7 Deadly Sins Ch. 01

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Since she was a girl, Danielle had always been very aware of her sexuality. She’d touched herself as a kid because it felt so nice, not realising what she had in fact been doing or why her mother was always so annoyed when she found her doing it. Her first experience hadn’t been the romantic ideal she believed at the time, just a guy realising her total naivety and using it to his full advantage. She wasn’t the most popular or the most pretty, but she’d taken after her mother, with good breasts and a nice ass. As a teenager she felt totally trapped by the society around her telling her how every raw sexual emotion wasn’t to be experienced except in deep meaningful relationships. She yearned for them, but no matter how hard she looked, or how many men she thought she had discovered it with, she never found what she was looking for. Now she was all grown up, her failed relationships had taught her about feelings, and the men who had failed to satisfy her had made her find out how to please and how to make them please her. She had experienced the perfect relationship, but for some reason she threw everything away one night because she found a guy she wanted. Just wanted. Nothing else in it. Pure desire.

He was exactly what she looked for in a guy, tall dark handsome, but instead of the lively socialites she always went for, he was dark and brooding, yet there was a real intelligence about him that just drew her to him. His body was fairly well proportioned and there was definitely a nice ass for her legs to be wrapped around. The two friends that had introduced them were obviously keen to be left alone so they departed together and went to his to just watch some movies. Even though she’d made it totally clear she was involved, she was totally interested. Her brain could think of nothing else but using every technique she new to be this guys’ little fuck-slut. She was wet from just being near him. Total desire.

He’d complained about having shoulder problems earlier and she was all to ready to offer her amateur massage skills when he took his t-shirt off. He sat between her legs as she kneaded his muscles as they sat on the bed in the dark watching the film. He was totally interested but she got the feeling it was just the usual case of girl – pretty – nice tits – wanna fuck now. They exchanged places on the bed and she lay down with her head in his lap. The sexual tension was unbelievable between them, the innuendo in their conversation was more obvious then if they had been saying it outright. His hand was resting in the crux of her waist as she lay on her side, and just gently stroking her hip through her jeans. She’d specifically worn clothes that she thought covered herself up so as not to make herself attractive in case she’d met anyone. His other hand began to stroke her hair, and as she turned her head to see what the expression on his face was he kissed her. The kiss was alsancak escort bayan the true meaning of “oral sex”. their tongues probed passionately at each other, stroking and caressing. He wanted her, and she made it very clear she wanted him. Her hand came up and rested on the back of his head, binding him to her more firmly as he grasped her to him as they lay there together. Their eyes met as they parted in the dim light from the screen.

” I can’t.” She whispered, as she made to push him away from her. The sadness in her voice was evident, but hey eyes failed to back her up. She could, but what she meant was she shouldn’t.

“I understand.” He replied. Emotionally he withdrew from her slightly, though physically they remained clasped in each others arms.

They lay like that for a while more, the unbroken silence was a testimony to the awkward feelings they felt at their as yet unexpressed desire. She turned towards him again about to try and break the silence but was met again with his kiss. His mouth captured her as strongly as she was captured by his arms pinning her down onto the bed. His body was pressing against hers as they lay there and she could feel his erection pressing into her legs. She knew from the first guy she’d ever dated that she could give a guy an erection just by kissing him, but she had just never really cared to use that until now.

His hand had snaked its way up under her sweater and was grasping her breast firmly. Most guys who were so bold as to just “grab” without being offered were usually rebuffed and rejected, but she wanted his hands to grab her even if she wasn’t willing to tell him that. They carried on kissing each other, exploring the feeling. Danielle had always drawn a special line at kissing. You could kiss people and not care, or you could kiss them and carry on from there. She desperately wanted to keep to the first option, but was having real difficulty telling this to her ranging pheromones.

He tugged at her sweater and top, pulling it over her head. Their naked torsos were pressed to each other and her breasts squeezed against him. They were a good handful each, and her nipples were like ripe cherries with the blood of her self evident arousal. He brought his lips down to the one in his hand, and like some exotic fruit proceeded to lick and suck upon it. She moaned lightly under her breath, she wanted him. Really wanted him. Her pussy was almost quivering with the thought and she knew her cunt was aching with the anticipation of having him fuck her. Her hand slipped inside his jeans to examine his raging hard on. She could feel from his pushing at her that it was worth checking out, and it definitely passed the “worth going there” mark.

“Ohhhh, God I want you!” He groaned into her neck as she grasped her hand around his shaft.

“I do too, but I can’t.” The alsancak escort words came out of her mouth more as an attempt to make herself seem to care that she was in fact seeing someone, and more decidedly not the someone right next to her.

Her jeans had somehow made their way down to her ankles, leaving her almost un protected from his advances in just a red lace thong. He slipped his jeans off and resumed kissing her. Ignoring totally anything she had said about no. His fingers stroked down to her damp thong, and he traced the edge of it with his index finger before sliding it up and down her wet cunt. The touch made her shiver and she lost all control over herself, almost cuming just from his fingers at that moment. He groaned again as he pushed his hard on into her hand forcefully. She smoothed some of his pre-cum across his glans with her thumb, and resumed her strokes. His cock had definitely been worth the thinking about, as she could barely get her hand around its thickness as she ran her hand up and down its shaft. His fingers probed deeper inside her wetness, and she bucked against them as he drew them in and out again from her, pushing aside the flimsy piece of underwear she had hoped might save her.

At this point subconsciously he had moved between her legs as if being ready to enter her. He took her hand from his cock and held it above her head as he continued to kiss her fervourantly. She could feel the head of his cock pushing at her opening, protected again by her sole piece of clothing. He pushed at her, moving as if to enter her but being prevented from doing so.

“No.” she sighed at him.

As if there were nothing there he began to push harder into her. The material straining as his cock tried to circumvent it.

“No.” she repeated slightly louder this time.

She knew it was the last chance she had to turn back. His cock was soon going to push around the small piece of material and plunge itself deep into her quivering and expectant pussy if she didn’t. Just as she thought that, the head of his engorged cock pushed through into her went cunt. He gasped, having not expected to feet her cunt, she held him in place with her entire body. Just his cock head resting inside the lips of her pussy.

“Oh god I can’t.” She whimpered.

“ohhhhhhhhhh” He groaned in despair as he pushed at her resistance.

She looked at him pleadingly as her conscience had finally kicked in. He pushed at her again but her body held him in place. He was much stronger than her and he had both her arms pinned above her to the bed. She would lose if he tried to push her harder. Their bodies remained locked together for a moment as they looked at each other, before he finally drove into her. Their pubic hair meshed together as they both let out a groan of relief.

Danielle despaired on one level but was totally escort alsancak overruled by the level that felt his cock stretching her tight pussy. The feeling of having just the head stretching her opening had almost made her grab at him to ram himself all the way in and now she had her wish. He withdrew as far as the head before slipping it back in, slowly this time. He repeated his motions with steady strokes and her pussy stretched to accommodate his wide girth. She’d never felt herself stretched open this way before, and it didn’t take much for her to cum. They groaned together as she did. Hers from the feeling of a big cock stopping her muscles from contracting closed, and him from the force of her doing this. Her muscles squeezed at his cock, and he had to stop himself from cuming then and there from the sensation.

He began his strokes again, faster this time. His balls slapped at her ass, as he dove hard and deep into her pulsating pussy. She came again from his thrusts and she could feel the fluids of her own cum dribbling into her crack. He withdrew from her, rolling over to place her on top. He took each of her as cheeks in one hand and guided her hips up and down on his waiting cock with great speed. He moaned at her and his breathing quickened, but he slowed her strokes down rather than continue to his climax. The feeling wasn’t mutual as the sudden relax in pace displeased Danielle. She rode him more slowly than before. He massaged her breast with one hand and kept a firm hold on her ass with the other as he looked up at her as she straddled him. She tried to pull him over again but he held her in place and raised his hips fast on her downward thrust to ram himself quickly up into her dripping cunt. They continued like this for a while, their bodies meeting each other over and over again, bringing him closer to his own climax.

This time he pushed her off, but turned her down onto the bed. Her waiting ass was poised in front of him, and he ran the head of his cock gently up and down her wet cunt lips. She groaned and pleaded for him to fuck her. She’d never wanted a guy to fuck her as much as she wanted him to fuck her now. He was happy to oblige. He buried himself to the hilt in the tightness of her cunt. There was something about the angle of having a guy fuck her deeply from behind that drove Danielle wild. He started to fuck her again. His hands gripped her hips and guided her ass onto his slick cock. The force of the strokes caused his balls to slap against her clit over and over. The sensation made her cunt contract hard again and again, and he could take it no longer. His grip on her ass tightened as he shot his load deep inside her waiting pussy, the final stroke brought on her own climax, and they came together moaning loudly.

She lay there savouring the feeling of his cum inside her stretched hole. He withdrew and pulled her to him as they lay there in post coital exhaustion.

“Where do I find a girl like you?” he asked as he regained his breath.

“Right here.” was her only reply.

Her mind was thinking over the facts of what had just happened, but the only thing she could feel was how much she had wanted him, and wanted more.

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