Valentine’s Ghost

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Valentine’s Ghost

[all characters over the age of 18]

Belinda turned around and stuck out her ass, smiling as she examined herself in the mirror. It was Valentine’s Day and she had bought some new lingerie to surprise her fiancee with. The set was bright red and decorated with little hearts all over, straps crisscrossing, the sheer material cradling her intimate places on full display. She ran her hands over her tits and ass, fingers lingering over her pussy. She fought the urge to rub one out at that very moment. Her fiancee Robby had been out of town for almost two months now and the anticipation of having his beautiful cock inside her again after so long was driving Belinda wild.

The best part was that her son, Carter, would be out of the house all night. Belinda and Bobby would be able to go as hard and loud as they wanted. Belinda was always something of a screamer, something she had tried to get under control all her life, but she never could. The only thing that actually helped was a ball gag, and Belinda wasn’t sure if Bobby was quite ready to be introduced to that.

As much as she loved her fiancee, Belinda worried that he was too vanilla. He had a decent sized dick and could manage all the basics, but Belinda liked her lovers will a bit of an edge. It excited her to be dominated, really used like the slut she couldn’t afford to be in her day to day life, the exterior of a responsible mother and businesswoman collapsing into a horny little carnal animal.

Hearing a knock at her bedroom door, Belinda threw a heavy robe around herself and went to see who it was. On the other side was her son, Carter, in a tight black t-shirt and jeans, the faint smell of cigarettes about him. As much as Belinda hated smoking, the smell always reminded her of her father, so she let it slide as much as she could. As long as Carter didn’t smoke in front of her–which he seemed to know not to do–she ignored it and they stayed at a happy medium.

“What is it, honey?” asked Belinda, “I’m still getting ready to see Bobby.”

“Is that tonight?” asked Carter with a smile.

“Of course,” answered Belinda, “It’s Valentine’s.”

“I know, Mom,” said Carter, pulling his mother into a one-armed hug, “I’m just teasing you.”

Belinda could swear Carter was breathing in the smell of her hair. He had always been obsessed with her hair as a little boy. Her hair wasn’t as long as it had been when he was young, so he needed to get in real close to get a good whiff. Belinda thought it was a little inappropriate, but the proximity excited her, so she never complained about that either. Part of her wondered if she gave her son a little too long of a leash. He was never a troublemaker for her, but he had a bit of mean streak in him that jumped out from time to time. She always worried her boy would take something too far someday and she would lose him.

“You still going out tonight?” asked Belinda, her son’s face still in her hair. She tried not to sound too excited, but she had really been looking forward to putting a show on for Bobby.

“Sure am,” said Carter, pulling away to look his mother in the eye, “I don’t know late I’ll be back. I’ll try not to wake you if it’s past midnight.”

“Oooo, past midnight,” said Belinda, gently grabbing her son’s face and cradling it while she looked at him, “Must be some girl you’ve got. I’d love to meet her. When you’re ready of course.”

Carter just laughed and gave his mom a quick kiss on the forehead. Belinda blushed at the unexpected affection. Before she could say anything else, Carter spun around and walked off down the hall.

“Have fun,” he called back as he rounded the corner, heading towards the kitchen, “Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do.”


It was half past eight and Belinda was still waiting for Bobby, half-dressed and holding a wineglass precariously over her living room carpeting. She had texted Bobby multiple times with no response. Around six, she was getting a little agitated and started drinking without him. A small glass of wine turned into a big one and soon she was moving from one bottle to a fresh one. Where Bobby was or why he wasn’t texting her back was driving her crazy. Was he hurt? Lost? Had he gotten bored of her and decided to make a point of it by ghosting her on Valentine’s day? She really had no idea, and by this point, she didn’t really care. She was just depressed and lonely. Most of all, she was stinking drunk.

“Fuck him,” muttered Belinda, rubbing her hands over her body, trying to remind herself how sexy she still was. Sure, she was on the wrong side of forty-five and she wasn’t the wide-eyed little fuck bunny she had been at eighteen or even twenty-five, but she was still hot. She had filled out and her assets were bigger than ever, but that was hot. She was the woman who every boy wanted to be their mommy. Any young stud would want a run at the milf that Bobby was stupidly standing up.

Mommy. Young stud. Belinda’s drunken, horny mind wandered back to Carter. Where was he right now? She still hadn’t met artemisbet yeni giriş this mysterious girlfriend of his. Was he with her right now, somewhere quiet? Had this girl done the same thing that Belinda had done and bought sexy new underwear to wrap herself up in like a present and excite her lover? Was Carter unwrapping that little slut right now, rigid, ready to fuck her tight teen pussy? Belinda imagined being that girl and pulling him in close, smelling that same cigarette smoke that Belinda had smelled earlier, committing that mix of scents to memory as Carter went rigid and filled her up with his hot, young cum.

Belinda finished her wine in one gulp and then poured herself another. Bobby had left her in such a bad state that she was having elaborate sexual fantasies about her own son. She laughed and laughed. How sad and profane it all was. The worst part was that she was so horny she had absentmindedly start fingering herself through her panties while she was thinking of her son’s sex life. The image should make her recoil, but she couldn’t stop thinking about it. His smells, his strength, the geometries of that beautiful body in violent sexual motion. She had to put her glass down because her hand was acting of its own accord. Once she had both hands free, one slipped into her panties while the other played with her tits again. The material felt good and tight against her body as she worked herself to a climax right there in her living room.

Belinda caught her breath and tried to take stock of her surroundings. She came down from a powerful climax to find herself alone on a big couch in a dark living room. Her sexy underwear and her wine bottles had stopped making her feel sexy and just made her feel ridiculous. She had the thought that she should make herself stand up and move to her bedroom, but the thought became fuzzy and faded into blackness as she drifted into sleep.


It was dark out when Belinda woke and felt hands touching her. Her panties where off and she was exposed to the cold night air of the dark living room. The hands that moved over her body seemed to know exactly where to go and where to touch her. This was no fumbling nighttime molestation, but something sensual and exciting, coaxing her awake in time for inevitable sex.

“Bobby?” Belinda asked the black shape hovering above her. Her eyes struggled to adjust and her head ached from all the wine she had consumed, but she knew it must be Bobby, arriving in the night after all those lost hours in silence. The shape did not answer. For a moment, she felt its hand close over her throat, and she got excited at the pressure. The wandering hands played with her breasts before making their way slowly down down her belly and to her thighs, framed by the sexy stocking and garters in a mass of red mesh and little valentine’s hearts.

“I missed you, baby,” said Belinda, giving herself over to those hands as they moved to her hot inner thighs. She spread her knees for him, leaving her pussy open to his gaze, throwing her head back as she felt hot breath and the exploratory tip of a tongue licking at her clit.

“I want to fuck you so badly, baby,” she moaned, almost whining, urging him to finally take her. The black shape of the man took his time, licking and probing her hot pussy, working her towards a climax. Belinda shook minutes later as the feeling finally overtook her.

“Fuck,” she muttered as the shivers of her orgasm wracked her body like electricity. She was still catching her breath as she felt her lover move up her body and position something at her sensitive pussy lips. He was hard and thick, but she was well lubricated and ready to take him in with a single well-aimed thrust.

“Oh baby,” said Belinda, “You always feel so good inside me. Fuck me on couch, fuck me like your little slave, make me feel good, Bobby.”

Belinda felt that hand close around her throat and squeeze again when she said Bobby’s name. She looked away as the shadow above her lower itself to her body and slowly started to fuck her. She knew now this wasn’t Bobby, but some other man who had gotten in her house somehow. Part of her wondered if it was a dream she was having, but the feelings were so electric and alive, she knew she was awake. She knew who could have gotten into this house and could find her and touch like this. She didn’t want to know. She didn’t want to look.

She wanted to be fucked. She wanted to be loved.

The man’s thrusts got rougher. He started squeeze her throat a little harder. Calling him Bobby had set something off in him, a bottled resentment, and it was expressing itself in the tenderness of his touch from a moment ago transforming into violent, groping fucking in the quiet, midnight dark. She didn’t even think of fighting him off. She needed this so bad.

It was an accident when she finally said his name. She had known it as soon as she realized the man inside of her wasn’t Bobby, but she couldn’t bring herself to say it while he was still there, making love to her in the dark. artemisbet giriş He had always been inside of her, part of her, an external component of her own sexual yearning. As she felt him speed up, furiously working himself towards orgasm, it was the feeling of burning cum shooting into her that made him finally say his name in a peak of sexual release.

“Carter!” she screamed, like a prayer, like a howling invocation of a black hearted spell.

“Mommy,” he replied, speaking for the first time as his cock emptied itself inside of her, his grip relaxing as he collapsed into Belinda’s body, their forms locking together perfectly, like they were meant to be.

Belinda pulled Carter into a tight embrace as his cock softened and slipped out of her. She felt his semen burning inside of her and her whole tingled with warmth and love, like the little hearts all over her lingerie, bright red and glowing with love.

They slipped into slumber not long after.


Belinda woke up sometime in the late morning, dressed in a short white nightgown and wrapped up in the sheets of her own bed. She blinked away the sunlit and rubbed her eyes. She checked the time and saw her messages. Almost forty texts and few calls from Bobby. She threw her phone on her bed without checking them and made her way to her bathroom to brush her teeth and shower.

When she finished, she went to her kitchen, expecting to see Carter. She wanted to talk to him about last night. She needed to talk to him. She had convinced herself she had been awake and what had happened was real, but in the light of the morning, she wasn’t sure any longer. She stopped to check the couch and her wine glass was where she left it and the couch itself was spotless. The only strange things were that she had no idea how she had gotten to bed or what she had done with the lingerie she was wearing. Had Carter finished undressing her and put her to bed after their encounter? That followed from what she remembered, but she still wasn’t sure. Glancing outside, Carter’s car was gone, and she still had the messages from Bobby to check.

Retrieving her phone from her room, Belinda began to read through them, and immediately discovered something odd. From the time stamps, they had been sent during the time Belinda had been waiting to hear from Bobby. So he had told her where he was, but she hadn’t seen any of the messages, despite checking her phone repeatedly. What was going on? The messages started out normally–where he was, where he was going to be, when he would get there–but went off the rails as they progressed. By the end, Bobby was calling her all kinds of names and making wild accusations of infidelity and bizarre sex acts with people he knew. Belinda started to cry, perplexed at what had happened, why had he said these things and why was she only seeing these messages in the morning, long after there was anything to be done. She made an attempt to call him, but the call went straight to voicemail. Bobby had blocked her number.

Belinda curled up in her bed and cried. All of this was so confusing. Had she willfully ignored Bobby without realizing it? Where had he been that she hadn’t been able to reach him? While he had sent her plenty of messages, none that she had sent seemed to have gone through. Was this all connected to her dream of fucking Carter the night before?

Carter. What had he done? If anything? Belinda got up and went to Carter’s room. It was in the usual start of disarray he left his things in. An odd mix of metal and punk posters, nerd paraphernalia, all matter of black clothes where littered about the otherwise under-decorated space. As much as he looked like man, Carter still had so many traces of a boy in him.

“Maybe I have traces of a boy in me too now,” said Belinda, shivering at her own dark joke and the phantom memory of her son’s hot semen inside of her. She had fallen asleep just after they had fucked. She had been taking birth control since she had become serious with Bobby, so she wasn’t worried about becoming pregnant with her son’s child, but the act itself was bizarre and obscene. She closed her eyes and tried to feel it inside of her, as if the thought would light it up again, give her the sensation of the burning cum dancing in her pussy like the waters of creation.

Breaking from her moment of waxing poetic, Belinda searched the room. She had no idea what she was looking for. Nothing jumped out at her, and he had taken his laptop with him, wherever he had gone. She doubted she could have cracked the password on it anyway, but maybe Carter had hacked her and Bobby’s phones somehow? He wasn’t the most technically minded person she knew, but you can find all kinds crazy technology on the internet.

The search was making Belinda paranoid and she realized how exposed she felt tossing up her son’s room in only her nightgown. She went back to her own room and changing into an outfit for the day. Sitting down at her own computer, she set to work on her daily tasks, but her mind kept wandering artemisbet güvenilirmi to what to do about Bobby and–most importantly–what would happen when Carter got home later that night.


Belinda toyed with the thought of changing into a nightgown or even lingerie, just to get a rise out of Carter and force the conversation towards where she needed it to go, but she thought better of it and found herself wearing a dress when she heard his car pull into their driveway. It was simple but hugged her tight and shared the same deep red color of her valentine lingerie. Not as flagrant as literal underwear, but still an attention grabber.

“Hey, Baby,” called Belinda as Carter came through the door, bag in hand, wearing the same uniform of black clothes he cycled through on a daily basis.

“Hey, Mom,” said Carter, walking over to her and giving her a chaste peck on the cheek and whiff of his smoky hair, “How were things last night with Bobby?”

Belinda’s heart fell a little. Either Carter was playing dumb or she really had just been having a strange sex dream.

“He never showed,” answered Belinda, pouring herself a glass of wine and taking a sip. She knew she should stay sober until she got a handle on the situation, but staying sober was never one of her strongest skills, “I just had a couple glasses of wine and put myself to bed.”

“Aw, I’m sorry, Mom,” said Carter, giving her another of his one-armed hugs, “Did he have something with work and have to cancel?”

“Well that’s the strange things,” said Belinda, studying her son’s face as she spoke, “We were both texting each other and getting frustrated, but neither of us seemed to be seeing the other person’s responses until this morning.”

“Wow, weird,” said Carter, “Technology’s funky but that seems really odd. Did you guys figure out what caused it?”

“No, we still haven’t spoken,” answered Belinda, “We were both pretty hurt over being ignored. Bobby especially.”

“Why don’t you call him?” asked Carter. I really couldn’t tell whether or not he knew. Had my son masterminded this scenario just to fuck me one time and then gaslight me by erasing the traces as much as he could and choosing to leave the deed unacknowledged? Was I the one acting crazy? I had to know.

“Carter, where were you last night?”

“At my girlfriend’s place, I told you, Mom.”

“What’s her name again?”

“Linda,” he answered.

“That’s very close to my name.”

“I guess so.”

“You guess so?”

“It is,” he said, flustered, “Why are you asking?”

I moved closer to him, taking a sip of wine before offering the glass to him. He was hesitant, but then he took a sip too. I urged him on, making him drink more, until the glass was empty.

“All gone,” I said in a little sing-song voice, “I’ll get you a glass and another for myself too.”

Carter stood and watched me as I fetched another wine glass and poured out generous servings for us both.

“Mom, are you okay?” he asked, taking the wine glass, watching me.

I clanged my glass against his and we both drank.

“Carter I know you came home and fucked me last night.”

Carter’s eyes got wide and I knew I had him.

“I was at Linda’s.”

“What’s Linda’s address?”

“I can’t remember exactly.”

“You went there.”

“She texted it to me.”

“Let me see your phone then.”

“This is crazy,” said Carter, but he didn’t move away. He just let me closer and closer. I grabbed his hand and placed it on the small of my back. He let it fall to my ass without any urging.

“It’s okay, baby,” I reassured him, “I’m not mad.”

I had to get on my tiptoes to make my lips reach his. He didn’t pull away as I kissed him. We put down our wine glass and he pulled me closer with one hand as his other mauled my ass.

“I’m sorry, Mommy,” he said, “I didn’t think you would remember. You just looked so beautiful laying there in those sexy underthings.”

“Who’s Linda, Carter?” I asked, kissing his face and jaw as my fingers found the fly of his jeans. I had his cock out before he offered up an answer.

“You’re Linda, Mommy,” he said as I began to stroke him right there in the kitchen.

“What did you do to me and Bobby?” I asked.

“Nothing, really,” he said, pulling up my skirt to get better access to my ass. I felt him get more excited as his fingers found the wide area of flesh left bare by my thong, “I just came home and you were there alone.”

“Where did you go,” I asked, giving his cock a hard squeeze as I felt him being to pull my panties down.

“Internet cafe a few minutes into town,” he admitted, “I had a friend hook me up to a program that black ops group used to use for psychological warfare before a group cracked the code and the program became obsolete. It was meant to be frozen, but a former employee leaked it, and my buddy picked it up on the dark web. He set it up for me and I went to work. I figured if I could make sure Bobby wasn’t there, I could come home and comfort you after, but you were already passed out. I didn’t want to miss my chance after so much work. I got a little freaked out when you said my name and I knew you had realized who I was, so I spent all day outside, hoping you would convince yourself it was all a dream and we could go back to being mother and son.”

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