A Coworker

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Nairne is my coworker and my fantasy.

She has a medium built body, about 5’6, 110 pounds, an A to B cup size breast and short brunette hairs, even though sometime she will appear in blonde. Her look resembles the main actress in the TV show “Cold Case”, but more natural, less glamorous, and not in any way less attractive. In addition to a sweet voice, her laughter is mesmerizing. I don’t know why, but I am totally obsessed with her. I can’t help watching her in every possible moment.

One day, I am walking along the shoreline of a nearby beach; I see a strange object on the sand. It looks like a coke bottle but engraved with some characters that I have never seen before. Driven by curiosity, I pick it up and try to polish it. There is a corkscrew like twist near the end of one side of the bottle and so I have decided to open it. Once I have opened it, I feel a strong perfume smell surrounding my body. I am bathing in a shower of ecstasy. A very sweet voice is directly talking to my mind and she says, “Thank you for releasing me. I am a spirit from an old forgotten world. I enjoyed love and lust so much that my fellows became so jealous that they had to lock me up inside that container. I promised myself that whomever free me will deserve my service. I can help you to get any woman you like. The chosen one will love you to the fullest extend. I believe in love and lust and I want to fulfill your desire. Do you understand?”

I am dumbfound and speechless; I have never expected, or even dreamed of something like this can happen. So I don’t need to think twice to say yes. “Don’t say anything. Our minds are connected. You only need to think and I will know it. Of course, if you have any evil thoughts, I will know it as well.” Said the spirit.

Equipped with this newfound power, I am eager to test it on a nearby subject first. I go to a video rental place, there is a young cute brunette girl there – medium built and has 36C tits. I am thinking: “She will welcome me, tell me that they have some new video, then bring me to the back office, got so horny that she will beg me for sex.” I walk into the store as usual but I can see that her eyes have lighted up. She is now eagerly urged me to check out their latest arrival. Fortunately, there are no other customers around.

Once we have gotten into the office, she knee down before me instantly and free my member. She applies everything her month has to over my shaft and balls. I am so excited that I almost brow up in her month. I tell her to stop and she obeys it. I ask her to remove her clothes first so that I can get a good look of her body. Without hesitation, she removes her loose T-shirt, the tight jean, and both the bra and the panty. Now, she is fully nude and so do I. We hug and kiss till our bodies mingle with each other. Since she is a petite woman, I can hold her up and get into her while I am standing. She gets so excited that her face is blushed with crimson red. Her “underneath” control is amazing and my bursa escort member is being massaged joyfully. After a couple minutes of intense action, I let go of my control and fill her hole with our love potion. Both of us get dressed afterward with happy faces.

I am now fully satisfied with this amazing power, and I thanks the spirit for it. Today, I am going to use it on my object of desire.

I go to the office as usual, and she is already in her office working on the usual stuffs. I am thinking: “N will ask me to her office. She will be very horny and seductive but the place is too open for the action. Thus, we will do it elsewhere in lunch time.” Once I have finished my thought, as expected, she walks to my office and asks, “Could you come over for a minute? There’s something I want to know what do you think.” Of course, I know exactly what I am thinking.

Once we get into her office, she locks the door behind, closes the blind, and shows me a devilish smile. She is wearing a simple light blue shirt, a knee-length business skirt, and a two-inch high heel. A few buttons are strategically unbuttoned so as to show something off. Just the look of her is enough to get me hard rock. I sit down on the guest chair, and she sits opposite to me on her usual chair. She unbuttons the next two buttons of her shirt to allow an aerial view of her cleavage. As if I am not able to see it, she bends forward to me to give me a glance of her white lace bra, and whispers to me seductively, “Do you like it?”

“Yes, more than anything.”

“I don’t know why but I am so attached to you that I want to fuck you now. But there are too many people outside. Why don’t we get together around lunch?”

“Sure, anywhere, anytime”

“Great. But I am going to give you an a la carte first”

To my surprise, she crawls down below her desk to reach me from below. She uses her wonderful hands to touch my pants. Then she unzips my fly and pulls out my now hard cock. “This is beautiful. I have never seen an Asian cock yet but it is of the right size. It looks so tender and delicious!” With just one act, she swallows my seven-inch brother into her warm month. Brought up in a Christian family, she is no expert on blowjob and her husband is a fundamentalist as well. She is very WASP and does not interact across racial line, except in business setting, or adventure sexually. I am not sure if this is her first blow “trial”, but it does feel very good. When I see her blue eyes looking up on me, the whole scene is too surreal. She has tried very hard to serve me but I can tell she is not experienced at it at all. So, I said, “I am going to cum and I don’t want to get your shirt dirty. Therefore, you have to close your month and drink all. Do you understand?” She nods her head and brinks her eyes to acknowledge. Finally, I loose my control and blast all white drink into her throat. As instructed, she licks them all with a satisfying smile.

When the lunchtime comes, we go to a nearby bursa escort bayan restaurant separately so as not to arouse any suspicion. I am not that much interested in the food, as she is my meat. Afterward, we go to a hot tub and get a room for hours of fun.

Now I am really in my fantasy world. I am standing in front of my long-desired woman — everything of her looks so matched and appealing, even a simple single color shirt. We hug, we kiss, and then I slowly undress hers, as this is the most erotic part. I unbutton her shirt one button at a time, exposing her half-size white lace bra. Then I unzip her skirt and have a close look of her white panty with soapy wet pussy. After I have removed both her bra and panty, her perfect body is in front of me. Her creamy white skin and standing tits, as well as the brown natural forest, is just too much for me. Without waiting for my command, she starts making me cloth-less as well, exposing my fit body and now attentive dick.

We move to the bed and start a vigorous “69” session. I dreamed of this in many wet dreams and now I can actually get my month wet. Her clit is so sensitive that it explodes when I use my teeth to tease her. Later on I find out that no one has ever eaten her before.

“Why don’t we switch position, I want to watch your body jumping up and down.” I say to her. Therefore, we switch to a cowgirl position. What a scene! Even though her boobs are relatively small, they can still jump like bungee jumpers. Also, with her well-proportioned body, 34B-25-35, it is more than enough to get me almost to the edge. Finding a gap in my exhausting breath, I tell her to stop because I want to doggy her.

Now her pussy is fully lubricated with her juice and my precum, sliding in and out poses no problem. I find that she is very tight, probably comes from weekly exercise. My little head travels from the clit to the end of her love tunnel in every stroke, and I have never experienced such an excitement. After minutes of rapid-fire attack, I can hold no longer and shoot out a white stream. She is also having an explosive orgasmic scream at the same time!

In an afterglow, there is something I want to ask her. Therefore, I command her to give me honest answer in our “casual” conversation.

“I have been your admirer for sometime, and I am obsessed with both your inner and outer beauty.”

“I am overwhelmed. I don’t think that high of myself. What makes you think that?”

“Let’s start from the inner. My guess is that you were probably grown up in an upper-middle class family in a not-too-big-nor-small town’s suburban, with a traditional value and atmosphere. You are basically an obedient girl but with a rebellious twist.”

“How do you know that?”

“I saw your cute tattoo.” I use my finger to circle that area of her smooth skin.

After a wave of giggle, she says, “It’s amazing how attentive you are.”

“Moreover, you wanted to move away from your family as far away as possible and escort bursa thus you attended a far-away college. Again, due to your attachment to city, you joined a college town that closed to a medium size metropolitan city, which was not dissimilar to your hometown.”

“I have not thought of that myself.” She looks really surprised.

“Your husband is probably someone whom you met in church. He might not be that kind of low-end beer-drinking frat-boy, but would be someone not culturally knowledgeable nor had a wide worldwide view. You are also not very satisfying with your sex life as it is boring and routine.”

She stares at me in disbelief.

“I know that you are not very satisfy with your body, especially your boob size. But trust me, you’re A/B-cup size looks great on your frame. Please resist your temptation of going for a boob job. I care about you and don’t want you to go through the pains for nothing.”

Her eyes are growing wider; she could not believe that I even know her secret thought. Even her husband does not know that. Finally, she asks, “How do you know of my thoughts? I have not even started to look for information yet!”

With my hand on her pear-shape boob, I speak softly, “Again, this is because I care about you a lot. I notice that you sometime wear tight clothes with larger-than-normal boob, while other times your breast is relatively flat. Thus I know that you would like to have a bigger size to project your sex appear and self-confidence. Also, sometime you will appear in blonde, another reflection of your desire of being sexy.”

Her breast is so soft and tender that I can’t help licking them again. She has closed her eyes as if she is both enjoying my kissing shower and thinking about her in-depth sexual urge. I become so excited that my member spring back to an attentive state. She sees it, gives me a mischievous smile, and rolls over to take care of it. This time, she starts her licking from the base/ball and works her way upward. I can see her hole is dripping with love potion, and I use my whole month to cover it completely. Sucking it feverously, I almost suffocate myself.

Suddenly, she stops and says, “laid down and I want to ride you.” I am too happy to comply, and she is on reverse cowgirl. This time, I have a good view of her round-but-slim ass: marble white perfection with neither mark nor tan line. I put my hands around her and start massaging her clit. She becomes extremely excited and screams orgasmic joy words.

Now, both of us are lying on the bed in a spoon position to cool down. Suddenly, I hear a voice, “Now you have what you wish for. She will love you as a person because you are the one who really understand her. I’ve done my job and you will not hear from me again. Of course, you will also lose your mind-control power. Adieu! Monsieur!”

Before I can react to this sudden development, she turns over and says, “I feel like I can connect to you totally, and you are the only who can really understand me. Even though I cannot leave my husband, I do want to talk to you, chat with you, hug you, kiss you, make love with you, and more. What do you think?”

This time my reaction time is measured in nanosecond.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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