TV Night

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Sometimes, watching movies at home can be very entertaining, more than just from the television screen. A while ago, my wife Joy and I had a good friend of both of ours over for dinner. Joe was originally my friend from college, but over the years, he had become good friends with both of us and we helped him through some tough times with his family and his divorce. So him having dinner with us was nothing unusual.

We rented a movie for afterwards, and asked him to stay and join us. Everything was informal as usual, and since it was getting late, and it was summertime, we had the air conditioned turned up, and the lights turned down as we went to the den to watch the movie. I sat on one end of the sofa, Joe sat on the other, and Joy sat close to me and snuggled up. We both like the room temp to be quite cold, even if it means throwing on a blanket occasionally. Joy had gone upstairs to put on something “more comfortable,” which is usually a long T-shirt, or some such attire.

Let me say a couple words about Joy. She is about 5’7″, with long, blonde hair, and a wonderful, sexy body. She is so easy to be around, that I know many, if not most of, my friends are quite jealous of me because she is just sexy to look at. Her long legs are always trim and shapely, and her demeanor is just plain physical and sensual. So for her to walk around in a T-shirt, with no bra, and nothing else, is extremely sexy for me and she knows what gets me going by now (not that it takes much).

So we got the movie going, and Joy reclined on the sofa, with her head in my lap and her feet over towards Joe. There was a blanket over all of us, and the lights were off so there was nothing else but the illumination from the TV in the room. We were a little light from the wine at dinner, and from the drinks after. The movie had some pretty sexy parts at the beginning. That, combined with Joy’s head in my lap, and her long, silky hair in my hands, had me mildly and increasingly excited from the beginning. I know she could feel my hardness with her head and she kept me quite excited for the most of the first part of the movie. I started perabet losing concentration on the movie, and thought more and more about how much I would like to take Joy in the other room and screw.

But not wanting to be the rude host, I just enjoyed the sensations and kept thinking of the things we would do after the movie was over. Joy had her feet in Joe’s lap, and I could tell she was enjoying the foot rub he was giving her. She gets really relaxed when I rub her feet and calves, and from what I could see, she was getting a good foot rub from Joe too. But what I really couldn’t tell was what her feet were doing to him. I really was paying more attention to her head rubbing on my crotch to even bother thinking of that though.

I managed to get my right hand under the blanket that had us all covered up, and began massaging her breasts. She has perfect breasts with nipples that stand up when she’s excited, and I could tell I was getting to her too. She was trying to tease me and get me all worked up, and she knew she was accomplishing her task.

About three-quarters through the movie, I was getting quite crazy with her massaging the bulge in my pants with her head, and she reached one had up under her head and escalated the tease one further level by getting up inside my shorts leg and tickling and gently stroking my balls with her fingers.

I was really squirming now under her expert ministrations, and she knew just where to go. She was doing her own quiet squirming too, by the squeezing and pulling I was doing to her tits. At least that’s what I thought was causing her moving.

She later told me Joe’s hand had moved from her feet, gradually up to her crotch, and was rubbing her panties while her foot was busy in his lap, giving him a foot job through his pants.

I thought that her squirming was from me, but she kept shifting around subtly to allow her to massage his hard-on with her feet, and he stroked and caressed her very moist center with his left hand. I certainly couldn’t appreciate these maneuvers from where I was sitting, and with the dim light, but she filled perabet giriş me in on the details later. I couldn’t wait for the movie to end, and get good old Joe out the door so I could jump her sweet bones right there in the den.

The movie had some more steamy scenes, but I could hardly concentrate on anything other that Joy’s hand and head rubbing me, and trying to scoot down in the sofa to get her better access to my skin. I wanted to feel her smooth hand on me and I was really going quite crazy, while at the same time lying still so Joe wouldn’t know what was going on.

As the movie was drawing to a close, we all sort of sat up and just sat around watching the credits, and saying nothing. I cold smell and feel the scent of sex in the air, and also I couldn’t stand up yet with the bulging in my pants.

Then Joy sort of broke the silence, and got up, saying she’d be right back, that she had to give Joe something before he left. I thought she was going to give him some leftovers or something, but I was quite mistaken, and very surprised.

She padded of in the dimly lit room, leaving us to our own thoughts, and trying to calm down enough that we could walk straight again. Joe said I was lucky man to have Joy as my wife. And I nodded in agreement.

Joy soon returned with a bottle in her hand that I really couldn’t see very well, and said she wanted to give Joe something before he left. Then to my utter surprise, and his too, she kneeled down in from of him, put her hands on his crotch and squeezed him in her hands, and said, “I think you need this tonight.”

Then looking at me, she said, “You don’t mind, do you?”

I still don’t think it registered to me what she was asking. Without waiting for an answer, she unzipped his pants, pulled them down along with his underwear, and started stroking his cock. I was absolutely mesmerized by this. She had never done anything like this before, and in front of my eyes, she was stroking off my best friend.

She started whispering softly to him, or to us, that she could tell he was excited by what her feet felt during perabet güvenilir mi the movie. And how lonely he must feel, having recently gotten divorced, and not having anyone around to take care of his needs. And she just wants to help him out tonight. Joe was probably more dumbfounded by her actions, but was definitely in no position to decline her offer.

She reached down and squirted some lube onto her hand, and started giving him a deft and luscious hand job, slick with the lubrication. She definitely knows how to do that because she does that to me all the time. I was aching for release too; seeing her knowing hand that before I had never seen on anyone else but me, stroking him off in front of me, not four feet away was really driving me quite crazy. She kept saying things like, “I know you need this, don’t you? It’s been a while, hasn’t it? I’ll bet you really need to come, don’t you?”

She then looked over at me and smiled, with that knowing look in her eye, and just winked at me. She continued her stroking of Joe’s cock, and I cold tell he wasn’t going to take long, and he didn’t want to delay it either. She kept up her constant rhythm, slowly and deliberately stroking his cock, which was quite ready to burst.

“I can feel it’s getting close,” she said, never taking her eyes off his cock in her wet, slick hands.

Joe’s hands grabbed the sofa pillows, and then he erupted, spurting large amounts of sticky, white come over his stomach and chest. She kept stroking him slowly, decreasing her tempo while he was coming, and watching the come slide down his cock, onto her hand and fingers. She smiled quite sexily, obviously pleased at her accomplishments, and grabbed a washcloth she brought with her, and wiped the come from her hands and his stomach.

“I thought you might need that,” she said, and then turned to me, and said to hurry upstairs. Joe politely excused himself, saying thank you very much to both of us, and he would see us later. I rushed upstairs, and Joy was waiting for me quite naked and steaming on the bed upstairs.

“I need you to fuck me,” she said.

I quickly stripped off my clothes, and was inside her moist pussy in seconds. We were both so worked up by her scene downstairs, that we came together in minutes, pulling each other close, and holding on to each other as we shared an incredible orgasm together.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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