To Bask in Breastford Ch. 06

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“So like…what do you think they’re doing?” Nina asked.

She was sitting on the edge of Gretchen’s bed, painting her toenails. She was still wearing the same white tank top from earlier, however, there was no bra underneath. She also wore a pair of pajama bottoms that read “Princess” on them; Gretchen had let her borrow them for the night.

Gretchen was lying on her stomach at the head of her bed, flipping through a magazine. She, too, wore a pair of pj’s and a tank top. The force of her 36D breasts caused the tanktop to stretch out and squish into the mattress of her soft bed. However, the busty boobs of her friend Nina Knockers made her 36Ds look more like Bs.

“I don’t know.” she answered.

“You know what I think?” Nina asked, looking at Gretchen.

Gretchen was completely engrossed in her magazine.

“What?” she said.

Nina stopped clipping her nails to ensure that she got this next part right.

“Brooke was online the other day…and she said that her mom had forgotten to log out.”

“So?” Gretchen asked, nonchalantly.

“So she went into her account and surfed the Internet…without restrictions.”

Gretchen turned around and looked at Nina.

“Ohhh.” she said, understanding. “And?”

“Well…” Nina replied. “She said that she was on this site, it showed men and women doing things to each other.”

“Oh.” Gretchen said, turning back around. “I’ve already told you about all the things I’ve done. What’s the big deal?”

Nina looked at her, sternly.

“She said…that there was…a lot.”

Gretchen turned around again.


“You don’t think that’s weird?” Nina asked, eying her friend.

“Yeah I do…” Gretchen responded. “But I’m not gonna dwell on it either.”

“Yeah. But it’s different for me.”

Gretchen looked at her friend. She knew exactly what she was talking about. Her boobs were so big that they increased her pheromone level grossly, as they did with all other women in Breastford. Gretchen’s pair of 36Ds increased her pheromones somewhat, but they paled in comparison to Nina’s, or any other big breasted woman in Breastford for that matter. The pheromones of the other women seemed to cancel hers out.

“What’s your point?” she asked her.

Nina looked at her with a look of seriousness.

“What if our moms are lying to us?” she asked.

“That’s not likely.” Gretchen stated.

“How do you know?”

“I don’t know.” Gretchen said. “But why would they?”

Nina went back to painting her nails.

“I don’t know.” she said. “To protect us?”

“From what?”

“Hm.” Nina replied. “Or maybe…they know things about men that we don’t know.”

“Like what?” Gretchen asked.

“Well I don’t know, smart one.” Nina replied.

“Nina,” Gretchen said. “This town has lots of guys in it. They’re just…guys.”

“No.” Nina said. “They’re not. Or…maybe they are. I don’t know. All I know is that the guys Brooke saw online are not like the guys here in Breastford. They’re real guys.”

“What do you mean…real guys?” Gretchen asked.

“You know…” Nina began. “Hunky guys. Studs. Guys who can keep it up longer than a minute. Guys that have big, beautiful, hard, drooling…”

“Okay! I get the picture.” Gretchen stopped her. “Nina, that’s the Internet. Those are movies. In real life guys cum as soon as they look at your breasts.”

“But not yours.” Nina said, raising her eyebrows.

“Yeah…well…don’t rub it in.” Gretchen said.

Nina sighed. This was somewhat of an awkward conversation. In Breastford, women judged each other by how fast they could make men cum. The bigger the boobs, the higher the pheromones in the woman, and therefore the faster the man would cum. As a result, the women with the biggest boobs were often admired above the rest. But there were exceptions. Nina, for example, had the record for making guys cum the fastest among her friends, but she didn’t have the biggest rack. Still, her friends acknowledged her as their busty queen.

Because of this, Nina and Gretchen were on opposite sides of the spectrum. It was this reason that Nina had decided to befriend Gretchen in the first place.

Lately, Nina had this undying suspicion that something just wasn’t right. No one else seemed to notice this. With her friends it was all about being giddy, bouncy, and just happy in general. But for Nina, life had taken a more serious turn. It was the men.

The men in Breastford all had this same, zombie-like nature to them. However, Nina had noticed that they hadn’t started out this way. They gradually took on this form over time. Many of the men in town seemed sick, so much so that no one gave it a second thought anymore.

And when a man died they were told it was because he was sick, perhaps dehydrated. As for the ones that drifted into town or were brought there by a woman, they seemed to absorb the process quicker than the others. This, along with deaths, was a common occurrence; and had been happening so much lately güvenilir bahis that men seemed to go and come all the time.

But they rarely stayed.

They were told that some men just up and left. Stories were circulated through the town’s youths as to why these men never stayed, or how they ever managed to leave, or what happened to them in general once they served their purpose. Only a handful of people in Breastford knew the truth.

Breastford was run by a city council. They were often jokingly referred to as the “Cantaloupe Committee” being that it was mostly comprised of the bustiest women in town. These were the women who decided what was best for the town, and who. Both Paula Swanson and Natalie Knockers were on the committee.

It had been a priority of the Cantaloupe Committee to keep outsiders to a minimum, especially men. And for reasons unbeknownst to the town’s youth they had also convinced most of the women in town to keep information about sex to a minimum. This meant that among the town’s teenage population only a few of the girls even knew about sex.

Granted, most of them had a general idea. But for the most part, hardly any of them had even seen a penis. There were those, like Gretchen and Nina, who tried to tell others about what they knew. Gretchen had even managed to set up a “private peepshow” at the store on a few occasions. She would coax the lucky male customers into doing something sexual while her friends watched, or she would take the video tape from the security camera and show it to them.

This started out strictly with girls who worked at the store, but it soon spread among a few others. All of them were curious about men. Over time, some of the girls decided to participate by teasing and seeing just how far the male customers could go. Many of them would get to feel what a hard penis felt like in their hands, but sadly the poor guys would never last after that, and the girls could never go any further.

Some of them tried to put their mouths around it, sometimes at the request of the customer, but of course they were rewarded with a facial just centimeters away. Gretchen was the only girl who had managed to go so far as a blowjob, being that her pheromones and breasts were at a disadvantage to the other girls, but Nina was infamous for never even touching a penis.

These events gradually achieved the status of a game, with Nina priding herself in the fact that she didn’t even have to touch a man to make him cum. She had even made a man wet himself just by giving him a seductive look (fully clothed, mind you). Nina thought of herself and her friends as a queen among peasants, and indeed many of the girls saw her as such. They often tried to mimic her in their attitudes and actions, but to no avail; Nina was simply undisputed.

But the life of a queen could get lonely. Nina was also infamous for her antics. She had tried often to get a hold of a man’s penis before he spent himself, but always with the same results.

She once had Gretchen work a man’s pants off for her, then as soon as she did, Nina jumped out and tried to grab hold of his long, beautiful rod. The man saw Nina’s bouncing breasts coming right at him and exploded in a second. He blew a load so bad he would not be hard again for days, although the girls would never know this.

They did, however, know that when a man spent himself in Breastford, he would not be hard again for quite some time. There were those that tried to hold their own, if nothing else just so they could get a chance at some of the biggest boobs they had ever seen. But the ones who were foolish enough to try would often cum, virtually, nonstop. This would cause a lot of problems with sexual exhaustion and dehydration, often resulting in death. If a man wasn’t here two days ago, but was here yesterday and isn’t here today, it was automatically assumed that he was dead. This was a common occurrence.

Nina herself had caused more deaths than any other girl in Breastford, so it was thought. The first time this happened was during a “contest” of who could make a guy cum the most. Many of the girls managed to make a guy spew decent amounts of sperm, but nothing exceptional. When Nina’s turn came around, she had the guy sit a few feet away from her, unzip, and stroke himself (it took forever to find a guy who could hold his own in Nina’s presence). Then she quickly lifted up her tank top, exposing her full breasts.

Upon seeing them, the guy had pointed his cock up towards her breasts and unleashed the biggest load in Breastford history. Nina’s friends watched on in awe as the guy shot stream after stream of cum from his thick rod, with the force of a fire hose. His penis acted as a cannon; it flew a good distance to Nina’s waiting chest. She moved her massive chesticles around from side to side and bounced them around as if she were being blasted by a water hose in a wet t-shirt contest.

Her friends could only watch as the guy moved his cum cannon up and down, trying his best to hit Nina in the face as well as türkçe bahis her big chest. For a while, it looked as though he couldn’t decide where to aim. But it was soon made evident that the guy was having a spasm of some sort. Nina had to turn her head as the cumshots hit her directly on the face; they now hit her on the cheek. She then felt squirt after squirt on her bare boobs, and was almost pushed back by their power. When it was over Nina looked as though she had walked into a rainstorm, but instead of water it had been raining jizz. As for the guy, it was soon made clear that he had died.

Or so the story went.

It seemed that each time someone recalled the event, more and more words were added. Nevertheless, after that, all of Nina’s friends acknowledged her as the busty vixen she was. Word spread to some of the mothers in town as well and they, too, began to respect her.

Both Nina and Gretchen had found common ground with their interest in each other. Gretchen often wondered what it was like for Nina, being the young and busty bombshell of Breastford. Many of their mutual friends wondered the exact same thing. Nina was fully aware of this; but Gretchen had managed to hold Nina’s attention in a way that set her apart from the rest of the herd.

Many of the girls saw Gretchen as an outcast, but Nina saw her as something different, something fresh and new. Nina’s curiosity and excitement were often peaked by Gretchen’s actions and words; but the other girls chose to keep their emotions at bay.

It always amazed Nina how hard it was for people to accept a certain truth. They only shunned Gretchen because she was capable of doing things that they could not. But her reason often caught up with her. They also shunned her because of her breast size. If they chose to believe everything that was set before them, they would eventually have to compromise their own breast sizes as opposed to sexual endeavors, and their social statuses with it. Nina had ultimately decided that this was what kept her, along with most other girls in Breastford, from exploring the uncharted waters of sex. A world where breast size didn’t matter was not a world she, or any other woman here, wanted to live in.

As a result, Nina often teased Gretchen as did the other girls, though not as much. On top of that, she acknowledged Gretchen as a friend and a member of her circle, and the other girls had no choice but to follow their queen.

“So what did she see?” Gretchen asked.

“What?” Nina asked, confused.

“Brooke. What did she see on the Internet?”

“She tried to tell me…” Nina began. “But she ended up just babbling on.”

“What do you mean?” Gretchen asked.

“I don’t know.” Nina replied. “She said it was hard to tell because the camera would like, zoom in, and all you could see was just a close up of gross, disgusting flesh.”

“Did her mom get mad?” Gretchen asked.

“Yeah. She yelled at her for a while. She said she even followed her outside. I’m surprised you didn’t hear. It’s just right across the street.”

“I’m a heavy sleeper.” Gretchen said.

“So what do you think our mom’s are doing?” Nina asked.

“Beats me.” Gretchen said, hesitantly.

Nina heard the hesitation in her friend’s voice. She looked at her solemnly.

“You don’t think…”

Gretchen looked away from Nina, avoiding eye contact.

“Think what?” she asked.

“Nah.” Nina said. “They’re probably just talking about school or some other junk.”

“Yeah.” Gretchen said, turning back to her magazine.

After about ten minutes, Nina couldn’t hold her curiosity in place any longer.

“I’m gonna go see.” she said, getting up.

“No!” Gretchen said, blocking her path. “If they’re having a meeting you could disturb them.”

Nina rolled her eyes.

“Grow up.” she said. “Like I care what the Cantaloupe Committee has to say. I’m probably going to be on it in a few years anyway.”

“Yeah but…” Gretchen started. “If your mom gets mad she could keep you from playing ball.”

“Look.” Nina said. “I’m just gonna go over for a little bit. It’s my house after all. And besides, no one will even know I’m there.”

“Okay.” Gretchen said, caving in. “Then I’m coming with you. Just to prove that they are NOT doing whatever you think they are doing.”

* * * * * * *

“OH GOD! Oh yes! Fuck me Steven! Fuck me!” shouted Paula Swanson as she bounced up and down on Coach Blue’s dick.

Her enormous breasts were bouncing wildly as she bounced on top of him, much to Coach Blue’s enjoyment. The sounds of moaning and boobs bouncing and flesh slapping flesh could be heard throughout the entire Knockers home.

Natalie Knockers sat on her knees next to her friend as she got plowed by the horny coach. She had one hand around her waist and the other at her mound, doing her best to finger her as Coach Blue’s rod slid in and out of her tight little cunt. She locked eyes with her busty curly-haried friend, and soon the two locked lips.

Coach Blue reached güvenilir bahis siteleri up to grab Paula’s luscious melons as she fucked him. Her tits were so big that the soft spongy flesh seemed to overflow in his hands. He took his left hand off of her rack and moved it to Natalie’s, so he could feel both pairs of jugs. Natalie broke their kiss to smile down at Coach Blue.

“God yes! Fuck me!” Paula moaned. “Make my tits bounce!”

Natalie crawled over to Coach Blue’s head and lowered her chest, smothering him in her titflesh. Coach Blue hungrily sucked on her massive orbs as Paula continued to impale herself on him again and again. He had his hands and mouth on one pair of tits while another luscious pair bounced up and down for his enjoyment. He was in Heaven.

Paula leaned forward along with her friend and kissed Coach Blue on the neck, his penis still throbbing and thrusting inside her. She leaned forward as much as she could so the tit-loving coach could have two big racks to bury his face in.

“Yes…” Coach Blue moaned into the chesty pairs before him.

Paula put her hands on his chest and pushed herself up, throwing back her brown hair as she did so.

“YES! YES!” she screamed.

Coach Blue was pleasantly surprised by her pillow talk. This was the most she had said since they began this little three-way. She was nothing like her daughter, Gretchen, who was more vocal in the sex department. What would Paula say if she knew that he knew that? He decided not to think about it and just enjoy the busty milfs.

Paula moaned and screamed even louder as she bucked her hips against him, shoving as much of him as she could into her. It was too much for her to handle; she came…hard. Her juices gushed out like a fountain all over Coach Blue, and Natalie’s bed. Paula slowed her movements down as her orgasm came to an end. When it was over she bent down and kissed the satisfied coach. Next she climbed off of him and gestured to Natalie that it was her turn.

Natalie leaned over to suck on her friend’s tits; Coach Blue did the same. Paula clutched both their faces to each of her big breasts, feeling their lips and tongues all over them. Natalie pulled away, letting Coach Blue have both of Paula’s big jugs to himself. She mounted him the same way Paula had and slowly lowered herself on to his member.

“Holy-!” Coach Blue said, as he entered Natalie’s dark depths. He couldn’t believe how unbelievably tight these women were. Both Paula and Natalie were tighter than any woman he’d even been inside. Granted, he hadn’t been inside many. But he had had his share of tight ones.

His wife had been a virgin when they met. They had had sex all the time at the start of their relationship. But things quickly got old, and things quickly loosened up. But he guessed that now, Laura was probably tighter than she had been in years passed; being that they hadn’t had sex in so long.

But unlike Paula and Natalie, she had never given birth. And yet here they were, tight as 16 year old virgins. All these thoughts mingled in his head into one big storm cloud as Natalie began to bounce on him. The storm raged for a few seconds until it finally calmed into a nice, refreshing rain. He now had a second wind.

“Oh fuck yeah!” he moaned as Natalie ground her hips into him.

Her massive funbags began to bounce wildly in front of him. She placed her hands on the bottom of his legs and leaned back. Her boobs were so big that Coach Blue could no longer see her face. He did, however, catch a few glimpses of the ceiling through her cleavage every now and then.

But his view was quickly obscured when Paula clutched him to her bosom. Coach Blue immediately latched on to one of her nipples and began sucking. He swirled his tongue around it for a moment, before stopping it and pressing it down. Her nipple pressed into her big boob as his tongue prodded it. Then he let his tongue go and the nipple sprang back out.

He nursed on Paula’s mammoth titties like a newborn baby. Paula clutched him to her and slowly rocked back and forth, running her hand through his hair as she did so.

Meanwhile, Natalie was riding him like a mechanical bull. She would stop every now and then at the tip of his cock and rock back and forth, teasing him, before letting him go back inside her. Coach Blue thoroughly enjoyed it when she did that. The sight of her big boobies shaking back and forth as she did so might have had something to do with it.

“Fuuuuuuck!” Natalie shouted. “Ohhhh yeah…”

Coach Blue placed his hand around her waist and began to pull and push her accordingly.

“Ohmygod…” she moaned. “Your dick is soooo big!”

“Thanks a lot.” Coach Blue said, although it came out muffled as his face was being bombarded with Paula’s big balloons.

“Fuck me fuck me!” Natalie chanted, throwing her head back and lifting her hands to her head.

Coach Blue couldn’t believe this. It felt like a dream. Never in his wildest dreams, well perhaps his wildest, did he think that he would have a chance with two busty, slutty babes like these two. He smiled to himself, and Paula’s sweaty cleavage, and reached up to cup Natalie’s big knockers. With all their bouncing they were just begging to be fondled.

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