Virtual is Its Own Reward

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Shawna had a nice big butt. Thomas liked that. He especially liked how it stretched her tight panties as she stood with her back to him, flipping her skirt to give him tantalizing little peeks. God, what a cock-tease! She looked back at him over her shoulder and licked her full lips as an old woman walked by pushing a supermarket cart.

He’d wanted to see her like this for a long time, ever since he’d started having breakfast at the café where she waitressed. He usually ate very slowly, his eyes following her as she served other customers, wishing he could see under that tight uniform, up under that short skirt, under everything that was covering her glorious ass and big tits. He was about to get his wish: Shawna turned to face him where he sat on the park bench, and standing next to two walkers who were trying to keep their leashed dogs apart she began to undo the buttons down the front of her uniform. Thomas covered his lap with a folded newspaper to hide his growing erection as Shawna walked towards him, slowly undressing. An errant Frisbee clattered at his feet and a student in a college sweatshirt raced up to retrieve it. “Sorry,” the young man said, and ran back to his game of catch. Shawna was down to her underwear now, and smiled as she reached behind her back to unclasp her brassiere. Thomas closed his eyes. “Not here,” he whispered to himself, and pressed a button on a small box he wore on his belt. Shawna disappeared in a pixelated mist.

How had he ever lived without the Phanta-See! The technology had advanced so far beyond “Pokemon Go” from earlier in the century, where people eagerly searched the streets for projections of cartoon characters, and the amazing CGI rendering that had resulted in an explosion of truly startling fantasy films no longer required supercomputers and hours of processing to produce their miracles. The advent of almost quantum speed molecular CPUs and the directed ray diode matrix had rendered bulky virtual reality goggles obsolete. Now one had only to wear a pair of stylish glasses, available in a variety of frames, that communicated via WiFi with a matchbox-sized processing unit worn on a belt or under the clothing. The glasses themselves, neutral or prescription, functioned as perfectly normal clear lenses, providing an unobstructed view of the wearer’s environment. But when the processing unit was activated, images of startling realism could be directed into the eyes, three dimensional figures that seamlessly became part of the viewer’s surroundings, moving and taking their place in whatever else was going on around him. They could also speak to him, either through earbuds or via tiny speakers mounted in the eyeglass frames. Thomas had heard that contact lens versions would soon be available, or units that produced holographic images in space, presumably to be used by men who enjoyed experiencing their pleasure in groups.

Such sophisticated technology naturally found applications in many areas, particularly the entertainment industry. A pre-eminent niche was of course pornography, with an existing market of men already addicted to sexual arousal and masturbation. Very quickly those who could afford it willingly sank deeper into helpless addiction with the Phanta-See’s ability to make visible and present what had formerly been futile wishes. A snapshot or two of a pretty girl was all that was necessary to have her perform terrifically arousing scenes of enticement and masturbation encouragement later in the privacy of a man’s home, or a woman’s, for that matter.

In Phanta-See’s scene configuration phase facial features were analyzed and used to create a repertoire of facial expressions, body type was incorporated in whatever movements were generated or costumes used, skin tone was extended to the rest of the body when uncovered. The user was provided with extensive lists of options to create whatever kind of erotic arousal he desired, involving behavior, attitude, age, action, costume and scenario. Having provided pictures of a subject, the more the better, he could watch her undress in her bedroom, perform a tantalizing strip-tease, masturbate in front of him, simply pose in the nude, or perhaps drive him mad for hours with deliberately frustrating tease. Costumes could be selected, the default being what she happened to be wearing in the photographs. Also available was an automatic “grab-bag” selection to let Phanta-See provide a scene at random, always different.

In addition to such customized constructions, Phanta-See also had a “dynamic rendering” mode, in which real people being observed were automatically undressed as the user watched them move about. So, among other options a man might simply specify pubic hair (Y or N) then watch up to six people go about their business in the nude in front of him. This could be done either in public with actual subjects present, or with media such as films or television. Weather reports were particularly popular: the busty casino şirketleri weather girl would make her forecast, gesturing at the maps, all the while completely naked. Regardless of the actual precipitation she predicted, her reports always resulted in thousands of personal drenchings in private!

Thomas waited a few minutes with the newspaper still on his lap to allow the erection Shawna had given him to subside. He’d let her go to work on him again when he got home and was able to give her and his cock the attention they deserved.

Arriving home Thomas wasted no time in getting ready to enjoy Shawna again. He hadn’t been able to resist watching the preview in the park after leaving the café, but now he was trembling with anticipation as he got ready for an extensive session of masturbation as she enticed and teased him. He loved having girls he’d seen and lusted for during the day lewdly expose themselves and encourage him to jerk off in his apartment as he lay naked a few feet away from them with his hot erection in his hand. It had been a long time since he had actually had a date with a real woman, and that usually hadn’t gone well. But the Phanta-See never disappointed, and it provided him with the best orgasms he’d ever had. As with many if not most men his needs didn’t go much deeper than that.

In the park he’d let the system choose a random scenario just so he could see how well Shawna was rendered based on the few photos he’d provided. To his delight she turned out to be near perfect – the generous contours of her body, the rich milk chocolate tones of her skin, the taunting promise of her full lips, and of course the prominent, firm globes of her derrière – it was all exactly what he wanted. That she happened to be black didn’t reflect a particular preference or prejudice on his part – he was an equal opportunity ejaculator. Dark, buxom women of African extraction; pale, delicate blondes from the Slavic steppes with their ice-blue eyes and girlish breasts; Japanese girls giggling and flipping their short skirts; passionate, dark-haired Mediterranean goddesses, flaxen-tressed Scandinavian teases and freckled Irish spitfires – they all rendered him helpless with raging hardons that begged to be fondled and driven mad with pleasure.

He decided to provide some configuration details to guide Shawna’s performance. He specified an emphasis on her ass, and after some thought chose a scenario in which he would be a voyeur watching her slowly undress and then take a shower, all without her knowledge. Then, he’d have her get her revenge with extended, merciless teasing. He undressed and got himself comfortable on the couch and began to fondle his penis as he watched her slowly disrobe with her back to him. He licked his lips and stared avidly as she teasingly pushed down her panties, one side at a time, back and forth, making him wait for those glorious buttocks to loom into view.

The Phanta-See was a marvel of engineering that took advantage of the latest in AI technology. Following a session the user had the opportunity to rate his experience on a scale of 1 to 10. This information was used to develop a rough profile that connected the user’s tastes with particular types of scenarios. But the device’s capabilities went far beyond that. If the user pressed the “Mark” button at a point of extreme excitement, when his erotic response to what he was seeing was at a maximum, the unit would use this information to tailor future sessions. The Phanta-See learned about its owner at a very intimate level, and over time its knowledge of his unconscious needs and vulnerabilities became more accurate and subtle.

Thomas didn’t understand the talk about virtual neural nets or multi-variate stimulus/response correlations; he just knew that the more he used Phanta-See the more aroused it would get him, driving him crazy with excitement and giving him just what he needed without his having to ask for it at all. Perhaps it would be more accurate to say that the Phanta-See learned how to make him need it.

Thomas owned the latest version of the unit, the Mark-4. There were rumors that the next version would be available soon, with features that made the user-base drool with anticipation. To begin with, the Mark-5 would come with a no-hands mode: a soft sheath of voltage controlled electro-gel would encase the penis, subjecting it to gentle squeezing and rubbing at precisely the times when the visual performance was judged by the unit to be the most arousing to the user. In addition to this, automatic monitoring of the user’s sexual response would be implemented. Engorgement of his penis, pulse and breath rates, temperature and blood flow would be continuously monitored and correlated with both the nature of the visual stimulus and where the electro-gel sheath was currently squeezing or sliding. The “Mark” button would still be available, but the automatic system was anticipated to be far superior casino firmaları in deciding how best to intensify the user’s future sexual pleasure.

Finally, there was to be a subtle, unadvertised feature that most users probably would not be aware of until they had experienced it several times. With hands-on masturbation the point at which men climax is under their control; even when they try their utmost to edge themselves to extend their pleasure, when they decide to come – or, more likely, just surrender to their helpless need – it is a simple matter to stroke themselves to orgasm. The Phanta-See Mark-5 would be very different – when in no-hands mode it would not allow a user to climax simply because he needed to. It would extend his torment, using internal (and proprietary) algorithms, pitting pleasure against frustration to maximize his subsequent sexual dependency and addiction – in short, to ensure his continuing need for Phanta-See. The fact that the orgasms delivered by the Mark-5 would be wickedly, indescribably exquisite would make that need profoundly deep.

Thomas looked forward to new developments, but for now he was perfectly happy with his Phanta-See Mark-4; he absolutely loved what it did to him as he masturbated. Life would not be worth living without it.

Thomas was devoted to his cock, devoted to driving it mad with desire at every opportunity. He loved seeing it in desperate need of pleasure, as it was now as Shawna taunted him, and as he skillfully helped her with his own hands, teasing himself to keep his orgasm just out of reach. Even at quiet moments, lying in bed or reading, he enjoyed arousing his penis and then letting it go unsatisfied. When alone he often was dressed only in his underwear, and if while reading something arousing he happened to notice a stirring between his legs he’d give the awakening erection a little squeeze, and then remove his hand to let the excited organ suffer alone in frustration. He especially liked it when the tip of his swelling cock managed to reach the waist of his underwear, peeking out as if searching for the attention it desperately needed. Sometimes he’d whisper, taunting it: I love frustrating you like this – how’s that feel?

Even now, with his stiff cock fully erect and lividly purple with excitement, he coyly teased it with ultra-light fluttering of his fingertips, driving himself mad with aching need as he stared hungrily at Shawna, at her long, dark lashes, her deliberately mocking smile, her pink, flicking tongue. He loved seeing his erection openly displayed in front of her, loved revealing himself like this, showing the world what she was doing to him, how she drove him to masturbate helplessly, embracing the addiction she fed in him, a slave wallowing in naked, voluptuous pleasure, a slave to tantalizing sexual frustration…and loving it. She drove him wild for a full hour before he finally exploded in a spurting climax, moaning loudly in ecstasy as he worked his ravished cock with both hands, his shaft slick with lubricating lotion and semen under his twisting hand, while he lightly teased his tight scrotum with gentle fingernails. Through it all Shawna smiled wickedly at him, allowing only quick peeks at what he needed to see.

He’d be sure to post the recording of this session on the PhantaForum site when he next logged in. He loved seeing his excited penis being lovingly stroked in front of the images that were making it rigid with desire. Others on the site – the “Phanatics” as they called themselves – enjoyed seeing it, too, and he liked watching them masturbate to their fantasies as well. There was something so delicious about seeing other men also excited by what aroused him, and how they were driven to masturbate helplessly, just as he was. He wasn’t gay, but he did like watching excited cocks being worked over while he did the same to himself, imagining their thrills of pleasure as they touched themselves in those places that he knew so well, places they delicately touched and worried to keep themselves on the edge of orgasm for as long as they could, in erotic agony. Sometimes it seemed to him that knowing that other men were aroused in the same way he was, teased and tantalized by girls who were deliberately enticing them, was almost as exciting as the girls themselves. There was a bond of sorts, a fellowship of addictive sexual need.

Sometimes an image of a man masturbating to an arousing image, not necessarily from a Phanta-See session, would be copied and used as the backdrop for another man’s self-pleasuring, and that augmented image posted as well, now with two penises being stroked in front of the original scene. Naturally, others picked up on the joke, and soon one could see a series of four or five stiff cocks marching in sequence in front of the prick-teasing girl who had started the visual orgy in the first place.

This gave Thomas an idea for his own contribution to the game. One night he displayed güvenilir casino one of his favorite images of a coy, cockteasing girl on one of his larger screens, and positioned a good-sized mirror just below it. He pointed a strong light between his spread legs, then went to work on his penis as he stared at the girl while she licked her lips and smiled wickedly, deliberately teasing. He looked up and down between the maddening girl and the reflection of his erection as he stroked, until he was on the brink of an explosive climax. As he stroked himself with his right hand he took a hand mirror in his left and pointed it at the large mirror in front of him just as his orgasm sent a burst of hot semen shooting into the air.

The image that he later extracted from the Phanta-See recording showed his cock ejaculating in a gushing fountain in front of the nasty little tease who had provoked it, but repeating into the distance as the two mirrors multiplied their reflections to infinity. Thomas was very pleased with the result; he thought it a stroke of genius! Of course, he was also a little drunk at the time. His effort was well-received on the PhantaForum, and led to a good deal of congratulatory jerking.

There were gay men who posted sessions too, of course, displaying themselves masturbating as they watched the hunks or twinks of their dreams stroking right in front of them. Thomas sometimes watched those, but he much preferred seeing the girls that other men of his own ilk lusted for, and would join those men in masturbating to mutual orgasms. He enjoyed discussing his excitement with others who shared his temperament. It aroused him to talk about what the girls did to him, how they made him feel as he masturbated to them, and he would become hard all over again talking about it, masturbating along with another man who was experiencing the same helpless desires. They understood each other so well, and enjoyed goading each other, describing what the girls did to get them to masturbate again and again. It was so good to ache for it together.

* * *

Towards the end of the summer Thomas decided he needed a change of pace, something that would get him outdoors and physically active. His other passion in life had long been hiking, so he signed up to join a group that was planning to hike together in the Alps. This would not be in Switzerland – that was too clichéd for his taste – but rather in the Tyrolean Alps of Austria. Based in a small town in a valley between stunning ranges of snow-covered mountains, the hiking activity would consist of day trips up to rugged peaks and ridges, followed by dinner at the charming inn the group had booked, finally ending with blissful sleep in a soft bed – just what Thomas was looking for: roughing it by day, luxury at night. He wasn’t crazy about the fact that he’d be sharing a room with another hiker – after all, who knew what pretty little things in tight shorts he might encounter on the trail, calling for extended privacy alone later on!

He had pleasant fantasies as he idly stroked himself in anticipation, imagining blue-eyed village Heidis, young, rosy-cheeked Fräuleins with generous breasts and long blonde braids. He looked forward to two weeks of vigorous exercise, and he hoped this would include work-outs for an overstimulated cock – the Phanta-See was at the top of his list of necessary equipment.

He would travel first to Munich, from which a chartered bus to the little Austrian town would leave. He splurged on first class airfare – there would be more attention from the hopefully attractive flight attendants who in addition to keeping him comfortable would provide hours of encouragement for his erection, which he hoped would be stirring for the entire flight. He planned to arrive in Munich a day early, and had booked a hotel room, so that he would be fresh and well-rested the next day for the trip into the mountains. It would also give him ample opportunity to enjoy whatever Phanta-See was able to record during his trip across the ocean.

He was certainly not disappointed as he took his seat in the forward cabin of the plane: the two attendants were quite pretty, though very different. One had a mouth-watering figure with full, high breasts, her auburn hair pulled back from her forehead with two pink barrettes at her temples; her partner was slender and sprightly, with curly raven hair that framed her cheeks in playful ringlets, and pert, girlish breasts.

As Thomas settled into his seat he carefully wiped the lenses of his Phanta-See glasses, his hands trembling with excitement. Before placing the unit into his carry-on bag he had set the configuration options to be used during the flight. He had chosen to use the dynamic rendering mode, so that he could watch the two girls as they moved up and down the aisle. As options he had selected smooth, hairless pudenda, and nudity save for translucent bikini panties. He judged that this would give him ample opportunity to lust over their enticing bodies, ogling their naked breasts while at the same time providing subtle tease that would keep his penis in a state of eager arousal as he strained to see as much as he could through their tantalizing panties.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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