What Happens In Vegas

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I slid the card into the lock and watched the happy green light blink on. I was nervous but borderline giddy as I pushed open the door and surveyed the room I had selected on line. It was exactly as advertised, but maybe a little smaller. I looked at the clock. I still had two hours before my date arrived so I decided to take a bath. I stuck my bag in the closet, then chained the door and ran a bath.

I soaked in the tub for almost an hour enjoying the bubbles and sipping slowly on a glass of wine. I didn’t want to have too much to drink. I needed to be clear headed for my lessons. After my leisurely soak, I went through my bag and pulled out a skimpy lace baby doll and matching g string. I know it wasn’t required that I dress the part but wearing such things made me feel sexier. I tucked all my valuables into the room safe keeping out only enough cash for my guest. I put his fee and a healthy tip into an envelope. I figured it would be easier to pull out a few bills if he was a disappointment than to dig for more money after he satisfied me. I sat down on the bed to wait.

He knocked right on time. I peeped out at him before opening the door. He was pretty much what I expected. Dark skin, dark hair combed back, a little taller than me and slim built. He was definitely older but looked very fit. I opened the door and let him in and his warm brown eyes registered just a momentary surprise.

“Miss Leeda, I’m hoping?”

His voice held just enough of an accent to sound exotic. I held out my hand to introduce myself. “Yes, and you must be Dominic.”

“Yes,” he answered before lifting my fingers to his lips.

The touch of his mouth started little butterflies in my stomach. He had an easy friendly smile, but the intense way his eyes were looking at me was already causing some toe curling. I was pretty sure that he was not going to be a disappointment.

His eyes swept quickly over the room and settled momentarily on the envelope by the bed. He set his duffle bag down on the foot of the bed.

“So, I was told,” he said standing before me and making no secret of his interest in my breasts, “that you are looking for lessons in how to get more enjoyment out of your sexual experiences.”

“Yes,” I managed to squeak out, surprised that I was even able to say that intelligently given the major flip flops my stomach was now doing.

“I think I can help you.” He lifted a hand toward my breast, but paused before touching me. “May I?”

I nodded. I was used to men taking an interest in them. I was gifted with a natural set of 38Ds and they were firm and high with light pink nipples that were almost an inch long when hard. And that time would be shortly as the man before me began stroking gently across them with his thumb.

“I love lace on a woman’s body, especially her breasts,” he said in a soft gentle voice that seemed to lull you into relaxation. “The fabric is so sheer and soft. It clings beautifully to the curves yet when you stroke it like this the texture is almost rough against a woman’s sensitive areas. It seems to create a more pronounced reaction to my touch.”

I couldn’t have agreed with him more. The blood was starting to pulse into my lower extremities. The stiffer my nipples became the gentler his touch till I was tipping forward pressing them into his hands. Then suddenly his fingers clamped down on my taunt peaks and I jumped at the shock of electricity that shot through my body.

He smiled then his hands slid from my breasts to my hips and he swiveled my body around his and lowered me to sitting on the edge of the bed.

“Let me set the mood,” he said then he went to his bad and took out a small CD player. He set the speakers up then a gentle Latin ballad floated through the room. He went around and adjusted the lights.

I watched his every move wondering what the body under those black jeans and soft red sweater would look like. I was utterly fascinated by this man that already got my blood pounding and he had done nothing more than fondle my breasts. The fact that I was paying him had already left my mind. The only thing I could think about was how much I wanted to sleep with him. I think I actually licked my lips when I saw him stop moving then pull the sweater up then slowly over his head. His body wasn’t large, but it was perfection. Toned muscles and bronzed skin accented by a small scar on his shoulder that gave him a touch of mystery and danger.

He went to the sink and wet a wash clothe. He sunk to his knees before me and lifted one foot. He massaged my foot as he washed it. I was so surprised by his actions that I didn’t know how to react. This was certainly not the area of the body I was hoping he would concentrate on.

“Most women don’t realize how erogenous their feet can be.” He laid the washcloth aside and maltepe escort began stroking my foot with his index finger. “Unfortunately too many women have developed the male attitude of just get to the important body parts and they miss out.”

His piercing gaze made me blush as I wondered if he was a little too intuitive for my comfort. I rotated my eyes away from him. I tried to listen to the music and relax and enjoy the foot massage. Then I felt his hot, wet tongue on my instep tracing along the edge of my foot and my gaze returned to him. Maybe there was something to this foot fetish thing. It did feel good. Then he sucked my big toe into his mouth and I thanked the gods for delivering this man to me. I was gasping for air as my fingers curled into the bedspread. I could feel the softness of the inside of his lips against the top of my toe, his lips pulled at the base and his tongue swirled around the top. All the while his fingers were rubbing and pressing patterns into my foot. The bed spread beneath me was getting wet as I ground my hips into, the texture of the lace rubbing against my ass. I couldn’t believe I was going to come from having my toe sucked.

Then he stopped and my eyes shot open. He lowered my foot to the ground and retrieved the washcloth.

“Would you like me to continue?” he asked.

“Yes,” I panted, certain he knew he had me. It was a good thing that the fee was determined ahead of time because he could have asked for any amount now and I would have given it to him to have him continue.

As he began administering his care to the other foot, I closed my eyes again and let myself just enjoy the sensations of the moment. I let my body pulse to his rhythms, drinking in the music, the smell of his cologne, which was subtle but spicy, and the incredibly erotic feeling of a man’s mouth sliding up and down my toe. I wondered if this is what it was like for a man to get a blowjob. If so, I now understood their enthrallment with them. Just as my body started it’s final crescendo, he stopped again. I looked at him pleading in my eyes to take me all the way. He smiled then pressed my legs apart. He grabbed my thighs and dragged me closer to the edge of the bed, at the same time his head dove forward and his mouth locked over my clit. I gasped as his tongue flicked rapidly over the stiff nub. Then his lips tightened down and he sucked my most sensitive part into his mouth and my head spun. Forget the crescendo, my body just erupted like fireworks shooting off throughout my entire nervous system. I stiffened and shook before collapsing backward onto the bed, my body actually trembling in the aftermath of an incredible orgasm.

“That was amazing,” I managed to gasp. “You are amazing.”

“It’s always nice to be appreciated.” I heard him reply. I realized that he was no longer in front of me. I wondered at what point he had stood and moved. Had I actually lost consciousness? It was a possibility.

I opened my eyes and saw him standing at the side of the bed. His legs were spread apart and he had undone the top button on his jeans. His hand was stroking his cock through the denim. His eyes were on my body and they looked possessive and intense. He actually looked intimidating and damn sexy.

“You’ll have to give me a moment, I don’t believe I have any bones right now,” I tried to joke, but he barely registered my remark.

He looked like an animal stalking its prey trying to decide it’s next move. My eyes were drawn to his crotch as he continued to stroke himself. As I watched he unbuttoned the jeans and pulled his cock out. It wasn’t overly long, but it was thick and had a slight downward curve to it. He continued to stroke himself. I rolled myself up into a sitting position.

“Are you wet?” he asked.

No doubt about that, I thought, given the amazing orgasm I was still recovering from. So I answered his question with a smile.

“Are you wet?” he asked again.

“Oh, I think so,” I answered with a slight chuckle.

“Check,” he ordered.

I felt myself blushing as I looked down my body.

“Don’t look down. Look at me,” he said. His voice was quiet but commanding. “Put your hand between your legs and see if you are wet.”

So I looked at him and tried to match his mood as I slid my hand down my body. I pulled the skirt up over my hips then slipped one hand between my legs. I was most definitely wet.

“Put your finger inside,” he commanded and I did as instructed.

“Deeper,” he ordered.

I slid my middle finger all the way into my pussy. I was surprised how tight it gripped my finger.

“Are you wet?” he asked again.

“Yes,” I answered sliding the finger in and out slowly.

“Take your panties off and move to the center of the bed. Lay down and spread your legs.”

I mamak escort didn’t hesitate for a second, sliding the inconsequential underwear off and leaving it in a ball on the floor. I scooted back on the bed then very slowly and deliberately laid back and opened my thighs. He took his jeans and underwear off. For a moment I got a very tempting view of his ass. The skin was a taunt beautiful bronze. No tan lines for this guy. He retrieved a condom from his bag then stood at the end of the bed. He opened the wrapper and unrolled the condom onto his penis. During this, his eyes never left mine. I could hear my pulse and was mildly aware of the rapidness of my breathing. He put a hand and a knee on the bed then moved to hover right above me. His legs were between mine, his hands pressed into the bed on either side of my shoulders. His dark, passion filled eyes were still on mine and I held my breath as he hovered above me.

In one smooth stroke, he buried himself inside me and I lifted my hips up off the bed to meet him. He held himself there for a moment, and then he started a long smooth stroking rhythm. At the end of each motion, he grunted and ground his pubic bone into mine stimulating my clit while his cock found that magic spot inside my channel. He kept that steady deep driving pace, not picking up into the jack rabbit style of the men I had known. I put my hands on his shoulders. His skin was hot and smooth. I slid my fingers over his upper arms then up onto his back digging my fingers in and massaging the bulging muscles I felt there. My head rolled from side to side as pleasure filled my body. It wasn’t a rapidly building sensation this time. It was slow and powerful, an ebb and flow of sensations that matched his rhythm. Soon I found myself groaning and thrusting, matching his motions. Then as the blood started pounding in my body, I felt him stiffen and change his rhythm.

“No,” I cried out, “Don’t hold back.”

But he did, altering his technique enough to keep himself from finishing but still bringing me to climax. It was a great orgasm but it felt a little empty. I felt cheated that he hadn’t joined me in the release.

“Party’s not over with yet,” he whispered into my ear.

I nodded reminding myself that he was not my lover. He was my teacher. His body rolled off me and he laid beside me placing a hand on my stomach. He languidly traced the lace pattern of the gown that was bunched up around my hips. He seemed to sense I needed a break and didn’t try to hurry me.

“You are incredible,” I told him, opening my eyes finally. He was leaning on one arm looking down at my breasts again, but transferred his gaze to my face once he realized that I was looking at him. “But I guess you hear that a lot.”

He smiled and shrugged. “I aim to please.”

“That you do,” I answered. “I’m sure you have many repeat customers.”

He shook his head and broke eye contact, looking distractedly down my body. “I don’t allow regular customers. Too much danger of emotional attachment.”

I wondered if he meant his or hers.

“I guess I can understand that,” I said becoming distracted from my thoughts as his hand slid down over my hip and started stroking my thigh. “You must like Vegas,” I continued still curious about the man who choose this line of work. “There’s a lot of new people coming to town regularly and the fact that it’s legal here must help.”

“Yeah, Vegas isn’t bad. Business is good. I don’t care for the town though. I’d rather be in Amsterdam.”

“Amsterdam?” I questioned.

“Yeah, you know the city in the Netherlands.” His hand had stopped moving on my thigh so this was obviously a subject he didn’t feel the need to hurry off of.

“Oh, is that your retirement destination?”

“No, I’d love to go there and set up shop. They’ve got a great sex industry over there. It’s very open. It’s a classy city too. Nothing like the strip. With the old buildings and the canals, it’s very romantic. They even have tree lined streets and canals with arched bridges through the center of the red light district.”

“That sounds nice,” I said thinking how odd it was to hear of sex shops in nice neighborhoods. Here they were in the areas that people were afraid to drive through at night. Usually sandwiched between crack houses and old factories that were waiting to fall down.

I felt his hand start moving again on my thigh and I guessed that talking time was over. I wasn’t going to argue, I was ready for more. I rolled toward him, letting his hand slide between my thighs. His head dipped forward and he kissed the soft mound of my breast that was exposed above the lace gown. His hand slid up my body and around to my back pulling me closer to him and supporting me as he buried his face between my breasts. His lips continued ankara escort along the edge of the gown pressing soft kisses on my skin. Then he pulled the lace down exposing my full breast to him. His mouth closed on my nipple and I sighed. I loved the gentle tug I felt as he sucked on my breast, pulling my nipple into a stiff point. His tongue began flicking across the sensitive peak and I automatically rolled my hips up to his. My thigh rubbed against his still hard cock. I definitely wanted some more of that.

His lips released my nipple and he rolled onto his back taking me with him. I was on all fours now hovering above him. Both his hands came up to play with my breasts which were now dangling above his face. He caressed and kissed them for several minutes and I arched my back pressing them down closer to him. His hands pressed them together and he licked the valley between them then gave a small nip to both peaks.

“God, you’ve got a beautiful natural pair,” he said as his hands cupped them one last time before sliding down my back and settling on my hips

I took that as quite a compliment coming from a man who had most definitely seen a lot of women’s breasts. His hands pressed against my hips and I took the hint and I inched my body down the bed till my hips were even with his. His hands slid around to my ass and began stroking the skin. I looked down at him lying beneath me and was disappointed to see that he looked a little more distant, more professional maybe, but I wanted to see that look of passion and hunger again. I lowered my hips and rubbed my wet pussy against his cock. That brought a smile to his lips at least. His hands remained on my hips so I reached back and grabbed his cock. I positioned it and then slid myself down over it, taking him inside me in one swift motion. A groan escaped his lips and I smiled. I began rocking back and forth on top of him. His hands on my hips began guiding my motion, teaching me how to rock my hips just right to get full sensation. I picked up on the rhythm and kept at it feeling his cock swelling. I lifted my hands to my breasts and began caressing them as I rode him. I lifted and squeezed them, ran my thumbs over the nipples, teasing them back into hard peaks again. I looked down at him and saw that the dark passionate look was back. He was definitely a breast man. I pulled the gown down anchoring it under my breasts, he tried to hold back a moan but I could tell the sight of my tits was getting to him. I began rocking harder and faster. His hands tried to stop me, but I was not going to be deterred. I didn’t care about my orgasm. I wanted to make him come. I wanted to pull him out of that professional detachment, so I rode him hard and fast. I tilted forward so my breasts were in his face and I was able to lift and lower my body slightly on his cock. I kept up the fast pace slamming my hips down against his, twisting my nipples with my fingers. He was fighting it I could see, but it was a battle he was losing. I felt this amazing surge of power when his cock swelled and jerked inside me. The feeling of euphoria brought me to my climax as well. It wasn’t the best orgasm of the night for me but it certainly was satisfying.

I collapsed on top of him, my body covered with a layer of sweat. I felt his hand reach down and hold the condom in place as his now soft penis slid out of me. I knew I should roll to the side and let him go about his business, but I wanted to lie there on him for a moment to listen to the pounding of his heart. He didn’t rush me. He put a gentle hand on my back and with the other he stroked my now sweat soaked hair back from my face. After a few moments of quiet, I rolled to the side. I wondered if he would say anything. Tell me it was different with me that I had really connected with him. Then I wondered why that mattered to me. I reminded myself that he was a gigolo that I was paying. I felt him roll off the bed and heard him enter the bathroom. When he reemerged a few seconds later, I had managed to get a hold of my emotions. He sat down on the side of the bed. His jeans were all ready on and his sweater was in his hand.

“I’m afraid time is up,” he said. He pushed a few strands of wet hair out of my face. “I hope you found what you were looking for.”

I thought to myself, yes and no. I had definitely learned a few new tricks and now knew what a good orgasm was, but I also felt an emptiness I hadn’t before. I wasn’t sure what its roots were but it felt like a big question in my head. Of course it could simply be from the sad realization that I had just had the best sex of my life with a man I had to pay to be with me.

I put a smile on my face and responded before the silence got too weird. “I definitely learned a lot and have never enjoyed a class room session more.”

He smiled and in a slightly awkward gesture kissed me on the top of my head. He picked up his radio and envelope and packed them away in his bag. He gave me a slight wave then went out the door. As soon as the door clicked, I got out of bed, put the chain on the door and hopped in the shower.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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