Tina’s Perspective

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Writers note: This is Tina’s perspective of the vacation she and Tommy enjoyed. Tina also gives a little insight into what makes her tick. I believe the story stands on its own, but encourage you to read “Tommy and Tina’s Adventure” if you like what Tina has to say. *wink* *wink*….Once again my thanks to dianaprince_73 for her help with this story…*s*


It’s been a month since Tommy and I returned from our vacation and still I can feel the tingling sensations which that trip brought me.

As Tommy explained, we had very little sexual experience, being farm raised. I was a shy, hard working girl with limited exposure to things of a sexual nature. That said, I did have an active sexual mind, which was fully developed when I turned 18 in the summer after I graduated from school.

Being the only girl in our family, I was given no slack in taking care of my chores and I worked side by side with my two older brothers.

As you might expect, I was a tomboy. I saw myself as skinny, as a stick until my body finally blossomed.

I was pleased when my bumps became breasts and my butt popped out above my long legs.

By no means did I turn into a sexy, beauty overnight, but as I discovered over time both sexiness and beauty come from within.

I enjoyed the farm work, it made me almost as strong as my brothers and my best buddy, who at that time was none other than, Tommy.

What really pleased me was discovering that little button at the top of my pussy which, to my happy amazement, brought me instant and all encompassing pleasure.

From the first time I experienced orgasm by rubbing that button, I was hooked on all things sexual.

Many late nights I masturbated and eventually found that my best girlfriend, April was doing the same.

We often masturbated together, and yes I often wondered what it would be like to have someone else rub me, even a girl. April and I never took things any further than just enjoying the pleasure together.

Tommy was my choice for a life mate from early on. And Tommy’s was the very first, up to this vacation, hardon I’d ever touched.

I did see one other hardon before seeing Tommy’s and I know this may seem gross to some, but it was my oldest brother Alfred’s hardon that I saw accidentally. Alfred was 20 that summer, 2 years older than me. Well it was an accident only because I didn’t expect to see it.

The summer before Alfred joined the Army, I clung to him as though I was afraid I’d never see him again. Alfred was a loner, but he had always tolerated me, to a point.

Alfred would often go off on his own to “meditate” or so he would tell me. He had a favorite spot in the woods at the end of our farm and spent a lot of private time there.

One day I followed him as he strolled through the woods. I used my wily tracker moves to assure that Alfred didn’t know I was behind him. When he got to his favorite place, I settled into the bushes to watch him “meditate”.

My jaw dropped open as I watched Alfred unzip and drop his cutoff’s and pull his prick out of his boxers.

I was amazed at how it grew in length and width as he stroked it to full hardness and then he leaned back against a tree to savor what I thought must, from my own rubbing experiences, be extreme pleasure.

Even though I felt guilty about watching my own brother stroke himself, I couldn’t tear my eyes away from this new and exciting sight. I also figured that being an adult now gave me the right to learn about the sexual aspects of life.

After about 4 or 5 minutes, Alfred’s body stiffened and he let out a growl and I watched a stream of milky fluid squirt from the head of his hardon. Again and again he let fly as he stroked himself. Wow!

I was hooked on this new thing I saw and for the rest of the summer, I snuck behind him every time he went off to “meditate”.

Seeing a hardon increased my own masturbation pleasure. Now I had something to visualize to increase the tingling I felt when rubbing myself. Rather than just depend on the good feelings to make me cum, I could now close my eyes and “see” a hardon.

I quickly learned to erase the person it was attached to and just enjoy it for what it was, a hard prick which, I was certain could give a girl great pleasure.

As much as I wanted to experience things first hand, so to speak, I was determined to honor my parent’s wishes that I remain a “good girl” until Tommy and I made a life commitment. Tommy asked me to marry him the night of my 19th birthday.

Being committed to each other allowed us to start our sexual journey and we awkwardly explored each other, always knowing that the “prize” for us both was to come after marriage. I happily learned to stroke Tommy’s hardon (which, by the way, was much fatter than my brothers) and Tommy, with help from me, learned to make me cum with his fingers.

We married and settled into a lovely life together. I was thrilled by the things we could now do together. We learned the joy of oral bahis firmaları sex. I found that I loved Tommy’s reaction when I would suck his prick and I would go absolutely wild when he licked my pussy.

The first time I took him into my pussy, I felt pain at first and then the most wonderful feeling of being filled by him. The only problem was that it didn’t last as long as I would have liked.

Tommy said that I was so damned tight that his prick would just erupt in orgasm shortly after entering me. I was, of course, flattered, but I wanted it to last longer, much longer.

We tried everything we could think of. I’d suck him off to start a sexual session, thinking that his second would last longer.

This only had marginal results and I still didn’t cum with Tommy inside me. I chalked it up to ‘life’ and we settled into what we felt was a great sex life together.

One thing through all this preyed upon my mind. I loved Tommy with all my heart, but I was always fascinated with the thought of seeing and yes, even touching other hardons. It just didn’t happen until our vacation and our vacation didn’t come until after Tommy returned from a job training session.

Tommy told me of rooming with Eddie and how Eddie took him to an adult book store. He told me of buying an adult movie and 2 books and of how he and Eddie, shamelessly watched the movie, and those which Eddie bought too, and jacked off together.

Then we watched the movie and our lives changed.

I was enthralled in watching guys with big pricks having all kinds of sex with beautiful girls. We watched the movie over and over and we had explosive sex each time.

One of the things which turned me on the most was the way the people talked to each other during sex. The girls talked of how good the guys big cock felt in their cunts, of how much they loved drinking the cum which spewed from those cocks.

They talked “dirty” and it was a total turn on for me.

I soon started talking to Tommy in that manner. His “prick” became his “big fat cock”. My “pussy” became my “tight, wet cunt.” It was all too wonderful.

After a couple of weeks watching this movie I decided that I had to be totally honest with Tommy.

I told him of watching Alfred jack off and of how seeing that had excited me.

I told him that seeing the movie made me want to experience more, sexually.

I told him that I loved only him, but damn I wanted us to fuck other people, together.

I asked him if he would like to fuck the girls in the movie.

Tommy hedged a bit at first, but soon admitted that he would love that. He said he wanted me to experience the long fucks that the girls in the movie were experiencing.

We took our conversations from fantasy to the possibility of reality. We talked of possible couples with whom we might have sex. We quickly eliminated my closest friend, April and her husband, Danny as too unstable.

We wanted a couple who were as happy as we were and who we felt could look at it for what it was. Sharing sex and no more. We eliminated everyone we knew for one reason or another. We became a bit frustrated, but never once thought of giving up our dream to make our fantasy a reality.

We decided that maybe, just maybe, we might find what we wanted on a vacation. We knew that our thinking might be a bit naïve, but we pressed forward and found a resort, which was a bit pricey for us. Our hope was, that we might find a young couple looking for the same thing.

It’s a bit funny, but we stopped verbalizing our hopes when we took off on the vacation. We were each afraid that we would jinx it. I wanted it to happen and I knew that Tommy felt the same; we just stopped talking about it.

We traveled from Missouri to South Carolina, stopping for a night at a much less expensive motel, to rest. When we finally got to our destination, we had a quick meal at an Applebee’s and then checked into our resort and went straight to bed.

The next morning we had breakfast in the resort cafe and we were struck by one, obvious detail.

The only ‘young’ people we saw were the resort staff. We were surrounded by a much older group of vacationers. I have to say that this was a disappointing revelation. Maybe, I thought, only old people could afford this place.

Tommy and I tried to suck it up and we decided that this was too beautiful a place to allow this “older thing” to ruin our vacation.

I laugh now, but Tommy and I wondered if any of the staff were married, and if so, would they be open to what we had come for. Talk about being naive.

After breakfast we changed into beach clothes and headed out for some sun. I looked at myself, in my new bikini and wrap-a-round and thought, “What a waste”.

After a few hours of sunbathing, we went to our room and hid our disappointment by having hot sex together, after which I fell asleep.

I woke to voices on our little patio. Tommy came into the room and kissed me on my forehead. He kaçak iddaa said he had met the couple in the next room and was taking a beer to them. I perked up at “couple” and Tommy laughed and said that they must be twice our age. Thoughts of our parents flashed through my mind. I have to admit that I pouted at hearing that. Tommy asked me to join them and went back out of the room.

I sulked a bit and then got up, washed my face and brushed my hair. I decided to not be a spoiled brat and to just go meet the couple as Tommy had asked me to. I decided against the wrap-a-round and went out in just my bikini. “Fuck getting dressed,” I thought.

What a surprise greeted me. Yes, they were “older,” but my God they were attractive. Tommy introduced me to Della and her husband, Robert.

Della was stunning and Robert was very handsome. Neither looked old enough to be our parents. I smiled as I took each hand offered and then snuck a joking glare at Tommy. The bastard had tricked me, I thought, suppressing a laugh.

Della wore shorts and a blouse tied below her ample breasts. Her figure was amazing and I knew that my Tommy had been drooling since he met her.

Robert wore tennis shorts and an expensive polo shirt. He stood over 6 feet tall and looked solid as a rock. I felt a slight tingle as Robert took my hand, looked me up and down and greeted me warmly.

Being the idiot I am, I blurted out that I wanted to call him Bobby. Della laughed and said “Bobby it is for this trip.”

I was a bit embarrassed, but Bobby grinned and said I could call him anything I wished. The tingle intensified within me, and it was joined by a quick hardening of my nipples.

I know I must have turned three shades of red when Della announced that, looking at me, she could understand now why she heard sounds of sex coming from our room a couple of hours earlier.

I asked if the walls were that thin and Bobby said that it would have been better had there been no walls at all. We all laughed and my tingle damn near turned into an orgasm.

We sat and talked for a long time. Bobby and Della seemed genuinely interested in knowing all about us. The air was thick with sexual tension and I wondered if Della was as aroused as I was and if Bobby was as hard as I knew Tommy was.

Bobby had to excuse himself when the phone in their room rang. He came out a few minutes later and apologized, saying that he and Della had to tend to some business.

He must have seen the pout in my eyes because he quickly invited us to join them for dinner at seven in the resort restaurant.

We quickly accepted. We rose and hugged each other goodbye. As I hugged Bobby, I felt that he was hard. I innocently smiled and his hand brushed my butt as he let me go so I could hug Della goodbye.

When we got inside our room I grabbed Tommy and said, “Oh my God Tommy, I just know that Bobby wants to fuck me.”

Tommy laughed and said, “Tina, the guy delivering the bread to this place wants to fuck you.” I laughed and said that he would just have to get in line.

Tommy said that he wasn’t going to get in any line as he untied my bikini top and cupped my boobs.

“Mmmmmm,” I sighed as I unzipped his shorts and fished his hard cock out of his jockey shorts. I kneeled before him, and after rubbing the head of his cock over my stiff nipples, I took him into my mouth, wanting to drink from the cock of the man I love.

We napped and woke around six pm. I showered and applied a minimal amount of makeup as Tommy showered. I laid out his clothes for the evening and dressed as Tommy dried himself off and dressed.

I was pleased that I went a bit over budget on the outfit I had chosen to wear for our first dinner at the resort.

I slipped into deep blue, silk, high cut VS panties, which I had bought in Springfield. It was my first pair of real silk panties and the material felt marvelous against my skin.

I wrapped my lower body in a blue and coral print sarong, also silk, and slipped the matching halter top around my tummy, snapped it closed behind my waist and pulled up the two strips of silk, which barely covered my breasts, and tied them together behind my neck.

I had purposely decided against stockings and slipped into gold sandals. I choose very simple jewelry. I clipped together the clasp of a soft gold chain which held one tear drop sapphire stone which hung just so it would draw attention to my silk covered breasts.

I added a simple gold bracelet, put my lip gloss and tissue in a small gold handbag and pronounced myself ready for the evening.

Tommy looked great and we decided we were ready for anything.

********************************* Just before we walked into the restaurant, I turned so no one could see me and tweaked each of my nipples so they would stand out against their silk coverings.

I felt really sexy as we walked into the restaurant and the hostess led us to Della and Bobby’s table.

Della looked ravishing in a white cotton kaçak bahis jumpsuit which accentuated each wonderful curve of her body. For a brief instant I felt rather boyish. That feeling went away as I saw the look in Bobby’s eyes as we approached their table.

This guy was as ready for me as I was for him.

We settled into a really nice combination of dinner and conversation. Della and Bobby were wonderful hosts and Tommy and I were put totally at ease.

At the end of the meal, Della said that we girls needed to powder our noses and I followed her to the ladies room.

We were pleased that we were alone and Della asked me if I was truly aware of where she and Bobby wanted this night to go. I told her that we have been looking forward to this for a long time and we were so pleased that it would be with her and Bobby.

Della was only slightly surprised that it would be a first for us and said that Bobby would be doubly happy over that revelation.

I confided in her that Tommy was a bit concerned that he would become too excited and not satisfy her completely. Della smiled and said that she would make certain that they would each be fine.

I had no doubt that she knew just what to do.

I told her that she was absolutely gorgeous and made me feel a bit boyish. She assured me that Bobby was totally enthralled with me from the moment he laid eyes on me and that I was as sexy and lovely as he, or anyone, could possibly want. Her saying that just made me want this more and more.

Della hugged me, and I have to admit that I became a bit more excited feeling her beautiful body against mine. I pushed those thoughts from my mind as I felt that wanting her husband was as much as I could concentrate on at one time.

Just before we left the bathroom I slipped into a stall, removed my panties and stuffed them into my handbag.

When we rejoined the guys, Della excused herself and Bobby and told him that we would be along in a few minutes. Bobby rose to hug me and I sighed as I felt him completely hard against my tummy.

I told Tommy of my talk with Della and we walked, hand in hand, to their room. At the door, we paused and told each other how much we loved each other and that no matter what the night held for us, that what we had together would never change.

We knocked and entered the dimly lit room. The room was light only by candles, dozens of them it seemed.

Each of the 2 queen sized beds were stripped to the silk sheets and pillows.

Della, looking radiant in the soft light, smiled at me and moved to Tommy. Without hesitation she moved her arms around his neck and kissed him.

Bobby, standing by one of the beds, extended a hand to me and when I accepted it he drew me close and leaned into a deep and passionate kiss. I was totally his for the taking.

When the kiss ended, I stepped back and unhooked my sarong, letting it fall to the carpet. As I untied the straps of my halter top, Bobby pulled his polo shirt over his head and then began to unzip his slacks. I removed my top and waited for him, naked except for my sandals.

I watched as he pushed his slacks over his hips, down his legs and I watched as he kicked them aside. Like me, like Tommy and I assumed, Della and Bobby wore no underpants. I sighed deeply as I looked him over from head to toe. Bobby looked gorgeous.

He had a strong chest with an attractive covering of hair over a flat tummy and slim hips.

His cock, oh yes, his cock stood tall and looked absolutely yummy. I noticed something I had never seen, in real life before. Bobby, like the guys in our adult movie, was circumcised.

Neither Tommy, nor my brother Alfred was circumcised. I grinned with the knowledge that I was about to add another “first’ to my growing list.

I closed the distance between us and the fingers of one of my hands circled his hard shaft. I kissed Bobby and told him that I wanted and needed him. Bobby’s hands went to my butt and he lifted me from the floor to the bed.

As badly as I wanted him inside me, I knew that I had to explore and taste him first.

I pushed Bobby onto his back and settled beside his hip and just looked up and down his body. My fingertips explored each part of him from knees to face. I kissed each spot my fingers touched.

Finally, not being able to hold back, I lifted his cock, leaned over him and took him into my mouth. Bobby shuddered as the head of his cock hit the back of my throat. I couldn’t believe how good he felt and tasted.

Bobby reached for my hips and just plain lifted me over his body so that my knees straddled his head.

My soaked pussy was above his face and Bobby pulled me down onto his mouth. I started to cum immediately and had to pull my mouth off of his cock out of fear of biting him in my excitement.

My hips moved, totally out of my control and I fucked Bobby’s face and he ate me with a hunger which kept me cuming and cuming.

I looked over to see my Tommy standing against the wall with Della kneeling before him. His cock was almost completely in her mouth. I was amazed that she could do that to Tommy’s fat cock.

Seeing them only excited me more and I had to have Bobby fuck me, NOW!

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