Vickie’s Party

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I found Vickie on a UK wives website, my favourite playground and sent her a dreamy comment about a set of pics of her at a party. I also invited her to star in one of my fantasies… Here is the unedited response that fired the fantasy…

hello barry

thanks for your last email. it was so sexy and tempting i always like it when men >ook at me and that’s why i like to dress. and undress. the photos were taken at a party >y my husband and the sexy ones later when our guests had gone.

you can write about anything you like and iwould like to read about how you would >feel if we flirted all night. you can watch me as i tease all the men at my party. what >would you do darling, would you get angry or would you ignore me..


The front door was open as I approached the house for the first time. I knew I was in the right place as the lounge was full of the usual buzzing chat of an urban party night.

I stepped into the lounge and felt comfortable immediately; I was greeted by Vickie! She looked good, and I had an immense desire for her, which I had to suppress. It would be hard as she knows too well that I adore her.

“Are you interested in fishing?” She asked me, smiling.

I felt I had to say yes, but I said no, truthfully.

“But I have done it previously!” I blurted out; afraid I said the wrong thing.

“Don’t spoil it!” Vickie said, both stern and smiling, then introduced herself.

Let’s get you a drink Barry,” she said resting her hand on my arm, just past my wrist. I enjoyed the sensation of her hand, and I kept still so that she might stay like this.

Vickie is an outstanding woman, a little flirty or maybe just friendly, she seemed to flood me with affection. I find her unbearably attractive. The kind of woman I would love to run off with and talk openly to, about my inner feelings, my feminine side!

“Bollox!” I blurted in my mind as soon as I thought about her in those terms. “You just want to fuck her!”

It’s true in fact. She is my favourite fantasy. I know that she has a mind and is far more than the subject of a male dream, but she is the woman that stands out above all others I have met.

As for her body, she seems to ooze sexuality. “I hope to dance with you later; our chakras will connect with great vitality and we will blend into perfect sexual harmony!” I think to myself. I am already excited, just being near her.

Unaware of my base thoughts, Vickie takes me to the kitchen where all the drinks are laid out. I gaze at her party dress, a simple, effective LBD. “Why change perfection?” I think again to myself as I admire her mature shape. The thin dress hangs with clean lines yet clings to her shape, gently tight around her waist, hips and bust. I make out instantly that she does not wear a bra — this would spoil the way the dress clings to her. I see no sign of panties either, but this is easier for a woman to hide. I imagine her with a matching black thong. I recognise that she is confident about her breasts. They are modest, tiny really and clearly look good, naturally; I make out the slight bump of her nipples, pointing upward, placed perfectly on her small boobs. Vickie is getting close to 60, looks good and spills affection over everyone. Her pretty face opens with a delightful smile at everyone she sees.

She pours a red wine for me and I sip it instantly, nervous at my desire for her, afraid that I can’t keep her by me for too much longer. As if my thoughts instigated the event, she has to leave me. I feel her soft fingers, a gesture, as she passes me to greet others, stroking my forearm in a sensual way, smiling fully at me.

Lost for ideas, I approach the group of men in the lounge gathered around a table. I glance over at the objects of interest. “Fishing gear!” I grin as I look at the amount of kit on display. There are several men chatting in several groups, some talking about clutches, gearing, weights and stresses. It sounds more like cars than fishing.

Suddenly, I am shocked by the most intense pleasure! A female form gently collides with mine; warm and full on my back. A hand rests on my shoulder as the body pushes closer. I feel her breasts clearly through my thin shirt, the slight swell of her belly and her hips press into my buttocks, exciting me, thrilling. My back burns instantly with our heat, not diminished by the warm evening air.

She reaches up and whispers in my ear. I push back into her, crushing her lovely breasts with my back, pretending to be concerned about hearing her.

“There is so much equipment here Barry,” she said, sounding impressed. “You’d never guess how much it all costs!”

A voice next to us joins in, totally unaware of the electricity passing between us. “This is the best you can buy!” The male voice proclaimed proudly.

“Ah! That is clear to anyone with a discerning eye!” I said to the man still holding a reel, chromed with black patterns around the handle.

“It all looks the same to me!” The voice bahis firmaları behind me said. It is Vickie, and I thrill at her game.

“You do not have an expert eye Vickie,” I said, glancing at her pretty face, close to me. She squeezed my shoulder as she sipped her wine. “I can tell because I know class when I see it!”

I was blatantly flirting with her and she knew it, not taking my words seriously.

“I wish I could see what you see!” She replied. Her breath carried a hint of alcohol, which teased me. I drew it all in, wanting as much from her as possible.

I turned a little and deliberately rubbed my upper arm on her breasts. She did not move from me. I would have loved to pull her close to me now, to feel her body blend with mine, but it is clearly the wrong place. “It would give my street cred’ a lot of good!” I thought to myself as I imagined rubbing my body into hers.

“What are you interested in?” I asked her, smiling, full of confidence with her. She backed off a little and showed me her glass.

“Get me another will you Barry!” she said, again her fingers slide over my arm.

I step aside and she moves past me to a man in the crowd.

“Do you want a drink darling?” She asked him. I see him shake his head and turn instantly to the other men near him, talking about new developments in fishing technology. I feel so jealous as she rubbed herself on him, just as she did with me. The man forgot about her and continued with his chat.

“Obviously her husband!” I thought to myself, “Only her man could fail to respond to her lovely female form so close!”

“I must behave!” I think to myself, aware that I can forget politeness and discretion when my head fills with passion.

I go to the kitchen and as I open another bottle, the lovely body rubs close to me again.

“Can you imagine what they have to talk about?” The sexy voice asked me.

“I can actually, but to honest, I couldn’t think of anything that would distract me more than a beautiful woman!” I said this directly to her, but she sidestepped the compliment.

“You’ll have to find one then!” She said to me, half serious.

“Well, Honey, there’s at least one here tonight.” I said, thinking I am being clever.

This time, Vickie looked at me and smiled. I felt my belly flutter and my breath stop as she looks into my eyes. I gaze back at her, now allowing my affection for her to flood out. In my mind, I sent her a mental message: “I adore you!” I imagine that she can tell.

“Maybe you should take me fishing one day!” Vickie said to me, her flirty voice making my prick judder in my pants.

“Darling, to be honest, I’d not even take a rod with me. It would be a trick to get you alone!” I said this, just to make it plain to her how I felt. We were flirting heavily, but I wanted to see if I could shock her.

“Well Barry, you’ll just have to take me fishing one day!” She replied, her face deadly serious for a second or two, then she smiled again. I thrilled at the clear meaning.

“I stood close to her and placed my head at her side so that I could whisper. She moved into me and bent her head for me. I allowed the back my hand still holding my wine, to touch her beautiful breast. I froze, so that I can feel her some more. I tried to whisper, but the scent from her neck or hair filled my lungs with passion. I could only mumble; senseless noises came from my dried, tight throat.

Vickie stays close and allows my hand to gently touch her lovely small breast. I feel her nipple grow, and now her hand rests on my other hand.

“I have forgotten how to speak!” I finally blurt out. “You have made me speechless!” I continued, happy to admit that I am defeated by her.

“Well darling, you should drink your wine and clear your throat.” She answered me, teasing, feeling so powerful. With this, she backs away. I love the look she gives me as she smiles and looks down my body, moving her hand with her new glass of wine, as if it were in her way. I stand proud, not even trying to hide my passion. My prick is solid, pointing down my trousers, trying to push out of the constraint. I realise that I am showing her too much, but I love the way she looks at me.

“This is just disgusting,” she grinned as she turned before leaving me as she joined the crowd in the lounge. At the doorway, she looks back and kills me with another smile.

I lean on the table, alone now, my face bright red and coated in sweat. In my heart, I have utter love for her, but in my mind and groin, I have so much lust. I don’t want to ruin her party, or marriage, but I do want to bend her over a chair and eat her intimate body. I am now desperate to adore and touch her breasts. I grin as I realise that she may be just teasing me and enjoying the ease with which she can set me up.

I swig all of my drink and refill the glass with the new bottle I have just opened for Vickie. I leave the kitchen and head past the table with food, out toward the garden. I open the patio doors and look at kaçak iddaa the pot plants on the slabs outside.

I enjoy the feel of the warm evening air and in the remaining light, I see the well presented garden. The smell of sweet peas fills the air, drawing me deeper into the well kept lawn. Along the path, I stop to look at the plants, the pretty Acers, Clematis and even some tall Cornflowers.

I stand by the iron seat placed at the end and allow the air to cool me. I am aware of the wetness dribbling from my tool, softening now, the tip cold and coated in my passion for this woman.

In my head, I am full of desire for her, but I am also aware that she is teasing me.

“I don’t care, I love it!” I declare to myself, enjoying the intense frustration I feel after our brief encounter. The frustration is a source of pure delight for me as I recall the sensation of touching her breast with the back of one hand. I still smell her hair and as I enjoy the memory of this amazing woman, my tool re-grows in size, sending messages of desire into my head.

Later, it is dark but the garden is so pleasant. I breathe in the scent of the healthy plants and become aware of the sound of short heels on the path.

In my head I wanted it to be Vickie — alone!

Vickie approaches me slowly, trying to keep her shoes quiet on the slabs. As she approached, she took them off and stood in front of me. I rose from the seat and stepped around it to greet her, bubbling with excitement.

“I wondered where you went!” She said to me.

“Oh, I felt hot and bothered, so I came here to admire the garden.”

“Ah! So, you appreciate a garden! Good man!” She whispered again, as she did in the kitchen. “You are missing the film!” she went on. “Our last holiday!”

“Oh, are you in it?” I said, ready to start flirting with her again.

“I doubt it!” she said, “but I guess there are a few fish in it…” She paused and looked at me.

“I think I’ll stay here then,” I whispered to her directly, “unless you’re going to watch it?”

“Not really…” she stopped and looked at me again.

I reached out for her, stepping back as I held her hand and leaned against the back of the seat. It was heavy and firm, so I relaxed and pulled this lovely woman to me. Vickie looked at me and stepped close, her arm raising to my neck as she stood in front of me.

“I would love to spend a few minutes with you though!” I said to her, making myself plain. “I think you are utterly adorable!”

I gaze down between us as she moves closer. I see her nipples, hard now in the cool air, then our bodies touch. My frustration returns and so does my stiffy. This time, Vickie places her hand down the length of my rod, still trapped by my trousers, thin and almost stretched to tearing.

She sighs at me as she relaxes onto my greedy body, her breasts melting into my chest, her hand squeezing me, not to tease, but to hold and enjoy. I breathe in again her sigh, wanting everything I can get from her. Her breath fills my lungs and fills my mind with affection for her.

I look at her and we kiss. Gently at first, relaxing my arm from her waist so that she can back off if she wished to. Instead, her hand slips around my neck and we kiss again, this time a little longer.

“Come on!” she whispers to me urgently.

I hold her too, my hand sliding up her back, over the smooth material of her dress until I feel her damp shoulders. I pull her close to me as we kiss, this time with full passion and desire. My tongue slips into her mouth and is greeted by hers. We kiss without inhibitions and her hand rubs along my prick as her breasts squeeze into me.

“Fuck me you bastard!” Vickie suddenly gasped as we broke our kiss. “We don’t have long!”

I wanted to make love so much, but I wanted to share hours or even days with her.

Instead, I pulled her dress up her body and grabbed her heavenly buttocks. Between the crack of her delightful ass was the tiny bit of cloth I imagined earlier. I pulled the dress up further but she stopped me.

“I can’t take this off darling, just fuck me!”

It makes sense, I stop lifting, but tuck the thin material under her arms, exposing what I want most of all, her beautiful breasts. I let out a long gasp as I caress the two lovely mounds, the tips solid and digging into my palms.

Quickly, I turn her around, press her buttocks onto the back of the seat and kiss her breasts. I want to kiss them all over, but she pushes my head down. I kiss her belly, soft and smooth as I am guided down her shape. I smell her slit, sex oozing from her, even through her panties.

I kneel now, and undo my trousers, as I kiss her panties, breathing in her scent. I can even taste her sex as the scent rests on my pallet allowing me to sample her secret inner body.

Crudely, Vickie pulls her panties to the side and lifts a leg out of the way, balancing on the seat. I feel the heat from her sex and now I have the full smell of her pussy, which has been leaking kaçak bahis sex for the last hour or so.

I let out my tongue and taste her sopping wet slit through the soft, trimmed hair there. Her lips part for me, all slippery and swollen. My mouth fills with her liquid and I drink it in greedily, enjoying the mild taste. Suddenly, she pulls my head up and I stand, my aching prick now out of my pants, ready to fill this incredible body.

Vickie kisses me again and sucks in all of her sex fluid, stealing it from my mouth; at the same time, she holds my prick, burning with passion, jerking in her clever hands.

Crudely again, with no time wasting, she jams my prick between her legs. My cock slips easily into her tiny, but slippery hole and she pulls my neck, bringing us close. Her right leg is high, her heel finding the wooden slats on the seat back; we are balanced; her buttocks supporting us on the seat.

I stroke my cock a few times as it nestles into her eager belly. After a few seconds, I start a long slow movement and grab both of her lovely breasts. As I push into her, filling her, she gasps. I kiss her to stifle the sound, but she just blows into my mouth, letting out sighs, growing in volume.

Suddenly, I thrill at the thought of everyone at the party hearing us and coming out to see what we are doing. I look at this amazing woman now, as I pump her with long, steady strokes. Her hands grab mine and rub them over her breasts, pushing my hands so hard that I can feel her ribs under her soft flesh.

I feel so much wetness on my shaft, dribbling from her body onto my balls, down my thighs even, thrilling me and urging me to fill her. I try to keep my stroke long and slow, but she grabs me, holds my back with her right heel, pushing me deep into her. As I cram my prick into her belly, she rubs her sharp clit on my base. In my ear, she gasps loudly.

My head is full of her passion, as her base reaction sends me messages of lust and passion. I push deeper into her and thrill at the sensation her clitty gives me on my tool. I stand erect now and allow her to fuck my cock. I feel her tight quim grip me as she tumbles into an easy yet powerful orgasm. My back bends and pushes into her, lifting her from the ground. She grips my neck now yet cannot stop herself.

“Oh FUCK!” she mumbled uncaring. We both freeze, my aching stump deep in her belly as she cums over me. It is as if we both stop to watch our bodies do what they want. My prick now feels as if it is huge and Vickie feels like a toy, impaled and helpless on it. We look at each other, both aware of the sensations we have, and observe as our bodies do everything for us.

I know she is cumming, as she leans forward, resting her head on my shoulder and looking down at our sexes.

“Oh FUCK!” She says again, this time as if she is in agony.

Her muscular quim squeezes my tool and I feel I am close to cumming, the thrill of Vickie’s climax urging me on. Suddenly, her body quivers and she stiffens, her fanny ripples love over my cock and she dribbles profusely over my balls, at home now between her thighs. I feel the seed squeeze from my balls, burning in my own belly.

I feel my back stiffen and unheard, I let out a long moan, as try to breath again. Suddenly Vickie pushes me from her and my cock slips into the cool air, twitching and throbbing with passion.

Vickie drops to her knees between me and the seat and grabs my slippery, wet prick.

“Oh darling, give me your love!” She said, in a voice that have not heard before.

I feel her hands slide over the length, sexily, knowingly, and now her mouth closes over the hard, swollen tip. I am so close to exploding, yet I still fear that my mess will offend her, yet I cannot do anything. Her head pushes onto me and my cock slips deep in her eager mouth, her tongue rubbing the underside of my sensitive shaft.

Standing now, proud of this head on my tool, I allow it to deliver its passion and love. My cock jerks and twitches in her hand and her mouth and she knows I am cumming. Her hand reaches round and grabs my buttocks to pull me deeper. I gasp in agony as my seed suddenly rushes into her throat. I hear her gag as my flesh sinks into her, yet her head sucks me deeper. I feel her amazing hands stroking me as I cum, enhancing the most powerful orgasm I have ever experienced.

As if she is proud of her cleverness, she lets my cock drop from her lips and gazes with love at the softening, long rod in her hands. As she strokes it crudely, large dribbles form on the end, then, looking at me, she feeds the tip back in her mouth.

She reminds me of a slut in a porn film, yet I know that she is doing this out of natural impulse, not pretending like the film girls do. Again, she looks up to me and then at my cock as she squeezes more mess from me. Not letting a drop go she feeds it into her mouth, putting on a crude show for me.

I am afraid that I may fall so I have to reach down and rest my hand on her head. Beneath me, I gaze with love at this wonderful woman who sucks my still cumming tool for me. Every touch from her thrills me, even though I have just had the most intense climax of my life, she still fills me with more desire.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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