Twelve Hours

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She is a special girl, full of passion and generous to a fault. I would not label her submissive but she denies me nothing when we cyper. She is young enough to raise my passions to a fever pitch. Yet, she is old enough to be real, a real women with mature passions.

Soon she will knock on my door. We will have 12 hours to explore and do as we will. The anticipation is almost painful. I yearn to hold her in my arms. We have been close yet far apart for many weeks, stealing time together on the Internet and phone.

Today will be our first time really together. We have not lied to each other. She knows I am older, a little gray and beyond my physical prime. She is amble and is no longer a teenager. I guess what is most important is that we want to be close. We want to be a man and a woman together. We also want to be apart from the rest of the world.

I have napped all afternoon. I woke up half an hour ago. I think I am ready for my girl to arrive. My body alternates between arousal and anxiety as my thoughts wonder back and forth between the best and worst outcomes of the next few hours. When aroused my cock nicely tents the sweat pants I am wearing. After some thought, I elected to wear no underwear. I am wearing a soft flannel shirt that sets off my blue eyes. I figure this to be perfect for what I hope will be a passionate hug that will start our first night together.

There is a knock at the door. My heart skips a beat. Cora has arrived. She is wearing a loose sweater that just comes down to the waist of a short black skirt. Her shoes are simple sandals. However, it is the smile that attracts my attention. Cora is beaming with anticipation. There is no doubt. We want to share some time together.

I urge Cora to come in. I hang the do not disturb sign on the door and close it. I latch the deadbolt for good measure. Turning and dropping her overnight back, Cora steps into me and gives me a warm affectionate hug. Her warm breasts feel good against my chest. Cora’s body melts against mine as my hands wonder up and down her body. I note with pleasure that she is wearing no panties. This will be a mutual seduction. My cock twitches in anticipation.

I bend my head down and we share our first kiss, a gentle kiss filled with promise. We kiss again with more passion. Gently I thrust my tongue against her lips. Her lips part and we kiss each other deeply. We know where we want to go.

I carry Cora over to the bed and lay her down. Cora shakes her head and rises to all fours flipping her skirt up onto her back. Her wet pussy is before me. She urges me to take her now. She urges me to ravish her tight pussy, to take my pleasure and to fill her gash with my seed.

In a moment, my sweats are down. My manhood surges to find her waiting bahis firmaları treasure. Cora leans back to meet me in a passionate and fiery coupling. Gone are all thoughts of a long slow simmer. My passions are rapidly rising to a boil. In and out I surge. I am met at each stroke by Cora’s soft warm bottom. Cora pussy is wet and inviting. She is ready for me. We are one as we meld our passions.

Cora’s love channel is milking my cock. Her breath is uneven. She urges me deeper and harder. Cora’s body surrenders to my invasion as her pussy swallows my manhood. As Cora’s body is rocked by a climax my body shudders and releases. Cora’s climax bursts my control and I flood her pussy with my seed.

We collapse beside each other cuddling close. I kiss her gently on the forehead and the next and the lips. Sliding a hand under her sweater and caressing her left breast, I tease that we had planned to go slower. With a blush, Cora confesses that she had been masturbating for the last hour and really needed a quick release. I kiss her again and laugh.

Our passions now slacked a bit, we assess our situation. We get off the bed and open it up so we will be more comfortable. I pull off my shirt and then help Cora undress. We had previously agreed that we would be naked the whole time we were together; No secrets; No embarrassment; Just closeness and togetherness. Cora blushes a little under my hot gaze. I can see the small trickle of my seed down her leg.

Previously, I stocked the small kitchen in my room with some quick food. I offer Cora some fruit and other finger foods. I place them on the low table by the couch and pull Cora into my lap. We alternate feeding each other and just enjoying the closeness. Cora giggles when I rub a smashed strawberry on her breast and suck it off.

Not to be out done, Cora drizzles some chocolate dipping sauce down my semi-rigid cock and begins to lick it off. Pulling her hips astride me, I begin to finger her creamy pussy. I really enjoy the feel of her tongue on my cock. The attention arouses my passions anew. Cora’s clit and nether lips are engorged with her passions. She is here for the duration and I know I will be hard pressed to sate this passionate woman.

Seizing the moment, I dive in with my tongue and begin to eat her treasure. My tongue and teeth find her nether lips and clit. Showing her pleasure, Cora deep throats my now erect manhood sliding her face down to my pubic hair. In and out I slash with my tongue. Cora moans around my cock. My tongue continues to find all the right spots seeking to send her over the top, seeking to help her fulfill her birthright as a woman, and seeking to please her. My hopes are not vain as Cora’s body begins to shudder with another orgasm.

With both hungers temporarily sated, kaçak iddaa Cora and I cuddle on the couch. The sun is just beginning to set. With a giggle, Cora muses that this is better than she hoped with two orgasms in less than two hours and ten hours to go. With a kiss and a wink, I say that we will sleep part of the time. All in all, I am very content. Cora’s body feels so good next to mine.

We simply cuddle for a bit and I doze off. It was dark in the room when I woke. Cora is still cuddled in my lap. Her even breathing is so even and soothing. I can see by the clock on the bed, that it was about nine o’clock. I am torn between waking Cora and just going back to sleep.

Gently shifting her, I get up and start to carry Cora to the bed. Cora’s eyes flutter open as she too was only dozing enjoying the after glow of our passions and the warmth of the setting sun. As I set her on the bed, I can see a glint in her eyes. She is ready for more. The short nap has recharged her batteries.

I watch with pleasure as her naked form grabs her overnight bag and heads to the bathroom. Knowing all to well that it is best to allow women a little privacy in the bathroom, I wait on the bed anticipating her return. Inwardly I muse as to the meaning of the glint in her eyes.

We have a king size bed with three pillows that I pile up behind my back. From here I can watch the bathroom door that is not quite closed. I can hear Cora doing womanly things. I hear that tell tale swoosh of water and a few moments later Cora emerges. Her smile is so big and inviting. I would attempt most anything for her.

Cora’s hands are behind her back. I know this is not to make her breasts seem larger. She is hiding something. My interest is piqued. What is Cora planning? Does she want to tie me up? Does she want me to tie her up? Does she want me to spank her? I consider and reject numerous possibilities.

Cora slides onto the bed and in between my legs so she can lean against my chest. Her back feels so warm and soft against me. In one hand she has a plain white box and in the other she has a tube of lubricant. Then I realize that this is the vibrator she has been saving until we got together.

Kissing her neck and licking her ear, my hands slide around holding her tight. I know without her saying a word that she has offered me anything and everything I could want. This is an unspoken invitation to invade her back door.

My hands gently caress her breasts. Her nipples are already hard. I urge her to slide her fingers into her wet treasure. The anticipation prevails and soon Cora’s body is rocked by another orgasm. This orgasm is not a sharp spike but more like a rumbling earthquake.

Kissing her again I slide out from behind her. I open the box with a flourish. kaçak bahis As I anticipated, it is a creamy colored straight vibrator. Cora blushes when I turn it on. It hums like an angry bee. To allow Cora to adapt, I run the tip of the vibrator along her tummy and towards her breasts. Slowly I move it in lazy circles around her chest and abdomen.

Cora senses that I am teasing her and building the anticipation. She smiles to let me know she approves. Her fingers part her nether lips more fully and her knees come up opening her pussy to my gaze. Cora fire is almost palpable. Her body yearns for release. She will not be sated until every last orgasm is squeezed out.

Moving with deliberate slowness, the vibrator begins to slide down her abdomen. It is heading towards her slit. It is sliding through the dark silky patch that marks her womanhood. She moans when it hits her wet slit and her clit. I hold it there. Not sliding in and out but just touching the apex of her treasure. I am rewarded as her body is rocked again with an orgasm.

I place her on hand on the vibrator allowing her to place just so. I open the tube of lubrication. I apply a generous portion to her back door. I see fear and passion mingled in her eyes. As my finger begins to gently rub her back door I can see Cora biting her lip. Gently I probe and caress. This will be her first anal experience. It is important to be gentle and slow.

Soon my whole finger is sliding into her ass. Her anus is relaxing and inviting this strange new invader. I can tell by the look in her eyes that this is not what she expected. I can tell Cora is poised for anther orgasm. Moving swiftly, I add a second finger. Her body is relaxed. She is mine.

I take the vibrator and slide it in and out of her pussy with three long strokes. Cora’s eyes get big with the first stroke into her ass. I gently slide it in and out for three more long even strokes; Back and forth between pussy and ass. Relaxing her. Fueling her passions.
Cora’s eyes are glazed over with passion now. Nothing matters. She is in that blissful state of almost continuous orgasm. She urges me to take her.

I roll her to all fours. I place the vibrator in her hand on her clit. Kneeling behind her, I line my erect cock against her back door preparing to gently slide it in. No sooner am I in position than Cora pushes back against me taking me in with a loud moan in one smooth push. I almost lose it right then.

Gently I move in and out humping Cora’s ass. This is better than anything I had hoped or dreamed. Cora erupts in a final climax that sends me over the edge. I erupt deep in her dark channel filling her with the last of my passion.

We snuggle up against each other in bed. The after glow is perfect. Cora kisses me deeply. Content in each others arms, we drift off to sleep; the sleep of lovers.

The vibrator is sitting idle yet poised for another adventure. However, that next adventure and the morning after are stories for another day.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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