Training Mandy

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Training Mandy

“Do you have any babies yet?”

Mandy stood on the bottom rail to look over the fence, and called to her next door neighbour’s 25 year old son.

Steel paused in the doorway to the shed and studied her speculatively. At five feet two and chubby, she was a socially inept loner, with few friends, if any, thanks to the constant put downs of her social butterfly parents. Especially her father, who was clearly disappointed that his wife had produced a dumpy, and in his eyes, not very attractive daughter, rather than a svelte, self assured beauty he could parade in front of their friends like a trophy.

‘I’d like to give you a baby,’ Steel thought, and nodded.

“Yeah, they started hatching this morning. Come and see.”

It was more of a command than an invitation, but she didn’t notice in her eagerness to scramble over. As she dropped down the other side, her skirt caught momentarily on the fence, revealing her plump thighs and panty covered bottom, and he turned his back to hide the sudden stirring in his pants.

She followed him into the shed, which housed an aviary with a tier of nesting boxes at one end, and he lifted the front flap of one to show her three newly hatched cockatiels.

“Oooh, aren’t they cute?” she gushed, staring at the chicks with their huge unopened eyes and outsize hooked beaks. “I wish I could have one.”

He gave her a brief calculating glance. He wasn’t sure what, but there was something about this short dumpy girl that really pushed his buttons. Definitely ripe for the picking.

“Well – if you’re nice to me , maybe I’ll think about it.”

“Nice how?”

He grinned and looked her up and down. “For a start you could let me feel your tits, then if you like it we can see where it goes from there.”

Shaken by his bluntness, she looked at him dubiously. No boy had ever made even the slightest suggestion of a move on her, and she wasn’t sure how she should respond. “I dunno about that,” she said nervously. “The nuns at school are always telling us we’re not supposed to.”

“We all do things we’re not supposed to, that’s what makes it so exciting.” he laughed.

Mandy thought of the time – so long ago now, it seemed – she had sneaked into the classroom during recess, and scrawled “FUCK SCHOOL” across the white board. When class resumed, the teacher had studied each student intently, and her heart had been in her mouth as he looked at her, certain she would be called to account, but he turned his back and erased the offending words without comment.

“I guess so,” she replied.

He grinned again. “Does that mean you will let me?”

She thought hard before answering. From what she had heard from school gossip, she seemed to be about the only girl in her school who had never been groped, and also from gossip, she was missing out on a lot.

“OK,” she nodded apprehensively. “But just for a moment.”

She tensed as he cupped her firm young breast, then relaxed as he began to squeeze and stroke. It really wasn’t so bad, although it was little more than a firm pressure through her school blouse and bra.

He pinched her nipple, sending a delicious sensation through her whole body, and for a moment she almost hoped he would put his hand inside her clothing. Instead she backed away. “That’s enough.”

Sensing that it would be a mistake to push her too hard he dropped his hand. “That was nice, thank you,” he said, adding escort ataşehir as she turned to leave. “My birds are all pedigree prize winners. Worth too much money to just give away for nothing.”

He walked with her to the fence, squeezing her breast again on the pretext of helping her climb over. “I might see you tomorrow.”

Back in her room, she thought about what had happened. Part of her regretted stopping him so soon, because his hand on her boobs had certainly been pleasant. Impulsively she stripped off her blouse and bra, and studied her reflection in the mirror, pleased and a little surprised at how hard her nipples were. ‘If he tries again maybe I should give him a little more time,’ she whispered.

The next day couldn’t pass quickly enough, and as soon as the bell sounded at the end of the final lesson she bolted for the door.

Steel was waiting by his gate when Mandy arrived home breathless. He held up a hand, fingers spread. “Five more, are you coming?”

Pleased at not having to climb the fence, she followed him to the aviary. He smiled with amusement as she crooned over the latest hatchlings, then after a short while he turned her to face him. “I’ve wanted to do this for the longest time,” he whispered, pressing his lips to hers.

She was so excited at being kissed for the very first time, that it didn’t occur to her to object when he unbuttoned her blouse.

“I hate bras,” he grumbled, pushing hers up to expose her firm plump breasts. To her totally inexperienced mind, it seemed to make sense for him to fondle her bare tits when he kissed her, so again she raised no objection.

He lowered his head to take her stiffened nipple between his lips, sucking gently and sending shivers of pleasure through her, including – strangely, she thought – between her thighs, and it took her a moment to realise his hand was under her skirt, caressing her pussy through her briefs.

“NO!” she gasped, pressing her legs together and trying to push him away. “Not there!”

Undeterred, he stroked more firmly, pressing the fabric into her slit. “Relax babe,” he cajoled. “If I give you a bird you will need a cage for it, won’t you? They cost too much to just give away without getting anything in return.”

She hesitated, uncertain. “I’m not sure my folks will let me have one anyway,” she protested, trying to put him off.

“That’s OK,” he said stroking more firmly. “The cage is there if they agree, otherwise you can keep it here and visit whenever you want.”

Although she knew he was right, she couldn’t help feeling she was being manipulated. On the other hand, each stroke of her pussy felt better than the last, and with a sigh of resignation she parted her thighs.

“Good girl,” he approved, tugging her pants aside.

The direct touch against her clit was like a bolt of lightning through her crotch.

“Oh God! Omigod yes!” She gasped, pushing her hips to increase the contact. As each stroke brought her closer and closer to her peak, he suddenly took her hand.

“Rub this babe,” he urged, wrapping her fingers around his now exposed erection.

She looked down, startled. The only cocks she had ever seen had been in magazines some of the boys in school sometimes showed around, and although this one wasn’t as big, it still looked impressive. She pulled away nervously, but the stiff tool seemed to draw her hand like a magnet, and as his fingers continued kadıköy escort to work on her clit she started to stroke slowly.

“Faster babe,” he muttered, humping into her clenched fist. “I’m nearly there. Oh fuck yeah!”

Holding his rigid prick was almost as exciting as him stroking her clit, and she rubbed furiously, gasping in awe as a thick stream of cum shot from the end of his rod and splattered on to the concrete floor. An instant later she winced as his exploring finger broke through her hymen.

She tried to push him away, but although he was only three or four inches taller than her, he was too strong, and he continued to slide his finger in and out of her pussy, until her interrupted climax resumed.

He stopped suddenly. “That’s enough for now, I don’t want to make you sore in case you want me to feel your pussy again tomorrow.”

She looked to see if he was joking, but his face was expressionless as he tucked his spent cock back inside his pants. She was a little despondent when she returned home. For the first time she was uncertain about him. Why had he said “in case” she wanted him to feel her pussy again? Of course she wanted him to! It had been too exciting not to want it again.

An unpleasant thought occurred to her. Was he really hinting that now he had what he wanted from her, he would only touch her from a sense of obligation?

The thought haunted her all the next day, and the more she thought about it, the more she remembered how nice his cock had felt in her hand, how exciting his fingers had felt on and inside her pussy, and how gentle his lips had been on her nipples.

This last brought to mind a comment he had made about disliking bras, and she suddenly had a glimmer of hope. As soon as classes finished for the day, she went to the washroom and then made her way home, her bra tucked into her pocket, and her unrestrained breasts bouncing pleasingly under her blouse.

She was a little nervous as she entered the shed, to find him sitting at a small work table, writing in a notebook. He looked up with a smile, and she sighed with relief when he turned his chair to face her and pulled her closer.

She watched his face as he unfastened her blouse, but his expression didn’t change when he looked at her bare tits and nodded. “Good, you are learning.”

He put his hand under her skirt, but this time his face did change. “Why are you wearing these?” he demanded, plucking at the leg of her briefs.

“I – I didn’t think you …. ” she stammered.

“Right, you didn’t think,” he interrupted. “Take them off!”

She obeyed immediately, keen to make amends for displeasing him, and he nodded and patted the table top. “That’s better. Now sit on here and let me look at your cunt.”

Shocked and dismayed, but afraid to upset him further, she sat as directed, and biting her lip she lifted her skirt.

His tone softened as he stared at his prize. “That’s fucking perfect!” he whispered. Without warning, he leaned forward in his chair and covered her plump pussy with his mouth.

She shivered at the touch of his tongue on her clit, and the tension of the day was washed away as her cum poured into his mouth and over his face. He kept her hovering on the brink for long minutes, before he rose from his chair to briefly suck her tits before kissing her warmly.

Her nose wrinkled at the taste of her pussy juice on his lips and tongue, maltepe escort bayan then she stared with apprehension as he straightened and freed his cock. She knew it was her imagination, but now she knew what he intended, it seemed much bigger and stiffer than when she had held it in her hand.

“Please don’t,” she protested, as he moved closer. She didn’t want him to put his cock in her, but at the same time she had mixed feelings that if he didn’t she would regret it, and if he did she might not want him to take it out. With a sigh of resignation she opened her legs wide.

Then he was inside her, and it was the most wonderful feeling she had ever thought possible. She clung to him, writhing as he fucked her, each powerful thrust bringing her closer to the edge, until reality blurred and all that existed for her was her dripping, cock stuffed cunt, and his relentlessly driving rod, as he pumped his cum into her liquid inner depths.

Panting from the exertion of her first ever fuck, she scarcely noticed as he retrieved her discarded panties and casually mopped the cum oozing from her swollen and plundered snatch.

“You are fucking awesome babe,” he said sincerely, pulling her to her feet. “I don’t know about you, but I could eat a horse. Nothing beats a good fuck for giving you an appetite.”

Hearing him mention food reminded her that she had been too nervous to eat lunch, and she nodded eagerly.

He grinned and took her hand. “Come on, I can hear a pizza calling my name.”

He drove them in his old Toyota to a small Italian restaurant for a quick but inexpensive meal, and as they ate, she realised she had come to a decision. Instead of asking her parents about the bird, she would tell Steel that they refused permission for her to accept one. That would give her the perfect excuse to visit so he could fuck her regularly.

After the meal, she was puzzled when instead of going home, he turned the car in the opposite direction. The reason became apparent a few minutes later when they entered an industrial complex, where he drove directly to the rear car park of an office block out of sight of the road. Switching off the engine, he unbuttoned her blouse as he kissed her.

With a happy sigh she turned to him and pulled his head down to a bare breast. Just as she hoped, his hand went under her skirt, and for several delicious minutes he stroked her pussy and sucked her nipples. Her climax was approaching fast when he stopped abruptly, sitting back to look at her. When he spoke, the benevolence of the past hour was replaced by a hard edge to his voice.

“You do know don’t you,” he said with his usual bluntness, “if you are to be my girl, you must learn to want what I want, and like what I like?”

She was unsure where this was going, but she nodded her head with a whispered “Of course.”

He nodded and resumed stroking her pussy, but moments later she gasped with shocked dismay when he dropped the bombshell. Leaning back again he unzipped his pants, and in a flat, no nonsense tone told her “Good, now we know where we stand. I licked your cunt, now it’s your turn. Suck my cock.”

She wanted to refuse, but if she did he might dump her, and having him in her mouth would be better than not having him at all, so refusal was not an option. Mentally bracing herself against the taste of their mixed cum from their earlier fuck, she wrapped her lips around his throbbing shaft. Silently cursing her weakness, she sucked hard and fast, and as she reluctantly, but greedily swallowed his seed she knew her entire being – her mouth, her tits, her hungry cunt, and anywhere else on her whole body – belonged to him, to use as he wished, as often and for as long as he chose.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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