A Curious Roommate Ch. 03

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Camille’s pussy was still contracting through mini-orgasms as she slid her fingers out. She carefully moved the hair stuck across her forehead to the side and sat up.

“I need to get out of here,” she said more to herself than to Patrick.

Patrick was still seated on the toilet, admiring the young beauty lying on the floor in front of him. His cock was slowly deflating as it oozed some remaining evidence of the massive load he had just ejaculated.

Camille quickly got up and grabbed her towel beginning to wrap it around her slender frame. She could feel the blood rushing back into her brain, as her body gradually descended from the series of mind-shattering orgasms she had just experienced.

“Don’t forget the conditioner. That’s what you came in here for correct?” Patrick spoke. “I think there’s some in the shower.”

“Yes. Thanks,” Camille responded walking over to the shower stall with one hand holding onto the towel wrapped around her. She stood on her toes looking inside the stall to search for the bottle of conditioner amongst the various other products Shelly had in her shower.

Patrick ogled the young virgin standing there inside the bathroom with him in nothing but a towel. He noticed how toned her calves were as she stood up on her toes. Her dark brown hair fell down across her neck and covered her back.

“God, she’s so sexy,” Patrick sighed. He looked her up and down one more time and noticed that the trail of cum that he had shot across her right thigh was now slowly trickling down her leg making its way down to her ankle. Her tiny feet were also still covered in cum, and the sight of her carefully manicured toes covered with his load caused a familiar stir in his cock. He rose and walked over to the shower entrance, coming to a halt behind the forward-leaning Camille.

“Found it!” Camille announced holding the bottle of conditioner up.

“Good for you,” Patrick responded behind her. As a shocked Camille turned around to look at him, he moved her hair to the side and planted a soft kiss along the back of her neck.

“What… What are you doing?” Camille timidly stuttered.

“Why don’t you take a shower in here with me?” he asked as he continued planting kisses along her neck.

“No. We can’t do this,” Camille interjected once more trying to move away from him. “We’ve gone too far as it is already.”

“Do what?” he continued moving back in for more kisses. “All I’m suggesting is that we take a shower together.”

“So why are you… Why are you kissing me?” Camille whispered her eyes closed now as her body succumbed to his advances.

“I’m kissing you because I think you’re beautiful.”

“Do you really think I’m beautiful?” she asked excitedly.

“You’re gorgeous, and so damn sexy,” Patrick answered. He then moved his left hand to her hand holding the towel wrapped around her body. She gave way without any resistance as he untied the knot and let the towel drop to their feet, leaving them both standing there naked in Shelly’s bathroom.

They stepped into the shower together. As the warm water hit their bodies, Camille experienced a whirlwind of emotions ranging from sheer guilt to utter excitement. How could she possibly be doing all of this with her roommate’s boyfriend? She was not that type of girl. Playing with his cock yesterday was bad enough. This was outright immoral and sinful. Yet it also felt so breathtakingly passionate and it was as if her body was yearning for Patrick’s caress.

Camille slowly turned around to face him. She stood up on her toes and stared into his eyes. Not a word was spoken by either of them. They could almost feel each other’s heart rate peaking as they leaned in for the kiss. Camille felt a shiver run through her entire body when their lips made contact. She felt him wrap his strong arms around her slim waist and pull her into him, her small slender body coming to a rest against his strong muscular frame. Their tongues engulfed each other as the water cascaded off their faces. They stood there making out in the shower, their bodies fusing together in a mélange of passion. As they embraced she could feel his erection trapped between their bodies. It all of a sudden brought her back to reality.

“Patrick,” she broke their kiss apart as she stared into his eyes. “I can’t do this.”

“Do what?” he asked looking into her concerned eyes.

“Sex. The two of us. We can’t,” she cried. “I’m a virgin.”

“It’s ok. We won’t do anything you don’t want to do,” he comforted her.

“You really mean that?” she asked.

“Of course I do. I want your first experience to be a memorable one, and one that you would cherish for the rest of your life. If you don’t feel this is the moment for that, it’s perfectly fine with me.”

Camille fought back her tears as he leaned forward and kissed her. He wrapped his arms around her and they stood there embracing each other for what seemed like an eternity.

“You’re such a sweet guy,” Camille broke the silence.

“I know,” Patrick bahis firmaları joked.

“We better shower and get out of here before Shelly comes back,” Camille said turning around and reaching for the shampoo.

As they moved around in the tiny shower stall, their wet bodies kept rubbing up against each other. Camille could not ignore the throbbing erection that Patrick was sporting. It kept bumping against her back as she stood in front of him.

“I caused that didn’t I?” she asked, looking down at his erect cock feeling a bit guilty. “I’m so sorry.”

“It’s ok. I’ll either jerk off or wait till Shelly comes home to relieve the pressure out of this giant,” he replied.

Suddenly a wave of jealousy came over Camille as Patrick mentioned that he’d wait for Shelly to come home to take care of his throbbing erection. Her mind traveled back to all those nights on which she’d fallen asleep to the sound of Patrick and Shelly fucking in the bedroom across the hallway, as she lay in her own bed wishing it was her pussy that was getting fucked. Then she thought about yesterday morning when she had jerked Patrick off, how he had reacted to her ministrations, and how much power and control she had over him.

“Maybe I can help you out with that too” she burst out. “You said it yourself yesterday right? There are many ways of getting that monster down. I am curious to learn a little bit more about some of those ways. You think you can teach me?”

Patrick looked down at the sexy virgin smiling up at him and a grin developed across his face.

“So what exactly do you want to learn?” he smiled.

“Hmm… You mentioned yesterday that Shelly can take this whole thing inside her mouth,” Camille said reaching down and grabbing his erect cock in her tiny hand. “I’d like to learn how to do that.”

“I can certainly teach you that,” he smiled. “But of course I’d have to get something as well.”

“Get what?” Camille asked a bit confused and scared. “I told you I’m not planning on…”

“Relax,” Patrick calmed her down. “That’s not what I’m asking for.”

“What do you want then?” she asked puzzled.

“I want to eat your pussy,” he beamed.

“Eat my pussy?” Camille was completely confused now. “What did he mean with that?” she thought.

“Come here let me show you,” Patrick said taking control of the situation. He turned the shower off and grabbed her lifting her up in his arms.

“Aaarrghh!” Camille shrieked as he picked her up and carried her out of the bathroom into the bedroom. “We need to dry off!” she yelled.

Patrick ignored her shrieks as he threw her onto Shelly’s bed. Grabbing her hips, he pulled her to the edge of the bed as he knelt down in front of her. He then grabbed both her ankles and spread her legs apart.

“Patrick! What are you doing?” an excited Camille asked. “What are you…”

Patrick dove in before Camille could finish her sentence.

“Oooooohhhh,” she moaned as he lapped his tongue across her pretty pink virgin snatch. “Oh shit!” she exclaimed. “Patrick! What are you doing?”

In a matter of seconds Camille’s body was experiencing sensations that she had never felt before. The waves of pleasure started out in her pussy and spread across every single inch of her body. She dug her nails into the mattress and threw her head back as she yielded to Patrick’s oral assault.

“Hmmm, your pussy tastes so good,” he murmured as he licked her juices up.

“Really?” Camille breathlessly inquired. She would have never thought of anyone putting their mouth down there on her pussy, let alone enjoy the taste of it.

Patrick took a few more licks across her snatch and then slid his tongue inside her now dripping pussy. The moment his tongue breached the entrance of her tight snatch it sent Camille over her tipping point. Her body spiraled into a series of mind-blowing orgasms, as Patrick ushered her into sexual realms she had never explored before. She grinded her lower-body around the bed and thrashed her head from side to side letting out shrieks of pure sensual eruption, as Patrick applied more force holding her thighs spread with both hands and rubbed his nose against her clit each time he slid his tongue inside her. He moved one hand down to her pussy and carefully slid a finger inside her virgin pussy. Even though she was dripping wet from his tongue lashing, he still encountered some resistance as he slid his index finger inside her tight hole.

“Ooooh, be careful please,” Camille begged, her pussy not used to anything as thick as Patrick’s digit.

He carefully replaced the finger with his tongue, and moved it around inside her pussy. He rotated between his tongue and finger, keeping her wet virgin pussy occupied the whole time.

“Oh my goodness!” Camille shrieked once again. “I’m going to cum again!”

Patrick increased the pace, fingering her pussy as she climbed her orgasm ladder.

“Ooooh!” Camille moaned out loud as her orgasm took control of her body. She locked her thighs around Patrick’s kaçak iddaa neck and pulled him into her snatch as wave after wave of ecstasy crashed into her pussy.

Patrick rubbed his face into her wet snatch, getting her secretions all over his chin, cheeks, nose and forehead. He continued to lick and suck her snatch, pausing to hum into her pussy from time to time, causing her body to convulse in mini orgasms.

After what seemed like countless orgasms, Camille finally loosened her leg-lock on Patrick’s head, allowing him to come up for air.

“Oh my goodness. That was incredible!” she sighed struggling to catch her breath. “I can’t even begin to thank you for that experience,” she said as tears welled up in her eyes.

“It’s ok,” Patrick responded, wiping away her excess juices smeared across his face. “It was my pleasure to introduce you to cunnilingus.”

“Is that what it’s called?” she asked smiling.

“Cunnilingus or eating pussy. I like the latter,” Patrick said getting up and lying down on the bed next to a sprawled out Camille.

“Well whatever it’s called, it was amazing,” she sighed.

Patrick reached around and started playing with her nipples as he looked at her basking in post-orgasmic glow. Her numb body immediately responded to his touch, as goose-bumps trailed down her spine and her nipples became aroused. It was as if he had supplied her with a jolt of sexual electricity.

“Hmmm,” she moaned, turning around on her side to face him.

Her eyes wandered down from his face across his broad chest to his midsection. She looked down his body and spotted his large erection bouncing around between them. It looked so hard with its veins popping to the side of it and the head pulsing with each beat of his heart. Her eyes remained fixed on the sizeable chunk of meat extending out from his midsection as she reached down with one hand and wrapped her tiny fingers around it. She could feel his heart pulse through his cock as she slowly yanked on it, producing a deep guttural moan out of Patrick.

“Ooooh,” Patrick groaned.

Camille sat up and placed her other hand around the bottom side of his erection. With both her hands wrapped around his thick cock she started stroking it up and down. Patrick shut his eyes and threw his head back as he enjoyed the young virgin’s manual kneading of his erection. Camille looked down at both her tiny hands stroking the large cock, her fingers struggling to wrap around its width. She had both hands wrapped around his distended erection and there was still at least an inch along with his cockhead jutting out at the top of her grip. As she continued to stroke his cock it seemed like it was growing even bigger and harder. She noticed a large drop of his pearly white ejaculate building at the top of his cockhead around his slit. She leaned down to have a closer look at his cock, inhaling the strong masculine scent emanating from his genital area. She placed her head on his right thigh and held his erection against her face. It extended out vertically reaching well passed the top of her forehead.

“So what to I do next?” she asked timidly, her eyes transfixed on the huge cock in front of her.

Patrick looked down at the young virgin holding his cock against her face.

“Stick your tongue out, and lick it from top to bottom. Get it nice and wet,” he instructed.

Camille remembered what happened the day before when she touched his cock with her tongue, and thus nervously stuck her tongue out and let it trail starting from the bottom of his erection all the way up to his cockhead. When she reached the top part, she licked the pearly drop of semen up and made her way back down the other side of his cock. She could hear Patrick breathing heavily, as she worked her tongue across every single inch of his meat. She remembered how sensitive his balls were from the other day, and moved a hand down to cup his bloated testicles. As she gained more confidence handling his cock, she started moving it around and licking it like a big popsicle. All Patrick could do was let out a series of deep groans as he enjoyed how the young virgin was licking his cock up and down.

“Am I doing this right?” Camille asked.

“Oh yes!” he assured her.

“So how does Shelly take it all inside her mouth?”

“You need to wrap your lips around the head and slide it inside, sucking on it.”

“Like this?” she asked, wrapping her soft lips around the bloated cockhead and slide her face down on his thick cock. She could only get about two inches of it inside her mouth before she felt the head hit the back of her throat.

“Ooooh yes, that’s it!” he cried out.

She looked up at him with his cock still inside her mouth, searching for approval to see if she was doing it correctly.

“Yes. Yes. Yes!” he moaned. “Stroke it with your hand while you suck on it,” he instructed.

She wrapped her right hand around his thick shaft and started stroking him, while her left hand continued to play with his balls. Her saliva was kaçak bahis trickling down around his fat meat, as she continued sucking on the top few inches of it. Her jaws were starting to tire from being wrapped around his thick cock, so she came up for air and rest a little.

“I can’t imagine how Shelly can get all of this giant inside her mouth,” she remarked holding up the hard cock and shaking it.

“It takes some practice,” Patrick responded. “But you’re doing a great for being the first you’re doing this,” he assured her. “Try breathing through your nose when you slide it inside your mouth.”

“Ok,” she responded leaning back down to take his cock inside her mouth. This time she got the head along with the first two inches down easily.

“See, it’s not that hard,” he sighed. “Yes that’s it. Get it all wet with your saliva.”

Camille couldn’t believe it, but she was getting extremely aroused sitting there sucking on Patrick’s cock. She enjoyed the control she had over him when she had his cock in her mouth, and she was actually also enjoying sucking on that huge piece of meat. She managed to get the first four inches of his erection inside her mouth, before she started gagging. She resorted to sucking on those four inches and used her hand to stroke the rest of his cock, as she felt Patrick start thrusting his cock inside her mouth. He was obviously enjoying this. She repositioned herself on the bed, facing in the direction of his feet, and proceeded to wantonly sucking and stroking on the large chunk of meat he was providing her. This produced a loud groan out of Patrick, and all of a sudden he grabbed her by the hips, and before she knew it he had placed her ass on top of his face.

“Arrgghh!” she shrieked his cock plopping out of her mouth with a loud wet smack.

“It’s ok,” he said. “Just continue what you were doing. You’re doing great.”

As Camille returned to slurping on his erection, she felt him spread her asscheeks apart with his hands. Then she felt his tongue exploring her snatch once again, as he started licking up her pink wet snatch.

“Hmmmm,” she moaned. Her moan was muffled as her mouth was full of cock.

He let his tongue explore up her snatch towards the crevice between her pussy and her asshole. It tickled a little bit, but it felt really good. He continued this for a while, making her squirm each time he ran his tongue up her snatch.

“Oh my goodness!” she cried out again dropping his cock from her mouth. “I’m going to cum!”

“Yes! Cum for me,” he groaned. And then he slid his tongue over her asshole.

Camille could not believe the feeling that overpowered her body as she felt his tongue at her back entrance.

“Aaaaaarrghhhh!” she yelled as her orgasm took over. She squeezed his erection in her hand as her body convulsed.

Patrick began to wantonly suck and lap at her cunt as he began thrusting his cock up.

“Put it back in your mouth!” he yelled out.

She closed her eyes and slid her mouth deeper down his cock than she’d ever been as she gripped his erection harder and started sucking on his cock as hard as she could.

“Fuuuuucckkk!” she heard him scream into her pussy.

And then all of a sudden the first stream of cum hit the back of her throat. Her eyes popped wide open, but before she could react he was unloading another stream of cum deep inside her throat. In a matter of seconds he had filled her mouth with cum, and it was starting to seep out the sides of her mouth as she struggled to contain his eruption. She held on to his cock like it was a canon unloading a potent load of sexual juice. She looked down to find his cock and her hands covered with a mixture of her saliva and his cum. His cock was marinated in this sexual juice from the top of his cockhead all the way down to his balls.

“Wow!” he exclaimed. “That was incredible!”

Camille turned around to look back at him. Her mouth was still full of his load, as she swirled it around her mouth with her tongue. She didn’t know what to do. He noticed her predicament.

“You can spit it out if you want. Some girls like the taste, some don’t.”

Camille sat up and started looking around for something to spit into. Patrick was looking at her, and all of a sudden a devious smile came across his face.

“Shelly loves the taste of it. She always swallows,” he spoke, looking to see what Camille would do.

Camille had her back to him, so he could not see her reaction. But she stopped moving around, and it seemed as if she was contemplating what he had just said.

“The taste is really not that bad,” she told herself. “Just a little bitter.”

She couldn’t believe she was actually contemplating this. This was ridiculous. She slowly turned around to face him. He was still laying there on the bed his arms behind his back admiring her. She could’ve sworn that she had detected a smirk across his face. She swirled the load around her mouth one more time, and then closed her eyes and swallowed.

“There!” she said opening her eyes. “Not that bad. I think Shelly has good taste.”

Patrick grinned within himself. He had just manipulated his girlfriend’s roommate into sucking him off and swallowing his cum.

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