Two Girls In Sexy Outfits

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Special thanks to Ruthie_272 for editing my first story. Many thanks!


Megan and Nicole are two very lovely girls I know. Megan is my darling girlfriend which we have been going out for about two years. Nicole is Megan’s best friend from High School, very friendly and happy person who is currently single for a few months now. The girls are very nice looking. Together would spent hours on the phone talking and they loved going out places on the weekend.

For me, Megan and I have a good relationship and sex life. There was something about this weekend I would find out just how great my sex life really is.

Nicole came around really to go out shopping with Megan, who was still getting dressed, so Nicole sat on the edge of the couch while I was just watching the TV. I’ve always liked Nicole for the person she was and never really checked her out, but today Nicole was wearing a nice pink tank top, a light blue mini-skirt and white strap-on high heels.

She had her make-up and mirror out just touching up her face and I had a glared at her legs and couldn’t keep my eyes off them. Nicole and Megan had the same thin figure and height, a nice 5’5”. I was a little taller. Megan has dark brown wavy hair and Nicole had beautiful straight blond hair, the girls’ hair just passed their shoulders. But as looked at those beautiful white legs of Nicole’s I realised that I was getting a hard on. Nicole looked my way, so I tried to hide the fact that I was staring at her but it was too obvious.

“You ok Matt?” Nicole asked as she packed up her make-up. Nervous, I turned to her,

“Yeah, yeah I’m ok.” I replied.

She giggled

“Ok Matt. Hey, don’t you think I look great in this outfit?” she stood up to give me a better look.

Hot and sexy would be the better words, I thought.

“Yeah Nicole, very cute,”

“Thanks Matt,” she replied with a cute smile.

Megan came out from the bedroom. Like I said, they both have the same figure, Megan knows how I love red and black and teases me with the lovely outfits she wears. Megan was wearing a red top with a black short skirt and red strap-on high heels, they both pretty much like and the same clothes. What a cock tease!

“How do I look hun?” Megan asked.

“Beautiful as always.” I replied,

“I love that top.” Nicole said as she checked it out.

“Your both are so nice,” Megan thanked us with a smile.

“Ok Matt, we’ll be out for a few hours, are you going to be alright?”

“Yeah go have fun girls. I’ll see you later,” I replied. Megan gave me a kiss and the girls took off.

It’s nice to have so personally time, it helps you unwind, but the image of Nicole’s legs kept appearing in my head. The look of her body being the same as Megan’s didn’t appeal to me in till just then, it was making me hard.

I tried to ignore it by watching TV, after a while it went down. I spent the day watching TV and fixing the door that was playing up, finally I sat down for a while.

It wasn’t long after till the girls returned from their outing. They were giggling like schoolgirls and whispering something to themselves.

“Sounds like you girls that fun.” I said as they both came into the living room with shopping bags in their hands. Nicole slipped passed Megan into the bedroom and Megan gave her bags to Nicole.

“Hi honey, I had lots of fun, I missed you,” she came over and gave me a hug and kiss.

“We’re going to be in our room for awhile trying on clothes.”

“No worries hun,” she gave a quick kiss and headed to the bedroom and closed the door.

It was about twenty minutes bahis firmaları later, they were laughing, giggling and chatting away, I tried to hear what they were saying, but they were speaking to softly. For some reason they just stopped laughing and talking, which filled the house with silence. Concerned, I got up and knocked on the door,

“You girls ok?” I shouted.

“Yeah it’s ok!” I heard Nicole replied back. Just as I turned the other way, the door opened and one of them grabbed me and pulled me in. Before I knew it was thrown on the bed. When I looked up that them I frozen.

Nicole was wearing a short white Naughty Nurse’s outfit that exposed the tops of her red high thigh stockings and also wearing her white strap-on high heels.

Megan was wearing a Red Velvet French Maid outfit that also showed the tops of her black high thigh stockings and she wore her red strap-on high heels. Megan’s hair was done up in a ball which the maids headpiece was wrap around. Nicole’s hair wasn’t done up but had a headpiece which made her nurse outfit look so hot. Megan must have remembered how I told her I liked sexy outfits and stockings. I couldn’t move, I just lay there staring at their hot bodies in sexy outfits and nylon covered legs.

“You’re a naughty boy Matt,” Nicole said breaking the silence.

“I know you were checking me out,” she said as moved my way and bent over me from the edge of the bed showing her cleavage through her outfit. I was getting very hard at this stage and then Megan got on the bed laid on the side next to me rubbing my chest.

“What – what do you mean?” I finally asked Nicole.

“Its ok hun, Nicole and I decided to give you a treat for being so special to us.” Megan said softly and still rubbing my chest.

“You ok Matt, you don’t look to good?” Nicole asked as she began to take off my shorts.

“No – no – I – I’m fine!” I tried to reply, but she had already taken my shorts and jocks off which sprang my hard cock at her.

“We’ll let Nurse Nicole check your temperature shall I?” Nicole grabbed my hard cock and cupped the head with her mouth,

“Ohh yeahhh!” I let out as Nicole sucked on the head.

“God Nicole, ohhh…” she stopped and looked at Megan.

“What’s the diagnosis Nurse?” Megan played along.

“Your boyfriend has a usual high temperature madam.” Nicole replied,

“Is he going to be alright Nurse?” Megan sounded shocked. I now have my attention at Megan’s black high thigh stockings and heels and as they were playing Nurse.

I stared at Nicole’s as she stood up revealing the bottom of her sexy red panties. Megan never wore stockings before, but a work of art those legs look in nylon. Seeing Nicole’s legs in stockings was like I was seeing double.

“We need to act fast before it’s too late!” Nicole’s slightly exposed red panties and her red stockings tops of her high thighs were so eye catching, I couldn’t stop looking.

“There is only one way to help him madam, that is to fuck him!” she revealed.

‘Yeah girls, come on fuck me please!’ I pleaded for myself.

Megan got up on the bed and removed my shirt as Nicole got back down and continued sucking my cock again. Letting out a groan of pleasure, Megan looked at me and said,

“How does it feel Matt? Having Nicole sucking on your cock?”

“It feels so good hun!” I managed to replied.

“I’m glad your enjoying it. Look at her Matt, she likes it too.” I was moaning and groaning as she was talking. Megan turned around still laying beside me and joined in with Nicole.

Nicole angled my cock so Megan could have a suck, she started kaçak iddaa licking it then began to suck it as Nicole started sucking on my balls that have grown huge and waiting to blow. As they sucked me off, I grabbed Megan’s leg and she rolled over half on me exposing a view up her red velvet Maids skirt.

She was wearing black panties, without waiting I moved her panties to the side so could see her cute pussy and ass. I rubbed my finger along her clit, she was very wet and she let out a groan as I played with it some more.

Nicole stopped sucking my balls and continued sucking my cock with Megan. I looked and watched them play with my cock using their tongues,

“Yeah girls that feels so good!” I let out.

They both looked at each other and giggled.

“Lets get started!” Nicole announced. She stood up and lifted her tight Nurse’s dress to show all of her red panties. She started playing with her pussy though her panties which left a wet spot.

“You want it don’t you Matt?”

“I would like to see, taste and fuck it!” I replied.

Nicole turned around displaying her small tight ass, Megan gave it a couple of slaps on the cheek, Nicole just moaned with pleasure. She removed her red panties and lowered her Nurse’s dress, she turned around and started getting on top of me.

Megan just watched as Nicole crawled on top of me, Megan was sitting up on the bed with her stocking legs tucked to the side. Nicole kept moving up till her bottom of her white Nurse’s outfit stopped in front of my face. She sat up on her knees and lifted her dress revealing a beautiful little pussy with a little bit of blonde hair above it. I just stared that it for a bit then Nicole lowered herself so I can suck it.

Without thinking I started sucking her clit which Nicole loved cause she started moaning and groaning and rubbing her nipples that started poking out though her Nurse’s outfit. I grabbed both of her thighs and started rubbing my hands along her red high thighs then worked my way up to her ass and giving it a squeezed.

Enjoying the view Megan got up and removed her black panties and got back on the bed.

Nicole got off me as Megan crawled up on me, she looked at me with a smile on the face. She sat up just above my hard throbbing cock, she grabbed my hands and placed them on her tits that were covered by her red velvet maid outfit. Megan has C cup tits, nice size for her and Nicole has slightly bigger tits. Megan’s are firm and soft with little puffy nipples.

I rubbed them for a bit, which was making her hot and very wet as I felt her pussy juices on me. Megan looked around at Nicole who was just lying back on the bed with one leg bent which again caught my attention. Megan got my attention when she said she was going to fuck me.

Megan lifted her pussy as Nicole moved and grabbed my cock and guided it in as Megan sat on me. Megan’s pussy was so wet, it was easier for my cock to slide in. Her pussy was very warm, wet and tight, she started slow and then picked up the pace.

Nicole moved along side us with those hot red nylon covered legs were facing our way and stared playing with my balls and Megan’s ass.

In response, Megan lifted Nicole’s Nurse’s outfit so she could play with her ass, so I lifted Nicole’s leg and started fingering her wet pussy. What a tight pussy, she hasn’t had it for a while and she’s so wet, I thought.

Nicole stared groaning. For Megan, watching me fingering Nicole and fucking me got her so hot that she started to get tighter.

“Ohh, I’m coming, ohhh I’m…!” Megan shouted, and in a long scream, Megan came and lowered kaçak bahis her whole body on me.

“God Matt. That was the best orgasm I’ve ever had!” she was breathing heavily and gave me a long passionate kiss.

After Megan gained control of herself, she got up and sat next to me with both of her black stocking legs tucked up showing her pussy and giving me a bit of a leg show, that got me hard again for Nicole. Keen for a fuck, Nicole grabbed my legs and moved me so my legs were bent off the edge of the bed. She asked Megan to guide me in for her, Nicole turned around with her back to us and lowered herself as Megan guided my manhood into her pussy.

Nicole was as I thought, she was tight as Megan as we watched her little ass moved up and down over my cock. I grabbed both of her ass cheeks giving them a squeeze.

“Ohh Matt, that’s it, that feels so good!” she moaned back. Still playing with her ass I looked at Megan, she was lowering the top of her red velvet Maid outfit as her firm tits bounced out. I wanted to play with them, but Megan’s tits weren’t in my reach.

“You want them don’t you hun?” Megan said softly. Nicole picked up the pace,

“God hun, you look great! Your tits, your legs…” Megan interrupted me,

“I’ll put on a show for ya.”

“That would be great.” I pleaded.

Megan laid back and played with her tits then rubbed her stocking legs. What a turn on, I thought. Nicole stopped and got up, she turned around and mounted me on top facing me, she quickly put my cock back in her pussy which was dripping wet and she looked at Megan’s show,

“Megan that’s turning me on so badly.”

She faced me. “Go on Matt, give it to me!” she pleaded.

So I grabbed her hips and drove my hard cock deep in her, she was screaming with pleasure at the top of her lungs and after a minute we were about to cum.

Nicole was the first to come, like Megan did, a long scream of pleasure. By this stage time, I was really to come.

“Megan, Nicole, I’m coming!” Nicole got off me and cause I had my legs off the bed, Nicole kneed down in front of my cock. Megan quickly joined her as Nicole was giving me a hand job.

“Hey here it comes girls, here it comes…!” I couldn’t hold back anymore. I watched the girls as they moved their heads over my throbbing cock as I came.

My hot cum streamed out of my cock and got Nicole on the cheek and splashed over Megan’s face. Megan got some more around her eyes, a couple big shots went high and landed all over their headpieces and hair and Nicole got the last few shots on her forehead and cheeks.

Finally I stopped, the cum in their hair was running down their faces. Megan and Nicole looked at each other and stared at the cum I just unloaded on them.

Megan looked that me and smiled and looked back at Nicole. Still playing with theme of Maid and Nurse, Megan said to Nicole,

“I’m sorry Nurse Nicole, my boyfriend has made a mess on your face and head, let me clean it off you!”

Surprised, I looked that Megan, “Are youuu…?”

I stopped in my tracks and watched Megan, my girlfriend, licking the cum off Nicole’s face!

“Oh my god!” I was just amazed as Megan licked all of my cum off Nicole. Some was still running down her face, but Megan made sure that all it was cleaned up on her cheeks, forehead and around her eyes.

Nicole gave her a smile. “Thanks, oh! It appears he got you too.” Now Nicole did the same.

This is too hot. My girlfriend gets her best friend to dress up in a hot Nurse’s outfit, watch me fucked her and now licking my cum off each of their faces! I’m a very lucky guy to know Megan and Nicole.

So I watched Nicole cleaning the rest of my cum Megan’s face. After that the girls let me strip them naked. We all had a shower, got dressed and sat in the living room chatting the day away.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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