You and Me

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The day has been one of those days where everything seems to go wrong. Long and hard, since the moment you left me this morning. One after another the problems amounted until your head was pounding with a throbbing headache and you longed for my soft hands at your temples to relieve the pain. The stresses have been consistent and never ending until you thought of nothing else but being hidden away with me. No phone calls, no commitments, no demands, just you and me. Although, I am known to make a few demands of my own…the kind you can’t wait to get here for.

The moment you walk through the door you notice something odd…the lights are dim, the house eerily silent. You call out to me and when you find no answer you make your way to the stairs. That’s when you notice the clothes strategically placed: some on furniture, on the stairs, the banister. My skirt draped there, a heel overturned, a sheer stocking cascading down the steps. Remember when we played with those? I wore them with your favorite white garter belt and later you found an ingenious use for them around my wrists. A smile relaxes your features and anticipation builds as blood begins to pump slowly, your cock already twitching in anticipation of what’s to come.

The last article you find is my bra hanging on the door to our room; a silent suggestion of things to come. Slowly you turn the door knob and push the door open, a grin fully gracing your lips when you see me on the far side of the room in nothing but one of your crisp white button downs. The shirt reaches the curve of my thighs and shields only the most vital, tantalizing you with small glimpses. The first three buttons are undone and you can see the gracious swell of my breasts, the bottom of the shirt barely just covering my ass cheeks. With nothing underneath if I were to bend over right this second…your mouth starts to water at the possibilities. I beckon you with a finger, the movement slow, meant to tease.

Everything about tonight is meant to tease.

Almost unbearably slowly I undo each button. Revealing a little more skin each time until, at last; I am able to slide the garment back over my shoulders and there is only me. A body you love, one that fascinates you more each time we come together. My soft inviting curves complementing your hardness, a natural synchronicity. You reach for me but I move back shaking my head, laughing softly sincan escort and moving my finger back and forth in denial. The growl at your throat in frustration triggers my smile to flash and my skin to prickle. You never like to play my games by the rules but you always thank me in the end. I move forward, standing on tiptoes. Sliding your tie loose, my lips press against yours in silent entreaty. The smooth tie slips silently from around your neck, mirroring my movement as I deliberately slide my body down the length of you then back up, your growing hardness evident and your breath quickening in response.

Your shirt comes next, each button undone earning you a kiss, starting at your neck and trailing down your chest until I nip at one hardened, flat nipple, my tongue following close to ease the sting. My thumb brushes against the other one; already peaked at the mixture of pleasure and pain my mouth is provoking. Your breathing has become unstable. The hands you have to your sides clenching as each button takes me lower. The last one has me placing one more kiss on the trail of hair leading to my favorite place. The soft lick that comes next makes your stomach muscles tremble.

I reach your belt but before going any further I stand. Moving behind you to draw your shift off, rubbing at the knotted muscles in your shoulders and down your back before pressing my naked breasts against its middle until you can feel my beaded nipples like hard little pebbles. My arms come around you from beneath your arms. My fingers splaying across your chest and moving down your stomach until I reach your belt, I feel you swallow convulsively and smile.

Your belt makes it to the floor, the button of your pants flies open at my deft fingers, the zipper sliding down until those too make their way to the growing pile on the floor. My hands move lower…the tips of my fingers entering the band of your jockeys…before they come back up to push those down as well. You had expected something else entirely, your moan of disappointment a testament to that. But you don’t have long to wait as my hand grasps at your straining, rod hard cock, your heat suffusing my hands. This time your moan is one of gratification as I stroke firmly and slowly, taking my time to go from root to tip and squeezing slightly at the base. Just the way you like it. The only thing that fascinates sıhhiye escort you more than seeing my delicate fingers working your length is seeing my plump lips devouring it whole.

Pressing around the base, I move my other hand up your length to swirl my thumb around the pre-cum dripping there. My lower hand moves down to your sack, gripping and rolling your already tight balls between my fingers. You’re so deliciously perfect for me I can’t stand it. You alone know just how much I love your cock. I love to touch it, kiss it, lick it, suck it, fondle it and this time is no exception. I grip it and continue stroking, steadily moving faster and causing more friction. When your breathing turns to gasps I stop and move in front of you once again.

I know I should stop here but I can’t resist tasting you. Moving to my knees I reach my hands in front of me and bring the tip of you to the opening of my mouth.

“Oh, God,” you breath as I lean closer and blow a hot sigh on your dick.

Your breath hitches and expels in a long groan as my moist lips envelop your head, my tongue swirling around the peak before your length starts to disappear in the smoldering recess of my mouth. Your hips start bucking at the pressure my sucking is creating and your hands have found their way into the length of my hair, your body already trembling with need. Occasionally I take you deep, all your length disappearing behind the curve of my lips and each time I do I can see your teeth clenching. Barely able to control the raging climax you can feel coming. I love seeing your reaction to my touch.

You watch me in suspense, wondering where this is going next, if this is how you’re getting your release, the intense pleasure already blurring your thought processes but the rest…is up to you. I stand, putting my hands up in surrender and that was just the cue you needed. You crush me to you, your lips searching, your tongue delving and your hands moving down to my ass until you’re able to pull my legs up around your waist. I can feel your straining cock between us and I love it, my body instinctively rubbing my clit against it making both of us almost buckle from the sensation of burning heat against burning heat. It doesn’t take much else for you to push me up against the nearest wall; your hands moving up my thighs to my clit, your thumb rubbing across it, causing subayevleri escort a shudder to pass through my body. You always know just how to touch me.

Your lips are still on mine but they break, moving down my neck as you place me on the waist high bureau and push whatever objects are in the way to the side. One hand moves to cup the fullness of my breast, the other places my wrists up above my head and pins them there. My nipples are already peaked and aching for you. Your mouth descends on them next, licking and sucking until I’m crying out your name and arching against you. The bite you place on one makes me whimper with need. I whisper in your ear that I want you inside me, begging you to fill me, to cum inside me. You don’t need to be told twice. Your cock is already poised and ready and it slides right in to my wet slit, the heat making you gasp and my tightness causing you to moan. You release my wrists as you pound into me, your tenderness showing only in the way you hold me, the rest is rough…wild and elemental.

“That’s it baby,” I gasp, “Like that.”

The heat is starting to build and it seems as if your name is the only thing I’m able to call out. I feel your breath at my throat, your face buried in the curve of my neck. The long softness of my hair falls around you, its familiar scent driving you to distraction as it so often does. The lick you place between the cleft of my ear and jaw makes me call out to you and I reciprocate, biting your neck as the pleasure builds. I tell you to give it to me. Tell you I want it deeper…harder…faster and you comply readily.

Your hands tighten on my waist. Every sensation you evoke raining down on me like hot sparks. It’s like molten lava rolling slowly from the peak of a volcano, except my peak is the juncture where we’re joined together and you’re thrusting in to me. I can feel my breaking point rising, almost ready to shatter as you move your hand down between us to finger my clit. I move one hand down to clutch your ass, to push you in deeper, the other up your chest to wrap around your neck. My lips close to your ear, I whisper, the tickle of my warm breath and my words pushing a shiver down your spine.

“Cum for me baby…cum for me.”

My thickly moaned words push you to the brink but my squeal at your shoulder and my nails on your back as I come full circle, shuddering and pulsing around you, take you over the edge. “Fuck!” Your cry shatters the rest of the silence making me smile languorously as your hot cum spurts deep inside me. Still joined you carry me to our bed and lay us down. Both of us spent and sated and breathing hard.

“So…” I say with a smile. “How was your day?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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