We Start Swinging

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Hi, I’m Anil and my wife is Lana. We live in Mumbai, India. We’ve been married for 10 years, have two kids in boarding school, and are still in love. I’m lucky that unlike most Indian wives who regard sex as a duty, mostly unpleasant, my wife is a wanton woman, ready for sex, conventional and otherwise, at any time. We have done it in all positions, the face to face missionary position with me looking into her eyes telling her how much I love her, she on top, from the rear in doggy style with her beautiful ass stuck out for me to fondle and caress, and whatever not. I’ve cum in her cunt, in her asshole all pink and puckered, in her gorgeous mouth, over hear breasts and body. I’ve tasted all her nooks and crannies, as she has mine.

While most of my friends haven’t their wives in the ass or had their cocks inside their mouths or have not even tasted their husbands’ cum, my dear wife took me into her mouth on our second night, and I was into her asshole on the fourth night. I tasted cunt and asshole with my lips and tongue on our first night itself, to her everlasting delight. No wonder she loves to me to fuck her regularly. Good going, what?

Well, lately, things have been jaded somewhat. The same sights, the same tastes and aromas, the same juices, the same feeling of the same body over or under me and the same tightness of her cunt and asshole have begun to pall. The same responses, I love you darling, do me harder, lick me deeper, deeper, suck me more, more. Where is the seduction and conquest, where is the discovery, where are all the new tastes and smells, the mystery of the unknown? Where have they all gone? And I think she feels the same way.

Lana’s story:

Well most nights, Anil feels horny, when he sees me in my thin cotton baby doll night dress barely concealing my thighs, with the bathroom light in the background outlining my shapely body under the thin fabric, as he says. So he takes it off, first squeezes my boobs and then my twin rear mounds rubbing the crevice between with the edge of his palm. Puts me down on the bed, looks at my naked body, eats my cunt to arouse me. He does it very well indeed, and then he is on top of me and inside of me, fucking me with his hot and hard cock, kissing me and whispering hot little dirties into my ears. I cum, and so does he, filling me with his juices.

For seconds, I have to get down on my hands and knees, take his cock into my mouth, work my tongue to arouse him (he likes that all right), lick the sides of his cock, and let him fuck me in my mouth rotating my mouth and bobbing my head up and down over his rigid shaft. It’s the same every time, though the sequence of events may be different on different nights. We fucked in hotel rooms, by the sea, in friends’ houses with them giving us meaningful glances the morning after, but it’s all the same in the end. I now want to be courted and seduced. And my husband can’t do it, because I have to be there for him anyway, waiting, willing and ready to receive his thrusts and parries up my cunt and asshole. They are all his to have and enjoy.

But of late, things have been getting stale. So, one night, after some steamy fucking and much hard work on my part with my mouth, tongue and lips on his ever turgid cock, and he finally shooting his load into my asshole after first entering me there and wanting to finish off in my cunt, and then changing his mind and entering me unexpectedly in the asshole, I said to him:

“Lover, wouldn’t you like to fuck another woman? Don’t you ever imagine another woman beneath you, your cock inside another woman’s mouth sucking you as I do, your hot hard cock up another woman’s asshole as you are in mine now?”

The poor sod confesses, yes, he does.

“Then why don’t you do something about it? Advertise in a one of those swingers’ magazines we’ve heard about to find someone like us who is waiting for a like minded couple to share a fucking experience with us.”

He takes my advice and inserts the following ad.:

Wife (35) with understanding husband (40) seeks broadminded couples for companionship and a mutually satisfying relationship. Total cooperation, discretion and secrecy assured. Genuine couples please reply with (returnable) photos to:

Anil continues:

We got more than a dozen replies. We selected six of what we though to be the best, and replied in some detail, elaborating what we expected of them. One couple particularly took our fancy — Joy and Asha, who lived not for away from us. And this is how we found ourselves in their house on a weekend, for a layover or whatever.

The dinner itself was a bit strained, the conversation stilted and desultory. Joy was the gracious host, Asha was silent and pensive. She was a dusky beauty, a tall girl with big breasts and generous hips who I wanted to bed immediately. Lana and I were a bit nervous as this was our first assignation of this kind, though no doubt they had gone through all this before. There was no hint of what was to come. avcılar üniversiteli escort

Later, when I had been most generously introduced to a naked Asha in her bed by her husband guiding my hands expertly over her body for me to appreciate her curves, advising me to squeeze her ass with the edge of the palm of my hand caressing the crevice between and kiss her there while he presided over the seduction of his beautiful wife by another man, Asha told me that she was a bit tense that a beautiful woman like Lana would cooperate with her husband. In the recent past, one wife was most uncooperative with Joy though she cooperated with the husband fully, doing what he wanted.

That woman wouldn’t undress completely in front of Joy, would not take him in her mouth, and would not let him touch her on her asshole. She used to lie a like a log while Joy was doing all the hard work. After some unsatisfactory meetings and couplings, Joy and Asha later found out that her kick was being fucked while her husband watched. Then she would make her husband undress her, would take in Joy’s cock in her mouth and lips, and then would allow him to enter her cunt and fuck her, with her husband watching, seeing Joy’s big hard cock go in and out of her cunt, from very close range. She loved to be fucked by another man while her husband watched over them.

The husband enjoyed the show, because then he would get all romantic over Asha, and kiss and suck her cunt and asshole, in full view of his wife. Apparently, Joy didn’t mind performing for their benefit, giving extra efforts while thrusting into her cunt, squeezing her buttocks and whispering hot little love messages loud enough for her doting husband to hear. Asha says she rather liked being tongued, especially in her asshole, in front of the man’s wife.

Joy continued to give me expert advice on how to seduce his wife, and I followed his need. Soon, Joy left Asha and me to our own devices, not forgetting to tell me that I was free to spend the night with Asha. Joy’s story:

What a beautiful couple, what a lovely catch. I can scarcely believe that I’m going to see the lovely Lana naked in my bed tonight, for me to fuck and enjoy. I only hope that she will be as cooperative with me as Asha will be with her husband, for Asha has already told me that she likes Anil very much and would go all the way with him in whatever way he wanted.

I took off Lana’s nightgown, and there she stood, proud and naked before me. I also undressed, took of my underpants, and stood before in all my naked glory. One look at my rigid member sticking out like a spear about to strike home, and she was down on her knees, taking my cock into her mouth. It was totally unexpected. No woman had done that to me before I had even kissed her on her mouth or fondled her body. She tongued, kissed and sucked my cock expertly — her husband had trained her well. She had a way of rotating her head while she had my cock in her mouth, going up and down the shaft at the same time. She swirled the tip of her tongue round and round the cock head, giving it a backward push, which had me twanging like a banjo. Then right from the tip of the head, down its length, down my balls one at a time, then back and up and up till it reached my asshole, which she reamed expertly!

It was most sexy and arousing. I must get her to teach Asha the technique.

In gratitude, I held her up and lay her down on the bed, thighs open to receive me. I was about to lunge into her, when she told me in an imploring voice:

“Darling, please kiss me between my legs — I like my pussy to be licked and sucked before being penetrated.”

I could not help but oblige her, and buried my head between her thighs and ate her inside out, cunt and asshole until she said she was ready to receive me between her thighs. She kissed me in gratitude, and I then had no difficulty in entering her pussy, which I found deep, tight, warm and inviting, quire different from any woman I’ve had.

Lana’s story:

I was impatient with all the waiting. Where was Joy, and what were he and Anil up to? I hope they hadn’t both forgotten me at the charms of a now presumably naked Asha. Much to my relief, in walked Joy, and immediately proceeded to undress me and himself. There I stood naked to the view of another man, looking at his erect cock. I just couldn’t help myself. I got down on my knees and took him into my mouth. He tasted different, nice. I rolled my tongue over him and licked the head of his cock, and took it inside my mouth deep into my throat to pleasure him. I fucked and licked his cock till he was quivering with pleasure. Then I reamed his asshole with my tongue to show him how much I wanted him.

He gave a little moan, raised me up and pushed me onto the bed and made as if to enter my cunt without further ado. This was when I told him to eat me first, because I’ve always liked my cunt to be kissed and licked properly avrupa yakası escort before being mounted and fucked. He ate me out, kissing and licking me inside and outside my cunt. His hot tongue on my clit and up asshole had me in throes of pleasure. At last was on top of me and inside me, fucking me with great gusto, whispering suggestively into my ear as to what he would do with me next.

It was true, he was different from my husband in every way: every lunge, every withdrawal, every caress and fondle of my body by him was different. This difference was what I had been looking for, and I was mighty glad that I had found it.

Asha’s story:

This was Joy all over again, showing me off to my new friend. He does it every time. He says he wants to show off his beautiful wife to the man who is going to fuck her shortly, to put him at ease and to make him aware of what I like in bed. Anyway, here I am, stark naked to the view of two men, one who is seeing me naked for the first time, my husband looking on with a benign smile on his face.

I will cooperate with him, I decided, come what may, and I only hope his beautiful wife would cooperate with my husband, unless the last time when the woman was definitely unhelpful and was a log of wood in the sack the first night. Poor Joy, he had to work really hard that night, but tonight I hoped that the gorgeous Lana would give him his reward.

Joy left the room telling Anil that he could spend the night with me, because I know that he wanted to enjoy Lana the whole night long. That was all right with me. I wanted to spend the night next to this lovely man, naked as a jaybird, till morning came, and I wanted Lana to do the same with my man. My dear husband had already taught my new lover what I liked, and he went to work with a diligence that surprised me pleasantly. He kissed and rolled my breasts, saying they are bigger than his wife’s — he certainly likes big boobs.

He traveled southwards to my belly, inching his way downwards till he found my pussy, kissed it tenderly, breathed on it, teased the outer lips with his lips and tongue until I could bear no more and took his face in my hands and pushed it down into my pussy. He got the message and entered me there with his tongue, swirled it round the walls of my cunt, found the centerpiece inside, licked on it and sucked it until I came and came. He drank in all my love juices which seemed to pour out of my body in an unending stream.

He said that I tasted vastly different from his wife — I told him that every woman’s cunt has its individual aroma and taste. Encouraged, he turned me over on my stomach, exposing my rather big buttocks to his gaze. He did what my hubby had taught him, rubbing the cranny between my two mounds with the edge of his hand from the top of the cleft right up to my mons veneris to give me much pleasure. Then he put his face where his hand had been, and I wondered whether he would actually kiss me there. He did, reaming his hot tongue deep into my asshole as far as it would go. It was a well used asshole, by three lovers apart from my own husband, who made regular use of it. I then knew that I would get his cock in there, and I hoped that the lovely Lana would give my darling husband the same pleasure.

Well, then he made me crouch on the bed with my ass up in the air. He again kissed by globes and the crack between, and wet my asshole with his tongue. He asked me whether he would need to lubricate me with KY jelly — I said no, I could take him in without external aids as long as he entered me slowly. I was confident as his cock was less thick than the one I was used to, though longer. He entered me very slowly, and then I could feel the warmth of his whole cock within me. He fucked me in the ass ever so slowly, the way I liked it, and after some time withdrew his cock from my asshole, and kissed me there again before turning me over on to my back for more fun and games. Now the frontal assault on my fortress of love began, first with lips and tongue, then finally he was on top of me with his cock inside me, in, out, in out — I don’t know how long he went on, for I almost fainted with delight.

We then took a hot shower together, he soaping me in every nook and cranny and kissing me all over. I reciprocated, and then we dried each other with a rough towel and tripped off naked into bed, where I was ready for another bout. With a loving partner, I can go on all night. This time I was the aggressor. I took his cock in my mouth, and really worked him over. First, sliding the tongue over the surface of his cock, then giving it darting little flicks of my tongue which made him moan with delight. Then I took the whole thing in, but there were some little things that I didn’t know at the time. Later I would be taught some interesting ways to pleasure a man better by Lana giving me a practical demonstration on my husband, with me watching from up close, when we four were all together. bağdat caddesi escort

Lana is a great girl, and I’m glad that my husband has found her to enjoy. I, on my part, try equally hard to please her husband, which makes us all great friends for ever. Then, he had me again, riding me with his cock buried deep inside me until I came and came and came ….

Lana’s story:

A few weeks later, Anil had to go out of town for a couple of nights. He suggested that I spend those nights with Asha and Joy rather than alone at home. So this was how I found myself with them once again. They welcomed me with huge hugs of joy. Asha clasped to her, with her breast pressed against mine, and gave me a kiss on each side of my mouth just avoiding a direct contact with my open lips. Even so, I could get the taste of her mouth, sweet and delicate, in my mouth.

After dinner and brushing my teeth, I was in the guest bedroom clad in a very brief nightie that barely covered my upper thighs and rear mounds — no panties or bra. Husband and wife came in after a short while, Asha in a similar brief robe, Joy bare bodied, in boxer shorts.

Joy said: “Lana, tonight Asha will prepare you for our lovemaking”.

I didn’t understand what he meant, but I was to find out soon. It was Asha who undressed me and laid me down on the bed. The lights were blazing bright in the bedroom. I was naked before them, and soon Asha climbed over me and kissed me, mouth to mouth, tongue darting inside me.

I was shocked. No woman had ever kissed me like that before. Anyway, my mouth opened under her determined assault and her tongue was deep inside me and my lips were between hers. She kissed my breasts and sucked on the nipples, one at a time. Then her head traveled downwards and rested between my thighs.

She asked me: “Don’t you want me to eat you, darling?”

I said this was my first time with a woman and I closed my eyes, bowing to the inevitable. Soon, she was licking me and sucking me as I had never been eaten before. Then Joy took out his cock and rubbed it in the valley between my breasts, coming to rest on my lips. I took him in and he fucked me in the mouth, in and out, in and out as if he was fucking me in my pussy. He then took his cock out of my mouth, and asked Asha to hold it in her hand and guide it into my waiting wet cunt. Joy said it gave him immense pleasure when his wife held him in her hand and guided him into the pussy of another woman. It was the wifely thing to do, he said. I thought I would do the same for Anil with Asha when the time came.

Joy rode and fucked me hard for the next 15 minutes or so, with Asha looking on with a broad smile on her face. I came and came and came, but not Joy. He had more in store for me.

Asha helped me to turn over on my stomach. My ass was completely exposed to them under the bright lights. Joy told Asha to prepare me for the rear entry. Asha ran her tongue over the crevice between my buttocks, reaming my asshole deep with her tongue to wet it thoroughly. She then took her husband’s cock in her hand and guided him slowly but surely into my asshole. Joy’s cock is thick and short while Anil is thinner but longer. It was Asha’s ministrations that helped me to take Joy in, for I was lying flat on my stomach and not in the usual position for a rear fuck. After about ten gentle strokes Joy began to pump me faster. No, it didn’t hurt, as Anil had made me used to anal fucking. I felt his hot erect cock inside me, and soon he came in big gusts of cum, flooding my insides. Asha helped him to withdraw and clean me up. She is sweet.

Asha’s story:

After joy had finished enjoying the lovely Lana’s cun and asshole, it became my turn to pleasure my husband. I asked Lana whether she would prepare me in the same I had done her. She said without hesitation she would, though this would be the first time she would be going down on a woman. She climbed over my naked body and gave me a passionate kiss to show how much she loved me and rubbed my body with hers to show we were truly one. She then took my husband’s cock in her mouth and sucked his cock expertly for some time with a passion and technique that impressed me and left him gasping for air! She went down on me, kissing and licking my pussy at first clumsily as she had not done this before, but I told her what to do, and soon she was pleasuring me with her tongue and lips. I laid her down on the bed again and mounted her, my pussy over our face.

“Would you like to eat me now, Lana darling?” — I asked.

She said yes, and I lowered myself over her open mouth.

“Yes, put your tongue right in, lick my pussy, eat me, suck me hard, roll by boobs, fondle my ass”

These were some of the words I remember telling her. Lana did as she was told, and more. What a great girl, what a lover. It was as if she wanted her tongue and lips inside my pussy for ever. I’m going to make her eat my cunt for the whole night, I thought. Joy had to pull her off me as he was getting mighty excited seeing the action before his eyes. Joy then entered my cunt in a quick motion as his habit with me (though he is makes a slower entry with his girlfriends) and gave me a few really hard strokes, banging into me, which I could take in my stride as I was his wife whom he had been fucking regularly for some time now.

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