Working Out with Lisa

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Stepping out of abs class, I lowered the towel from my forehead after wiping away the sweat and walked past the cardio section. My plan to head directly to the weights room was waylaid by a glimpse of a striking young woman seated alone in the gym lobby. I recognised her from Instagram. “Lisa,” I remembered.

Surreptitiously altering course, I walked towards the girl. The setting sun bathed the lobby in a dull orange glow. Seeing her distracted by her phone, I allowed myself a closer look. Her curly brown hair was tied up in a messy bun atop her head. Her skin, golden brown, had a slight sheen, no doubt courtesy of a recent intense workout. My eyes were drawn down to her pillowy lips, a beauty mark at the left corner. “Bet she’s an amazing kisser,” I thought just as Lisa’s gaze broke from the screen and up towards me.

I quickly averted my eyes as I sat down on the bench perpendicular to hers, crumpling the plastic covering. I took my phone out of my pocket and fiddled with it, pretending to check non-existent texts but buying myself enough time to work up the confidence to ask, “Hey, you’re Joelle’s friend. Lisa right?”

“Yea…” she looked up warily. Lisa lowered her phone to her lap so she could give me the once over.

“Hi, I’m Jessica’s brother.” My sister and Joelle were best friends. I gambled on Lisa therefore knowing Jessica.

“Right, I thought you looked familiar.” She was more relaxed now. Perhaps she’d seen me on Instagram as well. Lisa spoke slowly and rather huskily, almost as if she had just woken up. I found it sexy. But I would’ve found a voice like nails on a chalkboard sexy as long as it was coming from that mouth.

“So why are you alone out here? Waiting on someone?” I asked.

“Yea, waiting on my friend to pick me up. She says she might be another forty-five minutes.” Lisa threw her head back in exasperation revealing a long slender neck.

I chuckled, “Pretty long wait. If you want, we can go hang out at my place until your friend comes. I live about five minutes away.” I realised the absurdity of my proposal even as I was speaking the words but I couldn’t stop myself.

She flashed a heart-melting smile, looking down at the ground for a split second and pushing a stray curl back behind her ear. Her hazel eyes met mine again. “Wait, you’re finished working out? I just saw you come out of abs class?” My eyes eryaman escort widened in surprise. Partly because she had actually noticed me but also because I’d been expecting to hear something like, “Are you crazy, I don’t even know you!”

“Yea, not really in the mood.” I explained. This was true, I’d lost all interest in lifting weights the moment I saw her.

Lisa opened her mouth to speak then paused, re-assessing, “No, you know what, I’ll just wait here for my friend. Thanks though.” Ah, there it was.

“No problem,” I smiled trying to hide the disappointment. Not knowing what else to say, we both awkwardly turned our attentions to our phones again.

A couple patrons shuffled through the lobby. “Well, nice meeting you,” I broke the silence, rising to my feet.

“You too,” Lisa replied. I trod off to retrieve my gym bag from the locker room, chiding myself internally for even attempting such a stupid move.

Leaving the locker room, I spotted Lisa tapping her fingernails on the front desk. She turned to me and gave me that smile again. She walked over and told me her friend was still stuck in traffic and she’d like to take me up on my offer. “All right, sure. You ready?” I asked as nonchalantly as I could muster to hide the giddy excitement bubbling within. She nodded.

The sky was darkening now and a cool breeze blew into the lobby when I opened the door. I let Lisa through first to give myself the opportunity to admire, for the first time, her slender, yet curvy body. Her multicoloured yoga pants stretched to their limit containing a perfect ass.

Lisa and I engaged in pleasant small talk on the short car ride. “How come you agreed to get in a car with…well, essentially a stranger?” I asked.

“Well, you’re Jessica’s brother so I figure you’re trustworthy. Besides, I think I could take you.”

I laughed and reached over to her, lightly squeezing her toned bicep, “Whoa, with these guns? I don’t doubt it!” She giggled.

We entered my apartment. The air felt heavy and warm. I switched on the living room light and opened the window overlooking the pool in my complex. The crisp evening air flowed in, tousling Lisa’s curly hair. “Better, right?” I said to her. She agreed. “Do you want something to drink? Water? Orange juice?”

“Um, actually,” she hesitated a moment, “would you mind esat escort if I took a shower?”

I paused a moment myself, trying to remember if the bathroom was in a fit state for guests. Should be fine I decided. “Sure, I’ll get you a towel.”

I handed Lisa a plain white towel and gestured in the direction of the bathroom. She thanked me while I silently thanked my mother for encouraging me to splurge on extra linens. She turned and walked away. Like a runway model, I thought. I was captivated by the rhythmic bouncing of her butt cheeks before she disappeared.

Hearing the rush of water from the shower head, I flopped down onto the couch. I turned on the TV and started absently flipping through channels. A few minutes later I eyed Lisa’s gym bag by the front door at the same time the bathroom door opened with a slight squeak. Lisa stood there. Her hair tied up still but slightly damp and my towel wrapped tightly around her body covering her breasts down to the top of her well-toned thighs. The cool night air now filled with her flowery scent.

“Oh, you forgot your bag,” I got up to retrieve it for her.

“I didn’t,” Lisa said. My back still turned to her, I heard a light thud. I swiveled to see Lisa’s naked body. The towel in a heap at her feet.

“Fuck,” I mouthed. Her yoga pants had left little to the imagination, accentuating her curvaceous lower half, but her sports bra had been restricting a pair of full round breasts with small brown nipples.

She walked slowly over to me, my heart beginning to pound in my ears. She ushered me gently back onto the couch before straddling me, one leg after the other. Locking me in between powerful thighs. She removed my shirt and pressed her partially-towelled body against mine. Her soft breasts mashed into my chest as we kissed.

Our lips felt like they were sculpted specifically for each other. Like two complementary pieces of a jigsaw puzzle. My erection began to grow, flush against my leg, confined by my boxer briefs. I reached up and grabbed Lisa’s right breast feeling her rock hard nipple bore into my palm. She responded by pushing her hot tongue deeper down my throat. Her hand searched underneath my gym shorts and began stroking my now-fully-engorged member over the top of my boxers.

I pulled away from Lisa’s succulent lips to get a taste of her swollen breasts. ankara escort I flicked her left nipple lightly with my tongue. She leaned backwards pulling me with her as I bit down gently.

My hands on her waist, I lifted Lisa and playfully pushed her, face down into my couch. She let out a soft grunt. I massaged her newly exposed clit with my thumb. She moaned, her wetness gushing out onto my hand. I massaged her ample bottom using her own juices as lotion then grabbed it and brought my mouth down hungrily onto her warm slit. I thrust my tongue inside Lisa. She pushed back forcing me in as deep as possible. She panted harder with each re-entry of my stiff tongue. Her entire body vibrated as she climaxed, only steadying herself with a vice-like grip on the arm of the couch.

Lisa collapsed into a fetal position and let out a contented sigh. I fell back into the welcoming couch, contemplating if Lisa had done a bit of pre-gaming in the shower. That would explain why she came so quickly. She opened her eyes and grinned mischievously at me. “Your turn.”

“Ok, let me just shower really quick.” I said.

“Uh-uh. I want you dirty,” was the entirely unexpected response but who was I to argue, with my pulsing cock on the verge of ripping through my shorts.

Lisa sprung up with renewed energy and wasted no time releasing my dick from its polyester prison and plunging down on it with her warm mouth and lips. I gasped feeling the tip graze the back of her throat. She sucked frantically. I couldn’t help but grab her soft hair with both hands and force her down on me even harder.

We were distracted momentarily by a ringing sound. Lisa’s phone. “My friend,” she managed to mumble before engulfing me once again. She began an irresistible combination of sucking and stroking, presumably because we didn’t have much time left. “Fuck, I’m cumming,” I breathed moments later. I said it again, unsure that she had heard me the first time.

“Mhmm,” she replied, signalling me to let go. I groaned loudly. It seemed every muscle in my body contracted as my hot seed cannoned into her mouth. Lisa moaned. I liked that.

Lisa put on clean clothes from her gym bag. I watched her, unmoved from the couch, still exhausted from recent events.

I walked her to the front door. Her friend was waiting downstairs in the parking lot. “Let’s do this again. Properly next time,” Lisa suggested. “Message me on Instagram.”

“Oh, you’re on Instagram?” I said, somewhat disingenuously.

“Please, you don’t think I noticed you liked one of my photos a few weeks ago?” She smiled teasingly at me, turning and walking off. Like a runway model.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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