pretty sure she knew though. She then came to the table carrying the coffee pot in both hands. She had one thin arm across her breasts, barely hiding her areolae; still not completely comfortable being this exposed to Mr. Wilbur, even though she found it very exciting. She placed the coffee pot on the table, and said, “You guys can pour your own coffee.” She then quickly went back to the kitchen counter.

Mr. Wilbur’s eyes went right to her ass. Even though it was covered by her robe and panties, he could still see the shadow created by the crease between her ass cheeks. All he could say was, “Damn, Adam, What’s going on today with her?”

“Just let the day play out. Then we can both find out . . . maybe,” replied Adam, as he took a sip from his coffee cup.

“Pancakes and Canadian bacon okay with you guys this morning?” asked Roslyn. “It’s going to take a little longer than usual, I’m running a little late this morning. I hope you guys don’t mind.”

“I think old Mr. Wilbur could wait all day for breakfast today,” Adam smugly said.

“Oh, it won’t take that long, Mr. Wilbur. Don’t worry,” she said, as she giggled slightly.

“I don’t think he’s worried, sweetheart. Take your time, honey. He looks like he’s really enjoying his coffee,” chuckled Adam.

“Well, there’s plenty more where that came from. Feel free to take as much as you want, Mr. Wilbur.” Another giggle escaped Roslyn’s lips.

Mr. Wilbur’s head was spinning with questions and a lot of desire and lust as he watched Roslyn’s almost naked ass wiggling as she mixed up the pancake batter. He was glad he was sitting. He had a rip-roaring hard-on that drastically needed to be relieved.

Finally, the pancakes were ready and Roslyn brought them to the table, along with the bacon. She then went to the refrigerator and came back with the butter and syrup, then sat down, and said, “Sorry it took so long. Dig in guys.” She looked at Mr. Wilbur, who still just seemed to be staring in awe, smiled, and repeated herself, “You can dig in whenever you want, Mr. Wilbur.”

Mr. Wilbur snapped out of his hypnotic-like trance, and said, “Huh? . . . Oh yeah, okay.”

Being fully distracted and preoccupied, Mr. Wilbur took longer than normal to complete his breakfast. Once everyone had finished, the men went outside. Roslyn took care of the cleaning up chores, as you probably suspected.

On the deck, after Mr. Wilbur adjusted his still semi-erect cock, he looked at Adam, and said, “I hope you realize, if Roslyn keeps dressing like that in front of me, I won’t be responsible for any aggressive actions bahis firmaları I may make on her. I’m still a rather healthy man, with the same wants and needs I had while in my 20’s. I hope you understand, and accept that very real fact.”

Adam responded, “Just keep the talk we had last Friday night about this in mind. I’m sure, if she continues to put herself on display like that for you, and you try to take advantage of the situation, she won’t be offended. In fact, it’s not as if she wouldn’t expect it. Relax . . . As I said at the table, let it all play out, and let things happen as they will naturally. I told you, she’s a big girl, and if you go too far in her mind, she will certainly let you know. I’m fine with whatever she wants to do. Now let’s get working on this deck, okay?”

“Are you telling me, in no uncertain terms that if I make a move on her, and she is receptive, that it’s okay with you? What if it goes beyond, to the ultimate?” Mr. Wilbur asked, a little uncertain, but in excited anticipation.

“No matter what may happen between the two of you, as long as it is with Roz’s consent, is between the two of you. You’re both adults, and Roz and I have always been open and honest with each other’s wants and needs. Keep in mind, this is a new experience for her, so don’t expect everything to go smoothly and not be somewhat clumsy and awkward. Go slow, as slow as she wants. That’s about as clear as I can be without blatantly telling you, if you end up fucking my wife, it’s okay. Just always respect her as a person, and her feelings. That’s all I insist on.” Adam turned and began working on the deck.

“I’m sure, by now, I think you know I want to desperately do just that,” replied Mr. Wilbur, apologetically.

“I knew you wanted that the first time I saw how you stared at her. The lust was evident. Right now, I think she’s just happy teasing and being provocatively naughty. If she ends up wanting more, you’ll know it,” Adam said.

“I hope I can keep my mind on this fucking deck today. It’s going to be a challenge, to say the least. This is a completely new experience for me as well,” said Mr. Wilbur.

Adam only laughed in amusement. After a few hours of working, Adam asked Mr. Wilbur if he was ready for a cold drink. Mr. Wilbur told him that a Coke would be fine for him. Adam went into the house to get both of them a cold soda.

Adam approached Roslyn, who had since put on a pair of shorts and a T-shirt. He smiled and patted her on her ass, and said, “You did good this morning, babe. You were very effective, I must say. I don’t think Mr. Wilbur has fully recovered yet.” He chuckled and went to the refrigerator.

“I was so nervous, and felt so cheap at first. Once I saw that he was loving it all, I relaxed a bit and became really horny. It was exciting . . . very exciting. Did he say anything to you outside?” asked Roslyn, curious and excited.

“Well, he still had a mini hard-on, which I’m afraid may end up being a perpetual stigma he may have to learn to deal with,” he laughed. He continued, “He was bold and honest enough to tell me that he’d fuck you in a heartbeat, if given the chance. So my dear, your devious little ploy is working, and is accomplishing what I think you hoped it would. Just make sure you are prepared to handle whatever happens in the future. I’m sure he won’t be disrespectful towards you, he doesn’t want to blow any chance he may have of really getting into your lovely panties.” Adam smiled and turned to head back out.

Roslyn sat at the kitchen table after walking by the sliding door and glancing out at the guys. She did notice, what she thought was, a larger than normal bulge in Mr. Wilbur’s shorts. She felt a little bit of guilt, and a lot of sexual arousal. While at the table, sipping an iced tea, she became lost in erotic thought. “He really would fuck me if I wanted him to, and I do. I wonder if it would feel any different than Adam’s? Would I like it? Would he like it, or would I end up disappointing him, being not as experienced as he? How would I deal with it after it happened? How would Adam end up reacting?” She had so many questions, and virtually no way of finding the answers beforehand. She knew that she had to ease into everything very slowly and cautiously. She had to be absolutely sure. She had to be sure she would be able to maintain as much of her dignity as possible. No matter what happened, she would want to not feel less of a lady and have Mr. Wilbur walk away with the same feelings about her.

She knew that she couldn’t allow anything to happen overnight. This had to evolve slowly, even though she was blatantly forward in her dress that morning. She felt she just had to wear what Adam had suggested, to let Mr. Wilbur know that playing around like that could continue. She had to see how Adam would react seeing her walking around nearly nude, tantalizing another man, and if his feelings about the whole thing would change after actually seeing it happen, rather than kaçak iddaa just fantasizing about it. She was rapidly becoming sure that she wanted to be as naughty as possible with Mr. Wilbur, and do something so taboo, that just the thought excited her. She drank her tea and began doing a little house cleaning, with thoughts and feelings that were foreign and new to her. She was extremely horny, excited and felt pins and needles throughout her body and a million tiny butterflies in her belly.

A little after noon, Roslyn went to the sliders and called out, “Okay guys, time for lunch. I hope you like corned beef sandwiches on rye, Mr. Wilbur.”

“I love Reuben’s,” responded Mr. Wilbur.

“Sorry, no sauerkraut in this house. We call corned beef sandwiches on rye ‘Roslyn’s’ around here, I hope you love a ‘Roslyn’ as much,” she giggled and went back making the sandwiches.

“Adam couldn’t resist. He came back with, “Once Mr. Wilbur gets a taste of a ‘Roslyn’, he won’t be satisfied with anything else.” He then let out a loud, hearty laugh.

Mr. Wilbur shook his head, smiled, and said, “That’s crude, Adam, . . . real crude.”

“Let’s just wait and see. In maybe a short time, you’ll be able to tell me if I was wrong. You know you want to taste that young, delicious pussy of hers . . . And it is delicious. Let’s wash and head in. Roz doesn’t like to eat alone.”

After lunch, and a few more hours of working on the deck, Adam and Mr. Wilbur called it a day. When asked by Roslyn if Mr. Wilbur was staying for dinner, he declined, saying that he needed to go home and rest from two arduous days of manual labor, amongst other things.

Mr. Wilbur drove home with what seemed like a million questions bouncing around in his, otherwise, well organized and structured mind. “Where was all of this leading, and why? Was I being seduced, or was this some cruel game Adam and Roslyn were playing on an old man? If this isn’t a cruel game, and their intentions are to involve me in an extramarital relationship with Roslyn, why me and not someone her own age?” Then there were his own personal doubts, “Am I about to make a complete fool of myself? Was I still capable of satisfying a young woman sexually and not embarrass myself in the process of attempting to? How will something like this affect, what seems like, a nicely developing friendship? How should I act if she continues to tease me like this? Should I show interest in only a controlled and respectful manor, or is she waiting for me to become more aggressive?” he thought to himself, along with many more questions.

He did, however, draw the conclusion that Adam and Roslyn had talked about this with each other, and both approved of what had occurred thus far, and anything else that was to occur in the future. That was quite obvious to Mr. Wilbur now. He was excited and curious enough to find out if all his questions would eventually be answered. All he knew, and was sure of, at this particular moment, was that he wanted to fuck Roslyn more than anything, and that he was horny as hell and needed to take care of that as soon as he got home.

It took a total of two weekends and a full week of working on the deck every single night, to complete the extension so it could be used completely and safely.

That last Sunday all three of them celebrated on the new deck with a New England clam boil with all the usual extras. It was all being cooked on the grille as they sat at the deck table, admiring their accomplishment while consuming a nice bottle of red wine that Mr. Wilbur had brought with him for the occasion. They even brought out some old music that they had found out was some of Mr. Wilbur’s favorite artists. It was obvious to Mr. Wilbur that the wine was having an effect on Roslyn before the food was served.

Adam insisted, once the clam boil was ready and the wine was no more, that the only proper thing to do was to drink beer with it. Beer was the only beverage that did a clam boil justice, Adam reasoned. No one disagreed, and Roslyn was not about to, considering how the wine had removed her ability to do so. After eating they remained celebrating and partying later than they normally would on a Sunday night. Monday was a holiday and no one needed to go to work, so time was not an issue.

After that robe and panty Sunday, there were no other outward sexual displays by Roslyn. There were occasional incidents of little innocent innuendo tossed back and forth, but nothing that would suggest that Roslyn was pursuing any further obvious seduction of Mr. Wilbur, and no further mention of the subject by Adam. Mr. Wilbur had concluded that that scenario had run its course and nothing more was to come of it. They got to know each other better and all felt comfortable in each other’s company.

Roslyn was in a jovial mood, and seemed to be enjoying herself quite a bit. She constantly got Adam to dance with her, until he adamantly refused, saying, “I’m too drunk to dance anymore . . . dance with kaçak bahis Mr. Wilbur, if he remembers how to.” Mr. Wilbur took this as a direct challenge to his age and was feeling under the influence enough to do something about it. When Roslyn looked at him as the next slow song came on, he jumped at the chance to prove Adam wrong, not to mention the opportunity to hold this lovely creature in his arms.

Mr. Wilbur approached Roslyn who was standing in the middle of the deck, smiling and waiting for her next dance partner. As he got close enough to her she reached out with both arms and wrapped them around his neck and drew closer to him, now standing on her toes. As their bodies pressed against each other Roslyn began swaying to the music. Mr. Wilbur placed both his hands on her hips and moved in unison with her. As they danced, Roslyn placed her head on his shoulder with her face against his neck. He began feeling those familiar sensations in his stomach and the thoughts of the previous Sunday night’s drive home began to reappear in his head. He could feel his cock beginning to respond and he no longer cared.

They finished the dance, and Roslyn remained in that position until the next song began, and continued dancing with him. After a few more dances Mr. Wilbur noticed Adam slouched in his chair. He appeared to be asleep. His cock was now nearly fully erect, as Roslyn continued to grind her body against it. She whispered into his neck, “I’m glad to see you enjoy dancing with me.” The feel of his cock rubbing against the upper part of her vulva and the feel of her soft breath tickling his neck, brought him to a full erection. He said to her, “Your husband looks like he’s had enough to drink for the night.” She looked in Adam’s direction, smiled, and said, “He usually gets like that when he drinks too much . . . How could we ever thank you for helping us with this wonderful new deck?”

“I can’t answer that as I’d like to right now,” Mr. Wilbur responded, and smiled. He then continued, “You’ve done enough already. Just getting to know the two of you better and allowing me to enjoy your company has made this old man very happy. That, my little Princess, in itself, is thanks enough.” They then heard the glass slider open and turned to see Adam entering the house.

“See? Alcohol does that to him,” she said. She went on, “Some men become loud and boisterous when they’ve had too much to drink. Some men know how to handle their alcohol consumption. Adam just finds a cozy, comfortable place and passes out for the night.”

The dark sky was displaying its nightly light show of sparkling stars, adding to the already sensuous mood of the evening. The only light illuminating the deck was that of the dim light coming through the sliders from the kitchen along with the light of a half moon.

Mr. Wilbur seductively inquired, “And what does alcohol do to this little Princess I’m dancing with?”

Roslyn giggled, and said, “It makes her horny.” She giggled again as she pressed her pussy against his fat, old swollen cock.

Mr. Wilbur let out a gravely groan of pleasure as he placed an individual hand on each cheek of her ass and pulled her tighter to him. Roslyn moaned in pleasure along with him, as she nibbled on his neck with her tender young lips. She suddenly pulled away, grabbed hold of one of his arms, then began gently pulling him. She said softly, “Come with me.,” with a sultry look in her eyes, as a seductive smile touched her lips.

“Where, . . . where are we going?” Mr. Wilbur asked.

“I want to show my appreciation and thank you the way I know you deserve,” she said, as she walked him into the house.

As they entered the house, Roslyn saw Adam rolled up like a child on the couch, asleep, or passed out, she wasn’t sure which. She assumed he was passed out and in an alcoholic stupor, as he usually got after an encounter with more alcohol than he could handle. She walked up to him and lovingly placed a throw pillow under his head and returned to Mr. Wilber, who had remained where she left him. She led him down the hallway.

She pushed the large rocker style wall light switch, which turned on a small table lamp beside a full size bed. She looked at Mr. Wilbur, and said, “This is our spare bedroom. It’s late and you’ve had too much to drink to be driving home safely on these dark country roads. You should stay here for the night and drive home tomorrow, whenever you want. When you get up in the morning, feel free to take a shower. There are fresh towels folded on a table near the shower stall. Now get undressed and into bed, I’ll be right back. She smiled and closed the bedroom door as she left.

Mr. Wilbur still wasn’t sure what he should expect next. “Was this what she meant by thanking me? Caring enough to not let me drive home? Or did she have something else in mind?” He undressed and got under the covers, laid on his back with his eyes wide open, and the light on. “She did say she’d be right back,” he reasoned. He heard the door open and turned his head towards it.

Roslyn smiled seductively as she leaned against the now closed door. She was wearing the very same sheer robe she’d worn the Sunday before, absent the panties.

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