A Black Canadian Tale Ch. 04

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Bernard Lamont here. Formerly of Brockton, Massachusetts and currently of Toronto, Ontario. A big and tall young Black man of Haitian descent bestriding North America. How are you doing? Today, I’m off. Last time I told you about my quest to make enough dough to return to the city of Brockton for the summer of 2010. I can’t stand living in Canada and I miss my old digs quite badly. Working as a security guard all over the Province of Ontario can be boring at times but it does pay the bills. Still, I got to find something different to do on weekends.

Lately, I’ve been hooking up with women and men left and right all over the city of Toronto. We’ve got all kinds around here. Last week, I hooked up with this Arab woman named Johara Ahmed. She’s around five-foot-nine, chubby and long-haired, with dark bronze skin and light brown eyes. Johara is a thirty-something bus driver for the city of Toronto. She’s married to this Saudi lawyer named Mohammed Amir.

When she isn’t driving the bus, she takes courses in business administration at one of the local colleges. What appealed to me about Johara is the fact that she was a totally kinky lady. And she had a huge, heart-shaped ass. A lot of Arab women are really adventurous, sexually speaking. Yet most people think they’re all conservative. Well, don’t let the veil fool you. Arab women are women, aren’t they? They’ve got needs and desires just like everybody else.

Johara once took me to her apartment for some wild fun one afternoon. And I did not regret it. I was surprised at how passionate this sexy Arab mama was. She took total control in the bedroom. Johara made me bahis firmaları kneel before her and lick her pussy. I am really good at licking pussy. Trust me on that one. All kinds of women praise my skills. I licked and fingered Johara’s sweet pussy until she squealed in sheer delight. Then I told her to return the favour. The sexy Arab mama knelt before me and grabbed my long and thick, uncircumcised Black dick. I thought she’d have a problem with me being uncut since she was Arab and all but Johara found it cool. She sucked my dick with gusto and squeezed my balls real hard.

Johara sucked my dick, giving it long licks with that wicked tongue of hers. In no time she had me hard as hell. I came all over her face. A lot of women don’t like it when a man cums all over their face. Johara didn’t like it. She absolutely loved it! Wow. Did I hit the jackpot or what? She licked my cock dry, then I put on a condom and got her into position. Time for this sexy Arab mama to get some good dick. I put Johara on all fours and caressed her big sexy ass. Hot damn. If I had known Arab women were this hot, I would have tried one a long time ago. I held Johara’s wide hips as I thrust my cock into her snatch. She groaned as I penetrated her and urged me to fuck her hard. Well, I was totally cool with that. I slammed my dick into her cunt with gusto. Johara moaned in pleasure. I really got into it and spanked her ass while fucking her.

To top off this memorable afternoon, Johara let me try her ass. I lubricated her asshole and fingered it for a few minutes, then pushed my dick inside. Johara smiled nastily as I eased my dick into kaçak iddaa her asshole. I held her hips tightly as I worked my way inside of her. The sexy Arab woman’s asshole felt wonderfully warm and tight around my member. This was totally awesome. Johara’s screams mingled with my own as I gave her ass the serious anal pounding it so richly deserved. We sucked and fucked all afternoon. Johara is an awesome lady, folks. I wish there were more ladies like her in the Arab community of Toronto.

Recently I met this big and tall guy named Jericho Kariniwak. He’s half Jamaican and half Aboriginal, from the Algonquin Tribe of Canada. We met at a bar in Toronto. Jericho works as a police officer in Ajax, one of the nearby suburbs. He’s married to a Japanese schoolteacher named Myra Matsuda. They have two sons and a daughter together. And they own a lovely home in the suburbs. Like many professional men in this city, Jericho is leading a double life. You see, he is bisexual but keeps it to himself. That’s more than okay by me because at the moment I am more interested in casual fun than anything serious.

Jericho took me to his house in Ajax for some casual fun. And I must say neither of us regretted it. As soon as we got to the house, we got our freak on. I kissed him and we hastily undressed. Jericho went straight for my dick. He just grabbed my nuts and squeezed them while sucking me off. I smiled as he went down on me. There I was, sitting on the couch of a guy I just met, doing my thing. Hey, it’s a living, alright? Jericho was really good at sucking dick. The dude had me hard real fast. And when I came, he drank all of kaçak bahis my manly spunk. Now that’s what I call a fun guy!

Next, we got down and dirty. Jericho and I had plenty of condoms and lube, so this would definitely be cool. I climbed on top of Jericho and slowly lowered myself onto his member. This half-Black, half-Indian stud was definitely well-endowed. He had a huge, uncut dick and I definitely wanted to ride it. Jericho gripped my hips tightly and shoved his dick up my ass. I grunted as Jericho penetrated me. I haven’t gotten fucked in a while so this was definitely fun. He began pounding me hard, just the way I liked it. Usually I’m a top with guys but sometimes I like to switch. Why? Well, it’s always fun to be different. You should try it sometime.

Jericho and I changed positions. He put me on all fours, face down and ass up as he fucked me in his family living room. I screamed in pleasure mixed with pain as Jericho gave my ass a serious pounding. Oh, man. I had almost forgotten how much fun getting fucked could be. Jericho began drilling his cock into my ass like a miner looking for gold. I screamed in pleasure mixed with pain as he totally fucked me up. Now that’s what I like. A total ass fucking by a strong man with a big dick. Jericho fucked me until I begged for mercy. Then he took off his condom and made me suck his dick clean. What a man!

Yeah, as you can see I am having all kinds of fun in the city of Toronto this summer. Lots of sexy ladies and hunky men of all races out here. And most of them are sexual freaks just like me. Yeah, I’m going to save up my money and go back to Brockton in July 2010. In the meantime, I’m prowling the city of Toronto for booty. Male or female, I don’t discriminate. I am a hunky bisexual Haitian stud. What I do to the ladies, I gotta do to the gentlemen. It’s just the way I get down.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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