A Call from the Top

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She tries taking deep breaths to slow her racing heart as she walks into the CEO’s office. In 7 years of employment, he has never spoken to her so the phone call this morning saying he wanted to see her was a shock. Why would the CEO of a Fortune 500 company need to talk to one of 30 research assistants? She tells his assistant who she is and is told he is waiting just knock and go in.

He is sitting behind a desk with a view that looks over the city. His dark hair is beginning to gray at the temples but just adds to his appeal. She has always found him attractive and the man’s taste in suits was something all his employees commented on daily. Most of the men hated him and the women loved if they caught a glimpse.

“Abby, have a seat.” She takes a seat and is surprised her called her Abby since at work she went by Abigail. “Do we not pay you enough?” He asks the moment her ass made contact with the modern leather chair.

“Um, yes. I am well compensated Sir.” Her palms are getting sweaty. She folds her hands together in her lap trying to hide the shaking.

“Then why did I find you on an escort website?” He says devoid of judgment but watching her intently.

Oh. Shit. Her mouth falls open slightly and she is in full panic mode. Lie? Tell the truth? Wait a second. “I guess I would ask why you were looking for an escort.” Defense.

“That should be fairly obvious Abby. Answer my question please.” He smiles slightly and she feels on the defensive again.

“I do it because I like the thrill of it. I like having this dirty little secret then returning to my home in the suburbs and resuming my boring life there.” She says truthfully.

He studies her in silence for several minutes before speaking. “I was hoping that was your motivation. Would you be opposed to us working out a regular schedule tire escort for your services?”

She tries not to laugh because in all honesty, she would fuck him for free. He exudes power and would probably give it to her roughly. “How often would you require my services?” The thrill he would be willing to pay her is too exciting to pass up.

“Twice a week.” When she nods he adds, “We can start now if you don’t have any objections.”

The idea of having him makes her body wake; her nipples get hard and she feels herself getting wet. She stands as he pushes his chair away from the desk but remains seated. He watches her, looking her over head to toe, as she approaches him. He tells her to remove the dress and she unzips the side, slips her arm out of it and lets it fall to the floor. He sighs seeing the black thigh highs attached to her garter belt paired with red matching bra and panties. She uses her escort money to fund her love of expensive lingerie.

She gracefully slips to her knees and begins to slowly undo his belt then frees him from his pants. He is already firming in her hand and she smiles looking down at his thick cock. Ya, she would have done this for free.

Abby uses her tongue to circle the head before she takes just the head in her mouth. Her tongue sweeps around the tip as she sucks then slides deeper down his cock. Her free hand rests on his thigh and she feels him tense a few times when she goes deep on him. His hand comes to rest in her hair but he doesn’t force her down and she tries to go to his base as a thank you. He is so thick it is difficult so she takes him as deep as she can before returning her hand to work with her mouth.

She hasn’t tried to rush him. She wants him to feel like he got his money worth but she also is enjoying hearing the deep escort tire low moans and the taste of him. When she tastes precum she moans in anticipation but his hand tightens in her hair and pulls her off his cock.

“Stand up and lean over the desk.” His voice is deeper and rough.

She stands quickly and turns so she is facing the doors out of his office. She rests her weight on her forearms and waits. Instead of sliding into her she feels his large hands pull her panties down then a foot taps her own and he slips them off of her. His hands begin caressing her ass then slide down her legs then back to her ass. He does this for several minutes and just this simple thing has made her very wet.

“Spread your legs Abby.” His hands continue caressing her ass but he doesn’t touch what she has exposed to him right away. She hears him say “beautiful” so softly she wonders if he knows he said it aloud. It is then his fingers stroke over her lips and spread her wetness. “Do you always get this wet?” He asks sounding amazed.

“No. Sometimes I need lube.” She admits and feels her cheeks darkening with embarrassment from the admission.

“Hmm. So I should assume that you want me to fuck you right now?” He says humorously as he coats her clit with her wetness and teases her by rubbing her there. It causes her to push her hips back, her body inviting him. “This is a swollen little clit. So answer my question Abby. Do you want me to fuck you?” His hand increases the speed and pressure on her clit.

“Yes!” She gasps. She wants that cock inside of her, her body is weeping for it.

“Ask me nicely Abby. Remember I am the boss.” She can’t see him but can imagine the smirk on his face right now by his tone.

“Please fuck me Sir.” She pleads.

“Good girl.” She is left bereft tire escort bayan of his touch for only a few seconds before he slides inside of her filling her. He leans over and whispers, “Shhhh. I like that you are moaning for me but you need to be quiet today.” His large hand covers her mouth as his other hand seizes her hip. He doesn’t move for what feels like forever. She tries to rock her hips into him needing him but he uses his weight to pin her against the desk.

Finally he begins to move and her body sags with relief. She can’t remember feeling the full before. His mouth is still by her ear and he begins telling her how he has thought about fucking her since he first noticed her here. How convenient she is available. The more he talks the stronger his thrusts become. They push her hips hard into the desk and the handle on the drawer is hitting her clit. He tells her what he will do with her next time he sees her and as he describes what he will take she begins to orgasm. He stands, uncovers her mouth and grabs her by the hair and begins fucking her in earnest. She is shocked when a second orgasm hits as he begins releasing inside of her. He leans over her and buries his face in her hair. His heaving chest is resting on her back. Not until his breathing has returned to normal does he speak.

“Let’s get you dressed so you can go back to work.” He pulls out and by the time she turns around he is pulling her panties up her legs. “Don’t clean. I want to think about you sitting downstairs filled with my cum.” He instructs as he grabs her dress and helps her into it. When she is righted he places a kiss on her forehead.

That evening after she picked the kids up from soccer she begins making dinner wearing the same panties. Her husband comes home and asks how work was.

“Oh, it was really good. I got a raise.” She says smiling to herself. He had sent her an email detailing their dates for the next two months.

“That’s good. It is about time they appreciated you.” He says before leaving to go watch ESPN. He hadn’t even looked at her.

O,h it was nice to be appreciated by someone.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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