Will and Lynn Share the Dream

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“Pull down your panties!”

Lynn woke with a start, eyes open, but lying still. Will was lying nude on his side with his back to her. Now he made a strange laughing sound, paused, and twitched.

She realized he was dreaming, but his words had aroused her in two senses of the word. She wanted to let him sleep, but felt compelled to touch her lover, everywhere. She looked at the alarm clock. It was 4:30, he had to be up in half an hour anyway, she reasoned.

She gingerly reached around to his front and was surprised to find that he had an amazingly stiff, fully developed erection. At her touch, he began thrusting. Lynn helped him by licking her fingers and forming them into a tight ring for his cock to penetrate.

She questioned whether she should be doing this, but Will’s body at least seemed to be enjoying it, and she loved the sensation of feeling his muscular buttocks pulsating against her stomach. She wished she had followed his command, as she no longer wanted to be wearing panties, but didn’t want to let go of his rigid cock, fascinated by what was happening, not wanting to interrupt whatever was to come.

A few moments later, Will’s body became very still, and his breathing paused. Softly, in case he was still sleeping, Lynn asked “Are you OK, honey?” She gently supported his erection with her hand, enjoying its weight, still marveling at its rigidity.

“Yeah, I was just having a strange dream,” said Will, sounding completely awake now.

“I know, baby, it woke me up too, tell me about it,” said Lynn.

Will rolled onto his back, his arms above his head, his erection unabating. Lynn pulled her sleep shirt off over esat escort her head and let it fall to the floor. She left her panties on, despite her desire to insert him into herself and ride his cock, knowing how much Will loved her panties. Instead, she straddled him, letting the soft warmth of her pantied crotch surround and massage her lover’s erection.

“I can’t remember it very well,” lied Will. He struggled with the emotions the dream were causing him. In the dream, he had been dominating Lynn, saying and doing things to her that now made him feel ashamed.

“Well, you told me you loved me, which was really nice, but you also commanded me to pull down my panties, which was also really nice,” said Lynn, her head tilted down, but her eyes looking up to Will with mischief. Will averted his gaze from hers as she ground her moistening crotch against his aching penis.

“It makes me feel bad, sometimes I feel bad even being a male from the things I see at work,” said Will.

“Baby, it’s OK, you don’t have to tell me your dream, but you need to realize that you’re a good person, and that it’s safe for us to play any way we like, OK?” said Lynn, her soft voice drawing Will’s eyes back to hers, then deeply into her soul. “You see a lot of the worst parts of sexual desire, but you and I are going to spend our lives exploring the good parts, OK? I love that your body is different than mine, and is stronger than mine, because you’re mine, and together we’re more than we could ever be alone.”

“OK, that makes a lot of sense, thanks,” said Will. He began rubbing his erection between Lynn’s pantied labia, causing the cotton etimesgut escort to shift and realign itself to her swelling sex.

“Will, I would love it if you would say those kinds of things to me, and do those kinds of things to me you were dreaming about,” said Lynn. “Sometimes at work I can’t stop thinking about your strong body dominating me, or having you bend me over my desk, telling me to pull my panties down…and giving me a nice spanking, boyfriend.”

Will now moved his hands to the delicious globes of Lynn’s ass, fondling handfuls of them, stretching and pulling at her pussy and asshole, making Lynn feel as if he owned her.

“Will, I’m your Fuck Doll, I will do anything you tell me,” panted Lynn lustfully, as Will’s fingers pulled the crotch of her panties aside and began rubbing and penetrating her pussy, tickling and pushing on her anus.

Will’s other hand cupped Lynn’s ass, then he almost involuntarily landed a cupped slap on one side of her ass. “Ooh!” cried Lynn in surprise. A wild look came over her, and she begged “Don’t stop!”

“Is that what you need, baby, you need to have your ass spanked by your lover?” teased Will, as he landed several more slaps to her writhing backside.

Lynn’s head buzzed, and the sensation moved down her spine to her pelvis, then back up again, making her drool involuntarily. “Fuck my pussy!” she pleaded.

Will pulled her panties aside, ran the head of his cock in between her labia, wetting it, prodded it against her anus, causing Lynn to gasp, then forcefully moved her off of him, onto her hands and knees, and began a relentless doggie style penetration ankara escort of her swollen pussy.

Lynn’s head hung low, as she felt herself being ravaged by Will’s raging cock. He gently but firmly pulled her head up by her shoulder length hair, and she turned her lustful gazes directly into his eyes as he moved his cock in and out of her, tugging at her nearly virginal pussy with each stroke.

Will licked his middle finger and began prodding it against Lynn’s anus. Enjoying the fantasy of being taken without choice, she screamed as Will moved his finger from side to side, spreading her backside open while continuing to relieve his desire to fill his partner with his sperm by ramming his rigid cock deeply inside Lynn over and over.

“I’m yours Will, use my body for your pleasure, for your desire!” pleaded Lynn.

Will tugged harder on Lynn’s hair, pinched one of her nipples harder than he’d ever done before, and exploded inside her wide open vagina, then collapsed next to her. Looking up into her eyes, he deliberately panted: “Are you OK, was this OK? I love you.”

“I am definitely OK, Hot Thing. I love being your plaything, and I know that you’ll return the favor someday,” said Lynn with a smile. “I’d better clean you up so you don’t get the bed so messy so early in the week,” she said with a matter-of-fact voice as she began to clean Will’s still erect penis with her tongue.

Will felt energized, and relieved, as if everything in the world was OK, feeling his supergood friend, his lover, and hopefully, his life partner, cleaning him with her tongue and mouth.

“OK lover, now you’re ready to take a shower and go bring Order to Chaos, and protect the Weak from the Strong, then come home and continue your love affair with me,” announced Lynn. She made her way to the shower, and Will worked diligently to make a permanent memory of her delicious backside moving away from him into the bathroom.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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