You Will Schlick How I Tell You To

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College Student

You Will Schlick How I Tell You To

That’s right, baby. I’m talking to you. This isn’t a story, and we’re not characters. I am your master now, and from now on, you obey me. If you’re already touching yourself, which you no doubt are, stop. From now on, you’re under my control, and you are not to cum, touch yourself, or make a move without my permission. For the next ten minutes or so, you’re mine.

Start teasing yourself. I know you do it a little before you masturbate, but I want you to spend some time on it this time, slut. Rub the insides of your thighs, lightly brush your fingers against the outside of your pussy, and circle around your nipples with your fingers for a few minutes. I want to make sure you’re nice and horny for me, so you’ll obey every word I say like a good little bitch in heat.

Is your pussy aching, slut? Do you want to touch yourself that badly? Are you dripping wet down there, wanting so badly to stick your fingers in your cunt? Too bad. I want you on your back, completely naked, pinching your nipples for me. Go on, slut, don’t be gentle; you know I wouldn’t be. Really grab those tits, fondle them, pull on them. HARDER! Good girl; you like being a submissive little slut, don’t you? Of course you do, it’s in your nature.

As a reward for your good behavior, I’ll allow you to touch your clit. But your position seems a little too dignified, and you’re just a submissive whore to be used, so get on your hands and knees, doggy style. That’s more fitting for a horny casino şirketleri bitch like you. Reach down and rub tiny little circles around that clit, and remember to keep that ass in the air! You want it to be ready at any time for a big, strong man to come fuck it. That’s it, slut, circle around your sensitive little clit, then rub up and down your dripping wet slit for a bit, then go back and rub that love button some more.

I bet your finger’s nice and wet with your own cunt juice by now, isn’t it? Why don’t you have a taste? Just reach up and lick some of your pussy off it, then put it into your mouth and suck on it, wishing it were a nice, big, juicy cock in your mouth. You’re such a bad slut, kneeling here, pleasuring yourself, when you know that you’re just a worthless fucktoy whose only job is to please men. Or women, I don’t care which way you swing, you’re just a whore to be used, and don’t you forget it.

Now I want you to really stick that ass in the air, plant your face on the bed, or floor, or whatever the fuck you’re lying on, and give your ass a good smack. Don’t be a pussy about it; I want to see a red handprint on that thing. Good girl. Again! Keep spanking yourself, let’s say, eight more times. Give a nice even five to each cheek for me. Good slut; I bet you liked that, didn’t you? I bet your pussy’s dripping, and it’s just begging to be fucked.

Well, my little cumpdump, it’s about to get what it deserves. You can lift your face off the floor now, and make yourself comfortable. casino firmaları Grab your favorite dildo, if you have one (which I’m sure you do), and open up a tab of facial cumpliation porn. I want you to stick your fingers, or your toy, deep inside yourself, and slowly grind your hips against it while you watch all these other sluts getting what they deserve. Watch it for at least two minutes, grinding slowly, wishing you, too, could receive a nice, warm load across your face. Because that’s all you’re good for, slut, getting fucked, used, and humiliated. But don’t you dare cum; if you feel yourself getting close, take a break until your slutty cunt is ready for more, and then you can keep going. You only cum when I tell you, understand?

Oh, are two minutes up already? Pull out your masturbatory instrument of choice and give it a nice licking over. You know guys really like it when a girl gets slutty, so you’ll have to practice eating your own pussy juice a lot. That’s it, bitch. Now stick it back into your cum hole and enjoy the extra spit-lube by fucking yourself harder. You can switch back to the porn tab if you want, but remember, no cumming! Just thrust your fingers or toy into yourself, going as deep as you can, imagining a big, hard cock fucking you over and over, wishing for a big strong owner to use you as his plaything. Use your other hand to pinch your nipples again, and grope your breasts hard, like you wish a man would as he fucks you. Or maybe it pleases you more to think of a woman, pinching güvenilir casino your delicate little nipples, fucking you with a nice long strap-on while she tells you what a good little pet you are. Remember to take breaks if you’re about to cum! I want you to follow this step until you’re on the edge, and your pussy is begging for release.

Have you obeyed my orders so far? Good slut. I hope your ass is stinging and your nipples are sore, because I’m about to let you cum. I know, I’m such a gracious master. I just can’t bear to see my horny little bitch in heat for much longer; I know how badly you must need to orgasm by now. Alright, get back into the breeding position, ass in the air, face on the floor, like a good little bitch. Give that ass another five good slaps on each cheek, and then shove your fingers or toy into your pussy as fast and hard as you can while you tease your clit with your other hand. I want to hear you moaning and watch your legs shaking as you fuck yourself to orgasm! I want to hear you say “I am a slutty fucktoy, and my only purpose is to please others!” I want you to know your fucking place as you cum for me!

Did you enjoy that, whore? Did you like being humiliated and talked down to? Of course you did. Don’t give it a second thought; it’s only the natural order of things. You are a submissive, a slut, a pet, a plaything for those who are strong enough to take what they want. Don’t reject this fact, accept it, and in no time, you’ll be a happy, submissive little cocksucker or cuntmuncher, and your life will be all the better for it. Ciao!

*Author’s note: This is a follow-up to You Will Jerk Off How I Tell You To, tailored for women. Hope you enjoyed, and let me know what you thought of it!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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