Wedding Secrets

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Emily had not been looking forward to her sister’s wedding for the simple fact that Emily’s sister Kerry was the craziest bride she’d ever laid eyes on. She went mental over the tiniest detail and Emily couldn’t take it. There was also the issue of her bridesmaid dress which was hideous and the fact that she couldn’t get a date to go with her to the wedding because everyone was back at college taking their assignments which a studious Emily had finished. Kerry had been acting like the bride from hell and quite frankly Emily only felt sorry for one person – Kerry’s soon to be husband Peter. Emily got on well with Peter; he’d finally seen her sister’s true colours on the run up to the wedding and had spent a lot of time with Emily hiding out in the basement until Kerry had calmed down. He was like a brother to her and couldn’t wait for him to join the family.

The wedding was taking place in a grand hotel, the type of place where celebrities had their weddings, Kerry had insisted on the venue. After getting ready with Kerry’s other two bridesmaids Felicia and Christie, Emily went on a walk around the hotel and watched as the guests arrived. As she looked out into the gardens she saw a dark haired man sitting on a bench with his head in his hands. Peter.

Emily didn’t know what to do, what if he was having second thoughts about marrying Kerry she thought. She packed away these thoughts and marched across the gardens to Peter. He looked up when he heard her coming and his face was that of a troubled man. Emily sat down next to him and laid a friendly hand upon his thigh. Peter glanced at her hand but did not brush it off but neither did he take it. Instead he looked right at his sister-in-law to be and admitted that he was nervous about marrying Kerry.

“What if she’s not happy in our marriage? What if we find it really difficult to live together as a married couple? What if…what if she stops loving me?” And as soon as Peter asked that last question Emily knew that that was his only primary concern.

“Peter,” Emily began as she put her other hand on his thigh and squeezed it in reassurance, “listen to yourself with all these ‘what ifs’. Kerry loves you very much. You’ve been together for four years now, I’ve never seen her so…happy. She could never stop loving you! And if she did, I would be here for you.” She smiled up at Peter and knew that her final words soothed him. He smiled as he looked into Emily’s blue eyes, the exact same colour as Kerry’s. He felt the grip she had on his thigh reassuring him, holding him like a vice. He felt a stir below. He gently rested his hand on top of hers and she released her hold, smiling bahis firmaları back at him.

“You look beautiful, by the way.” Peter said as Emily got back up to enter the hotel. She didn’t answer, because she couldn’t believe it. There was no way the coral coloured dress that Kerry had chosen suited her or her curvy body. The colour certainly didn’t suit her olive skin or her dark hair. She felt that Kerry had chosen it to make her look ridiculous, but then why did Felicia and Christie both look like super models? Yet, here was Peter telling her she looked beautiful. She gave him a parting smile and headed back to the hotel only to run into her frantic mother as she headed towards the foyer.

“Have you seen Kerry? She needs her hair and make-up doing pronto!” She cried. Emily shook her head and told her mother she’d help her look for her sister.

It was about ten minutes later that Emily found her sister. She heard her voice in the reception dining room. Harsh whispers filtered down the corridor and Emily found her self peaking in, not alerting her presence to her sister. There stood her sister in her expensive white wedding dress, lace corset and long and wide skirts with her ex-boyfriend Tony. Emily knew Tony well, she’d hated him. Her sister had been obsessed with him; he was the one who got away. Now she was pointing her manicured finger in his face, “I told you to stay away from here Tony! Why are you doing this to me?” She shouted.

Tony shushed her but answered with almost the same volume, “We’ve been together for three years Kerry, why are YOU doing this to ME?” He asked, “I thought you wanted us to be together.”

“We only fuck Tony!” She yelled her hands balled into fists and her eyes wide.

Tony closed his eyes for a moment and ran his hand through his untidy mop of brown hair. He took a step closer to Kerry and put his hands on her bare shoulders and said softly, “Look Kez, I know deep down you know that what we do is more that just ‘fuck’. It’s on a deeper level than that right?” He looked her straight in the eyes until she nodded. “I want you and I know you want me. So, just let it happen…let it be.” Tony gently pulled Kerry’s face closer to his and rested his lips against hers and Emily heard him whisper in the empty room, “You are my only love, so let it be.” A ragged gasp escaped Kerry’s lips before they locked with Tony’s. He kissed her feverishly, pulling her body closer to his. To Emily’s surprise Kerry reacted with the same enthusiasm and wrapped her arms tightly around Tony’s neck. Before she knew it he was lifting Kerry onto the bride, groom and family head table and pulling at her white kaçak iddaa lace panties under the layers of her wedding dress. Kerry hoisted the folds around her waist and fastened her legs around Tony. His fingers fumbled with the ribbons of her corset but soon her large creamy breasts spilled free. He took the left into his mouth and sucked on her pink nipple until it stood erect. Kerry gasped and began to try undoing the belt of Tony’s jeans. Soon, they were down around his ankles and his cock sprung free and rigid from the confinements of his boxers. He pulled Kerry to him and slid himself easily inside her. Kerry groaned and gripped the white table cloth as he entered her to the hilt. Tony didn’t stop; he began pounding hard and deep into Emily’s sister’s pussy making her scream and moan as she bucked against his cock. Her breasts bounced as she gyrated against him. The room was rent with the sounds of their sex, with a mixture of grunts and moans. “Oo Tony I’m cumming! Fuck me harder!” Kerry yelled, pushing her pelvis up to meet each of his thrusts. Tony picked up speed and Emily could hear his balls slapping hard against her sister’s bare ass. “Oh yes, cum for me baby.” Tony hissed between his teeth. Suddenly, Kerry’s toes curled, she threw her head back, her spine arched and she screamed her way through a powerful orgasm, clutching the tablecloth so it was balled in her fists. It wasn’t long before Tony finished inside her, groaning as he released his hot cum inside of Emily’s sister. As he pulled away, Emily saw as it dripped out her sister’s shaved pussy and dribbled onto the white tablecloth beneath her. Not being able to take anymore, Emily moved away from the door and headed back up the corridor.

So, Kerry had been cheating on Peter with Tony for all this time. Kerry was a fool Emily thought, to think that Tony really loved her. She’d never be able to look at her sister the same way again. But poor Peter, he’d been right; Kerry would never be happy in their marriage and she certainly probably would stop loving him if she hadn’t stopped already. Emily thought hard for a minute before she decided what was best to do. She thought of the last few words she’d said to Peter ‘I would be here for you’ and went to find him.

Peter looked in the mirror as he tied his bow tie. Emily was right, what doubts could he have? At that moment, Peter saw Emily enter his room.

“Oh hey Em, what’s up?” He asked. Emily didn’t say anything until she’d come close to him.

“Tell me how this feels.” She commanded and pressed her lips to his. Peter was confused there was a part of him that was telling him that this was wrong and that he was cheating. kaçak bahis The other part of him told him that he hadn’t had a kiss that felt this new and exciting in four years. He knew which part of the body that was and he felt it stiffen at the thought. He gently pulled away from Emily.

“So?” She asked staring straight at him, her beautiful face inches from his.

“Emily, I –”

“I said I’d be here for you. So, I am. Let it be.” Emily repeated the words she’d heard her sister’s lover say. “Please.” She whispered.

A trembling breath left Peter’s lips. He cupped her face in his hand and kissed her lips lightly.

Emily felt triumphant and kissed him back, allowing her tongue to tease and play with Peter’s.

He felt her hands roam across his body finally reaching his cock that was now straining to get out of his suit trousers for his wedding. He felt her fumble with the belt and he helped her release his cock.

Emily was surprised as his large cock poked her hard in the stomach. She ran her fingers along the length of it and enjoyed the pleasurable hiss that came from Peter as she touched him. She sank to her knees before it, being careful not to tear her bridesmaid dress and wrapped her lips around his cock.

Peter watched as the sister of his fiancé bobbed up and down his shaft. Felt as her tongue swirled at the end paying attention to the head and felt as she massaged his balls expertly in her hands. He wanted to make love to her but he knew he couldn’t last much longer. He loved the feel of Emily’s warm mouth around his dick, loved watching her full lips suck him off. It was at that second he realised he loved her and that she would always be there for him. With this sudden realisation he felt his balls twitch and his cock surge with the great amount of cum he had for her. He then released into Emily’s waiting mouth.

Emily watched as immense ropes of warm cum spurted out of Peter’s rock hard cock and onto her tongue. She liked what she tasted.

Peter observed as Emily licked her lips and swallowed his semen like a pro. He then helped her off her knees and kissed her lightly on the mouth.

She smiled at him and at that second, Emily knew that she loved Peter too.

At five minutes past six in the evening there was a wedding. It was a joyous occasion. The bride looked stunning and radiant in her white dress as she walked down the aisle, her three bridesmaids ahead of her. One of them was her sister. She beamed at the groom as she past him at the top of the aisle and he beamed back. He took his brides hand and smiled at her and she smiled back with a tear in her eye. Perhaps a happy tear. The sister looked on from the side lines at the couple that were about to get married, that were about to take a vow and she vowed to herself that whatever happened she would always be there for the groom. Always.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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