Woods and Caves

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Big Dicks

This story, as is all stories, isn’t written for everyone. If you enjoyed it, thank you very much and you’re welcome. If not, thank you for visiting.


About 2:00 in the afternoon the doorbell rang. Doorbells ringing in our house were strange. Nobody rang doorbells anymore. Mormons did and UPS and the like. Occasionally a neighbor but so seldom it became a ‘thing’ when it happened. I opened the door and a nicely dressed young lady stood there.

“Hi,” she said. “Are you Jeb?”

“Yes, I’m Jeb,” I said. “What can I do for you?”

She said, “Do you know Marjorie? She sent me over. Actually she didn’t, she said I should come over and introduce myself and tell you my problem. I’m Hanna. She said not to use last names so I’m Hanna.”

“Hi Hanna. I do know Marjorie,” I said. “From the travel agency?”

“Yes, that’s the one,” she said. “Do you have time now?” I don’t know how busy you are this time of day. I didn’t see any cars nearby. I could come back if you like. I happen to be over this way and it was convenient.”

“Well, uh, would you like to come in?” I said. “I’m mostly at loose ends doing odd jobs I hate to do.”

I moved from the open door and in she came and headed right for the living room and sat down. She was dressed very nice with a light gray summer jacket, skirt, nice white blouse, pearl necklace. A matching clutch, probably just for a small wallet. Her skirt was just above her knees. Her knees were together but not angled away. Nice arms, not bulging biceps, normal. Nice nails, nice smile, about 27 or 28. Easy build. About my height, 5ft10. Proportional breasts, hair just below the shoulders and styled in a reserved manner. I saw other stuff but no need to specify. I couldn’t stop evaluating. It’s a habit from a previous life style.

She said, “Jeb, are you a doctor? What of?”

“No, I’m not a doctor,” I said.

“What kind of practice do you have? Are you another type of specialists?”

I smiled and said, “Nope. I specialize in the same things most of the population does, being human and being interested. How about yourself?”

I thought I would see why she was here but I was beginning to get that feeling again. Marge and her friends were going to get me in trouble or drive me crazy, whichever came first. This is the first time I heard the ‘no last name’ comment. That was new. That had to come from Marjorie because of Mrs. NoName. She introduced herself as Mrs. NoName. I never did find out who she was. I watched the papers too but no article.

Hanna said, “Marjorie said you were very good. I did hear something from someone else but they wouldn’t tell me who or where, just to ask Marjorie, so I did.”

“Would you like to see a doctor about something?” I said. “I can probably help you there.”

“No,” she said, “This isn’t a doctor thing. I feel a little odd going ahead with this. Let me explain and if I need to I’ll apologize and leave. Is that ok? Are you here alone?”

Yep, it was one of those. I didn’t really mind and they seemed to be fun.

“Yes, we have privacy if that’s what you mean,” I said. “Would you like some refreshments? We can go out to the kitchen and get some ice tea or wine or whatever and sit at the counter. You’ll be more at ease, less formal.”

“Oh yes,” she said. “That would be great. Thank you.”

She got her clutch and we walked back to the kitchen while she commented on the house. I worked hard on the decorations. I thought it really looked good. We got settled with tea and it was quiet for a moment or two.

She said, “This could be embarrassing.”

“Oh,” I said. “By that could I assume it could be of a sexual nature?”

She did a little laugh and shook her head in the affirmative and said, “Jeb, it’s a problem between my husband and me. Sex. We have wonderful sex. We even do oral. About a year ago my husband mentioned having sex in the doggy position. I wouldn’t. He said ‘ok’ then brought it up again about a month later. I wouldn’t. Now it’s gotten to be a problem and it’s interfering with all our other sex. I know he loves me. I love him. I need to do something before the problem gets too severe. Marjorie knows all this. She said you would know what to do.”

She sat waiting. I put on a serious face and shook my head up and down a little slowly, while down casting my eyes like I was thinking. I actually was.

I said, “Hanna. Why don’t you want to have sex doggy style?”

“It’s degrading,” she said. “I have a degree from Vassar. I don’t think Vassar girls should do something that degrading. büyükesat escort I’m not a dog. Men should have better sense than to even suggest it. What kind of a wife would I be after going through something like that? What would my family say if they found out? My friends.”

“Would you like to explore a solution?” I said. “Pardon the expression but it’s not an insurmountable problem.”

Hanna actually smiled at that one. She got it right away. She was a fun lady. Now I knew I could talk to her.

“I’m at my wits end,” she said. “Anything that would help.”

“Ok,” I said. “Let me begin with this. Around the time of the emergence of the Homo Sapiens and for hundreds of thousands of years before that, and probably more like several million, we walked on all fours. Breeding is ingrained in all living things as a primal instinct and rear entry was the way it was accomplished for those walking on all fours. Doggy style. Bad label, by the way.

“It’s still our main instinct. Males and females. It’s more normal than the accepted sex positions of today. It’s basically a mindless animal instinct and produces a more certain successful breeding. In addition, that position allows for easier and deeper penetration and more enjoyment for us both now that we’re civilized. The angle is very beneficial. With your head down on a pillow and your back bowed down and your knees down and out you produce a perfect and extraordinary sexual entry for your partner.”

“Wow,” she said. “They didn’t cover all that in college. Still, that position has become a social taboo in my circle.”

“Yes,” I said. “I can see that. Consider, rather than reject the position use your social connections to change the label. Something upscale but unmistakable. Maybe publish a research paper. Call it the ‘Vassar something’. It might get to be quite well known.”

She bit both her lips for a couple of seconds, thinking about it. She said, “Can it really make that much difference over normal sex?”

“It is normal sex,” I said. “What everybody does today is socialized sex. Society developed that, not nature. Is there someone you could quite privately experiment with to see if you would want to give it a try with your husband?”

“Well,” she said. “That’s some of the reason I’m here I guess. I thought you might. I should say Marjorie and I discussed it at length. What you could or might do. How far would we have to go?”

“Hanna, the bedroom is just upstairs,” I said. “Not far at all.”

“No, no,” she said. “I meant the other how far.”

I held up my hand, palm out, smiling. She stopped and waited. I said, “That was a poor attempt at a funny. I was trying to keep a relaxed atmosphere going. Sorry if it threw us off stride. We could give it a try and whenever you want to stop or do something else that would be fine. I can mention exactly what I would like to do before if you want to be sure.”

Surprising me Hanna stood up and took off her jacket and put it in the chair with her clutch and said, “I really need to do something about this situation.”

Knowing Marjorie this was her idea and probably what she suggested to Hanna. I took Hanna’s hand and off we went. It sort of connected us. Touching. It was a spare bedroom but well appointed. The curtains were closed when not in use to prevent sun damage. The bed was made, sheet on top with a very light bedspread.

She said, “Try not to tell me what you’re going to do. I need to evaluate all this. If you excite me I want to see when and how much.”

I wasn’t going to surprise her all that much. I stopped near the bed and said, “Since we’re looking at primitive seduction I’ll work from the rear. Say ‘stop’ at any time. Pretend you’re wearing animal furs and I happen upon you searching for food, in the woods or a cave. I caught your scent and you’re ready for breeding. Ready?”

“Yes,” she said. “I’m actually a little excited already. A little heady isn’t it?”

I moved around her side, slowly, although I would have grabbed her hair to hold her but no need to go that far. It was tempting. I put an arm around her waist and pulled her back into me with her hip quarter in between my hips. Not hard. She was probably used to it but lovingly, so I was lovingly. I got a hand down low on her buns and pulled up, hand fully spread, to the top of her skirt and unbuttoned it and pulled her zipper down. Her skirt was a light silky type. I moved back and it fluttered down around her feet. I was breathing hot air into her ear and neck, close.

I said, çankaya escort “Don’t forget, we’re in the woods, or cave, and you have on furs. Just kick your skirt over off your feet.”

She nodded and did. I ran my hands up under her white blouse to her neck and back down, on her pants, all the way down and underneath and clamped on with my fingers about at her clit and pulled my palm and fingers back under and up her butt crack. That would do for beastly foreplay.

I said, “When you can, slip off your blouse and bra. You wouldn’t have them on under your furs. How are you doing? If it’s alarming let me know. It’s sexual and I want you to feel the effect. An animal encounter without the influence of society.” I wasn’t going to do that but I wanted it in her mind.

She started on her blouse and I quickly took off my top and shorts and briefs. I don’t think she noticed. Her blouse was off and her bra came off. Bare except for her pants. I slid my hand down on the back of her pants and curled up, pressing against her vagina with my middle finger and back and up. She knew I was nude by now. It didn’t seem to shock her. Probably because of sex parties at Vassar. Been there done that.

“Would you like me to leave your pants on?” I said. “I need to follow your instincts first and mine second.”

“I thought about that,” she said. “If you feel you need to, take them off. I’ll understand. No need to ask. I’ll know why.”

I got right in back and pulled her pants down to just above her knees, put a hand around her hips and pushed the middle of her back. She bent over. I dropped and opened her butt crack, stuck my nose in, and smelled loudly so she knew what I was doing. I hoped it felt animal to her. Something she’s not used to. I got my mouth on her buns, both sides and lightly bit around. Back up I pulled her pants back up, got an arm on her stomach, and moved us onto the bed.

I pushed her down on her stomach with her head on the pillow. I didn’t ask or say I was, just did it. One fell swoop.

I was on my knees. She turned her head and saw me fully up and ready, about two feet away and above her head.

She said, “Jeb. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a man that large.”

“Thank you,” I said. “What you should do is evaluate the sexual level you were at when you had your first full fuck alone with your lover and what you feel through this.”

I lay down, giving her plenty of room, and said, “Pull you knees up under and out so it’s comfortable.”

She did. Her knees were folded up under her towards her sides. She was loose and almost flats. I slipped a hand down her butt and under to her vagina. I stayed there, pressing my whole hand around everything. Possession.

I said, “Notice that’s the position you would normally be in if you were on your back with your lover on top and just starting to fuck.” I was slowly moving the conversation to a more gutter level. I knew she was capable, Vassar or not. We all are. I said, “Now, move your knees so they would be beside his hips so you can feel him thrusting.”

She did and her butt went up in the air.

“Hanna,” I said. “Get a frozen mental picture of how your body is positioned. Now, mentally flip that image over and lay it on its back. Isn’t that how your body is when you’re normally fucking?”

She thought for a moment and said, “Yes, it is. Almost exactly.”

“Ok,” I said. “I’m going to breed you except I’m going to be upside down.”

I got behind her and slipped my dick under, pressed in about where her clit should be. I got a hand on the top of her hips where she was bent and pulled her in tight.

“I’m going to thrust,” I said. “I won’t grab your hair and pull you backwards so you can’t get away. After a few thrusts I’ll go a little harder so you can compare it with what you’re used to. Some of your instincts should kick in. Here we go.”

I started thrusting. My dick was really hard and going up, hopefully, against her clit. I tried to plow against her pants along the center of her outer lips. I wasn’t going fast enough to create orgasms. We were making a soft plop when we met. My dick was hitting her about at her vagina and sliding up her pants. I think we were generating some sweat. She was wet and had my dick pretty much covered down the shaft but that wasn’t sweat. I paused to signal I was going to go harder and started again.

I pushed my hips forward and pulled her hips backwards at the same time making the plop louder. I left her pants on because I didn’t know if I would get her pregnant ankara escort or not but I sure was letting her know my dick was there. I could hear her breathing louder and we were going at a nice fast speed. She wasn’t backing off. I folded my hips back and jutted my dick out just before we frapped together each time. Her ass molding down in between my hips from the pressure was getting to me and probably her too.

I let up pulling her hips but they kept it up. She was pushing back into me the same amount. I was running right up her clit and probably further up her hood each thrust. That must be driving her. I tilted myself up so I was pressing against her clit harder and immediately got several moans. With that I went for one of her orgasms hoping I could get it done.

It wasn’t long. She said, “Ahhhhuuuuuggggg,” and kept that up and pushed back as hard as she could and squeezed the life out of her pillow until she stopped and collapsed over on her side, still bent at the knees. I was still on my knees without any hips to hang on to or thrust at. Hanna lay there breathing hard with her eyes closed. She recovered quicker than I thought she would. I was lying down beside her by then. She looked at me and came over on my chest and kissed me like a Vassar girl does. One tit fully on. She held my hand.

I guess it was five or ten minutes later. She said, “To be absolutely sure I guess you should fuck my pussy in that position. It’s the proper thing to do under the circumstances.” She was smiling.

The Vassar girl found her sex language she’s been hiding. I said, “That might be quite a fuck. Should I use a condom?”

“Vassar girls never use condoms,” she said. “I’m not totally opposed to a good cave man style fuck but please don’t pull my hair out.” She was still smiling.

A really nice smile and nice eyes. She took off her pants and got up on the pillow, butt up and out. This wouldn’t involve her clit all that much to start. She was wide open and ready and very wet. I got behind her and ran my hands up and down her thighs and up underneath and around but stayed away from her clit. I ran my dick up her butt crack. I was still very hard. I grabbed on and rubbed it hard up and down everything. She got out a few moans.

I was squeezing a lot and couldn’t wait any longer. I got it near her vagina and it jumped from my fingers right in. Actually I think she pushed back. Same result. Instant heat from the blood rush in both of us. I tilted my hips forward and up and reversed and found my way about half way in and kept going. We were both already in a very nice sync with sucking sounds. She was surprisingly a little tight, hence the sucking sounds. A most pleasing thing to hear.

When I felt her buns spread across the inside of my hips I tilted up and pushed in tighter and held it a few seconds. She was pushed back hard and she held it too and we both restarted at almost the exact moment. Hanna knew a lot about fucking and seemed to love it. Doggy style for a man seems to be much better. It’s much easier and looser and ten times more erotic. I can never last long doggy style. The orgasms are fairly quick and very intense and never seem to stop and I can keep thrusting through the whole thing.

Her vagina was perfect and we kept at it for almost twenty minutes. I must have been hitting her G-spot. She started working me more and I started working her more. I knew I was coming and she was too. Right before they hit I ramped it up at an emergency pace and I’ve never seen a woman move as fast as she did in that position. She screamed, I screamed and we had explosive orgasms. The best kind.

This time we both fell over on our sides and stayed there for a while. She took a Vassar shower and I took a man shower and we got dressed and back to the kitchen for some wine.

She said, “I’ve never been fucked like that. As we used to say, ‘what a dick’. I’m afraid to ask if I can call in case you say it’s a one off. A two off for me. You’re perfectly correct about ‘The Vassar Fuck’. It’ll be quietly popular because of the two names together. You might like to see how we Vassar girls fuck normally. Are you married?”

“Yes,” I said. “She’s in Europe. She goes for a couple of weeks three or four times a year. We have a kind of an open marriage for convenience because of that. No recriminations. If she answers when you call don’t hang up. She’ll be happy to give me the phone. You would enjoy lunch with her sometimes.”

We finished our wine and she stood up. I helped her on with her jacket.

She said, “Thank you Jeb. I know that’s not near adequate enough. My husband is going to be quite happy shocking me with a full fuck doggy style. Marjorie gave me your phone number.”

I walked her to the door and she kissed my cheek and I watched her drive away. Much better than house cleaning.

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